What to do next when you forgot your Apple ID and Email?

What to do next when you forgot your Apple ID and Email?

We all are living in a tech world where everything can be done with mobile devices. As you all know, when we say about mobile devices most you might love to hear about the APPLE iPhones. Because thousands of people around the globe use Apple. and some times very few of you may forgot your Apple ID.

Now, if you have trouble access your Apple phone by forgetting your Apple ID or Email. Then don’t worry you can quickly resolve them with ease. I know how frustrating it could be when we lost or forgot your Apple ID and its recover Email.

Whether you want to quickly access your iCloud account on your new device or even download something you like from the iTunes. You will have to know your Apple ID and Password. So, if you lost or forgot your Apple ID password, you can reset it by going to a web browser and clicking on resetting link option. But if you lost your Email address means then also you can recover that. In this post, I’ll clearly explain everything.

I have gone through this process; that’s why I want to club all the information into the article. So, you will get all the information you wish to in this post about what to do next when you forgot your Apple ID.

So, let’s jump into the post which helps you to find out Apple ID.

Follow these steps if you forgot your Apple ID:

Apple ID is one of the vital ID because it helps you to sign in to all your Apple Services. In case, if you forgot your Apple ID means you can follow below steps to regain the access.

Check if you are already Signed in with Apple ID:

  • The first thing you have to do is make sure that you have signed in on one of your Apple Devices.
  • Then click on that device and check your Apple ID which you are using Apple Services.
  • For that, you have to go to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • Check your Apple ID in your ICloud and Itune store settings.

ICloud Process:

  • In the old version go to the settings — Your Name.
  • In new versions tap on settings — iCloud.

Itune Process:

  • Click on settings — Your Name — iTunes & App Store.
  • New versions, you have to tap settings — Itunes & App Stores.

Apart from these, you can also try other options as well when you forgot your Apple ID.

  • In older version Click on Settings —- Accounts & Passwords. Whereas in newer version go to settings — Mail, contacts, calendars everywhere you can find the Apple ID.
  • Click on settings — Messages — Send & Receive
  • Go to the Settings — Facetime
  • Tap on Settings-Mail, Contacts.

Now with these options, you can find out your “forgotten Apple ID.” But, if you missed your password means you have to follow the below process to reset your Apple Password.

Let’s get into that process.

when you forgot your Apple ID

How to reset Apple Password with your Email Address When You Forgot Your Apple ID :

If you forgot your Apple ID password means you can quickly reset the password with the help of Email Address.

To do that follow the below process:

  • Firstly you have to visit in your web browser.
  • Then quickly enter your Apple ID’s email address.
  • Then click on continue.
  • Then you will find two options ” I need to Reset my password” and “I need to reset my security question.”
  • In those two options quickly select “I need to Reset My Password.”
  • Then click on continue.
  • After that select “Get an Email” option and Click continue.
  • You will get an email as “How to reset your Apple ID password”.
  • Click on the reset now” option in the mail and enter your new password a couple of times.
  • Click on Reset Password. That’s it, and your process is done.

Now, if you want to choose “Answer security questions” option for resetting your password, then you should go to the same site.

How to Quickly Reset Password Using Answer Security Questions:

  • Go to — Enter your Apple ID
  • Click on continue and select “I need to reset my password.”
  • Then click continue and Answer security questions.
  • Firstly verify your Date of birth and click continue.
  • Now quickly answer the security questions you have selected at the start.
  • Click on continue button and enter your new password a couple of times and reset the password.

That’s it.

What to do next when you forgot your Apple ID and Email?

Now, if you have two-factor authentication enable means the process will be slightly different.

How to reset the password when you have two-factor authentication enabled:


  • Visit and enter your Apple ID Email Address.
  • Now click continue and enter your phone number which is integrated with your Apple ID.
  • Click on continue, and then you will be asked to pick the devices connected to your account.
  • Just pick one of them associated with your iCloud
  • Click on Allow and enter the Passcode which you got in your chosen device.
  • Now, enter your new Apple ID Password and confirm it and you are good to go.

