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Disney Plus Error Code- Comprehensive Guide

Disney Plus Error Code- Comprehensive Guide
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When Disney+ launched, numerous Disney fans started downloading the app for watching the Mouse House favorites. But plenty of users complained about the error codes and problems. Here, we have discussed the Disney Plus Error Code and the solutions to these problems.

Disney Plus: It is stylized as Disney+. This one is a streaming service that contains all Disney content. However, multiple users cannot watch their favorite movies and show properly, mainly those who don’t know which regions this app is unavailable in.

Getting Disney Plus Error Code?

Try These Things First: 

If you get any error code, first, you should check the Internet connection. Usually, the Disney Plus system needs a 5Mbps speed to display its contents to the screen. You may need to reset the modem if you have any connection issues.

Moreover, you can sign the app out and then sign it in again. This process can solve your problem.

You can delete the Disney app from the device or TV you have. After that download it again. Deleting the app is a more comprehensive idea of solving the issue.

Disney Plus Error Code 4

It is related to the payment details. This problem occurs when someone uses an expired card or such a card that doesn’t belong to the region offered by Disney Plus. Here, we have given a few causes and solutions.

Invalid ZIP or Postal Code: You need to check whether the billing ZIP or postal code for the payment is correct or not.

Invalid Security Code: You have to verify the 3-digit security code on the backside of the card. If you are using an American Express, check whether the four-digit code matches the submitting one.

Invalid Expiration Date: You need to check whether the card’s expiry date matches the one you are submitting.

Not a U.S.-Issued Card: If you don’t have used a credit or debit card issued by a U.S.-based bank or a financial institution, then an error occurs.

Government-Issued Card: You can’t use Government-issued cards in this case. Try to use such payment methods which are accepted. 

Disney Plus Error Code 83

It is the worst error that no Disney user wants to get while streaming on this app. This error code makes the matter worse day by day. It blocks the user entirely from using Disney Plus.

Here, we have given the procedure to fix the Error Code 83. You need to follow the below steps to fix this issue.

You can find this error in different kinds of devices. Therefore, you may find that you can not apply a few steps to your device. However, a few steps will be perfect for your device.

Check Device Compatibility:

Error 83 denotes the compatibility issue between your device and this app. If you get this code, the first thing you need to check is the Disney+ device and software compatibility list. Check whether the name of your device exists there or not. If not, then it is your device’s problem. In this case, you have to use a different device. If you are a Linux user, then you need to pay some more attention. However, It won’t be supported on Linux- no matter which browser you are using.

Check Web Browser:

Sometimes, you can get this error code when the device is compatible with this app, but the browser isn’t. This app is compatible with a few browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari, Chrome, Firefox on macOS, and Chrome on Chrome OS. Check whether your browser is present in this list or not. If not, then you should use such a browser that has compatibility.

Check Internet Connection and Speed:

Sometimes, you may see that the Internet connection is down or not fast enough. Therefore, you will be unable to stream videos from Disney+. Check the requirements of the Disney+ internet speed. It will give you an exact idea about the required speed. After knowing that, you can quickly test your net speed. Otherwise, you can use the internet speed test sites to check whether it is sufficient enough for streaming content from the service or not.

Restart Your Device:

It is an easy troubleshooting process. But, this procedure can not solve this problem all the time.

Update the Disney Plus App:

As the latest version of this app is launched, the old ones have become incompatible nowadays. Are you using any smartphone, tablet, gaming console, streaming device, or smart TV? Then, go to the App Store of your device. Check whether there is any update of the Disney+ app Or not. If you get to see any update, then you need to install it.

Delete and Reinstall the Disney Plus App:

Even sometimes, you may see no update available. But the issue can still be in the app. Sometimes, a few bugs or data corruption occur in the app that can cause this error. In that case, you need to delete the app. Now, reinstall the app and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Upgrade the Device Firmware or OS:

Using the older version of the app sometimes creates compatibility issues. Even running the older version of OS or firmware also makes such issues. In case no step that we have discussed earlier doesn’t work, then check whether the device you are using has any update of OS or firmware. If yes, then you need to install it.

