How Companies Can Bridge the Last Mile in Data Analytics

How Companies Can Bridge the Last Mile in Data Analytics

Once upon a time, businesses had to rely on instincts and experience to inform their next move. These days, our digital world carries the answers to every imaginable business decision. But as we’ve learned in other facets of life, capabilities and achievements don’t always sync up.

When it comes to analytics, businesses believe in the importance of data initiatives, but admit they haven’t experienced the value they had in mind. This gap is caused when end users can’t interact with analytics fluidly.

Let’s discuss how companies can bridge the problematic last mile in their data analytics programs.

Promoting Data Literacy

A significant obstacle must be conquered before tech and infrastructure are decided: giving employees data skills. Most companies, however, overlook this necessity. What ensues is a relatively quick design process followed by drawn-out adoption that sometimes never materializes.

Reversing this order will most certainly yield more favorable outcomes. This is because placing importance on data makes adoption easier. Teaching non-technical users how to interpret data and communicate insights will also clarify planning and help organizations choose the right tech for their employees to leverage. Because planning an analytics ecosystem can be complicated, businesses will waste less time by focusing on the last mile first.

Designing Analytics Infrastructure with Context in Mind

The sky’s the limit when employees across the workplace can interact with data autonomously. But there’s still more work to be done. The merits of a data-driven culture may exist, but inroads still need to be built. This is when context comes into play. Historically, context didn’t matter. Insights were controlled by the data team and filtered down to end users via report requests. To bridge the last mile, though, findings need to reach end users in ways that fit their workflows.

Technologies like self-service analytics complement employees’ newfound data literacy by providing an easy way for them to search for questions and receive instant answers. Next-generation tools like ThoughtSpot not only allow for text-based queries but also provide voice analytics capabilities to mirror the conveniences of our everyday consumer lives. The ease with which employees can access insights undoubtedly makes them more effective in their roles, but simple sharing features also help strengthen entire teams and departments.

Incorporating AI to Accelerate Deeper Insights

Ad hoc queries aren’t the only cutting-edge tech that can heighten the everyday knowledge businesses glean. Data-literate company cultures and streamlined analytics processes uncover much of the value lurking in companies’ vast amounts of data. But in the age of artificial intelligence, there’s always more depth to be had. AI subsets like deep learning and machine learning help squeeze more value out of queries, as well as ensure users don’t miss something pertinent. Per McKinsey, AI techniques have the potential to create between $3.5–$5.8 trillion in value annually across nine business functions and 19 industries.

After all, even with a baseline level of data literacy, employees are only human. They’re bound to miss details from time to time, as are trained data professionals. Opting for an analytics tool that incorporates AI will ensure users know if a data set contains an anomaly, a causal or non-causal relationship, or a key indicator that’s not so obvious. With AI doing the heavy lifting, employees can trust that they’re receiving accurate results and move on to the next task.

Succeeding in analytics requires planning and executing on several levels. But if that last mile isn’t addressed, the value of analytics will be left in the lurch. When laying out the flow of your data program, address that last mile first by increasing data literacy, delivering knowledge to users with context, and using AI to get the full scope of insights. Then, and only then, will the gap between expected value and realized gain align.

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Hard Drive Wipe Software: Best Hard Drive Eraser Tools in 2019

Hard Drive Wipe Software: Best Hard Drive Eraser Tools in 2019

In this digital world, people often search for some best hard drive wipe software mainly to erase the data from the hard drive. Even if you’re not looking for the hard drive wipe software, you should look at them.

Most of you might think about why you should know about the hard drive wipe?

Here’s is the proper Guide to hard drive eraser tools:

In this digital world, hard drives are having great importance because we store important information on the drive. Sometimes we want to erase the information for unforeseen situations or other reasons at that time you definitely need a best hard drive wipe software to erase all the data.

Ex: If you are in a condition where you have to sell your old system to someone else? Then you should wipe your data and then hand over the computer to them so they can’t access your files again. If you didn’t wipe out your data then your sensitive information might be restored by them. So you shouldn’t take a risk about it.

Although most of you might say we’re living in a cloud-system based era but just think we’re not fully cloud-connected yet.

So, you have to use hard drives to secure your information and you have to use data destruction software to wipe its data when it’s needed.

