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How to Block Out Listening Devices to Protect Privacy

How to Block Out Listening Devices
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Wanna deal with listening devices? Before doing so, you should know about them first and then find them in your home. Using a radio frequency (RF) detector is handy in this case. You can block out these with ease. But first, it is essential to decide whether you are willing to remove the bug or not. However, if you prefer, you don’t need to remove the bug. Therefore, make sure that these are not functioning accurately. Here, we have discussed how you can block out listening devices.

What Do You Mean By A Listening Device? 

It is a small hidden microphone that people use to hear secretly and record people.

How to Detect Listening Devices in My Home Using an RF detector:

A Radio Frequency detector is a type of tool using which you can detect RF waves from other devices. For instance, many people have spy gadgets in their homes. If you prefer, purchase RF detectors online. You can use these easily also.

  • To use this, your first job is to power on the RF detector. Then, move the tool around your room to check if there is any gadget releasing radio signals.
  • When you use an RF detector, ensure that you have powered off wireless machines such as routers, smartphones, etc. Otherwise, it can show you signals of these.
  • Take your time and sweep the RF detector around the room. A few models are available that sound an alarm while you come near the source of the signal.

What Indicates To “Block” Listening Devices? 

Blocking a listening device indicates that either you distort the receiving sound, transfer another sound to drown out the original picking sound, or block the sound.

As soon as you have found listening devices, look for ways to block them. It is essential whether you are not capable of removing the devices.

How to Catch Someone Spying On You:

Go through these ways through which you are capable of catching someone spying on you.

  1. Scan Phone Using Anti-Spyware Apps Or Software:

You can find spyware on your mobile by performing a scan using security software like Certo AntiSpy. Use this software for only iOS devices. If you want, you can use an app that you can use merely for Android.

Hence, you are required to install the software on the phone or PC. After that, you have to perform scanning after you set up everything. With the help of the anti-spyware products, you are capable of detecting any spyware running on your devices. These assist you in erasing the spyware entirely. Wanna know the culprit who has hacked your phone? We have given the procedure to let you know how to find out the person who hacked your phone.

  1. Catch The Snooper in the Act:

Whether you are willing to catch someone spying on your mobile, then lay a ‘trap’ for them. Using the Certo Mobile Security app for Android, you can take a silent photo of any person. You can fix the feature to trigger while any person moves the mobile or someone wants to put an incorrect password many times. It is available in the Mobile Security tools for iOS models.

Usually, it doesn’t stop hackers from doing their work. However, if you can use this trick, people who want to know the truth only whether anyone is spying or not.

  1. Spread Misinformation:

Have you found someone who is trying to hear your calls or monitor your texts? Developing a plan to spread some misinformation can help you hence. It helps to let you determine the person intercepting messages or any other data from mobile.

  1. Set A Trap SMS Message:

This trick may be challenging, but you can get strong evidence in this case, letting you know that you’ve been hacked. General, it helps to set a trap for the hacker. To do this, you have to send a link to a friend. With the help of this link, you can track any clicks and record some basic information of a person who tapped on it. As soon as someone clicks the link, it lets you know that someone is reading your messages.

How to Block Out Listening Devices- The process of setting up the trick is as follows:

  • Your first task is to navigate to the link
  • Then, you should enter a link for the person who will tap the link. You can use a website. After that, your job is to tap on the “Shorten” option. It provides you a link after that for “Collecting Statistics.” Sharing the link with someone in a text message takes them to that site you have set previously.
  • You should not tap on the link or open it as it is logged. Besides, you might not be capable of working out whether you have tapped the link or someone else.
  • If needed, choose any other domain name whether you prefer the first one you have selected. You should make one note of the “Link for viewing statistics.”
  • Then, your job is to return to the link later to check whether someone has tapped the link or not.
  • Then, send a message to your friend, including the link and something enticing a snooper to tap on this. After that, your job is to tap the send option.
  • Hence, you are required to view the “Link for viewing statistics” frequently. If you find the link visited by someone, then ensure that someone is spying on your mobile phone.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras & Listening Devices:

A few hackers need access to your mobile for installation. Sometimes, these remain hidden on the SIM card instead of the operating system. These are the ways through which you are capable of detecting hidden cameras as well as listening devices.

Consider the Power Supply:

One factor you are required to consider is the bug’s power supply. A few models run on batteries, due to which these are not long-lasting. Whether anyone is willing to hear you constantly, they require a machine with a steady and dependable power source. Therefore, it is always vital to keep an eye on the visible wires which indicate a hidden bug.