Try a Different Account:

According to the explanation of Error Code 83, users can get this code due to account problems. If none of the previously discussed steps work, then there is a huge possibility of having this problem in your account.

Therefore, If the problem is in your account, then try to sign in with another account. And If you don’t get any error code, you can confirm that the problem was in your account. You need to check the billing details and subscription status. Moreover, you can contact Disney Plus support if necessary.

Disney Plus Error Code 50

It happens while there doesn’t remain any secure HDMI handshake between the streaming device and Television. You can usually find these error codes in the Xbox consoles. If this error occurs, you can see the following message:

“Please try again, if the problem persists, contact the help center at

(Error Code 50)”.


This code mainly denotes the Rights management issue. It is an issue in the app servers that can be seen while streaming the users’ requested videos.

Sometimes, you can solve these errors with ease. But sometimes, you need to wait for a while so that the app can solve this problem. Users can also check the HDMI connection with the Streaming device, change the streaming device, and replace the old HDMI cable; users can go for a different and superior quality HDMI cable.


Here, we have listed a few steps that you can follow to fix this error code 50 issues to get smooth Streaming of the service.

Try to Reload the Video Again:

Sometimes, you can see this error due to minor Server side issues. In this case, you need to reload again and request the video in the Disney Plus app. Thus, you can solve this problem.

Restarting the Device:

Sometimes, restarting the app can also resolve this issue. But there are different methods of restarting the app, and the process varies as per the devices. Here, we have given other processes for different devices. Let’s check these out.

Apple TV:

At first, you have to go to the System option that you can find inside the Setting option. That means you need to click on “Settings” first, then hit on “System.” Next, you need to tap on the “Restart” button.

Android TV:

Tap on the Home button that you can find on the dashboard. Then, you need to go to the Settings tab. After that, your job is to go to the “About” option. Finally, hit the “Restart” option, which is available on the “power menu.”


In this case, you need to hold the power button until you can see the power options. Then, your job is to tap on the “Restart” option.


If you are an iOS user, then you need to press the volume button and hold it for a while to see the “Power” option slides. Otherwise, you can hold the side button also. When you see the option, slide it to “power off.” Then, it would help if you turned it on usually.


At first, you have to tap on the start button. Then click on the power icon. Then, you need to click on the Restart button. Otherwise, you can tap on the key combination Alt+F4. At last, hit the “Restart” option.

Use a Different Streaming Device:

Sometimes, you will be unable to fix the issue by restarting the device. Therefore, you need to check whether the problem occurs due to the user device or not. In that case, you need to change the Streaming device. In most cases, these errors are found in Xbox consoles. To solve this issue, you can switch it to a Smart TV.

Check for Disney Plus Downtime or Outages:

If the problem still doesn’t get solved, then probably it is the server of Disney due to which you are getting the error code. In this case, you need to check social media like Twitter and Reddit, if other users complain about the same issue or not.

Reinstalling the Disney Plus App:

You can see the error code due to some app bugs. Then you can install the Disney Plus app again from the streaming device to clear this error. First, your job is to uninstall the app from the device. Then, you need to install it again from the official store.

Disney Plus Error Code 1026 

Cause of Error:

Users can see the error only on Samsung Smart TVs. Usually, you will not be able to launch this app on Samsung Smart TVs.


You may face difficulties while fixing the problem on the Samsung Smart TVs. But it is not impossible. However, if you think that you can fix this problem just by turning off the TV and then powering it up, you are wrong. These procedures will not be able to solve this issue.

Cold Boot Samsung Smart TV:

It indicates more than restarting the TV. First, you need to hold the power button that is available on the remote. Then It will turn off the TV. But don’t stop doing the process here. You need to press it until your TV gets turned on. However, you can unplug the TV from the outlet and then wait for a while before you plug in and power on the TV.

Power Cycling Devices:

To solve the issue, you can power off the modem, & router, and TV. In this case, you have to unplug these for a while. Then, you have to plug in them again.

