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Corn Light: What are They, Where to Use Them?

Corn Light Festnight 75W 5800LM 5500K White Energy Saving
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Is there any way through which you can convert your outdoor lighting to energy-efficient LEDs? In this case, you should go with corn light. These are shaped like bulbs and packed with hundreds of individual LEDs. All these ate fixed to a metal heat-dissipation element. It has about up to 80% more efficient than metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or incandescent bulbs. It is the best solution if you want to retrofit your lighting with efficient LEDs.

What are LED Corn Lights?

Corn lamps are known as they resemble the corn on the cob. These come with lines of square LEDs on all sides of their tube. The cob has LEDs which vary from 80 to 108. Besides, the number of lights relies on their style and size.

Manufacturers design them as an energy-efficient replacement for high-intensity discharge (HID) and SON lamps. These have plenty of LEDs on their metal structure to offer a lot of light. However, after watching the arrangement of LEDs closely, you can find it like a corn cob.

Unlike halogen HID and SON lamps, these can give plenty of light efficiently. In addition, these can retain a broad color spectrum. Do you want a more efficient, cheaper replacement for an HID/SON lamp? Then, these are the best solutions for you.

Where Are These Corn Lights Used?

You can use them as an energy-rated replacement for any high-lumen lamps, inside or out. People use them in:

  • Car parks
  • Football stadiums
  • Streets
  • Roads
  • Interior high bay lamps

Why Choose Corn Lights?

Different reasons exist for selecting these famous exterior lighting options. That is why we have covered here these significant factors.

Energy Efficient & Bright:

You can use them as a modern replacement for metal halide or HPS exterior lamps. Besides, exchanging as high as 250-400 watts is possible only with 60-150 watts. Therefore, the output is very high. But these consume little power, which becomes a great outdoor lighting option. However, these are ideal for small, medium, and large-scale projects.

Simple Installation:

These have E39/E40 bases and E26/E27 adaptors. It indicates that you can screw in them and install them into any lighting fixture, indoors or outdoors.

Longer Lifespan:

You don’t need to invest excessive money for maintenance than metal halide and HPS. Besides, these can last longer. The longer lifespan of these makes these ideals for street projects. It is because these can emit rays for 360-degree for multiple years.

It enables you to upgrade your low bay, high bay, or outdoor lighting fixtures to LED except by exchanging and removing your existing fixtures. First, you need to bypass each fixture’s ballast. Then, enable the power to screw in your new energy-saving corn lamps.

What Sockets Do Corn Lamps Fit?

E27: We know it as the Edison screw. This one is a standard lamp fitting that we can use worldwide. The Edison screw family uses it. As the diameter size is 27 mm, we call it E27.

E40: We call it the Giant Edison Screw. This fitting was especially for lamps over 500W. The energy efficiency feature allows LEDs to be as low as 20W while retaining their brightness.

Find the Correct Base:

E26 and E39 are the two base types.

E26 Base: We call it Medium Edison Screw or one-inch Edison Screw. This one is a standard base for most bulbs. Hence, “E” means Edison, while 26 is the diameter of the base in mm. It is the regular base for a 120-volt bulb. So we can see its usage mostly in homes.

E39 Base: We know it as Mogul Edison Screw or Goliath Edison Screw. While “E” means Edison, 39 is the diameter of the base. These are unique for broad usage in industrial or farm applications. In addition, people use them mostly in factories, barns, and warehouses. This base is for bulbs with 250W in wattage.

Low Bay Fittings:

These are mainly for buildings with high ceilings, like warehouses and factories. In addition, it features ballast that is prepared to run the 240v LED corn light. In addition, it can provide a three-year warranty. Therefore, it becomes beneficial if you experience problems while using it. It is available in different wattages:

  • 40w
  • 60w
  • 80w
  • 100w
  • 120w

Corn Light Applications:

The applications of the lamp are as follows—

  • Post Top Lamps
  • Bollard Pathway
  • Bollard lamp post for corn lamp
  • Parking
  • Exterior Wall Packs
  • High bay ray for corn lamps
  • Wall pack for corn lamp
  • Highway
  • Interior High Bay Lamps
  • Street lamps

What Kinds Of LED Corn Bulbs Can You Replace With Corn Lamps?

