TextSheet Alternative- Handpicked for Student Community

TextSheet Alternative- Handpicked for Student
Written by twitiq

With Textsheet not working, many Textsheet alternative sites sprung up, and there are more than twenty such sites as of date. If you are aware of the word Text Sheet, you are also aware of its importance among the student community.

In the past, it was regarded as the best educational platform online by students 2021 who were either from schools or colleges. It proved to be the ultimate site where a student can pick up assignments, questions to practice, and solutions to be understood. There were no subscriptions attached, and it was free for all.

The combination of the above made them the most desired site for students and even tutors. The shortcoming in the schools curriculum needs additional tutoring. Most of the students are looking at a science and technology field, to which they need to focus on physics. Therefore they need a physics tutor to help them in many ways. Tutors can help them fix the individual gap, build self-confidence with performance, besides tutoring, transfer skills and intensify the learning.

All went well till Chegg charged them with copyright violation and brought the site down legally. Chegg is a similar site to Textsheet and a viable alternative to Textsheet.

The passage found below would highlight such Textsheet alternative sites, their features, Pros, and Cons, along with their pricing policies. Our findings established the fact that are for studying children and can be trusted 100%•

This view has been endorsed by MyWOT but not by Google Safe Browsing and Site advisor, who had chosen to remain silent even though they have called the site safe and has no virus in it.

Textsheet answers are not available for now, but there are many alternatives in place. Textsheet is currently facing a ban due to copy write violations. They have violated the DMCA norms, and this has led to a complete shutdown of the site. Since the site is impossible to access, illegality is not the right word.

10 Best Textsheet Alternative


TextSheet Alternative-Launched in 2005, it’s an American-based company that provides education and emerged as the best Textsheet alternative and sometimes called Textsheet Chegg 2020.

One can rent textbooks physically and digitally, among other services it offers to students. It has nearly 3 million subscribers.

The Study pack of Chegg is a package with three rolled into one. They are:

  • Chegg Math Solver
  • Easy Bib Plus
  • Chegg Study.

All these are on offer if you visit Chegg dot com.

The features of Chegg Study Pack – explained.

  • Chegg Math Solver:

Guides the student on how to solve problems asked in :

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Pre- Algebra
  • Pre-calculus.

There are step-by-step explanations given, which would make the student understand each part of the steps and solution.

  • Easy Bib Plus:

Easy Bib Plus ensures that the papers you present are :

  • Polished
  • Error-free
  • Represents in the style you desire
  • It is Plagiarism free.
  • Chegg Study:

Chegg Study offers textbook solutions for more than 22K ISBN’s with odd and even solutions which are step by step.

  • The student can seek answers to his questions from experts 24/7
  • It allows you to search for solutions through millions of papers.
  • It deciphers nearly 9000 books and offers simplified step-by-step solutions.

There are none.


The monthly subscription is $ 14.95, with options to cancel anytime.


TextSheet Alternative-PAPER HELPPaper established in the year 2010 as a ‘ Writing Service’ and is a very good Textsheet alternative.


  • The focus of Paper help is exclusive. It’s only on academic writing.
  • The range offered on this is starts from introductory essays to college-level writing
  • These would include dissertation products, thesis, and research proposals.
  • The beneficiaries are the school students who served through Ph.D. Programs.

Paper Help’s include the following writing services too:

  • Taking tests on multiple-choice
  • CV’s
  • Math and Science problems
  • Coursework assignments and essays on admission and Scholarships.
  • Paper Help lives up to the claims they make and delivers them as promised.
  • Guarantees available to safeguard the customers
  • That includes the Confidentiality guarantee along with a money-back guarantee.
  • You are eligible for a refund of 70% even if the deadline is not exceeded by half.
  • You qualify for a refund of 50% in any other situation.
  • Refund will not be made if the order is un-approved.
  • Much improvement is sought in the written product. Such improvement warrant edits staff that would check on the quality before delivery.
  • Plagiarism has to be checked
  • There are extra features in Paper Help, but one has to pay money to get these. The same is free from its competitors.
  • Customers may wish for a quality review before it’s delivered to them. Unfortunately, this would cost them, whereas others do it for free.
  • Negative reviews are very high in Paper Help. It may not be a standard feature for all customers, but to ignore such a defect would be misleading. Paper Help needs to curtail such vast quantities of negative reviews.

Other Features:

  • Communication between customers – writer, is smooth
  • Customer service is open all 24 hours.
  • Academic writing of all kinds and types made available.

Guarantees of many kinds are available.


  • Basic price: $ 14.99
  • Plagiarism report:

Single spaced paper: $ 9.99 for first five pages plus $2 for every additional page.