Check Power Losses:

If there is a bug, it can steal power from other machines. For instance, a few people hide these in a USB cable. Therefore, they are capable of drawing power at any moment while the wire is plugged in.

Listen for a Buzz:

If your home is empty, power off all electrical appliances like refrigerators and computers. Then, you should walk all around your home quietly and hear any soft buzzing or bleeping. After that, you are required to track down the source.

Check your Switchplates:

Most people prefer to use Electric switch plates for bug installations. You should check each switch plate as well as the wall socket. After that, you should try moving it. Whether you find this disturbed, it can be loose or out of alignment. Your job is to unplug the power and then open the screw from the plate. Finally, check whether there is anything behind this that should not exist.

Search Everything:

Look at these places—  smoke detectors, wall, and ceiling light fittings, behind ceiling tiles, clocks, and lamps.

Look for Clues:

You should search for paint discoloration on walls or ceilings. Hence, you can see a small, circular mark here, which means that it may be a micro-camera or listening device. At last, you should see the baseboards for signs of disturbance.

Use a Flashlight and Fingers:

Check each furniture piece with the help of your flashlight and hands. You should then run the fingers along the out-of-sight edges. Then, your job is to turn the furniture upside down. Finally, you are required to search small holes in upholstery carefully.

Take Note of Installation Debris:

You should see the small patches of white dust from the dry walls on baseboards or the sills. Check whether you are capable of determining the place it came from.

Check Decor:

You should check each ornament and other innocuous items in a room. Pictures can be used for hiding such things.

Check Door Locks:

If necessary, you can check all door locks to ensure these work similarly as usual.

You should know that hackers don’t require installing an external machine to hear your conversations if a microphone exists already. For example, you have a PC ‌, mobile phones, which have microphones.

How to Detect Recording Devices with Apps:

We have given a few names of apps that can detect recording devices.

  1. White Noise Generator:

This channel can be used for your meetings. You should know that this one is one of the audio recorder blocking machines used by people. As soon as you place it in a meeting or conference room, it will block the recording devices. You are unable to hear through thin walls or some type of bugs.


You should first connect the tool with the transducer and speakers. After setting the device, it helps to create low-level vibrations with sound on the surface. Hence, the sound gets mixed with the real sound, which makes the audio tough to realize. Its vibration on the surface level helps to reflect it from any eavesdropping machine. Therefore, you are capable of hearing your voice only.

  1. Druide Noise Generator:

While the first one is unable to work, you can move to this machine. This is a type of speech jammer system containing some pair of headsets and one DRUID. Attach all the headphones to DRUID. The tool doesn’t allow you to talk too much to a specific number of people.

It relies on the number of headphones you will use. People who will wear headphones are capable of hearing the conversation only. If someone is near you, they can’t even listen to it. Using the tool reduces the probability of spotting a jammer.

  1. Laser Microphone Defeater:

These contain a laser beam which is available at the tip of the Microphone.  With the help of the laser beam, you can share audio to a receiver that is available at least at a distance of one km. Someone who has a connection with the Microphone is capable of hearing your conversation only.

  1. Mobile Microphone Block:

We all know that cellphones, smartphones, and mobiles enable remote audio listening. Hence, you can take the help of a CELL CASE. Keep all phones placed in the cell case. This case takes the use of a white noise generator to keep the conversation private. It is very useful to eavesdrop through cell phones. There exists a very low probability of failure. Mobile phones are unable to record conversation after you place it in a cell case.


As soon as you keep your phone in the cell case, its Microphone gets blocked at the very moment. However, it is unable to block the calls. No one except you is capable of hearing your conversation. Someone can listen to a noise in the background maximum. The tool is chargeable, and the battery of the device can run around 10-15 days. The mobile Microphone is unable to block phone signals. It doesn’t make any harmful electromagnetic waves.

  1. Omnidirectional Audio Jammer:

It is the most popular audio jammer people prefer to use nowadays. You can get noiseless audio jammers offering a safe and healthy environment to you around your work office. If necessary, use this in other personal spaces. The jammer protects your machine with a microphone such as micro recorders, audio transmitters, smartphones, etc. You can use these for tapping audio information.

You are required to keep audio jammers near the targeted zone to work effectively. People won’t feel any kind of pressure with such a tool. Omni jam works efficiently within 2m distance with 360-degree areas.

  1. Rambler White Noise Generator:

You should use the tool where you don’t have any control. Public places are an example of this. The tool creates white noises, which are quite the same as public noises. If another person wants to hear the conversation, they can hear the maximum noise of people talking.

