Take control of your commute with Google Maps

Take control of your commute with Google Maps

Google Maps New Feature Helps Commuters Get To Work Much Easier:

Google maps is one of the most popular and widely used services on the internet. Although it provides awful results in some rare cases but the maximum time, it delivers the best possible results, and it is better than other navigational apps.

So, people always love to use this Google map app to check the routes and directions for their desired locations. As people are regularly using Google maps. Google has been continuously rolling updates and improving its map for better user experience.

You can see quite a lot of updates in the last couple of months as well. In fact, today this app has got an update, and it has rolled out a new feature that will ” help you to take control over your daily commute — which means this enables you to plan ahead and prepare for all the inevitable disruptions, and it can avoid them as well.”

Google Maps New features Commute:

By launching this feature, Google is trying to make their users live better by making their daily commute littler easier. Usually, commutes to work is a frustrating task when you struck with some inevitable disruptions. So, googles new update might help you.

With this update, Google maps will have a feature which shows the commute tab which provides one-tap access to the live traffic and also it gives all the information of the transit as per your daily commute.

According to the google, its new feature will now measure the daily commute and will help users to notify the heavy traffic and it also suggests the extra budget if needed. Along with that it also recommends you the best possible route to reach your destination on time.

For Android users, it also sends the notification about the constant delays on your route as they happen and also gives you the enroute details to reach quicker for your destination.

Google maps also offer support for the mixed mode commutes:

With the above commute tab, google maps will also show you the estimated time for travel. It also includes multiple transportation modes and other options in the time as well. It also gives public transit details and other route details in the commute tab.

Along with that, google maps will now able to see the ” where the bus or train is located in the real time on the map” in more than 80 regions worldwide.

We are not really sure about this update whether it will be rolled out in India or not. But in future, you can expect this feature to be rolled out in India.

Incorporate Music Streaming app in Google Maps:

Google maps can also be incorporated music streaming apps including google play music, Spotify, and apple music within the charts app and it just lets its users avoid toggling between the apps to pass their time on travel.

Last week, google maps rolled out a group of features which are useful to share the links of the restaurants for their friends. This shared link will quickly show the locations of restaurants you have selected for all your friends when you have shortlisted the list of your friends/

You can only vote the restaurants which are shortlisted and express their preference as well. A member of the group can also delete the place or restaurant from the list as well. The best part of this feature is it can even show the location for people who don’t have google maps installed on their phone as well.

Google helps you to plan your daily commute:

These features of Google are rolled out today on Android and ios devices. Here all you need to do is just update the google maps app and then click on the new feature ” Commute” Tab. With that, you can check out the new features details. Along with that, you can also see google maps help page which is specially designed to support all the commuters.


If you like this new feature in Google Maps, then share your views on the new feature in the comments section below

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5 Hidden Features in Android Pie and How to Unlock Them

5 Hidden Features in Android Pie and How to Unlock Them

Since the Google has announced the “Go Edition” of its Android Pie you can see amid craze among the users through the world.

Now, finally, as the Android pie has arrived people are in a rush to try out this brand new Google latest Android OS.

Most of you might be using this android pie as it has rolled some days earlier but do you know it has some hidden features?

While most of you might not hear about these hidden features right?

If you are the one who wants to explore the full capabilities of Android, then go through this post.

In this article, I’ll cover five legally hidden features of Android Pie. Along with that, I’ll mention detail steps to unlock these features as well.

Generally, Google has a knack for hiding features in almost every android update. So, it has done the same with the latest Android pie as well.

Google usually hide all these options to prevent an unnecessary tinkering of general users because they don’t want to confuse ordinary users. Along with that Google often leaves some challenges to the advanced power users to find out the critical hidden features in its new version of  Android.

Usually, these secrete varies from silly to advanced options which are helpful in handling the phone correctly. Now, these hidden features are currently available in the Android Pie version as well.

Although the hidden features are useful but Google has kept it invisible, but it is easy to find out these options in Android Pie. You can quickly unlock all these features, and you can show your friends and family.

Now, let’s get into the article quickly,

Hidden Features of Android Pie and How to unlock them:

In this hidden feature of Android pie post, I have covered all the elements based on our experience on the Google’s latest Android 9.0 version.

  1. Feature Android Flags:

In this new version of Android Pie, you can find a secret option feature flags. It is a hidden menu option which is called as the ” Feature flags.”

These are similar to the google chrome’s feature flags. If you are an avid user of google chrome means you might have used this option. You might either enable or disable some features through the google’s feature flags.

Similarly, the android feature flags have come up with the same point. In this latest Android pie version it has android flags. This feature Android flag helps, users, to tweak specific design choice and revert to their Android Oreo version.

How to unlock Android Pie Hidden Feature:

  • Now, If you want to access this hidden feature, you have to enter the developer options.
  • To enter into the developer mode, you have to enable it.
  • Firstly, open your settings —- System— About phone.
  • Then just click on tap on Build number at the bottom part of the screen for seven times to enter.
  • Now, you have enabled developer option right.
  • Then just go to settings >>> system >>> Advanced .
  • After that scroll down the screen to find out options and select debugging option from that list.
  • Then finally select feature flags.