If you’re unsure about how a hard drive wipe software work? Then have a look at the below.

How does a hard drive wipe software work?

The Hard Drive Wipe, Data Destruction software or hard drive eraser tool works to remove sensitive data from your hard drive. This tool does remove all traces of your data in the storage device so you will be safer. It works on the principle of Peter Gutmann, Bruce Schneier’s algorithm.

In this process, your storage drive will be replaced by the value of 0s and 1s so it simply makes impossible for people to restore the wipe data. Although most of these tools use different techniques but overall this is the basic and most used pattern.

Now, we have learned how does a hard drive wipe software work? let’s have a look at the best hard drive wipe software in 2019. So, that you can use them to destroy hard drive data.

Let’s get into the list of best hard drive wipe software in 2019

Best hard drive wipe software in 2019:

In this list, you can find the best data destructions softwares which are so-called as hard drive wipe software. These tools will help you wipe out your data from the hard drive.

Usually, when people delete files and then they empty the recycle bin but they won’t actually erase the information from the hard drive. It stays in the hard drive and it can be restored. So to avoid that we have listed some best hard drive wipe software in 2019.

Windows 10 hard drive wiper (In-built) feature:

Firstly, before going into the free tools list. Let’s check out the windows 10 in-built hard drive wiper. This can wipe all your data and help you be secured.

This process works on windows 10 platform only. The windows 10 operating system has lots of preloaded features so this one of its preloaded features. It can erase the hard drive and make it look like a new one. But, this wiping is only helpful to clean the hard drive and to get rid of the data.


  • Firstly you have to go to Settings — Update & Security — Recovery.
  • Then click on Reset this PC — Get Started.
  • After that, Remove Everything and follow the steps which are displayed on the computer.

Mac OS — Disk Utility:

If you’re a macOS user then you can make use of this disk utility option or else use Windows 10 process or else skip to the below free third party software.

In macOS, all you have to use is its in-built data sanitization utility option to wipe out all the data before giving your system away.  With this process, you can erase all the data simply by opening Spotlight and type the disk utility option.

Key Features of Disk Utility:

  • Disk Utility is the best cleaning utility tool for Mac users when it comes to preloaded features.
  • It can erase the hard drive.
  • Can erase tools which support both internal and external storage media.
  • It also provides different options which include a fast process and a slow process.

3.    DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke)

DBAN is one of the most popular hard drive wipe software in 2019. Although it’s not frequently updated like other tools but it works better than most of the data eraser software.

This Darik’s Boot and Nuke is usually called as DBAN and it’s a free data eraser software in 2019. DBAN uses these data Sanitization Methods: RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Write Zero,  Random Data.

This tool is ready to download in ISO format, so all you have to do is burn it to your CD or you can even boot it from a flash drive. The interface of this tool is quite easy to use and the best choice for people who strive to erase data.

Key Features of DBAN:

  • The best hard drive wipe software which can wipe data with ease.
  • Supports all cleaning methods such as DOD 5220.22-M, DOD Short, Gutman methods, quick erase, etc.
  • It supports automatic data wipe option on the network which is connected to systems.
  • It can clean hard drives based on SCSI, ATA, SATA interface.

As DBAN works from outside the operating systems so it can work on both Windows, macOS.

Hard Drive Wipe Software Eraser:

Easer is another cool tool to wipe data from the hard drive. It’s a free data wiping tool which is helpful to remove all sensitive data with ease. This tool works on Windows devices and it is loaded with different techniques of data sanitization.

It’s a good fit for the users who have different cleaning needs. If you are striving to use a professional data destructor then you can make use of this free professional hard drive wipe software.

This is the perfect alternative to the DBAN software as well. It works perfectly but starters might find it somewhat tricky at the start.

Key Features:

  • This app can erase hard drive files seamlessly.
  • You can boot from an external media.
  • This software supports different techniques such as DOD 5022, HMG IS5. Schneier (7 passes), Gutmann (35 passes), etc.
  • User can save and perform multiple disk wipe tasks.
  • You can even schedule automatic disk wiping at a particular time.

CBL Data Shredder:

CBL Data Shredder is also helpful to wipe your hard drive data. This tool comes in two forms, firstly you can either boot from the disc or you can use USB stick similar to DBAN.

