Honda to Introduce 3E Robotics Concept at CES 2018

3E Robotics Concept
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As robotics is gaining momentum in technology, Honda has showcased the 3E Robotics Concept at CES 2018. The Head of Honda says that Robotics will not hamper people’s lives, but on the contrary will enhance it. Honda has unveiled four Mobility and Companionship Robots. The Honda 3E Robotics Concept is playing a great role in understanding people’s needs, assisting them and making their lives better.

Honda 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics Concept brings forth a vision which will assist people in various ways, such as disaster management, learning to become empathetic and even in recreation. They have envisioned a society where robotics and AI can together better the lives of society.

Mobile Power Pack World

Along with the 3E Robotics Concept, Honda has even come out with the Mobile Power Pack World, which has a portable, interchangeable battery pack for electric vehicles and a recharging system for home usage, recreation and in cases of natural disasters. The Mobile Power Pack World will showcase a battery exchange idea that can be used to store and charge power packs. It showcases a wide range of utility, accessibility and convenience of renewable energy.

The 3E Robotics Concept

3E-A18 :-  This is a companion robotics concept that will show compassion to humans by various facial expressions.

3E-B18 :- This is a chair-type mobility concept that is designed for indoor as well as outdoor use.

3E-C18 :- This is an electric mobility concept providing multi functional cargo space.

3E-D18 :- This is an autonomous off road vehicle concept along with AI to assist people in various  activities.

Honda 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics Concept

‘Empower’ Robotic Concept :- The 3E-D18 concept will have wide ranging usage in industries that include search and rescue operations, construction, firefighting and agriculture. The robot has sensors and GPS to follow the commands of its users.

The 3E-B18 mobility concept is a cart cum buggy with a tight turning circle that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It empowers people to be mobile in various situations and also enables them to ascend and descend slopes.

‘Experience’ Robotic Concept

The 3E-C18 robot has blinking eyes on its display and is box-shaped for carrying purpose. This robot recognizes human emotions. It can interact with human beings, learn from them and operate autonomously.

‘Empathy’ Robotic Concept

The 3E-A-18 robot can understand human emotions. They help to provide for the needs of the users. They can act as care givers and companions of humans.

The Honda Xcelerator Program

The Honda Xceleraor program is a partnership of Honda with 6 startup companies. The startup companies include BRAIQ, DeepMap, DynaOptics, EXO Technologies, Tactual Labs and WayRay. They will be funded by Honda to develop prototypes and receive support from Honda in the business and technology areas.

The Honda Xcelerator program will focus on AI, Human Machine Interface, Energy Management, Personal Mobility and Robotics.

Honda 3E Robotics Concept focuses mainly on robotics, mobility and energy management. Honda intends pursuing its goals, in collaboration with its partners. They envision robotics as a field of multiple devices working together to form a system whereby people can expand their life’s potential.

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