Double spaced pages: $9.99 and an additional $1.00 charge for additional pages.

  1. School Solver:

TextSheet Alternative-School SolverIt has been acknowledged that School Solver is another best Textsheet alternative

Websites to raise questions and seek answers on varied subjects. Here are its features:

  • It is useful to both students and teachers. Students get their questions answered and graduate quickly. Teachers answer and earn income.
  • All relevant questions needed to help pass the exams are found in School Solver. The necessity to read from different books is ruled out.
  • The interface available to ask questions and receive answers kept simple and user-friendly.
  • The process of registration cannot be more simplified.
  • In case of incomplete answers, the refund made available.
  • The format in which School Solver frames its answers is excellent
  • School Solver anticipates the right questions to be asked and is ready with solutions beforehand.
  • Money back guarantee assured here
  • It is exceptionally secure, and privacy is assured.
  • The student in need can earn money out of School Solver.
  • It is beneficial for both tutors and students.
  • It may involve some extra spending, but students can clear their doubts as they have easy access to teachers
  • There is no requirement to read different subjects, and it would be enough to solve School Solvers questions.
  • School Solver set up a user-friendly platform by which the student knows what type of a question he is asking and answers them.
  • If the answer section is found incomplete, School Solver refunds the amount immediately.
  • School Solver keeps the format and language simple, so it is easily understandable by the student.
  • In case if a student poses an answer and unaware of this, someone raises a question to which that is the apt answer; one is bound to get paid for it.
  • School Solver comes as an excellent platform for teachers as they can enhance their skills.
  • It is a very challenging platform for teachers, and it would help them specialize in it.
  • The teacher can request pre-payments from the students
  • There are many competitors, and it lessens the chance of an exact solution.
  1. Course Hero:

Course HeroCourse Hero is a website for education that aims to provide the following:

  • Old Tests
  • Interactive Flashcards
  • Test Study Guides
  • Textbook answers
  • Homework Assignment
  • Class Notes
  • The main objective of Course Hero is to make students form study groups which would allow them to brainstorm and enable sharing.
  • Course Hero would allow the students to complete their online courses, access databases, and browse as enable online tutoring.

These are the broad features of Course Hero.

  • The study material is of immense quality
  • The content is updated consistently periodically
  • Options of Scholarship exists
  • When one contributes study materials, the free membership is made available.
  • The Help and Support aid in contacting the customer support team.
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. Navigation for a first-timer also is a smooth experience
  • It can allow you to unlock millions of documents.
  • The leading cause for concern among tutors is that their pay is low
  • The membership comes with a high premium.
  • Many feel that the Help and support result in poor customer service.
  • Many grievances that the annual subscription is hiked up and then discounts are Offered.
  • If the subscription is cancelled, there are no refunds.


It’s a free membership for the introductory course and a paid premier membership.

Online tutors are available, and free membership students can seek their answers from them. The pricing is a la carte’!

Premium members can unlock a maximum of 30 documents of user questions. They also have access to Textbook solutions and the explanations connected in addition to that.

The pricing is as follows:

  • Annual scheme: $9.95 monthly if paid for 12 months together.
  • Quarterly Scheme: $ 19.95 monthly if paid per quarter
  • Monthly Scheme: 39.95 per month and to be renewed every month.

Cancellation of subscription can be made at any time.

  1. Spark Notes:

Spark NotesFeatures:

  • When the student learns the technique to use Sparknotes is an online champion for them.
  • It helps brush up your memory or instead refresh it.
  • Spark Notes is considered by many as Wikipedia as it consists of more factual references.
  • It is a useful tool for students who can easily understand the literary portion than how it is reviewed in school with many complications.
  • Spark Notes fills in the blanks which are left open at school
  • It helps break down the elements, which are undoubtedly complex, and comes in handy during a quiz.
  • Reading literary subjects can only make students whine at the thought of it. The only savior under such circumstances is the Sparknotes.
  • The highlights are difficult to understand Shakespeare’s works which become easy to understand thanks to the translations.
  • When students miss the tutor’s direct instructions, this helps assist with the text, which is complicated.
  • The split page is a blessing in disguise. It helps to compare the classical language with the language prevalent today.
  • Quick Quizzes help understand the complicated text.
  • Glossaries are missing
  • Ads are too many


There will be no billing if the subscription is cancelled before 30 days. Thirty days is the free trial period.

Continuance of App would cost you $ 4.99 per annum if paid for a year.

In the case of monthly renewals, it can be done at $0.99 per month.

  1. EndNote:

The objective of EndNote is Bibliography management and references when writing essays and articles are going on. It is a software package and managed by Clarivate Analytics and is also a Textsheet alternative.