In this tool to wipe the data that’s running on an operating system, you have to boot to the program. These tools use all methods such as  DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, RMCP DSX, Schneier, VSITR. Apart from that, you can use your custom method which includes 1s and 0s with this software.

Key Features:

  • Wipes all your hard drive data in two different processes.
  • Supports DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, RMCP DSX, Schneier, VSITR.
  • The bootable version will tell you how large each drives how to wipe the data.
  • This version works in all versions of windows.

Popular Hard Drive Wipe Software: CCleaner Wipe Drive

Most of you might be familiar with this tool because it is quite popular. CCleaner is a free tool which is used to free up valuable space on your computer hard drive just by removing all the unwanted files.

Along with this feature, CCleaner is also having a special feature to wipe out the hard drive completely. It’s a relatively best tool to clean your storage media as well.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly easy to free hard drive and wipe the data from this tool.
  • This tool supports advanced overwriting up to the 35 passes.
  • Users can easily configure to overwrite the free space.
  • You can also find a disk eraser tool to wipe third party drives as well.

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Kill Disk:

Kill Disk is another free tool hard drive wipe tool for 2019. It is a freeware where you will also find pro data destruction features as well. This tool uses a write zero data sanitization methods.

Kill Disk is similar to other bootable data destruction software. In this tool, all you have to do is download the ISO file for burning to the disc. It works perfectly on Windows 7,8,10. You can even find the Mac and Linux version of killdisk as well.

Key Features:

  • Parallel Erasing is one of the good features in killdisk
  • It helps you to wipe out unused space
  • Disk inspection tools are also available in this software.

MHDD Tool:

MHDD is a data destruction tool which helps you to securely erase all the data from your hard drives. This tool can erase both solid-state hard drives and mechanical state drives.

The user interface of MHDD is quite easy and you can download it for free. All you have to do is download the ISO file and burn that on CD or flash drive and use it. MHDD uses the secure Erase data sanitization method to wipe out the data. This is one of the best hard drive wipe software in 2019 so i have listed in this list.

Key Features:

  • This tool uses the Secure Erase option to wipe out the data.
  • It’s a bootable data destruction program designed to wipe out everything on the hard drive.

PC Disk Eraser:

PC Disk Eraser is a free hard drive wipe software. This tool runs before the computer boots up. It’s pretty much similar to the DBAN and other programs.

This data destruction tool uses DoD 5220.22-M  technique to wipe the data. Apart from that, it’s having an easy user interface so it can be used seamlessly. If you’re striving to try the alternatives to the hard drive wipe software then you can try out this app.

Key Features:

  • It uses the DoD 5220.22-M technique to wipe all the hard drive data.
  • You can confirm the selection and then erase the data with this tool.
  • This tool works amazingly as you cant restore any information after it wipes out the data.

Macrorit Data Wiper:

Macrorit Data Wiper is one of the different software than other hard drive wiper software. This program doesn’t run like the other bootable disc programs. It is a portable program which should be opened from the computer like other programs.

This uses DoD 5220.22-M, Random Data, Write Zero and DoD 5220.28-STD data sanitization methods to wipe the data. You can use this app effectively because it is easy to use. All you have to do is select the hard drive you should erase data from its app and click on wipe now. Rest it will take care, and erase all your data.

Key Features:

  • This app uses different techniques like DoD 5220.22-M, Random Data, Write Zero and DoD 5220.28-STD.
  • It works perfectly in windows and can wipe the hard drive effortlessly.
  • This work different from other apps, as its portable you can simply control it from the app.


This is all about the best hard drive wipe software, hard drive eraser, or data destruction software of 2019. Use these and erase all the data and make it impossible for others to restore your sensitive data. In this modern world begin safer and secured is often important so use these hard drive wipe software to stay away from threats.

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Endless Runner Games: 10 Best Free Infinite Running Games you should try

Endless Runner Games: 10 Best Free Infinite Running Games you should try for Your Smartphone

These days, endless runner games are quite popular mainly because of its forever stint. If you don’t know about these endless runner games, then these are the games which don’t end. These games will continuously “run” through the game until you stop. You will never find an endpoint to these endless runner games so this makes people play these games again and again.

