Is a Mac Laptop or Desktop a Better Investment?

Written by twitiq

Have you decided to purchase a Mac as your next computer? Whether you want a more secure system with reliable Mac service. or one meant for designers, you’ve made an excellent choice. Now you just have one more thing to decide before you begin looking for Apple computers for sale. Do you want to purchase a laptop or a desktop?

The Portability Factor

The first thing you should do is decide where you intend to use your new computer the most. If you only intend to use it at home, a desktop will work well. However, if you want something you can take with you to cafes, to work or when you travel via train or plane, you’ll obviously need a laptop. Even if you usually use the computer at home right now, consider your long-term plans in case they change the way you use the internet.


The Size Factor

Size is another important detail, even if you don’t need a portable computer. Consider how much space you have in your home. Do you live in a dorm room? Are you sharing a small apartment? Have you jumped on the tiny house bandwagon? If you don’t have a lot of space to spread out, a desktop is probably not a good idea. A laptop can be folded up and put away when you aren’t using it, which means your kitchen table can double as a desk or you’ll still have sleeping space if you need to use your computer in bed.

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The Intended Use Factor

Finally, consider what you’ll be using the computer for. While laptops will work for gaming or designing, their smaller displays may make it harder for you to work, especially if your eyesight isn’t 20/20 to begin with. Desktops offer a larger display screen so you don’t miss anything.

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure which Mac is right for you. When you search “Apple reseller near me,” you’ll find plenty of companies that can help you go over specifications and decide exactly what you need to be productive.

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