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Are you looking for a fun-filled party or willing to shoot a kickass video? In such cases, a backlight has a considerable role. These have changed the way people used to display their art installations. If you are looking for a particular aesthetic and bright glow design to add to your living space or party, black light bulbs are very lucrative. These are perfect for several occasions. For example, you can use them for outdoor entertainments, DJ, productions, sanitization, spot movement, etc.

What is a Black Light?

Black light is similar to other lamps emitting UV (ultraviolet) light, and these create a specific UV wavelength— from 350 nm to 410 nm, and you can not see with your naked eye. Besides, it is safe for the human skin.

These have a black coating, ensuring that they are more durable than standard models. Moreover, these can make white objects, fluorescent paints, and clothing more vibrant.

What is Black Light Bulb?

It is a lamp that emits ultra-violet light. It has the longest wavelength of all forms of UV radiation. These are pale purple lights, which emit lesser visible light. It is also refered as UV-A light, Wood’s lamp, or ultraviolet light.

What are the uses of Black Light Bulbs?

If you have ever visited nightclubs, discos, or Halloween decorations, you can notice how the white color pops up, and you will find it fantastic for sure. However, even you can find the color unnatural and incredible.

Whether you are willing to make a fun and exciting atmosphere at home, you should replace them. It helps to change the whole interior atmosphere of your house. You can use black light bulbs in spot lamps, table lamps, and even porches or outdoors.

How to use Black Light Bulb Safely?

If you want to use black light bulbs safely, the first thing you need to know is how to use them properly. These consist of UV-A light available in the visible color spectrum at the far edge. Besides, they are short in wavelength, due to which you should not stare at them. Otherwise, these can cause potential damage to your eyes. Therefore, you must use eye protection while using UV light. Furthermore, if you use UV-A, you should not gaze through its center for a long time.

A few black light bulbs can be hot sometimes. Therefore, you must not use black light bulbs coming with flammable materials as these catch fire quickly. In addition, it indicates that you should not use it with  regular lamps, although these are compatible, and the reason is that it can damage the fabric over the lamp.

Which one is better, UV or Black Light?

Both can create invisible ultraviolet energy at a specific wavelength. But the black light bulbs come with a black coating making them more durable.

If you need to choose anyone between them, you should go with black instead of selecting the fluorescent ultraviolet ones. These can produce longer UV wavelengths that penetrate surfaces and objects, and as a result, they will glow while exposed to the energy.

However, you should compare the fluorescent UV with the LED version because of having lower wavelengths causing the objects to glow more. In addition, LED takes less power and has a durable lifespan.

How many are optimal?

Try to keep an optimal number of models near your space. If your deck is for a party, consider a few factors. These emit less purple/blue glow than the standard Type, but these have some concentrated energy. Choose an optimal count if you plan to party outdoors where you need them to cover across the walls and all the surface area. You should try to have one for every 100 square feet or 10 feet.

Are These Black Light Bulbs Safe?

Several people wonder if black light bulbs are safe to use or harmful to their guests at the party. You may have doubts about a person who considers the potential UV wavelengths. For example, the earth’s atmosphere protects us from UV radiation.

Before knowing that it is safe, you should know the distinction between the UV radiation spectrum.

1. Ultraviolet A (UVA) – 315 to 400 nm

2. Ultraviolet B (UVB) – 280 to 315 nm

3. Ultraviolet C (UVC) – 100 to 280 nm

In this wavelength range, UVA is safe among this wavelength. However, shortwave UVB and mediumwave UVC are damaging. Therefore, these come with a wavelength range of 365nm. Besides, ensure that you use this glass as a filter to remove anything below 320 nm. Thus, ensure that it remains safe.

Which is the best type you should choose?

These technologies use LED and fluorescent. But if you are willing to use the best model, you need to check out the buying guide portion. The best ones mainly depend on the individual choice.

People use LED for energy-efficient features and durability. In addition, it doesn’t release excess heat as others. According to the experts, fluorescent UV lights are available at around 370 nm in wavelength.

Which one lets the objects glow?

It relies on wavelength. Generally, the wavelength should exist between 350nm to 400nm, and this help to offer fluorescence glow in the dark. However, one can create authentication markers on paper currencies, ID cards, fluorescent body paints, posters, cat or dog urine on carpets, curtains, and creatures, including armyworms and scorpions.

In these cases, Fluorescent types are better. The reason is that these black light bulbs are available at the middle to lower end of the wavelength. Its wavelength is quite the same as the upper edge of the UV spectrum.