People always strive to beat their best by playing these games. As these games are attractive and have simple controls people easily get addicted to these kinds of games. If you’re a game lover who strives to experience the best free endless runner games for Android means check out this post.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 10 best endless runner games for Android. All the games on this list of best endless runner games have free versions on Android. So, let’s explore the list of 10 best endless runner games.

10 Best Free Endless Runner Games you should try:

Endless Runner Games: Temple Run 2:

Whenever we’re talking about the endless running games we shouldn’t miss out temple run. This is one of the people’s favorite games when it comes to the endless running games. Thanks to its features such as score multiplier, upgraded shop and more have given the proper depth to its game. Temple Run 2 is simply the best and brilliant game which everyone should try out.

The game is all about stealing an ancient artifact and running away from the evil demon monkeys who are running after you. It’s similar to its old version but it has improved User Experience, graphics and so on. Its unique gameplay and the new power-ups will make users fall in love with this game. The advanced running path such as running in the clouds and other aspects will give you special feel.

The more appealing features of this game is that you can collect coins, gems, power-ups throughout your journey. The longer you run the faster your game will move and the thrill you can get from the game is inexpressible for lots of game lovers.

Free Infinite Running Games-Subway Surfers:

If you’re a fan of temple run then you’ll obviously know about the subway surfers. I’m saying this because this is another popular endless runner games. This was co-developed by SYBO Games in 2012 and since then it has been the best and top trending games on Google play store.

This game starts with a young player, caught spraying paint on the train and the police officer and his dog will try to catch you on the railway tracks where trains will move. Subway Surfers is a never-ending train game where you will run on top of the trains and go across the platforms. Apart from these, you can also get through the air with a jetpack or with other flying boots power up.

This game is regularly updated and so people love to play this game for hours.  While running in this game you can collect the coins, keys, power-ups and more. So, this will give fun to the people as its gameplay is very simple most of people love to play and break their highest scores.

In this game, all you have to do is swipe your fingers right or left and up or down to move the young lad. Whenever you dodge above the items you will get goosebumps. That’s the specialty of this game, so if you haven’t tried this game yet? then try out this best free endless runner game for Android.

Alto’s Odyssey and Adventures:

Do you want to explore the majestic desert and play an adventurous game? then start with Alto’s Odyssey. This game sits at the top and has some great features. Alto’s Odyssey is a 2D side-scrolling game which has endless running feature.

In this Alto’s game, you’ll explore ski down mountains, jump great heights, collect items, and you’ll avoid obstacles and so on. Although the older game has the same things but in its newer version of Alto’s Odyssey you can find out everything. It’s newer game features dynamic looks, zen mode, unlockable adventurous characters, an more.

This game has some of the premium features but it’s free to play. If you’re good at playing games then you need to buy any of the premium aspects. This is one of the best free endless runner games you will find on Android.

The game starts with Alto and his friends who are set off on endless sandboarding to discover secrets.  Alto’s Odyssey will give you a standalone experience and its easy to learn and difficult to master the game.  Along with that, you can explore dunes, canyons, and other dynamic and rich landscapes.

Crossy Roads:

Crossy Road is another popular game in the endless runner games. It was developed and published by Whale Hipster. This special game is less of endless runner and the more of the infinite hopper. This is still a modern game which has lots of features. In this game, you have to move forward by crossing streets without being hit by cars or without falling into the water.

Crossy roads have unlockable characters, and people can play it both online and offline as well. Simple and smooth gameplay features will help you to enjoy the game. its a family-friendly game so you can play freely.

All you have to do is avoid being hit by cars, trains, trucks, rivers, trees and more obstacles and move forward in your journey. While you are moving forward you can find out new animal characters such as Goat, pigeon, sheep, frog, and more. Along with these, you can also find some monsters on this game.

Into the Dead 2:

Want to play a survival game with zombies? then you can play into the dead 2 games. This is one of the popular endless runner games but its new to the industry, unlike other apps. Into the dead 2 has survival elements and in this game you can run through the zombie land and run harder to stay alive in the game.

This game has good graphics and has a variety of weapons and upgrades to experience more thrill while playing the game. The newer version is better than its first version and it is one of the best free endless runner apps for Android.

In this game, you will start your journey through the zombie land in a race to save your family. You will have to catch the powerful weapons to save yourself and do whatever you have to do for survival. In a world where no one is safe to lead a life or survival, you have to live how far you can. that’s all about this endless runner game.