Power on your TV as soon as the modem and router get connected.

At last, turn on the Disney Plus app and check if the problem still exists or not.

Update Your TV:

Sometimes, the TV software becomes out of date. Due to this, you may get to see the error codes. Sometimes, Samsung offers an update for the Smart TVs. Therefore, you need to confirm that you have installed the Update. To know in detail, follow the below steps:

First, open the settings and then tap on the Support option.

Next, go to the Software Update.

At last, tap on the Update Now option.

Reinstall Disney+:

It may happen that you may not install the app correctly, or there are some issues in the app. If you uninstall the app, it may remove such files that have problems.

Then, it would help if you went to the App Store. After that, search for the Disney Plus app. At last, reinstall the app. You need to power it up and check whether there exists any error or not. If you don’t see any error, then you can enjoy the service smoothly.

In case any of these methods don’t solve this problem, then contact the Disney+ Customer Support team. Tell them about the issues. You can get their services available 24/7. It doesn’t matter in which place you live as they are always available to help you.

Disney Plus Error Code 401

Users will see this error while they attempt to access a streaming channel. Due to this code, the loading magic will stop. Moreover, it will prevent the streamers from accessing streaming services.

Multiple users of the United States are facing this same error while accessing the streaming channel. As during the active period of Streaming, this problem occurs, most users feel frustrated.


Ensure the app is not the cause: You need to check whether this problem occurs due to the Disney Plus app or not. It can be possible that Disney plus may not work correctly. That’s why you need to know first whether the issue is with the service or on your side.

Check Device’s Compatibility:

This error code usually refers to a compatibility problem between the device and Disney+. Here, you need to check both Disney+ devices and the list of software compatibility. In case you don’t get to see your device in the list, you need to change your device.

Check Internet Connection Status:

Sometimes, the internet connection’s strength and speed remain very poor. At those times, you will be unable to stream Disney Plus. The app’s internet speed requirements let you know the required network speed. *Otherwise, you can use the speed testing sites to check the net speed.

Restart Your Device:

Restarting the device allows the user to resolve the problem easily. On the other hand, using the old version of the app can also explain the error code. In case you are using the old version, you need to update the app to the new version.

Otherwise, you can delete the app and install it again. Most of the time, this process helps to solve the problem.

You can go for an update of the firmware or the operating system of the old device. It is because the old version of the OS can cause compatibility issues.

Moreover, you can log out from the current account that you are using on the Disney+ app. And use a different account for logging in.

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Sometimes, the app shows this message “Disney+ is only available in certain regions.” If you see this message in error, go to the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 73). It indicates that the app is not available in your present region, or perhaps you are using any VPN. Using a VPN doesn’t allow you to enjoy the app. For this, you have to deactivate it.

Method 1. Turn Off VPN

In most cases, the Disney+ error code 73 occurs due to a VPN connection. For protecting the region-locked content, the website detects such connections that are established via VPN. In case you get caught, you will get to see the error screen popping up on your screen.

You can disable the VPN temporarily to get rid of this issue. If you live in such a country where this app is available, then there is no issue. You can watch the contents on the site.

First, you need to tap on the Windows + R keys which are available on the keyboard. It will help to bring up the Run utility.

Then, you need to type “control.” After that, you need to hit the Enter key available on the keyboard. It helps you to launch the classic Control Panel application.

Now, you need to tap on the Network Connections. Then, you can see the VPN connection of yours available in the new pop-up window.

After that, you have to choose your VPN. To do so, you need to highlight the icon.

Then, tap on the “Change settings of this connection” link. You can get it available in the Network Tasks menu.

Now, you have to open the Networking tab. You can find it at the top portion of the window. Then, tap on the Uninstall option. Hit on the Yes button to confirm that you want to disable the VPN.

When you disable the VPN successfully, try to access the contents on the app and check whether it shows the error code or not.