You can use any bulb with a matching base. However, you should check that it can fit in your luminaire with the cover on it.

Can You Mount High-Wattage Corn Lamps Horizontally?

While these go up in wattage, they can get heavier. Besides, these become excessive heavy for the screw socket these fit. These can work if you mount the Bulb vertically(up or down). But a horizontal socket requires a thin wire to support the Bulb and decrease stress on the socket.

What Kind of Fixture Will Accept LED Corn Lamps?

Multiple screw-in sockets allow you to use a LED bulb. But it is essential to ensure that you have the correct one. These are for E40, E27(Edison), mogul(E39, and medium(E26) base.

How to Install an LED Bulb:

The process needs about 15 minutes. To save money, you should replace old HID Metal Halide or High-Pressure Sodium bulbs. Thus, you can decrease the maintenance and need more rays. We have given here the basic steps to install it.

Necessary Items:

  • LED Corn Bulb
  • A ladder, lift, or other safe access to the fixture
  • Wire nuts
  • Wire strippers
  • Screwdriver


First, you should ensure that you have a secure lift or ladder to the fixture. It is because safety is the first thing that matters. You should use a safety harness and clips for higher installs. In this case, you need to kill this power at the breaker and check it twice.

Step 1) Remove the Old Bulb:

Glass is the old bulbs which are very tight. Therefore, you should remove the Bulb carefully.

Step 2) Locating and Bypassing the Ballast:

You should use ballast to make sure there is a strong power to the old HID bulbs. But it might not be suitable as these come with a default driver. Mostly, it is simple to leave the ballast and wire around it. First, you should try to attach the building line to the socket line. Then, your job is to plug the building neutral into the neutral of the socket. Hence, ensure that it is grounded accurately. Finally, if necessary, you need to keep the new connections secured with wire nuts and electrical tape.

Step 3) Install The New Bulb:

While the power goes to the socket directly, it is time for a new bulb. You need to screw in the new Bulb carefully until you secure it. A few bulbs might need a safety chain which you must install now.

Step 4) Turn On the Power and Test:

When you find the fixture enclosed, you should close it up. Ensure that everything is safe and enable the power back. You should check two times to ensure that all bulbs are working. In addition, you should ensure that the area is safe for people.

Top Five Corn Light Products:

VRCT Tricolor Corn LED Light 12W Filament Bulb with 420 Lumen

VRCT TricolorDescription: Its traditional halogen/incandescent lighting uses 80% of the electricity. Therefore, most of the electricity is lost through heat. It can run significantly cooler because metal sinks dissipate heat. In addition, it takes heat away from the ray source. As a result, it can maintain the lifespan of the LED Bulb.


Different colors: It is available in warm white, cool white, and natural white.

Consume less power: It consumes up to 90% less power. Besides, it can offer an excellent lifetime expectation of up to 25,000 hours.

E27/28 base: We know it as the SES or Small Edison Screw. E27/28 or SES is used for smaller decorative fittings, chandeliers, candelabras, candles, and appliance bulbs.

Simple to replace: You can use it to replace your old halogens directly. It is a straightforward process as changing a bulb. These can provide you with a similar brightness level as current bulbs.


  • Easy To replace
  • It consumes 90% less power


  • No cons

Murphy 3W IRIS LED Spot Deep Junction Box Down Light

Corn Light Murphy 3W IRIS LED Spot Deep Junction Box Down LightDescription: It has an aluminum shell that can offer excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. You can use this one in damp locations. It allows you to avoid frequent troublesome replacements. In addition, it enables you to manage the angle for directional lighting. The 45⁰ rotation allows you to do so.