Best Endless Runner Games-Blades of Brim:

Do you want to play an action-packed endless running game? Then you have to play these blades of brim game.

This game was created by SYBO the co-creators of the popular endless running game “Subway Surfers”. Blades of Brim is an infinite runner game where you will revolve around the knight who is carrying the sword, to fight off all the monsters, and collect the coins while running away from the environment.

This game is having endless run through the kingdom. The game revolves around the knight who carries a large sword to kill all the monsters and break vases to move forward. This is an endless running game where you will have a lot of thrill while playing this game.

In this game, you have to swipe up and sides to attack the monsters on your left or right side. The best part of this game is that you won’t die soon when you do one mistake you will have three chances. You can use this best free endless runner games on your Android device to have fun.

Jetpack Joyride:

Do you want to experience bullet powered jetpacks to shoot the giant mechanical dragons? then suit up as the jetpack rider and go on a ride with this app.

Jetpack Joyride is an ultimate endless runner game for Android. This game has all the aspects which you love such as bullet-powered jetpacks, birds that shoot money, Giant dragons, and more.

This game was developed by the fruit ninja game developer. It is generally a 2D scrolling infinite runner game where you have to play like a guy with the jetpack.

The main objective of the game is to avoid obstacles. In your journey, you can collect all the coins, power-ups, upgrades and more to help you out. As it has lots of cool features people will love playing this best endless runner games. This special game is free to start and it has over 500 million players playing this game.

Mars Game, Free Infinite Running Game:

Mars is one of the best free endless runner games. In this game your primary goal is to run along a track apart from that you have to jump from platform to platform as well.

Whenever you miss any platform it causes a rapid deconstruction and you will blow up. So, you have to be careful and run through the platform as long as you can. In this game, you can quickly take selfies with your characters and you can share them. You can fly around the mars in jetpacks in this game.

This is a cool endless running game you have lots of fun by playing with jetpacks, taking selfies and more. So, you can use this best free endless runner games on your Android

Free Endless Runner Games- Sonic Dash:

Sonic Dash is another popular endless runner game created by SEGA. This sonic dash has two versions Sonic Dash 1 and sonic dash 2. It is similar to the other endless runner games.

These games have similar mechanics and gameplay. In this game, you can switch out the characters on the fly. the main goal of this game is to get the highest possible score. In this game, you can find out features like boss fights, ring collection and more. All the other aspects will make this Gameplay even more interesting. So, if you are striving to have fun then you shouldn’t miss out on this game.

Endless Runner Games- Yodo1 Game:

Yodo1 Games are developed by the developer of Google Play. This developer has published a handful of decent endless runner games. Currently, Rodeo Stampede and Rooms of Doom are the two names of endless runner games in this list.

These both games have simple gameplay options, colorful graphics, with some key game features. Along with these, you can also find out the styles of shooty skies and Pac Man 256 in this special game.

Although its basic game but it’s loved by lots of people because of its forever run feature. In this game you can see ten gallons of a hat, you can swing from back stampeding buffalo, ostrich, elephant and more. This is one of the wildest rides you shouldn’t miss out. that’s why I have included on this list of best free endless runner games.


This is all about the best free endless runner games you should try on your smartphones. Almost all of these games are free to use with some premium upgrades. Leave those premium upgrades and start enjoying these games.


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BlueKeep- This Could Be One Dangerous Windows Exploit

BlueKeep- This Could Be One Dangerous Windows Exploit

BlueKeep is a significant vulnerability that was discovered some months ago. After that there have been security updates that don’t really help much. Windows users are still looking for a patch to cure themselves of what has come to be known as BlueKeep.

The Vulnerability Known as BlueKeep:

CVE-2019-0708 vulnerability or more commonly known as BlueKeep was first noticed in May of this year. The threat allows attackers to take advantage of Remote Desktop Protocol Services or RDP for short to issue commands. These commands could be used to steal, modify or other wise install malware on your computer.

BlueKeep has been serious enough for Microsoft to issue a warning to users telling them to install patches as and when they come through. Besides this, USA’s National Security Agency or the NSA has also advised users to safeguard themselves from BlueKeep by patching up against it.

Similar to Something?

BlueKeep has similar worm like spreading traits, similar to one other vulnerability known as EternalBlue. EternalBlue was a leaked hacking tool of the NSA that powered the WannaCry ransomware back in 2017.

