How to add a microSD card slot to your iPhone or iPad

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Steps to add a microSD card slot on iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad users seems to be suffering from the low space problem with no solution in sight. A low storage space means one cannot take any more photos or videos without deleting something on their device. But here are some really smart steps to add a microSD card slot on the iPhone or iPad by spending just $25.

Use Lexar tiny microSD reader

The best way to add a microSD card slot is to make use of the Lexar’s tiny SD card reader for the Lightning devices. With this users get a free Lexar Mobile Manager app which makes it easier and simpler to move media files such as photos and videos between the device and storage card. It can even used for moving photos and videos from device or camera to the iPhone or iPad to editing and sharing on the go.

Use Valkit 2-in-1 Lightning cable with microSD reader

You can buy $25 Valkit 2-in-1 Lightning cable and microSD reader to add the much needed extra storage space to iPhone or iPad. You will get a 10 inch long Lightning cable which with built in extra storage space and this can be helpful in moving photos and videos from device to the card and vice versa. Now your iPhone or iPad will as good as the Android counterparts with enhanced capability of moving files across the device.


Add extra storage space for smoother iPhone or iPad experience

You might have went to friend’s birthday party or somewhere out of the city and the moment you decide to click a memorable photo your device shows low storage space. Using the two steps stated earlier will help you in collecting the memories in the form of photos and videos without the fear of low storage space on the iPhone and iPad for years to come.

Both of these steps allow you to increase the extra storage space up to 256GB which is quite a handful. Secondly paying hefty charges for the iCloud for a larger storage iPhone or iPad version will certainly be a costly affair when you can get the same benefit through spending just less than $25. Financially speaking a 256 GB memory card costs around $170 while latest iPhone 7 with same storage space will cost a whooping $849 and iPhone 7 32GB version will cost $649. So opting for any of the above steps is a sensible and wise decision for rooting out the low storage problem for once and all.

The best thing about these steps to add a microSD card is that you are not limited to carrying just a single card at a time. You can use as many card as you like in order to keep photos and videos in different cards. It also aids in transferring files to and from PCSs, laptops, Macs and Android devices. Certainly it isn’t as good as the built in microSD card slot but it works well enough to compensate for the loss.

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