Method 2. Turn On Location Dervices

Are you using a smartphone to watch Disney Plus content? Then, you have to enable the location services. It will help to provide the details that are required for verification. You can do it in two ways. However, it relies on the mobile phone you are using.


First, you need to make the location services enabled on the iPhone.

Next, you have to hit on the Settings icon.

Now, scroll the page down and go to the Privacy tab.

Next, you have to click on Location Services.

After that, click on the Location Services toggle until it gets turned on or green.

When you complete this process, you can access the Disney+ content.


First, enable the location services on Android.

After that, click on the Settings icon.

Then, hit the Security & privacy. Next, you have to click on the Location access.

You need to confirm that the Access my location toggle is in active mode.

When you complete these steps, you will access the Disney content on the Android phone.

Method:3: Using different VPN:

In case, Disney+ is not available in the country you live in, you can use a different VPN service to access its contents. The paid services are trustworthy and offer better connections compared to the free ones.

Method:4: Reset Wi-Fi connection:

To do so, you need to go to the menu option found in the taskbar.

Then, open the windows connection.

After that, you need to tap on the active connection and select the disconnect option.

Then wait for a few seconds (maximum 1 minute).

After that, you need to reconnect your net connection.

Then, check whether you can see the Disney+ contents or not.

Method: 5: Disabling Antivirus Temporarily: 

You should know that antivirus applications can block apps and services and prevent them from working correctly. So, you need to check whether the antivirus you are using is the reason for displaying the error code or not. To do so, you need to disable it temporarily.

To do so, you need to right-click on the empty space of the taskbar.

Then click on Task Manager.

After that, click on the more details option.

Then your task is to switch to the Start-up tab. To do so, you need to go to the header menu that you can find at the top of the window.

Then you need to find the antivirus application in the list and click on it.

Next, you need to tap on disable button.

Now, you need to restart the computer. Then check whether you can access Disney+ content or not.

Disney Plus Error Code 21

It indicates that you have entered the wrong passcode. The error message is “Sorry, we could not connect you to Disney+ using the password you supplied. Please re-enter your passcode and try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help”.

It means that the passcode of the Disney+ passcode has expired. Each passcode is valid for 15 minutes. You need to reset the passcode from the log-in screen.

Are you confident that you have entered the correct password? If yes, then you need to go to the Disney+ Help Center, i.e.,

Disney Plus Error Code 41

This error code is known as a digital rights issue, according to the Disney Plus support team. You can see it while accessing those contents which don’t have the stream rights. The message you can see here is, “We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again.”

However, the problem can appear due to server issues or local network problems. It becomes an issue for the users who mainly run Disney Plus on Fire TV devices.

Sometimes, playing the video again can solve this problem. It is a very fast as well as an easy solution.

However, you can follow the below-described troubleshooting steps.

First, you need to play another video to ensure that it doesn’t have any digital rights issues. In case, you still see the error, then make sure that the problem is elsewhere.

Now, you need to restart the streaming device.

You need to restart the wireless modem, router. Sometimes, restarting can help to fix this issue.

You need to disable the IPV6 within your router.

Now, you need to connect the Disney Plus temporarily through the mobile hotspot. After that, you need to return to the in-home network.

Then, you have to check the Down Detector to check whether the Disney Plus servers are experiencing an outage or not.

At last, play any Disney Plus video on any other device.

Disney Plus Error Code 39

It indicates the rights which are for the movie or TV show are not available. The error can appear due to the poor internet connection or for using an unsupported device.


Restart the Device

While running your device, it will create a few temporary files. These files can be the reason for showing the error. If you wish to get rid of the issue, reboot the device. After that, power on Disney+ to check whether the error still appears or not.

Reinstall Disney Plus APP

Sometimes, you may not find any Disney+ updates. But still, you are facing this error code issue. It may happen due to the bugs or corrupted files available on the app can be the reason. You need to reinstall the Disney+. Then, verify whether the error is resolved or not.

