Bluetooth 5 Set To Enhance the Connectivity Options for Millions

Bluetooth 5
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Bluetooth technology has evolved gradually but most of the people have simply failed to notice it. Just a few years ago Bluetooth 5 was the most sought out option for the mobile users for file transfer but the rise of the Android platform and presence of the variety of Wi-Fi-based file transfer apps has simply cornered the Bluetooth usage. However Bluetooth is making a massive comeback by being the only option to support the popular IoT devices, wearable and audio devices.

Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible and fast

The best thing about the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology is that it is backward compatible with all the earlier versions. It also tends to offer a relaxing and better coexistence with other wireless technologies present around us. With Bluetooth 5.0 users will get increase in range and faster data rates which will be value addition in using the modern day equipment. Hardware manufactures has already filled the market with the devices supporting the Bluetooth 5.

Speed is the need of the hour for the users and devices likewise in today’ world. Bluetooth 5 gets support for the higher transmission speeds up to 2 Mbps which helps in increasing the output power. In other words the now Bluetooth devices will be using less energy to send similar amount of data which will help in boosting the power efficiency of the devices.

World’s first true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5

Jabees is a Chinese OEM which stems out from the age old hardware city of Hong Kong which has lost its sheen to Shenzhen in the recent times. The subsequent rise in the Bluetooth technology has allowed a number of new players to penetrate the audio market but most of them have failed to make their mark. Jabees latest offering happens to be the world’s very first Bluetooth 5 powered true wireless ear buds. It has price tag of just $59 which is simply the cheapest offering anywhere on the planet.

Jabees has went with the transparent casing which showcases all the intricate internal part of the ear buds just like that. It has 500 mAh battery inside which can be charged to its fullest in only 30 minutes. It also has a unique mode named transparency mode which specifically allows the noise to filter in thereby making it a safer choice for the runner and cyclists.

Mesh networking support comes to Bluetooth 5

When Bluetooth was first conceived then was seen as a star network where all the nodes get connected to a central hub. But it has seen the reality so far however the coming of the Bluetooth 5 brings the support for the mesh network which allows different nodes to communicate directly with one another. Mesh network is already being adopted by a number of modern day wireless systems like Zigbee and Google Wi-Fi but it has never been used in the Bluetooth devices so far. Support for the mesh networking will pave way for better adoption and enhanced usage of the Bluetooth connectivity in the Internet of Things devices on a greater scale.

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