All About Black Light Bulbs:

Except for colors, black light bulbs are not so different from daily models. The main difference between UV and regular types is that these emit most waves outside of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum that is invisible.

  1. These are purple:

Black light bulbs can create UVA light. It is because the UV frequencies are above violet on the spectrum. Besides, these are also invisible to the human eye. The phosphors visible to human eyes are on a Halloween fluorescent poster, invisible handstamp, etc. Generally, a phosphor can emit visible light while excited by some sort of radiation, and it can convert energy in the UV radiation from black to visible one.

  1. It is possible to detect bed bugs:

Several household items are there you need, including a black light, one magnifying glass & one credit card. You only need to shife it on the place you are willing to use. It can draw the bed bugs out quickly. After that, your job is to use the magnifying glass to spot the bed bugs. Lastly, you need to use your old credit card to squash them.

  1. Radiation:

UV inside the black light bulbs can work as a radiation source. But it doesn’t cause harm to your eyes while using. However, if you use it excessively, it can finish vitamin A in the skin. Therefore, you should not use these so often.

  1. Plantlife:

You can use these kings of  wood’s Lamp in your indoor garden. These can work as an artificial sun for the plants. As a result, it enables them to complete photosynthesis. But it is unable to offer sufficient minerals for plants to reproduce. So mostly, people use linear fluorescent types.

  1. These can generate certain fish glow:

It is possible to see fish glow with black light bulbs. Clownfish, neon tetras, and platinum angelfish glow better for the white tent. But you should not use them to heat your fish tank. It is because these are harmful to the fish.

On the other hand, these cause less harm to the 315 to 380nm range. However, the white ones must not stay on the fish for long. They  are safe while you use them near fish in small doses, like one or two hours a day. These are the most famous purchases for decorating bowling alleys, haunted houses, and Halloween parties.

Top 5 Best Black Light Bulbs

  1. Leciel UV LED Black Light

Leciel UV LED Black LightDescription: It is one of the best-LED UV black light bulbs. Besides, the model features a meager 10 watts power rating. In addition, it comes in a great design making it perfect to use for a handheld device.

Moreover, this premium UV black light bulb is available in V-shaped and two rows of lamp beads. Therefore, it helps you make sure that you are getting the maximum output of it. In this case, the wavelength is usually 395-400nm of UVA- level.

You can use these high-quality bulbs for maximum output efficiency. It enables you to attach the USB to a DC power adapter and plug it into an AC socket. In addition, you can switch between two different levels of brightness as per the occasion.

The led blacklight bulb is perfect for body paintings, glow parties, clubs, Halloween celebrations, and basic home or lab use. Its optical lenses can provide a total of 120 degrees of wide-angle.


USB operated: It is possible to illuminate the model using a power bank. The product has a 5.9ft cord with an inline power on/off switch.

Wide application: You can use it to decorate your bedroom. In addition, it allows you to use it for other applications like face painting, glow parties, etc. Moreover, it is lucrative for Curing and sole restoration, Vaseline glass, uranium, detecting specific stains/urines, etc.

Weight: It features a high-end optical lens. Besides, the product is very bright for its size. In addition, it weighs too low, enabling you to put it anywhere you want.

Warranty: The product offers two years warranty and friendly customer service. In addition, you can get lifetime technical support.

  • Lifetime technical support
  • Friendly customer service
  • Versatile uses
  • Broken chord
  1. Onforu 7w UV LED Black Lights Bulb

Onforu 7w UV LED Black Lights BulbsDescription: The product comes with a traditional bulb format instead of having a flat modern design. It helps to travel more distance, but it offers low wattage. You only have to screw the E26 bulbs into the medium base. After that, you can begin the glow-in-the-dark party.

People prefer to use the model for its very low budget feasibility. It can cover a whole paint room with an extensive beam angle of 270 degrees. Besides, it can react quickly to reactive paint pigments, dyes, etc.

It can offer you an impressive 50,000 hours lifespan. Besides, it can provide excellent high-power efficiency.


Strong: It comes with 75W equivalent, with 18 top-quality LEDs and a 270-degree wide beam angle. These features help to cast a bright illumination on neon glow objects. Thus, it can make an impressive atmosphere that you obviously are unwilling to miss.

Energy Saving: The wavelength hence is 385-400nm, due to which it becomes safe. Therefore, you can use the product in the kid’s room as it doesn’t cause harm to their health. In addition, the model comes with top-quality LED lamp beads and high-efficiency luminescence.