Compared to the normal plan white noise, the common people talking noise is more effective. Therefore, it becomes hard for you to separate the normal one from the noise one. The reason is that both of these sound similar. It is why you should use the tool only for public use or a meeting with a low number of participants. You can use this portable machine for a maximum of 4 people. Just keep the tool on the table and then begin the meeting.

What is RF Jamming? 

Criminals use RF jamming to interfere with the signal of your alarm home security system. The reason is that burglar alarms share a signal from their sensor to the alarm. They jam the signal using a specific frequency, ensuring the criminals that the signal is unable to reach the alarm.

Have you got frequencies from nearby machines which you want to block? Then, it is best to take help from the jammers. We know these are signals or audio jammers. RF jammers help to detect machines that can prevent your tool. For example, it can stop an alarm or cell phone from functioning accurately.

Before purchasing any anti-spy tool, it is a vital aspect to consider. If necessary, then look for mobile phone apps that detect those machines disrupting your mobile. It allows you to stop it from happening.

Foiling Facebook:  

Sometimes, this social media platform wants access to a microphone for video-chatting and text-to-speech purposes. Don’t want to give permission to Facebook to control your Mic? See the method that enables you to prevent it.

Different manufacturers are there for Android. Therefore, the process to stop it also differs. If possible, then you should check out the manual of your model.

For iPhone: 

  • First, your task is to tap on the Settings app. After that, you should scroll the page down and click on the Facebook option.
  • Next, your job is to toggle the green switch available beside your Microphone to the off position.

You can follow another way also.

  • Hence, you are required to tap on the Settings app. After that, scroll down the page and then click on the Privacy option.
  • You should look for the menu labeled Microphone. After finding this, you are required to hit the option.
  • You should now search for Facebook in the list of apps. Finally, your job is to power off the Green switch.

For Android: 

  • Please navigate to the Settings app at first and open it after that. Now, your job is to scroll down the page and click on the Personal option.
  • Navigate to App Permissions after that and then hit the Privacy and safety option.
  • You should then click the Microphone option and find Facebook.
  • Next, switch off the slider.
  • When you want to record a video or talk with someone, go back to these settings. Then, you should enable the Mic. You should power it off again while you’re finished.

How to Stop Voice Assistants:

We have given here steps of your mobile to power off it.

Amazon Echo: 

  • First, your task is to search for the Echo device. Then, look for a key that resembles either a microphone or a circle.
  • After that, you need to push the key. As soon as it prevents the machine from passing a voltage through the Mic’s internals.
  • Whether you are willing to use Alexa again, then your task is to tap the key again. You should power off the Mic always while you do not require it.


  • If you’re using an iPhone, then first navigate to the Settings app.
  • Scroll the page down after that and then click on Siri & Search.
  • Now, your task is to turn off the green switch to hear the “Hey Siri” message.
  • If you prefer, you are capable of powering off Allow Siri while locked. Do this whether you want to stop Siri from activating when a key is tapped in your pocket.

Google Assistant

On Android:

  • Move to the Settings app first on the mobile phone.
  • Then, your task is to scroll the page down and hit the option Account Services.
  • Now, you should click on the Search, Assistant & Voice option. After that, your job is to hit Google Assistant.
  • After clicking on the Assistant option, you should scroll down to the Assistant devices. Then, click on the Phone option.
  • At last, you should power off the Google Assistant slider by tapping on it.

On iOS:

  • Move to the Settings app first and then open it. After that, your job is to scroll down the page and then click on the Privacy option.
  • Now, look for the menu labeled Microphone. Then, hit it.
  • Search for the Google Assistant you can see in the list of apps. Now, turn off the green switch.

Cortana on Windows:

  • First, tap on the Start Menu key, and then your job is to hit on the Settings option.
  • Tap on the Privacy option.
  • You need to find the Microphone option available on the left-hand panel. After that, tap on the option.
  • Finally, your job is to scroll down to the option Cortana and then turn off the Microphone permission option.

How to Prevent Smart Home Security Systems From Eavesdropping:

With the help of Smart home products, you are capable of securing your home from intruders and trespassers. Google Nest and Amazon Ring are the two most famous home security tools. We have given here the process to disable audio recording on these two famous machines.

Google Nest:

  • First, your task is to navigate the Nest app on your mobile phone and open it after that. Choose the camera option now on the home screen.
  • After that, you should hit the Settings option.
  • Choose the Microphone option then, power off the switch by clicking on it.

Amazon Ring:

  • Move to the Ring app on the mobile and open it then. Choose the tool now which you are willing to mute.
  • Click on the Device Settings that Video Settings follow.
  • After that, you should hit the Audio Streaming and Recording option for powering off the Mic.

