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Parse Error in Android- How to Fix It?

Parse Error in Android- How to Fix It?
Written by twitiq

Almost all people play games and use different apps on their android devices. Generally, we used to download these apps from different resources like Google Play Store, and many more. But when you install any application, you can see a message like “Problem parsing the package error.” This Parse Error message appears in front of you because of downloading the .apk files from other resources.

What is a Parse Error in Android?

The parse error is a type of message that appears on your Android device while you are unable to install an app. However, it is not a complex message as it can appear due to multiple reasons.

The message will look like this: There was a problem parsing the package. While the message appears, ensure that your mobile is unable to install the recent application for some reason.

When Does the Parse Error Message Appear?

It appears while users download an app from any third-party source instead of downloading from the official Google Play Store. However, sometimes it can appear while you want to download an app from the Google Play Store.

In the next section, we have given more details about the message, reasons for appearing, and the process to fix the issue.

More about Parse Error:

When the PHP code has a syntax problem, its compiler is unable to interpret the code. Then, it will stop working.

For instance, you can forget to put a quotation mark in your code. Besides, the mistake can be a missing semicolon at the end of a line, missing parenthesis, or additional characters.  Due to these mistakes, users can see the message appearing.

You may not get the message in the exact problematic line always. Here, we have given an instance. It shows that a trailing quotation mark is absent in the second line. But the message is available on the fifth line.


echo “Hello World!;




You will get to see a message that looks like this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ${ (T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES) or {$ (T_CURLY_OPEN) in /homepages/12/d1123465789/htdocs/index.php on line 5

If you are willing to avoid any potential mistake, then you are required to put both sets of quotation marks or parenthesis. Make sure that you have done this before filling these using code. If necessary, then you can take the help of an editor. It will help you to enter the closing characters automatically. The editor is helpful when you want to highlight mistakes in your code.

Problem: I Received an Error Message Parse Error Before the ‘)’ Token.

Solution: Users may encounter the issue due to a missing parenthesis. However, you can see a line containing the offsetof function. This function can be a reason for causing the issue.

In the code, the function is available as offsetof(TYPE, MEMBER). Here, TYPE is known as a data type. On the other hand, MEMBER is an element in it. When it comes to the TYPE parameter, the TYPE is accepted by GCC only. However, the compiler can accept both a TYPE data type and a variable of type TYPE.

Reasons for Getting The Message:

While this issue occurs on your  phone, you can see a message like:

There was a problem parsing the package.

People can face the issue while they are going to install any application from the official Google Play Store. However, it is very rare.

We have given here a few most common causes of the issue. Have a look at those.

  • APK is the full form of the Android Application Package. If you have done any improper or incomplete App installation, then the message appears.
  • And, if you download and install an app from unknown sources, you will require permission. Further if the permission is not absent, the probability of getting the message can increase.
  • Sometimes, an app that you are going to download doesn’t support your device.
  • If you are going to install an app, ensure that it is corrupted or damaged.
  • Whether you have an antivirus or security app, it can stop installation.
  • If you have made any changes to the application which you will install later, then also you can face issues.

Can You Solve Parse Error?

A lot of people around worldwide have faced the issue during the installation of the app. When you encounter this issue, you should follow the methods we have given below. These will help you to solve the problem.

Method of Fixing the Parse Error Issue:

Here, we have given a few methods to fix the problem “There Was A Problem Parsing The Package.”

 Remove Caches of Google Play Store:

This fixing process is very simple and effective also. You can eliminate all the clogged-up useless data by removing caches from the Play Store app. Perform the process of removing caches of the Google Play Store and check whether the problem is still available or not.

  • If you are willing to remove caches from the Play Store, then your first task is to launch Google Play Store.
  • Next, you have to go to the Settings and then to the option Clear local search history.
  • Thereafter, you should install the app causing the problem and give the message. Hopefully, this fixing method will resolve the issue.

Upgrade Mobile to the Recent Version:

Do you have an Android mobile device of old version 4.0 or below? If yes, then you may require to update the OS of your mobile device to the recent version. Thus, you can install a mobile app and enjoy its features.

  • Whether you are eager to update the old mobile OS version, then navigate to the Settings option first.
  • After that, you are required to go to the option “About Phone.” Then, navigate to the option “Check for Updates.”
  • Whether the recently updated version is available, then you can see it appearing in your display.
  • At last, you have to hit the Update key to fix it.

Allow Installation Of An App From An Unknown Source:

There is a security option available on your mobile that won’t permit you to install apps from unknown sources. Therefore, when you are going to download a .apk file from another source, then the message can appear in front of you. In this case, you have to permit your mobile to allow apps for installation from unknown sources.

  • If you want to enable it, then navigate to the Settings option first.
  • Next, your task is to look for the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. You are required to toggle on for enabling it. It allows your mobile to install apps on it.
  • Whether you are facing the problem still, then try the next solution.

Disable The Security App:

As we have told earlier that in most cases, mobile security apps don’t allow you to install apps from unknown sources. When you find that the file you will download is safe, then disable the security app temporarily. It will help you to fix the problem.

  • Whether you want to disable the security application, then your job is to navigate to the Settings option first.
  • After that, your task is to look for a security solution on your mobile device.
  • At last, you should hit the Force Stop key.