Fluorescent Reactive: This model is perfect for illuminating the most reactive pigments, paints, and dyes. It can perform excellently for neon-colored objects. Besides, the model is ideal for body paint & fluorescent materials.

Wide application: These are lucrative for body painting, fluorescent posters, neon glow parties, etc. Besides, you can use them to decorate your home and for Christmas, Halloween, club, aquarium, bar, etc.

  • Simple installation
  • Versatile uses
  • Energy saving
  • Wide beam angle
  • Unable to make white glow
  1. LeMeng LED Black Lights

LeMengDescription: If you are looking to use the best led black lights, it is the one you should use. These are affordable. In addition, they are eco-friendly, helping them to decrease their carbon footprint while in use.

You can use them as energy-efficient replacements for 60-75 watt equivalent incandescent ones. Thus, saving about 90% on the electricity bill is possible. Therefore, you will get a 35000 hrs Long Lifespan.

These can emit highly saturated and deeply intense UV blacklight, making it perfect for all prominent occasions. They come in 60 mm in diameter and 112 mm in height. Besides, these will not occupy much space when you store these away. The model weighs only 6.4 ounces allowing you to carry it.


UVA Level 395-400nm: You can use it for Christmas, Halloween, Club, party, aquarium, band, and body art. In addition, it helps to illuminate the most reactive pigments, paints, and dyes.

These act perfectly with neon-colored objects and are ideal for UV body paint and other visible fluorescent materials. Ensure that you must not gaze at the bulb LEDs. Otherwise, it can damage your eyesight.

Multiple options: If you are willing, you can purchase the 9W-led models. These are available in red, green, blue, yellow, amber, and pink colors.

Simple to install: Its Standard A19 shape with E26/E27 medium screw base makes the installation process more manageable by screwing in all medium screw base fixtures directly.

Warranty: The model can offer 100% satisfaction to the customers with a two-year warranty.

  • Easy to install
  • Two-year warranty
  • Plenty of choices
  • Not long-lasting
  1. Sunlite Black Light Bulb

Sunlite Black Light BulbsDescription: This great CFL-styled LED model can fit into your traditional power source slot. In addition, its design can easily turn your room into a disco or a party room. Besides, the black light bulb can emit ultraviolet (UV-A) at a 463 nm wavelength. This feature makes it ideal for illuminating reactive surfaces while not illuminating the surrounding areas.

It comes in large size, perfect for illuminating the most reactive surfaces with paints and dyes. Besides, it is ideal for festive and glows effect creation. However, you will not get any warranty in this case.


Versatile uses: The model helps to make a glow effect with colors like true white, and it has neon hues perfect for parties, clubs, and Halloween decorations. Besides, you can use the product to verify security features on ID cards and currency. It allows you to identify pet stains on carpets or furniture, invisible to the naked eye.

Life Span: It comes with an 8,000-hour-long life span indicating that the model supports up to 7.3 years of reliable service. However, it depends on 3 hours/day of use.

UL listed: Testers checked and tested the model so that it could fulfill UL’s strict testing standards for safety and reliability.

  • Long life span
  • Versatile uses
  • It can have a warranty window.
  1. Prime Ultra Violet Blacklight

Prime Ultra VioletDescription: This small model is ideal to use for investigative purposes. It’s Double Chip UV LED fixture is equipped with a gooseneck. As a result, it becomes a perfect option to look at things closely. It is 30% brighter than other models of its upgraded single big Chip UV LED fixture. In addition, it comes with an upgraded 8MM strong gooseneck and clamp.

You can use it to check the counterfeit currency and other such security purposes. With the help of gooseneck, the compact model can reach up to ten inches. In addition, it comes with a base allowing you to keep it on top of the table. It seems like a tabletop lamp. Moreover, the model comes with a 55 inches long cable. Furthermore, it includes a small clip enabling you to clip it down to a surface. This clip lets you open it 1.25 inches wide.


Power supply: The product needs a constant voltage 5V DC power supply. It is not recommended to use a Phone charger as it can cause flickering. Whether you have a multimeter, you can use LED at 3-4V.

Multiple uses: It is perfect for apres gel x nail tips, UV & fluorescent paint, Resin art, Ultraviolet curing, Stain detection and glows party, etc.

  • Ideal for Stain detection
  • Upgraded 8MM strong gooseneck
  • Not perfect for parties.

How to Choose the Best Black Light Bulb:

You can select any model as you select any other type, and it is the specific feature you need to look after to differentiate them. If you don’t know the factors you need to consider before buying, check out these points and the next section.