Untangling Ultrasonic Technology:

“Ultrasonic”  indicates radio waves that humans are unable to hear. These are ideal for stealthily issuing commands to intelligent devices. In 2017, Google announced that 234 Android apps using ultrasonic tracking wouldn’t be available. Google also banned cross-platform tracking.

Do you still have any confusion about whether ultrasonic tech is used by an Android or iOS app? Follow the same steps to disable the Microphone used for Facebook.

For iOS:

  • If you are an iOS user, then navigate to the Settings app first and then open it. After that, your job is to scroll down the page and click on the Privacy option.
  • You should then search for the menu labeled Microphone. As soon as you find this, you are required to hit the option.
  • Look for the app you want to power off the Mic for in the list of apps. You should then switch off the Green switch.

For Android:

  • Navigate to the Settings app first and scroll down the page after that. After that, you should hit the Personal option.
  • Go to the App permissions and then hit the Privacy and safety option.
  • Hit the option Microphone and then power off the app which you are willing for.
  • Finally, you should turn off the slider.

How to Detect Listening Devices Or Hidden Cameras and Block:

These methods let you know how you can detect hidden cameras & listening devices and block them.

Check Your WiFi:

You should find the gadgets first to block them. It is similar to your Alexa to your Nintendo Switch. When you find hidden recording machines in your home, you first check the WiFi network for suspicious devices.

If you are willing to do this, you must require access to your wireless router’s settings. Usually, the method varies across different routers. However, you can do this by signing into your account page at the website of your service provider. It allows you to adjust the tools attached to the router or hotspot. Whether you see such a gadget that cannot identify connected to your WiFi network, don’t use these. Instead, you should remove these from the list of registered tools to stop these from streaming their recordings over the internet.

A few sophisticated tools depend on their hotspots or SIM cards for getting access to the network. You can take the help of a PC or mobile phone for checking new WiFi networks. If possible, you can take different actions like using WiFi jammers to block the bug’s network.

Consumer-grade radio frequency detectors are capable of scanning for transmitters while you move them around your entire home. It notifies you about radio frequencies using a visual graph or a beep.

Make a Physical Sweep:

You should check the entire home to see whether there exist any new or out-of-place objects. One thing you must note is that the current eavesdropping devices are often micro-sized. Hidden cameras are available in various types, shapes, and styles. A few instances of these are pens, Wristbands and watches, light bulbs, USB flash drives, Bluetooth-style speakers, alarm clocks, glasses, USB charging cables, and wall chargers, books, smoke detectors, phone-charging docks, picture frames, etc.

When you sweep these objects, you should scan the house walls for small drill holes. Plenty of gadgets coming in small sizes run on battery power. On the other hand, a few depend on AC power. You should find USB, micro-USB, or USB-C power cords, charging cables for juicing up the mobile. Turn off the lights and make a visual scan to help you to detect any blinking power lights on cameras.

How to Block Hidden Camera:

If you find nanny cam-like objects disguised as cameras or microphones, you are required to erase these from your home. You should tape, spackle, or caulk over drill holes that contain hidden listening machines. Unplug the wired power source if you have found any. Doing this will help you to prevent it from recording.

You can take the help of a white noise machine or a white noise app to conceal sensitive audio in your home. It will help you to stop active mics from capturing usable recordings.

Generally, the WiFi signal jammers can work efficiently in a range of up to about 130 feet. As a result, nearby WiFi connections become useless.

Whether you are not still entirely sure that you have found and blocked any potential surveillance tools in your home, turning to the pros is a choice for you.  Professional counter-surveillance services have offered detection equipment.


Have you suspected anyone who has bugged your home with audio gadgets? If yes, you should take the help of a device that will help you distort the audio signals. As a result, those tools are unable to see your private conversations. We hope you have gone through the apps and tools provided in this article “How to Block Out Listening Devices” to scramble & distort listening devices and keep the conversations private.

How to Block Out Listening Devices- Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are RF Jammers Illegal?

If you use a phone jammer, GPS jammer, or signal jammer especially designed for blocking or interfering with authorized radio communications, it is called a violation of federal law.

  • What Is White Noise?

White noise is the use of sounds that is helpful to cover other sounds in an environment. This noise usually consists of low-, medium-, and high-frequencies sounds. You can play these continuously at the same intensity level.

  • What is an Audio Jammer?

The function of Audio jammers is quite the same as the GPS jammers. These are small gadgets that people can use to generate unique sounds for protecting confidential conversations from external listening devices.

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