Race to the Future: Advanced Vehicle Technologies at the Texas Motor Speedway

Advanced Vehicle Technologies
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The Future of Driving is here with Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars are here to stay but what many of us don’t really know is what powers these amazing vehicles. What is the tech that goes behind all that hard work and drives the vehicle with no human intervention. The Advanced power system Labs is all set to demonstrate to the world- Advanced Vehicle Technologies in O’Reilly 500. The Advanced Power Systems Labs aims at creating awareness about self- driven cars with Advanced Vehicle Technologies and their responses to the environment.At the even to be held at Fort Worth Texas, APS Labs will be developing and testing the communication between vehicles and the capability of these autonomous cars to use their environmental detection sensors to reduce fuel and other electrical charge needs using Advanced Vehicle Technologies.

The O’Reilly 500 event in Fort Worth Texas:

APS Labs will be testing autonomous cars in an environment where people already love cars. NASCAR fans at the event will be able to test and even drive vehicles with Advanced Vehicle Technologies. The Chevy Volt 2017 will be the car up for test drives at the O’Reilly 500 event.

The Volts will be hooked up to sensors that will send data at real time to the lab in a truck that will be stationed close by to the event.

The whole point of the APS Lab in being there is to create awareness so a part of the Advanced Vehicle Technologies, besides testing out these autonomous vehicles with Advanced Vehicle Technologies, will be to allow people to meet with engineers behind this tech and get to know the advancement that goes behind the wheel, safety precautions and cloud computing that will correlate data and help in building the next generation of motor vehicles.

The next Generation Car with Advanced Vehicle Technologies:

Autonomous vehicles is not the only car feature that is on display in the O’Reilly event, APS Labs also wants to create a vehicle with Advanced Vehicle Technologies that is low on consumption of fuel.

To create an energy efficient vehicle is a common aim in today’s world and to do that APS Labs is trying to improve power train control tech which is the tech that powers the pick- up of a vehicle. Another way that APS Labs aims at reducing fuel consumption is through enhancing the communications between vehicles, the communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure and the communication between the vehicle to traffic. For all this to work, these systems require cloud computing.

The testing of the Autonomous Vehicles with Advanced Vehicle Technologies:

APS Labs aims at testing the response of such vehicles with Advanced Vehicle Technologies in an actual setting and in real time. The lab which is situated close by to the event will be able to receive real time feedback from the cars that will send data from the car via sensors.

It is very important that research takes place in a real life environment rather that a stimulated one. With Adequate testing and control of the cars on the field, researchers were able to improve Advanced Vehicle Technologies dealing with powertrain and reduce fuel consumption by 20%. In this objective APS Labs has been successful and not only that, it has also created awareness among people about the Advanced Vehicle Technologies in such cars.

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