Resetting Apple TV or Android TV to Factory Settings

Are you facing these issues on AppleTV or AndroidTV? Even after Restarting and reinstalling the app, the problem is not solved yet? Then, you need to reset Android or Apple TV to factory settings. Multiple users have faced the same situation. According to them, this process is quite effective.

Disney Plus Error Code 40

It implies that you can not display the video you want to watch at this time. It may happen due to Disney+ issues.

Possible Fixes:

You should check two times whether the title you want to see is available now or not. You can follow the official Disney+ Twitter feed to get the latest updates.

Moreover, you should check the VPN to make sure that it is compatible with Disney+. It is because some VPNs don’t support it. In case you have changed the region very recently, then log out from the app, then back into it.

Disney Plus Error Code 42

It implements that you will not be able to watch the specific video at that time. It can be the rights availability or another issue with Disney+.

Audio Only glitch – A few Disney plus users reported that sometimes the audio works properly, but the screen remains black, and this error code starts popping up eventually. You can solve this particular issue by restarting the device you are using.

Disney+ Server issues – Due to the server issue, the error code is displaying. In this case, your job is to identify the issue first. Then, you need to wait until the developers fix the problem.

Insufficient Internet bandwidth – As per the error message, this issue can occur due to inadequate bandwidth for sustaining the streaming job. Therefore, you need to confirm that you have a minimum of 5 Mbps for regular resolution as well as 25 Mbps for 4k Streaming.

TCP or IP Inconsistency – If this issue occurs due to the problems related to the IP or TCP values, reboot or resets the router. Thus, you can fix the error code issue quickly.


Refresh the Streaming Attempt

Sometimes, while streaming, only the audio works. It is because perhaps your net connection is unable to meet the requirements of Disney+.

A few users who have faced similar issues have solved this problem by following two different steps. A few of them close the Disney+ browser tab. Whereas a few users power-cycle the device to stream Disney+.

On Apple TV:

Here, you need to open the settings first. Next, click on the System option. Then, you need to hit on the Restart option.

On Android TV:

In this case, your job is to access the settings tab. Use the main dashboard to do this. After that, you have to go to the About tab. At last, tap on the Restart button from the Power menu.

Here, on a mobile Android device, you have to hold the power button first to get the power menu. After that, you need to select the Restart option from the list. At last, you need to wait until the device gets boot back up.

On mobile iOS devices:

In this case, you have to press and hold the volume buttons. Hold it until the power-off slider comes on the screen. Now, you have to drag the power slider to the right. After that, wait for a while until your device gets powered off. After that, you need to turn it on.

On Windows:

In this case, you need to first tap on the start button. It is available at the top-left corner. Then, you need to tap on the power icon. Now, select the Restart option and wait until your computer gets booted back.

As soon as you do this, it will disconnect the non-essential devices, which lead to slow down the internet connection.

After that, you have to go to Disney+ again and check whether the error code is still displaying or not. In case the problem doesn’t get fixed yet, follow the below-described fixing method.

Checking for Server issues

In case restarting the device doesn’t work, check whether it’s happening due to server issues or not.

According to the affected users, they got to see the error when the widespread server issue with Disney plus occurs in their area. If you think that it may happen in your case, then you should use services like Down Detector or IsItDownRightNow. Check whether other users are reporting similar issues or not.

In case both DownDetector and IsItDownRightNow encounter similar error codes, then there is no doubt that the problem is widespread. Then, it goes beyond your control. Therefore, you need to wait until Disney+ fixes the server issues.

In case you determine that server issue isn’t the reason, follow the next method described below.

Testing Internet speed

Are you sure that you aren’t dealing with any server issues? If yes, then check whether the network connection is sufficient enough for streaming videos in Disney Plus.

In this case, the minimum speed that the app must need is 5 Mb per second for maintaining a stable streaming job. However, it requires at least 25 Mb per second when you want to watch 4k videos.

However, you can do a simple test to verify whether the network connection is sufficient enough to run Disney+ Streaming or not.

Here, you can take the help of or other Internet Speed test apps for testing the Download speed. Before doing this, confirm that you have shut down all the applications, taking up precious bandwidth. Moreover, you need to disconnect non-essential devices from the home network.