Besides, it is simple to install. In addition, it can emit a well-balanced glow without glaring and flickering. It helps to decrease stress and induce sleep. For the bedroom, it is a great option.


Size: It is available in 75mm and for Cut-Out, 65mm. The model comes in white color and allows you to fit in a Deep Junction Box.

Warranty: The product can offer a two-year warranty from the Invoice date.

Wide Application: It is perfect for Offices, Garage, Bedroom, Utility room, Living room, Dining Room, Hallway, and Kitchen.

Voltage Range: 160~280V AC can offer a long life span. In addition, it consumes low power and can save energy.


  • Energy saving
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide application


  • It might not work after a while

Groeien Tricolor Corn LED Light 12W Filament Bulb with 420 Lumen

Groeien Tricolor Corn LED LightDescription: The model is a traditional halogen/incandescent type allowing 80% of the electricity to be lost through heat. It consumes up to 90% less power. Besides, it can offer an excellent lifetime expectation of up to 25,000 hours.


E27/28 base: We know it as the SES or Small Edison Screw. E27/28 or SES is used for smaller decorative fittings, chandeliers, candelabras, candles, and appliance bulbs in US and Canada.

Easy to replace: You can use it to exchange old halogens directly. This one is a simple procedure as changing a bulb. These can give you a similar brightness level as current bulbs.


  • Simple to replace
  • Different uses


  • Low brightness

CITRA 12 Watt Candelabra Corn LED Light Bulbs with E-14 Base

CITRA 12 Watt CandelabraDescription: The product is a combination of tradition and the future. It is mainly designed to adjust the unique looking of Edison bulbs.


Tricolor: It is available in Warm White, Cool White, And Natural White bulb Pack Of 2 Colors.

Change of color: You can see a color change while powering Off and On.


  • Available in three colors


  • Not so much durable

Festnight 75W 5800LM 5500K White Energy Saving E27 LED Corn Bulb Light 200pcs 2835 Beads for Video Studio Photography Home Street Lamp.

Corn Light Festnight 75W 5800LM 5500K White Energy SavingDescription: This product can provide 5500K white light. As there is no flicker, it is beneficial for professional lighting. In addition, its High-quality 2835 LED beads make them durable.


360°: It can emit rays at 360°, which can spread to all directions. In addition, it can emit a 75W high-power ray in each detail.

Versatile: It can provide low generation and low radiation. In addition, the model is long-lasting and energy-saving.

Different applications: You can use this led corn bulb for photography/home/commercial purposes.


  • Versatile
  • Various applications
  • 360° lighting


  • Fragile body, so you must not drop it

Things to Consider When Selecting Corn Light Color:

These are available in different colors. We can provide you with these colors in the LED Bulb.

3000K LED Bulbs:

It can emit a warm white color suitable for houses and restaurants. Thus, it can provide a softer, more relaxing environment.

4000K LED Bulbs:

It emits a white natural ray ideal for businesses or other works.

5000K LED Bulbs:

This white ray is ideal for large spaces and outdoors.

Try not to use colors higher than these as these harm humans and the environment. Remember that the American Medical Association warns us not to use these colors. It is because blue rays can interfere with melatonin production.

Wattage Vs. Lumens:

Wattage: Watt represents an amount of electrical power. Previously, it indicated the brightness of a bulb. But now, it doesn’t offer sufficient details for the rise of energy-saving LED lighting. For instance, a standard 40w CFL bulb can create similar lumens as a 5w LED.

Lumens: It measures the brightness of a lamp. When the lumens (lm) increase, the ray will become brighter. If an area needs too much light, you should use bulbs with a minimum of 5,000lm. If the area is more extensive and darker, it will need more lumens.

How to Choose Lumens:

Lumens are something you should keep in your mind. While buying a bulb, check lumens instead of watts. These are a process to measure the energy released by a bulb and show how bright the Bulb would be. While you compare LED with HID, LEDs will win the race. Therefore, it is better to use LEDs instead of HID lamps.