This is how you can get your Apple ID and Email when you forgot your Apple ID, password and Recovery Email as well. If you still have any concerns over the Apple ID, Resetting password and more. You can quickly drop your comment below and ask us.

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Wi-Fi 6 comes out next year

Wi-Fi 6 comes out next year

Ever seen those complicated numerals cum alphabets on your router and wondered what it meant? Like for example numbers like 802. 11ac or with other alphabets like a/ b/ g/n?  Well they’re not just gibberish but the Wi-Fi that the router supports. Now instead of getting confused, The Wi-Fi alliance, that is the people in charge of such Wi- Fi related stuff, have now come up with an easier way out from all that complicated numbers. To do away with such complication, the Wi-Fi alliance has come up with Wi-Fi 5, that is the current version by the way, instead of 802. 11ac. See isn’t that simpler?

Wi-Fi Just got Simpler and the coming of the New Wi-Fi 6

The later the version the bigger the number. It’s a no brainer. So the 5th version will be better than the 4th and so on. But besides this, a new Wi-Fi is all set to release- Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is all set to come out by December not of this year but the next, thatis 2019. Wi-Fi 6 is all set to bring in some new and much needed changes when it comes to speed and handling number of devices per router.

But First a Little Background on Wi-Fi:

At first the Wi-Fi alliance had names for the type of Wi-Fi beginning with numbers and ending with alphabets.  For example, as mentioned earlier the current version was known as 802. 11ac. But all that is now a thing of the past as the Wi-Fi alliance has now come up with a better way of handling things. So now you have versions of Wi-Fi instead of complicated numbering. Making things a lot more simpler if you ask me.

This means that instead of wondering which complicated numbering means better Wi-Fi, you just have to look at the version of Wi-Fi that you want to connect to. If you choose Wi-Fi 5, you won’t have to worry that your earlier devices won’t be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 5 supports older devices as well, which goes for any other version of Wi-Fi as well.

Besides the name change, the Wi-Fi alliance also hopes to see the new naming being used with all products. So if you go to connect with a Wi-Fi you will be able to see what version it belongs to.

Wi-Fi 6 on the Way:

With Wi-Fi 6 there will be newer and much more improved performance when it comes to network speeds and dealing with the diverse needs of devices. Wi-Fi 6 will apparently be more accommodating of the diverse needs of various gadgets like tablets, laptops, mobiles and other IoT devices.

Although you will get the most from Wi-Fi 6 supporting routers and devices, Wi-Fi 6 will work with other older devices as well.

Wi-Fi 6 also comes with all new equipment and what I mean by that is that the new Wi-Fi 6 uses Multi User and Multiple Input, Multiple Output  transmissions or better known as MU- MIMO transmissions. Besides this Wi-Fi 6 also doubles the bandwith from 4 to 8 streams.

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Google Releases Chrome 71 with Features to Block Abusive Ads

Google Releases Chrome 71 with Features to Block Abusive Ads

Google Chrome 71 Coming to your Desktop Shortly!

Google’s Chrome 71 is finally out of beta and is well on its way to Windows, Linux, Android and Mac desktops. This time around Google plans on removing abusive ad experiences from Chrome with Google Chrome 71. Now using Chrome will be easier as it will be free from malicious ads and one can escape from an overall bad experience.  The ads that appear on the current version of browser can sometimes be fake system dialog boxes popping up showing some warning or the other or deceptive controls with the option of closing the annoying ad and getting on with your work but which actually doesn’t work.

With this new version of Chrome, Google plans on getting ad agents (websites) to clear up their act or get blocked. With Google Chrome 71 this new feature promises to make our lives a lot more easier.

What the Google Blog told us last Month about Google Chrome 71:

Last month Google announced that it would start blocking malicious ads from Chrome with the advent of Google Chrome 71. They made the announcement after realizing that their current practice of removing and blocking malicious ads was not removing all the malicious ads and that some were falling under the radar.