  • It uses online resources to search for hundreds of PDf’s and references
  • With just one click, you can find the full text for references
  • PDFs would be searched, read, annotated, and reviewed.
  • It allows for automatically organizing references as you work and, in the process, creates rules.
  • Your data kept accurate
  • Link updating is also possible
  • Allows you to insert citations into the text
  • It would conduct a search and remove duplicates from your content and make them unique.
  • It will adopt your unique customized style
  • Use the Manuscript Matcher to match the paper you’ve written with journals that have a reputation and information is reliable or all of your material.
  • To make multitasking more comfortable, you can put the new tabs into use
  • Facilities through Drag and Drop process all the literature bookkeeping
  • The referencing is good
  • The formatting is neat
  • The formatted output is rich
  • It can extract the bibliography from the PDF automatically.
  • Bibliography cannot update info for the downloaded paper
  • It does not update citations
  • Absence of a reference manual
  • Corrupt libraries
  • Found incompatible with Linux


Endnote allows you a thirty-day free trial within which you can cancel your subscription.

The other option is to pay a one- time fee of $ 100.00

  1. Studylib:

StudylibYet another Textsheet alternative, they pack a great collection of assignments along with their solutions and answers.


  • They cover subjects which are in demand. A few examples are Mathematics, Engineering, Science, along Social Sciences.
  • The documents can be downloaded free and stored for later self-use and sharing.
  • To convenience the users, the home-page highlights the trending subjects.
  • It requires just a sign- up and from that point, you can accumulate the documents
  • In case the user feels he has good material to share, he can upload them too.
  • Learning is at many levels and can be tested
  • Information integration is a challenge, and the student is tested with this
  • It can analyze a person’s inability or difficulty by testing them on exclusive concepts
  • Material coverage is not restricted, and there are no limits to questions that can be asked.
  • It is easy to score, and grades can be assigned
  • It restricts the test-takers from exhibiting their knowledge beyond the choices given.
  • Guesswork would pay off as it could land on the right options.
  • The chances of mi interpreting questions are heavy


Studylib is free!

  1. Quizlet:

QuizletQuizlet comes as an excellent Textsheet alternative as it is prevalent among its users. Their reputation is spread in nearly 130 countries, with 50 million students participating in it. More than 300 million sets are available in their database, and wherein all subjects are covered.


  • People who write in Quizlet are proven experts in their respective fields.
  • It helps you prepare fast for exams which are around the corner
  • Writing services such as essay and research material are also available
  • The app can be handled by iOS and Android users.
  • It makes it possible to differentiate the review
  • Infusing teamwork and collaboration into the classes is possible.
  • Quizlet becomes an alternative for test preparation
  • Cheating is made possible by Quizlet.
  • Information learned through Quizlet could be wrong
  • Ads that surface often distract the students.


  • The first 15 days considered to be free.

If the subscription is not cancelled, Quizlet will charge you under two methods, of which one has to be chosen by you.

  • If you pay up for the year, the average fee per month would work as less $11 99 or pay 23.88 pm if the renewal is done every month.

There are Lit Answers Alternatives.

  • Slader
  • StudyLib
  • Course hero
  • Spark notes
  • Crazy for study


The article on Text Sheet and Textsheet view homework and textbook solutions with Its alternatives should help the student choose the best choice. The best options to Textsheet Url alternatives have been suggested, and this would help clear your semester.

Frequently Asked Questions about TextSheet Alternative:

Is Textsheet Still Down?

The misfortune is that Textsheet no longer works. The site was brought down overnight, and the reason cited was ‘ Copyright infringement’! The case was slapped on Textsheet dot com by Chegg, yet another educational platform. Ever since then, the site has been down, and access blocked.

What is Textsheet?

An online educational platform was established with an objective for students to fetch solutions to all the relevant questions which were included in the course material.

How can I get Chegg answers for free?

Chegg is a popular website and one of the Textsheet alternatives as students get excellent academic support from the students. Therefore, it is not difficult to find many sources that have the answers, which points out where the Chegg answers are. A free course Hero unlocks them. But there is a small issue connected to this.

And that would be the authenticity connected to it. There is a way to increase such originality, and that is

Chegg answers can be Textsheet un-blurred through creative Savants.

To provide the best assistance to the users, Creative Savants does it actively. It’s a single platform where a complete package would be offered. This is done through professionals,expert writers, etc.

4. What can I use instead of Text Sheet?

Yes, there is not one, but many alternatives to Textsheet, and these are listed below. It’s up to you to check which alternative suits you best and choose it.
1.School Solver
4.Course Hero
6.Crazy for study
7.Study Lib

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