You should measure the brightness of LEDs at a different unit. A lumen is a unit that can measure the brightness of the LED Bulb. Therefore, while buying these LED bulbs, it is essential to pay attention to lumens.

If you are willing, you can replace HID or Metal Halide bulbs. These are some famous choices.

1500 watt Metal Halide: It needs 60,000 lumens or more. You should find a 450-watt or 600-watt bulb for lower installs or a 500-watt stadium bulb for higher installs.

1000 watt Metal Halide: It needs about 38000 Lumens or more. Therefore, you should find a 300-watt LED Bulb, fixture, or retrofit kit. In this case, you should know that these are not enclosed rated.

400-watt metal halide: You must find bulbs with 12,000 lumens to 18,000 lumens. You should try to look for a fixture in this range. You can see their bulbs of 100 watts, 120 watt, or 150-watt models.

250-watt metal halide: In this case, 9000 to 12000 lumens is the proper choice. It is better to go with an 80-watt bulb as it is a famous option. But if you want more brightness, you should go 100.

150 Watts or 175-Watt Metal Halide: You should find lumens 7000 to 9600.

Things to Consider Before Buying Corn Light:


Remember that a good product must cool itself with its aluminum structure offering plenty of surface area to let the heat escape. A few models come with fans. Although it sounds fancy, these can create issues. For example, the fan’s motor can die out long before its fades, and whether insects or dust don’t stop the fan.

LED Quality:

The range of LED chips varies. Those available at low prices come with a low Color Rendering Index (CRI). Remember that you should purchase LEDs that a famous brand creates. For example, 3BL uses those chips which Samsung produces.

Protective Covering:

If you are willing to offer the correct performance of LEDs over time, remember that a transparent plastic covering should be used to cover the diodes to protect them from insects and dust. In addition, it can keep the quality of rays from diminishing over time.

360 VS Flat Bulb:

Two types are available; one type provides 180 degrees of ray, and another one offers 360 degrees. Sometimes, you may confuse about which bulb type you should purchase. For example, the flat Bulb, which emits 180 degrees of ray, can offer beams focused downward.

On the flip side, a bulb that provides 360 degrees of a ray is better. These can give rays in all directions. In addition, these are more cost-effective. Finally, you should use a reflector to out the beam from the Bulb. Remember that these are perfect for multiple outdoor and indoor applications.

Finding the Right Fitting:

These come in multiple fittings as these are bigger. Ensure that you have to write down the fitting reference number to match the new Bulb. We recommend you leave a space for cooling.

Enclosed Fixtures:

Most bulbs warn not to use them in the fully enclosed fixture. However, these are rated as safe and can be used in the enclosed fixtures for both commercial and industrial applications. In this case, you should remember that it is essential to leave some space.


Voltage is another thing to which you need to pay attention. These can work from 90 to 277V AC. It is advised to use the voltages as these are safe to use.

  • 120 volts
  • 208 volts
  • 220 volts
  • 240 volts
  • 277 volts

Remember that we recommend you not to use high voltages of the Bulb in 480-volt fixtures.


It is vital to choose the right type of corn light. After selecting the correct one, you can take the time to choose the proper fit for your fixture and your space. It is an ideal choice to make the outdoor area bright. While there are different options available, you might find yourself overwhelmed. Our guide must help you to buy the correct Bulb. There are several models which you can use in enclosed fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are these any good?

These are up to 80% more efficient than metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or incandescent bulbs. It makes an absolute choice for those who look to retrofit their lighting with efficient LEDs.

  • Are these safe?

These are enclosed rated. It indicates that these might go inside a fixture that closes up or is covered. The products, as mentioned earlier, are perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

  • How long do these last?

The bulbs can last about 50,000 hours. These offer a long lifespan. In addition, these never give off excessive heat as CFLs.

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