Google is Shuttering its URL Shortening Service

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Google’s URL shortening service closing down and Firebase Dynamic Links coming up!

Google launched it’s URL shortening Service back in 2009 when URL’s needed to be shortened and users needed to send short versions of URLs in order to share links and it was also a way to measure traffic online. After Google’s URL shortening service, many other URL shortening services have come up. Since 2009 the way and means by which people look for information and content on the web has changed with many now using mobile devices, Assistants and the like to search for data online.

With many people now using apps, Assistants and more to search for information on the net, Google is planning to close down its URL shortening service and start Firebase Dynamic Links as a way to cater to the new and emerging trend that is focused on these new methods of browsing the world wide web.

What is Firebase Dynamic Links going to do?

FDL’s or Firebase dynamic Links are smart URL’s that will send a user to a location in IOS, Android or any web app. With the new service on its way many of the old features of Google’s URL shortening Service will shut down. But the existing shortened URL’s will continue to send users to the right destinations.

So what about consumers to Google’s URL shortening Service?

New users to Google’s URL Shortening Service will not be able to use the services of coming April 13, 2018. In this case all new users will have to shift over to Firebase Dynamic Links or any other URL shortening service that is out there. Google recommends using popular services like or Bitly to shorten links.

For those having existing short links they can continue to use the URL shortening service uptil 30 March 2019. After that all services of Google’s URL shortening services will stop and until this period existing customers can migrate their links to FDL. Already shortened links made by will still redirect to their intended locations after this period too.

Coming to Developers who use Google’s URL Shortening Service:

New developers on the block will have to use FDL APIs starting May 30, 2018 while developers using URL Shortener API can use this service till March 30, 2019 after which Google will discontinue the API.

To create new short links API, Google recommends using FDL APIs. When using FDL short Links, it will automatically detect the user’s platform and send the user to the app or web based version accordingly.

Just like Consumers all developer’s links will continue to function after this period but all the migrations to FDL will discontinue.

Firebase Dynamic Links is Google’s way of refocusing efforts after the closing down of their URL Shortening Service. With the new FDL users will now be able to create QR codes and redirect people directly to an app whether it be in IOS or Android. FDL is a smart URL shortening Service that comes after


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