2017 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo opens in Beijing

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Mesmerising the world with innovation at the Entrepreneurship Exhibition Expo in Beijing

Entrepreneurship Exhibition Expo is always a delight to be a part of but the Chinese entrepreneurs are simply taking the world by storm this time around. For quite some time in the world technology we had bit stagnant phase when it comes to innovation but now it feels like innovation is back in the vogue.

We are now witnessing the emergence of science fiction realities which are too unbelievable to fathom in creation. The most exciting part of the 2017 International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expo in Beijing has been its unique robot which can easily play the age old game of guessing fingers against the human opponents. This Chinese Expo brings some of the best and notably small entrepreneurs together to showcase their amazing creation at the three day event conducted at the famous Beijing International Convention Centre.

Expo Riding on the wave of robust technological advancement

China is basically known for its ability to produce hardware at a breakneck-pace but it has never emerged as a formidable software front for the world. But within the last decade things have drastically as the American tech companies were pushed aside from the Mainland China market it allowed a favourable condition for the home grown tech starts-ups to gain the massive market share.

Currently this nation has more number of successful tech giants than anywhere else on the planet. Secondly the Chinese population has been active in adopting the new and latest technology without any inhibitions.

It is worth noting that more number of people nowadays makes use of Alipay – a mobile payment system – rather than physical money to buy products and services in the offline world. The biggest draw of this Exhibition Expo has been the robot which was leaving everyone surprise with its ability to correctly find the finger in the finger guessing game.

Innovation Expo is at its height

One of the exhibitor at this exhibition showcased how high end drones work s in the air. Secondly the VR technology saw a huge boost in the offering from multiple exhibitors bringing an astounding display of virtual reality.

The IronMan robot was quite charming as this service oriented bionic robot kept attracting the attention of the people. Though a number of people were decisive at it appearance which was more in the like of the Transformer rather than the IronMan.

The developer of this robot goes by the name Beijing Iron Man Technology and it stated that this robot is designed to be utilized in the display industry mainly.

The ‘Good Friend’ was quite memorable for its large blue eyes and quite intelligent talking skills. It was quick to reply back with a warm ‘hello’ upon hearing the same from anyone in the crowd and if no-one talks with while standing just in front of him then it urges the person by saying ‘What to do, talk to me about it.’This Entrepreneurship Expo brought a large number of humanoid robots onto the display along with some of astonishing scientific and technological exhibits which are futuristic in every manner.

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