Abusive ad experiences are those that are sometimes used by scams and phishing schemes and that were not blocked by Google’s current standards.  Site owners and such can see whether they are infringing on Google’s new standards and then get their act cleaned up or their website. They can do this by going to Google Search Console’s Abusive Reports experiences report to check whether they are safe or they need to make changes to their websites to remove the malicious ads.

After seeing that they in fact do have an infringement, they will be given 30 days to remove the malicious advert or risk getting blocked.

New payment Method with Google Chrome 71:

Google Chrome 71 also adds support for a new payment method whereby websites will now have to disclose whether information supplied by users will be for a subscription or for payments. Users will then have the option of going back or to proceed with supplying their details.

On the mobile, google chrome 71 will be splitting the Autofill and payments option into a separate payments section and Addresses and more section for easier understanding.

User Permission for Auto play audio on websites now required by Google Chrome 71:

Google Chrome 71 also comes with a new feature whereby user permission will be required for speech synthesis. This will be required so as to prevent ads, in the form of videos, on websites to start playing as soon as you open a website. Google Chrome will now require the permission of users to start playing the video before it actually starts playing.

This was something that was there before but since websites started using speech synthesis API, this had become an issue for Google to resolve which thankfully they have done with Google Chrome 71.

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10 Vital SEO Browser Extensions Every SEO should be using?

10 Vital SEO Browser Extensions Every SEO should be using?

It’s always hard to manage SEO tasks when you aren’t using any useful tools to measure your SEO efforts. As a blogger and digital marketer, I know how hard it is to perform SEO task on a daily basis. Without a proper help from SEO Browser Extensions & tools, you really can’t manage to do to that hefty tasks of SEO.

If you are the one, “who is struggling to do your SEO daily routine” without proper SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins?

Then don’t worry, here in this post about I got your covered. I have listed out some best SEO Browser Extensions every SEO & digital marketer should use to make their work easier. Most seo professionals to improve their sites they always use the extensions that are covered in this list.

So, let’s get into the post of 10 vital SEO Browser Extensions.

  1. 1. Chrome Developer Tools, a Must SEO browser Extensions:

Chrome Developer Tools, SEO browser Extensions

Chrome developer tools can literally do anything you need to do on a web page. No matter what change you need everything can be done through the chrome developer tools. Although I really can’t share all the features about the chrome developer tools but I will give some brief on the chrome developer tools.

More about this Tool

The Chrome team develops this tool, and it is accessed via the Chrome menu.

Google Chrome Menu — More tools — then developer tools. With this developer tool, you can find the page code, and you can determine all its features and size, functionalities as well. The best feature of this browser extension is you can find the code, and you can simply determine the size, color, and shape of the element. You can even troubleshoot them from this excellent tool.

The chrome developer tool allows you to just hover over the elements you like on a web page and it will display its code. So, it will be helpful for all the coders to know about the code of any element on the web page.

Apart from that, you can adjust the color padding, size of the element and more in developer tools. If you like to make changes to the site means you can even change the code and check live changes on the browser as well. This can be, comfortably done in all the desktop sites and even in popular mobile devices, you can find these extensions. What I have explained isn’t only the functionality in this tool it is also having more features such as various security, speed, troubleshooting options, etc.

So with all these benefits and features it provides, it has become the go-to SEO browser extension for all the expert coders, SEOs and Digital marketers. With this particular tool, SEO’s and digital marketers are quickly knowing about the competitors and also finding out all the solutions for their questions to solve the ranking mystery.

If you are an enthusiastic SEO expert who wants to improve, then you should be using this tool. Even popular bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian dean & others use this Extensions.

  1. 2. Page speed Insights Extensions:

Page speed Insights Extensions

As an SEO expert, I often check our client’s sites page speed almost every day when I start their work because page speed is a crucial element in SEO. I think most of you might know about this because a second delay in the site speed will cost some severe damage to the sites profit.