As soon as the results are produced, you need to check the connection speed of the download. In case it is over 5 Mbps, the network speed is not the issue.

In case the network speed is sufficient enough, then try the following process.

Restarting or Resetting Router

Now, you need to take time and check whether the inconsistency of the network causes the issue or not. Most of the time, you can see this issue when the ISP assigns a dynamic IP. If it happens, then you can force the ISP to assign a new IP address. In this case, you need to follow two different methods.

Restarting Router –

It is a straightforward and quick process for refreshing the TCP and IP connection. It will help in forcing the ISP to assign a different IP.

Resetting Router –

If the problem is in the setting stored by your router, you will not be able to fix this problem just by normal restarting. The best way you can follow is to reset the router back to its factory state.

Restart Router

Restarting a router is quite equivalent to a power cycle on several devices. It forces the router to assign TCP and IP data without deleting any previous custom settings.

Use the On/Off button in this case that is available on the router. This button is located on the rear of the router. Now, you have to hit the button one time to cut off the power. Next, you need to disconnect the cable. Then, wait for a while to confirm that the power capacitors are cleared.

Rebooting Router

As soon as you complete the restarting process, you need to wait until you get network access back. At last, try to stream content from Disney to check if the problem still exists or not.

Reset Router

Sometimes, the restart process doesn’t offer effective results. In that case, you can confirm that it is happening due to more severe network inconsistency. You can’t resolve the variation only by the normal network resetting process.

In this case, you need to set the network device back to the factory settings again. It is the best way to fix the network inconsistency of the router settings. However, always remember that this operation can delete your previous custom settings.

Suppose you want to move forward by agreeing with all the risks that can occur after following this process; press and hold the Reset button. You can get this button available on the backside of the router.

Disney Plus Error Code 22: Restricted content 

Nowadays, users can get the Disney Plus only in a limited number of countries. If you have a Disney+ account but now living in such a region where the service is unavailable, you will get this error Code 22. The easiest way that you can follow to solve the problem is to use a VPN that is Disney+ compatible and then connect your device to it. You may need to change the location to the US to avoid all the previous limitations.

Disney Plus Error Code 30: Device Registration Issue

The error code means that you can not add the device you are using to the Disney+ account. However, the users need to ensure that they have not reached the 10-device limit account. Moreover, users need to check whether the device supports Disney Plus not.

In case the device is linked already, you need to log in again.

Disney Plus Error Code 32: Log-in or Password Issue

When you use an incorrect password, you will face this error. It is essential to keep the passwords safe. Moreover, you need to confirm that you have put the correct log-in details. After that, you need to sign out your account and back in again. In case you have forgotten your password, then reset it.

Disney Plus Error Code 38: Time Settings Error

This error occurs when the time and date settings are not correct on the streaming device. It will create problems when you want to access content on Disney Plus. In this case, you only need to check the time settings on the clock. Then, set the time to Automatic and try this again.

Disney Plus Error Code 43

The error indicates that the service doesn’t allow you to play the video that you have requested. Connectivity issues can be the reason behind this. However, the watchlist video may be no longer available. It is because Disney+ has removed that video from the platform. But to see that movie or TV show, you need to follow the below steps.

First, you have to reboot the Disney app.

Then, your job is to load the video again.

After that, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

Now, try to open the video using a web browser.

Next, your job is to power-cycle your device and try this again.

Moreover, you need to confirm that you have sufficient internet speed for Streaming. Besides, you need to clear app data and cache too.

Disney Plus Error Code 76

If this error code occurs, then you can see this message “We’re currently experiencing slow Internet connection speeds.” It may happen due to several reasons. Poor Internet connection is one of these reasons. Server overload and excessive traffic can cause a slow connection.

Check Internet Connection

First of all, you need to make sure that the issue is your net connection, not in the Disney+ app. To do so, you need to check your internet speed. Ensure that the speed is at least 5Mbps that the Disney+ needs. In case you have a poor network connection, reboot your modem. Then, recheck the network speed. However, you can power cycle the devices. In case nothing gets changed, and you face a low connection still, contact the Internet provider.