Enable USB Debugging Option:

According to many users, when they enable the debugging options on their phones, they got success and fix the issue.

  • When you are going to enable the USB Debugging, first your task is to navigate to the Developer mode.
  • To do this, first move to the Settings icon on your mobile. Hit the option ‘About Phone” thereafter.
  • Now, you should search for the option ‘Build Number.’ As soon as you get the option, hit the button at least 7 times.
  • After that, a pop-up message appears in front of you asking “You are now a developer.”
  • Then, your job is to return to the Settings option and then find the Developer Options.
  • You can see a list there where you have to search the ‘USB Debugging option. Then, you are required to toggle it on.
  • Thereafter, it may ask you for allowing USB debugging. Then, your task is to hit the OK key to proceed.
  • At last, you should try to install the app causing the problem.

Check The Manifest File Of Your Application:

People who have encountered the app manifest file should try the method merely. Following the procedure, they can make some modifications to it. Therefore, whether you have made any alteration with the .xml file, you should restore the file to its normal state. Thus, you can solve your problem and get rid of this message “Parse Error: There Was A Problem Parsing The Package”.

Whether you have done any kind of changes to the name of the .apk file, you should rename the file then to its original name. Doing this will help you to come out of the problem.

Remove the Partially Downloaded .apk file:

Sometimes, you are unable to download the .apk file on your device properly. As a result, you are not capable of installing the application. When the file is corrupted for any technical problems, then it is also unable to install the app due to which you may have to face the problem.

If you are willing to solve the problem, then your job is to remove the partially downloaded or corrupted files. After that, you can install the app again the usual way.

Check for Compatibility:

Have you encountered the problem still after performing many ways? In this case, the reason can be compatibility issues. Sometimes, the app you will download on your mobile does not support it. The reason can be an older OS version. Besides, it can occur when the app version is very old than the recent release.

While you are going to install a .apk file that is older than the recent version, ensure that you are downloading and installing the application from trusted sources. We wish you can solve the problem easily.

Reset to Factory Settings:

You should backup all the data you have before going to reset your phone to the factory settings. Backing up all the files allows you to remove all the multimedia files, contacts, as well as other data. After doing this, your entire mobile will be reset to the default again.

  • For performing the factory reset process, your job is to move to the Settings option on your mobile device.
  • Then, go to the System, Advanced options, Reset, and Factory Reset respectively.
  • You are unable to reset the mobile in the same way on all mobiles. We wish you can fix the problem.

Whether you are still facing the issue, ensure that there is a problem with your mobile data. It indicates that you should repair it. Use this simple, one-click solution which we know as Dr.Fone – System Repair.

This system Repair tool comes with an easy, clean, and user-friendly interface. Before going to use the tool, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. It is capable of solving issues such as the ‘there is a problem parsing the package Pokemon Go’ message. You can use the tool in almost all Samsung devices along with recent models such as Galaxy S9/S8/Note 8.

Follow our step-by-step guide to performing the process yourself. However, make sure that you have backed up your all data before using the tool. The reason is that the tool is capable of eliminating all data on the mobile.

Step 1)

Navigate to the Dr.Fone website first and then your task is to download the software. Then, your job is to install that software you have downloaded. Open it thereafter. Navigate to the main menu then and choose the System Repair option.

Now, you are required to enter the details of your mobile and firmware. It ensures you that you have downloaded the proper version of your OS.

Step 2)

Then, you should perform the onscreen instructions. It lets you know the method of getting into Download Mode for beginning the Repair method.

As soon as the step completes, the downloading process of the firmware will begin.

Step 3)

After you complete downloading the firmware, this will get installed on your mobile phone automatically.

As soon as the method ends, you can disconnect the mobile phone.

Parse error on “-”:

We have given here a code that is capable of solving the problem.

function overviewGroupCreate(escapedFullProjectName){

//Create Monday board and tasks lists of it var escapedFullProjectName = xxx-1234

var mutation = ‘mutation{ create_group (board_id:’+overviewId+’, group_name:’+escapedFullProjectName+’) {id} }’;

var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(“”, {

method: ‘post’,

headers: {

‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’,

‘Authorization’: apiKey


payload: JSON.stringify({

‘query’: mutation



var json = response.getContentText()

var data = JSON.parse(json)

//cache the createdOverviewId


Logger.log(‘Overview Group Created’)


The Bottom Line:

You may feel irritating while facing the message. To help you hence, we come with the best solutions to solve the problem in this article. You should not be panic seeing the message “there was a problem parsing the package.” Instead, you should try the given solutions. Following the right process allows you to solve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • What is parsing in Android?

When it comes to programming language, it is an analyzing process through which you can analyze a string of data. You can convert the data into another usable data type via the method.

  • What is a parse error in code?

You can see the message while there is a mistake in the syntax of your program. We know it as a compile-time mistake for C/C++ and Java language. It is very simple to solve as you can identify the problematic line with the help of a compiler.

  • Which mistakes are similar to this?

Multiple types of issues are there that are similar to this one. Google Play Store mistake is very common. It doesn’t allow you to install official apps. Android app download freezing is also an example of an issue.

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