BlueKeep is so severe that it affects older versions of Windows too. This would include Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

Its severity is compounded by the fact that Microsoft is even issuing patches for earlier versions of Windows, which normally wouldn’t get any support.

At present there has not been any reported cases of BlueKeep being taken advantage of by hackers. But researchers at Sophos have reversed engineered the vulnerability, to demonstrate how attackers could get into someone’s computer. The attackers could get into the system using RDP systems and that too without any input required from the user.

What Can Hackers Do?

If an attacker were to take advantage of a system vulnerability that is BlueKeep, they can then issue destructive commands, thus affecting your PC. If hackers were to do this, millions of Windows PCs would be at risk.

Researchers have even demonstrated how by using a Windows 7 virtual PC they were able to use BlueKeep to alter the accessibility menu on Windows to get through security or bypass it and gain access to an individual’s desktop. From here its anyone’s guess. But guess more on the lines of something nefarious.

If you can’t think of anything, then here are some few examples. These exploits could be used to install everything from a Trojan horse to stealthy attacks, to wiping entire networks or even deploying ransomware.

An attack of this sort comes under a “spray and pray” technique where by the hackers are not concerned with whom their targeting. The idea is to target as many PCs as possible. Researchers at present have not disclosed their proof of technique for fear of it being used by malicious actors.

What is Recommended to keep BlueKeep Vulnerabilities at Bay?

As mentioned earlier the most critical advice is to get patches installed as and when they come through. But other than that, you could always disconnect the RDP where it is not really required and use a VPN instead.

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Top 5 Best Apps for Editing Videos on Your Phone

Top 5 Best Apps for Editing Videos on Your Phone

With the unprecedented uptake of mobile device, the role of traditional PCs is ever decreasing. All platforms are working hard to make sure that your phone is a standalone device. As such, they have developed apps for video editing

Edit your mobile videos in no time with these apps. Below are the top 5 best apps for editing videos on your phone.


Quick is a popular video editing app for Android, iPad, and iPhone operating systems. First, the app analyzes your video before the editing process. It detects the colors and the subject after which it frames the footage.

What is unique about Quick is that you can add transitions and effects for up to 200 video clips. The app provides you with many themes with a variety of filters and graphics.

What is more exciting is that you can format videos into HD 1080p or 720p. This is if you want to share the videos on social media platforms. As well, the app enables you to create flashbacks and quick stories.

You can add soundtracks to from the collection of 100 songs to make your video more captivating.

Adobe Premiere Clip

This app has both basic and advanced features for video customization that this article considers vital. The app features are automated, which makes it easy to use. Premier clip offers basic transitions, rotations, and trim finishes.

You can add a soundtrack to complements your video. But for Adobe Premiere Clip, you get to change the dialogue and volume of the soundtrack that you choose. This video editing app works well with other Adobe products.

KineMaster Pro (Android)

KineMaster is the most professional video editing app on Android.

The app is pro-level. Thus, it supports many video layers. This means you can edit images, texts, and audios into spectacular videos.

The app also allows you to edit layers with frame-by-frame granularity. A user can edit audio clips can help with sub-frame accuracy. The most stunning feature of this app is that it provides for instant edit previews.

Advanced features include LUT color filters and speed controls. KineMaster offers 3D transition effects and Chroma key compositing.

IMovie (iOS)

This free Apple video editing app is a hack for iPhone users. With the inbuilt music and animated titles, you can’t go wrong when using it. The app is extraordinary as it offers the split screen effect that is a top-notch video effect.

As well, iMovie has ten high-fidelity filters and green-screen effects. With these, you can make one of those Hollywood style trailers.


WeVideo is the market leader in cloud-based video editors. The free version gives you the basic features to use. The free version has a watermark so that you can own your videos.

The advanced version allows you to exercise your editing creativity. The limited storage for videos means that you have to upgrade. However, once you upgrade you access royalty-free video clips, images, and soundtracks.

Remember with this app, you get to store your progress in iCloud, and you can pick up whenever you like.

Best Apps for Editing Videos

The above apps are so far the best that you can use to edit videos on your mobile device. These five apps are rich with basic and advanced features to enable you to make incredible videos.

Contact us for more information.


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