  1. Different Types of Black Light Bulbs:

These come in three different variations: incandescent, fluorescent, and LED.

Fluorescent types:

It is different than standard fluorescent types. There is a tube containing little mercury and some gas in this case. These create light while the power goes through a glass tube. Humans can see regular white ones but can not see the ultraviolet Type produced by the mercury atoms. However, it is available with the phosphor coating. You can find the coating on the inner side of the product. The coating helps to make the mercury energy visible. The fluorescent black light bulbs are available in spirals and tube models.

Incandescent types:

They act the same as ordinary incandescent bulbs. But the ordinary ones come with an extra component called filters.

However, it is not available in these cases. A filter helps to collect the light from the bulb’s filament. But it is unable to filter out the less harmful UV rays. In addition, you don’t see any reaction from them to white or fluorescent color. It is the primary reason why you need these models.

LED types:

A few LED bulbs can produce UV light within a wavelength range between 390nm to 410nm. These led black light bulbs to create the most negligible heat and consume less power than others.

  1. Different Black Light Choices:

These allow you to use various options to suit different requirements.


You need to use them in nightclubs or concerts. It is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Besides, it lets you connect with other mixing boards through wireless or wired connections. You can get them available in more than one pack when you buy these. You will generally require one or two for your small home, and a few of them allow you to change their colors.

Blacklight Bulbs:

These are the same as BLBs and look like regular options in size and shape. But they require plenty of energy than others. While buying, you can find a few pretty energy-efficient models. Just screw them into the socket you already have on the porch, home, lamps, or patios.

Blacklight Strips:

If you are searching for something to use mostly indoors, you must go with them. In this case, you can install these over the wall or ceilings near an electrical socket.

After installing them, your task is to roll up everything easily. These feature plastic wheels to roll up easily. In addition, they allow you to use them outdoors when these come with a waterproof feature.

UV-A Flash type:

If you want to find stains, spot insects, etc., go with these. UV-A lights can pick up the physical matter invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, they allow you to use them for cleaning the carpets, beds, walls, furniture, and others.

Standard UV type:

They help to detect stains mainly. Like normal ones, these work similar way and can be seen on television. However, compared to normal ones, these are much brighter.

Buying guide for a Black Light Bulb:

You need to consider the features while buying the best model. We have given a few aspects that you should see before buying it.

  1. Area Size:

As these come in various sizes, you have to consider the area first. For example, you should know which area, like outdoors, indoors, large hall or the small room, you will illuminate with them. A short-range model is perfect for body paint usage or just usual small personal parties. But if you have to use them for small rooms, large halls, and outdoor ranges, you should use a higher range. It is available from about 5 meters to 10 meters or sometimes higher.

  1. Spread:

You should decide first whether you are willing to fill your room with different types or illuminate a small space. Then, depending on your preferences, you have to select your model. Finally, you can see the lumen range or brightness level.

However, it is unnecessary to have an intensity as high as a standard regular bulb. But ensure that the intensity must reflect the paint or anything that needs to glow out. Hence, the range is about 385 nm to about 400 nm.

  1. Mounting:

A few models are wall mountable, whereas you can use a few independently. Finally, a few models are designed as normal ceiling ones requiring drilling or nailing into the fixture. In this case, you can find more than a single bulb like a strip or rod, and it helps to turn it to a particular spot. Moreover, you have to consider also that your chosen model must include the necessary hardware.

  1. Length of the electric cord:

Ensure that the cord is long enough to reach the electrical socket. It is better to see if your model has extensible cords. You must check out the feature of using it for outdoor purposes.

  1. Budget:

These come in different price ranges. Therefore, you have to select an option depending on your budget preferences.

  1. Warranty:

You can understand a model’s quality and durability from its warranty duration. Therefore, selecting the suitable model with the most extended warranty is advised. On average, they have a 1-2 years duration for maximum.


These are famous for their glowing effect in the dark in recent times. People use these for parties and art installations, cleaning, and sanitization. We hope our guide can help you choose the best one from the many black light bulbs mentioned above. These are perfect for installing in your parties or homes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the purpose of it?

You have to observe fluorescence in this case. The reason for that is other ultraviolet lamps emit visible light. So you can use it to authenticate oil paintings, antiques, and banknotes.

  • Can you get it?

It creates UVA light as opposed to UVB. Besides, their UV frequencies are above violet on the spectrum.

  • Can you put it in a regular lamp?

These are available as single incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs which you can use with almost all regular lamps which provide normal light.

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