Now by following this process, you have successfully enabled Android flags.

Presently, the list of flags is limited but the “Settings_bluetooth_while_driving” is the exciting option. By enabling that option, the Bluetooth setting page has a capability to automatically turn on Bluetooth when your phone detects that you are driving your car.

This feature is presently helpful for all the people who use Bluetooth to connect to a car and prefer to off Bluetooth when it is off to save the battery of your phone.

  1. Emergency lockdown feature:

Emergency lockdown feature is another hidden feature of Android 9.0 pie. If you are wondering to remove fingerprint and facial recognition on your smart device means you can make use of emergency lockdown button can come handy.

How to unlock this feature:

  • To enable this feature to hover over to the settings.
  • Then visit security & location > lock screen preferences and switch next to the show lockdown option.

That’s it.

How to use this feature:

  • After setting up this feature, all you have to do to use this feature is hold on the power button until the power off or restart options prompt shows up.
  • There you can find the new lockdown button along with them.
  • Now, click on the new lockdown button it will automatically lock your device.
  • When you want to unlock the device you have to open it by using a PIN or by using pattern.
  • IN this emergency mode you will not get any notification on the lock screen.
  1. System UI tuner:

System UI is always crucial in Android phones, and Google has done a great job in UI, but it has kept a hidden feature in it as well. This isn’t the first time where Google has held the hidden feature in UI it is coming from Android version 6.0 Marshmallow itself. But, compared to those this hidden feature has more functionalities.

You can modify the status bar without any rooting option. However, it is quite difficult to unlock this feature in Android 9.0 Pie. So, follow these steps to enable the system UI tuner carefully.

The process to create widget:

  • Firstly, you have to create a widget using activity launcher.
  • Although there are tons of dedicated activity launcher apps, we’ve found most of them aren’t working correctly with Android 9.0 Pie.
  • So your best option and only successfully option is Nova Launcher this includes an activity launcher features.
  • Now open nova, and long press the home screen.
  • After that choose “widgets.”
  • Usually, there is a section for widgets created by nova launcher within the option “Activities.”
  • You have to select this option then you can scroll down and click on “System UI” then quickly choose ” System UI demo mode” right at the bottom of the screen.

The process to launch system UI tuner:

  • Firstly tap on the widget to Launch the menu.
  • Then you will be presented with two options, ” status bar” and ” Do not disturb” modes.
  • Then manage which icons appear on the status bar.
  • Now, to disable status bar option turn off the switch next to it.
  • In this process, battery and time are the only two options without a toggle.
  • The battery will open a popup menu with options on whether to display battery percentage or only during charging.
  • Time option will raise a popup menu where you can choose display not just hours and minutes but seconds also.
  • Now, Under “Do Not Disturb” select “volume buttons shortcut.”
  • When it is disabled, you can’t be able to enter Do Not Disturb Mode by lowering volume to Zero at that time press volume down one more time.
  1. Flappy Bird Game:

Are you interested in playing games? Then android has hidden a game for you in its new Android Pie. Usually, Android requires several touches of the version number on the About phone page to reveal some animations or game which are hidden.

Previously it used to be Easter egg game, now as the time is passing on android pie’s easter egg is getting annoying “P” Symbol, But the big old Easter egg is included in the same option. Now, Google has made it a little harder to find the game. The new flappy bird clone is known as flappy droid is a game which is first introduced in Android old version 5.0 lollipops.

At the start, it used to be an average game with different environment later it is updated in Marshmallow. Now, the marshmallow version of the game has several versions. So, let’s start unlocking the flappy bird game as well.

Unlock the Flappy Bird Game:

  • Firstly, to find this game you need Activity launcher to create a widget assigned to a shortcut.
  • Now, take a Nova launcher and long press on home screen and select widgets.
  • Then Select “Activities” scroll down and find ” System UI” from Drop down menu.
  • Then choose ” Marshmallow Land.”
  • After selecting, the widget will change to a “P” icon.
  • Click on this icon to launch the game.

That’s it starts playing your game but following the instructions.

  1. Quick Launch Clock App:

In this new version of Android 9.0 Pie, you can get a neat hidden feature of the clock. In the setting menu, you can tap on the time in the top left corner to launch the clock app.

If you have multiple clocks installed on your phone means you can quickly select which is the best one for you as well.


Now, these are the Android Pie Hidden features.

What do you think about these hidden features?

Are these features useful or time waste?

What do you think about these features of Android Pie?

Let us know in the comments section right below the post. And also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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Google Introducing the New Google Fit

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Tracking your Calorie burn with Google Fit

Google has recently overhauled its Google Fit app with a complete new design and interface. Google helps you keep fit and burn calories without actually going to the gym with its Google fit app. The Google fit app uses “Heart Points” and “Move minutes” to keep you moving and get those calories burning.