Sign Out and Sign in Again

You can try to sign out of your account to solve the issue. Before signing up again, you need to wait for some seconds. As soon as you sign in, check whether the error still exists or not. However, you can sign out the Disney+ account from all devices. Then, you can try to sign in back to only one device.

Reinstall Disney Plus App

Although it is a little bit laborious to delete the app and install it again, it can help you fix it. You need first to open the settings. Next, go to the Apps. This method is similar to all devices, although the route is not the same. Then, you need to find the Disney+ app and uninstall it. At last, you need to look for their app. After seeing this, you need to reinstall the app.

Disney Plus Error Code 14

This error code appears when you will put the wrong email address or passwords. You can follow the methods to troubleshoot this issue:-

First, enter your email address again. Then, put the password.

Next, you need to go to the email inbox. Tap on the activation link which you got from Disney+ after subscription. It may happen that perhaps you didn’t activate the account yet. Therefore, the service is unable to find your email in the system.

After that, your job is to set the Disney+ password again. Just go to the desktop site and then tap on the log-in option. After that, you need to enter the email address and then tap on the CONTINUE option. Then, choose the FORGOT PASSWORD option. Next, you will get a 6-digit code in your email. Check it and then follow the prompts given out at there.

You can see this error code when you log in from a Smart TV or mobile app. If you have the correct details, open the desktop site. Then, you need to log in to your account. After signing in, you need to tap on the ACCOUNT option. Next, you have to log out from all the devices.

Disney Plus Error Code 24

It indicates a log-in or connection issue. In case you provide incorrect account details, you may get to see this error code. Moreover, poor internet speed also can be the reason for this problem. However, this issue can happen due to Disney’s internal problems. If you want to fix this issue, follow the below steps.

Firstly, you need to confirm that all the log-in details you have given are correct.

Then, you have to check if your account has been activated after signing up or not.

Next, you need to go to the email inbox. Then, you need to tap on the activation link provided by Disney +.

You need to check the internet connection also. Then, you need to upgrade it to a higher speed.

In case this error code is showing due to any internal issue, wait till the streaming service fixes it.

Disney Plus Error Code 86

It has two forms. The first one is:

” We’re sorry; this account has been blocked. Please visit the Disney+ Help Center to review your account details (Error Code 86)”.

The second version that you can see is:-

“We’re sorry, but we could not update your profile at this time. Please double check your profile details and try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 86)”.

It doesn’t matter which one you got as both are bad.


These error messages are severe. These implement the account have been blocked. A few reasons are there due to which you can get to see this code.

In case you get the first message, the reason is: the account holder’s email belongs to such a person under 18.

Alternatively, inappropriate usage or violation of the company’s terms of service

can make the account banned.

Are you getting the second message? If it is yes, then Disney is updating the user’s profile with the provided details.

How to fix:

The fixing procedure of this error is very tricky. It relies on which message you have got.

In case you get the first message, make sure that the account holder is over 18.

Secondly, ensure that you must not have any running VPN. Besides, you need to confirm that the location settings are correct.

If you receive the second message, check properly all the details you have given. Confirm that you have put the email address correctly. Moreover, you need to check whether you have mistyped something or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • What to do if Disney+ is not working on my TV?

First, you have to disconnect your mobile network or Wi-Fi internet connection. Now, you have to wait for thirty to sixty seconds. Then, reconnect them. However, refreshing the network connection solves this problem sometimes. You need to reset the Wi-Fi modem. You can sign out your account from all your devices and sign it in again.

  • Is Disney+ not working? What to do?

First, you have to restart your TV, phone, streaming device, or computer. Then, close the app and open it again. After that, you have to restart the router. Now, check if there exist any network problems or not and try to improve the Wi-Fi connection.

  • Is Disney plus free with Amazon Prime?

It is cheaper but not free with Amazon Prime.

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