In fact, Strange loop network has stated that a second delay costs conversions by 7 %, Page views by 16% and customer stratification by 23%. Brain dean has also mentioned about the site speed factor in his popular post 200 ranking signals in search ranking algorithm.

So, I often monitor the sites speed and server response time of my clients business. It is even more useful in getting mobile traffic, so I usually check speed with my favorite & official Google tool “page speed insights.”

This is a great tool to get the website’s usability stats and speed insights of the website. With these stats, we can quickly start the optimization from of the site. If you are striving to be SEO analyst or digital marketer, then you should use this Page speed Insights SEO browser Extensions.

  1. 3. SEO Quake, Must SEO browser Extensions to Check Metric:

SEO Quake, Must SEO browser Extensions

Being a blogger & SEO expert, I just love to use this useful SEO browser extension. SEO Quake is a powerful tool which is helpful to provide SEO metrics of the Specific page, along with lots of other options.

It is a best and useful SEO plugin among the other SEO plugins and SEO browser Extensions. Quake always gives you an array of data that you need to analyze the page. This tool will pull out all the backlinks data, index information, cache data and more effectively.

SEO quake also analyzes keyword density and other factors just with a couple of clicks. You can simply get tons of data such as keywords, heading tags, Schema data and more. It shows better results than the normal tools, and it does give you accurate information that is needed to outrank the competition.

  1. 4. Keywords Everywhere:

SEO Browser Extensions Keywords EverywhereKeywords Everywhere is another special SEO browser extension one should use to minimize their keyword stress. This an incredible tool which shows you the google search volume of the keyword along with that cost per click.

This tool also shows you the keyword suggestions and its search volumes besides the competition metrics as well. Keywords everywhere saves you a lot of time on keyword research and get you best keywords which act better in search engines.

With this awesome tool you can quickly check out the cost per click of any given keyword, and you need not spend a lot of searching the best keywords of other websites. Here in this useful plugin, you can copy data from different sites, and you can save your report in PDF or Excel report.

  1. 5. SEO Peek:

SEO Peek SEO Browser Extensions

For every SEO professional On page, SEO is an essential factor, and you all might know that. Right? Now, if you want to check the on-page seo factors of multiple websites on a regular basis means you I’ll have to pour a lot of sweat and time measuring the metrics. If you don’t want to do that means use SEO peek.

This is an On page seo checker which checks all the DOM of pages. So, after installing SEO peek you really don’t have to waste time worrying about the HTML source codes and all. This particular tool will fetch and display all the data of the page such as page title, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, heading tags and more.

So, if you are having an issue with on-page optimization then take advantage of SEO peek. Along with this SEO browser extensions, you can also use other plugins like The similar web extension or moz bar.

  1. 6. Similar Web Analyzer:

Similar Web Analyzer SEO Browser Extensions E

In SEO fetching all the traffic data and user engagement data of the websites is always a painful & daunting process. Now, if you want to avoid that process means you can make use of similar web analyzer.

It is an excellent tool which gives you all the necessary SEO information on the page. You can even deep crawl the website and have a look at the insights of traffic, bounce rate, site time, etc.

This awesome tool helps you to analyze different sites through its analyzer. It provides lots of information about sites such as client data, user engagement data, analytics data, etc.

In just a matter of seconds, you can find your competitor information and find out the target audience stats and locations as well. As you are striving to be part of smart SEO & digital marketers, then you should be using these types of tools to do your work faster with your intelligence.

  1. 7. Tag Assistant SEO browser Extensions for Tag Managment:

In SEO bloggers & SEO experts always use tag manager to identify issues with analytics and the other tracking codes like Ad-words, Google Search Console, Ad-sense, etc.

The Google tag assistant extension tool is handy for all the SEOs who use tag manager. It often helps bloggers to with analytics and re-marketing issues. This tool is beneficial in recording the session times and use to check the tags.

This useful tool will notify you to make proper corrections for your tags and so on. That’s why this is a valuable  SEO browser Extension for digital marketers to fix all the errors.

  1. 8. Best SEO browser Extensions, Redirect path:

Redirect path SEO Browser Extensions

Redirect path is another best SEO browser extensions you should be using to reduce your work pressure. This isn’t just a broken link checker it is more than that. This will uncover 500 and 301 HTTP status codes, java script redirects and more.

If you are looking for the best option to detect technical issues for SEO, then Redirect path is the best plugin which can help you to fix all the redirect issues.

  1. 9. Hunter tool:

Hunter tool SEO Browser Extensions

If you are looking to spread your brand name and strengthen the brand’s presence, then you can take advantage of Hunter.

This tool helps you to find out all the website email ids. Generally, email id’s are vital for every SEO to reach out other bloggers to write a guest post, make an offer or something or the other you need their email address.

In most of the cases, you can get email ids of some bloggers and site owners by their contact page of about page. But, it is always a daunting task to find out influential bloggers email ids. In that case, you can make use of the Hunter tool to find out all the email address just with two clicks. You can even integrate this Seo browser extensions with the Linked In so that you can get perfect details of the person whom you are searching for on Hunter.

  1. 10. User Agent Switcher:

User Agent Switcher SEO Browser Extensions

User Agent Switcher is another helpful tool, which helps you when you are developing new sites. This plugin is an easy plugin that switches the user agent info and allows you to view a site as a different bot.

You can even troubleshoot the crawl issues of the site or uncover how Googlebot is viewing your site. Along with that, you can also determine how a site will load on different browsers and the Operating systems as well.

These are the ten vital SEO browser extensions every SEO should have to make their work far more easier. If you are a smart SEO professional, who wants to do his job quickly means you have to look at these above 10 SEO browser Extensions or the plugins for google chrome.


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12 Must See G Suite Sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18

12 Must See G Suite Sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18

What to Expect from Google Cloud Next

Google is all set to hold its annual Google cloud next conference next week in San Francisco. Looking at top IT professionals and business leaders for attendance as well as of course Google’s own professionals, the conference has a lot lined up. From machine learning to AI tech, to speeches about how top companies use the Google cloud platform in their work and a lot more will be discussed at this Google cloud next conference.

What also will be interesting to watch out for is how Google addresses the resignation of its Google cloud COO Diane Bryant which it announced just three weeks before the Google cloud next conference. The COO left in less than a year working for Google. Google may speak more about this vacancy during the Google cloud next conference.

Companies to speak about how Google Cloud helps them in the workplace at The Google Cloud Next conference:

If you are in the process of migrating to the cloud platform it is always beneficial to learn from those who are already there and have gone through the same process.

At the Google Cloud next conference you will be able to see top companies like Shopify and Twitter who will speak of how they migrated to the Google cloud platform and how they have benefited from migrating to the platform.

Shopify will be speaking on how they migrated form on- premises data platform to Google cloud. Twitter will also speak on how it migrated form on- premises revenue analytics to Google cloud using tech like Bigtable, Dataflow and BigQuery.

Having companies talk on their experience is important for Google as it shows people that it is capable of handling huge amounts of data on a company’s scale.

Google to address security issues at Google cloud next:

Security is something everyone is concerned about especially companies who are to use an IT service like Google cloud. Hence Google will be addressing all the security concerns people and companies might have about using Google cloud at the Google cloud next conference.

Google will be talking about security concerns and challenges faced in a number of sessions at the Google cloud next conference later this week.

Google will be expressly talking about how it addressed Spectre and Meltdown without customers experiencing any down time as a result, they will also be speaking about how customers can configure their systems when it comes to defending against future attacks and also on how to prevent data from being stolen form their Google cloud platform.

Google will also be taking up the issue of security for healthcare services and how it is keeping that data safe. At the Google cloud next conference, Google will also speak about how to secure third party apps.

Machine learning at Google Cloud Next:

Google will be talking about how you can build a machine learning enabled search chatbot on the Google cloud platform. Google will also be taking on how industries and educational services can benefit from machine learning.

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