Google Fit is accessible on both Android as well as the Wear OS app. The Google fit app is all about rings and completing those rings to stay fit. Google has not been original with this part in the app. It has just followed what most other apps as well as Apple has done. The only thing different is that Googlefit has made its rings in partnership with the World Health organization and the American Heart Association.

What’s new in Google Fit?

Users will be encouraged to complete two goals in a day. One has to do with “Heart points” and the other with “Move Minutes”.

The idea behind both these new concepts is for users to be less stressed when it comes to burning calories. Users will not be pressured to go to the gym or undertake any stressful activities with the sole purpose of losing weight.

The concepts started in GoogleFit are meant to get people make small changes in their routines to get the best out of a calorie burn, like for example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking a distance away from your workplace to walk and increase the amount of exercise you get.

Move Minutes to get you moving on Google Fit:

Move minutes on GoogleFit helps users choose an activity of their liking to get moving and burning calories. While some may prefer walking others may not and this has been taken into account by the app.

Users can even customize their work routine to burn more calories and measure their move minutes.

Heart Points to get your heart rate up on Google Fit:

Heart points on the other hand is meant to get your heart racing to burn calories without taking that extra trip to the gym.

It can be as simple as increasing the pace while walking or doing a HIIT( or maybe that is asking for too much).

Using Sensors with Google Fit:

On Android and Wear OS, Google will try to use as many sensors on the phone as possible to get Google fit to measure calorie burn.

You can even use GoogleFit with a Wear OS watch.  Fit will definitely be better if you use it with a Wear OS watch.

No Claims with Using Google Fit:

Google has been careful not to make any health claims when it comes to its Fit app.

Google Fitness app sets goals like 150 minutes of moderate activity and 75 minutes of vigorous activity in a week to burn calories.

Heart points are aimed towards vigorous activity while moderate activity comes under the preview of move minutes.


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How to Avoid Downloading Fake Apps on Your Phone (2018)

How to Avoid Downloading Fake Apps on Your Phone  (2018)

What if I told you that getting rid of malicious and fake apps was easy?

Here all you need to do is just follow the right articles, and then you will be able to get rid of malicious and threating fake apps in no time.Usually, you will find lots of articles on this topics. Although all topics cover a few interesting points, you need more updated points to stay away from these kinds of fake apps.

Now, in this post, you can get everything you need. Here all you have to do is grab a cup of coffee and simply go through this article on ” how to avoid downloading fake apps on your phone in 2018″.

When I am talking about “Avoiding the fake apps on your phone.” Some of you might think that why you have to prevent these apps?

If you are wondering,

Why should you avoid these harmful apps?

Then read on you will get the perfect answer.

People intentionally, create malicious apps to hack into other persons details through these apps. Recently, when pokemon go game is on rising some people has created a fake version of the pokemon go all did a lot of damage.

The Judy attack was one of the most significant malware attacks which is relieved recently. This scam has attacked lots of mobiles and collected sensitive information from the users.

Whenever you install a fake app on your phone, you will get locked immediately after installation. Here all you have to do is remove the battery, or you can use device manager to unlock your phone quickly.

These types of app affect your phone speed, performance, and lastly it will make your phone useless along with that it collects all the sensitive information such as credit card details, saved passwords and so on from your device.

Judy malicious scam has affected both iOS and Android devices; approximately it has taken 36 million Android devices before this fake scam discovery. This is one of the most disturbed apps in the play store to date.

This has swapped lots of phones, so you have to be cautious in downloading these kinds of apps.

That’s the reason why you always have to stay away from these types of devices.

Although Google is successful in removing these kinds of apps from your play store, still you can find a few apps which are still under the radar of the google.

Usually, all favorite apps have fake apps, so you have to be smart in judging the apps.

That’s why follow these safety measures to get rid of the malicious software and apps from your smartphones.

Now you might be wondering how you can avoid downloading these fake apps?


If you are thinking about, then don’t worry. I got you covered!

Steps to avoid downloading fake apps:

Download Apps from official App Stores only:

This is one of the crucial points you have to consider seriously. At any cost, you have to download the app from official app stores only.

Downloading the app from the official store is helpful for you because it is the real app which you are looking for. An official store does take a lot of care in providing original and unharmful apps.

Although you can get a few unnoticed malicious apps in official app stores as well, they still find them quickly and remove them as earlier as possible. So, sticking to the official app store is the best option.

Avoid Downloading Apps from Blogs or third-party app stores:

Usually, most of the people do think they can download apps from blogs and third-party app stores. But it isn’t the ideal method to stay safe. You can find lots of malicious and harmful virus on those apps, so you better avoid those types of apps.

Carefully go through App’s Description:

Whenever you are trying to install an app it is always best to go through app’s description. By going through the app description, you will get an idea about the app.

Usually, if you find errors and clumsy app description then obviously stay away from that app because it is a fake app. I am confidently saying that because official app owners do take proper care of representing their app without any mistakes.

Check Out the Name of the App Developer:

This is another great option to find out the fake apps. Just go through the name of the App developer before downloading. You can accidentally download copied and fake app. So, to avoid that just verify the app developers name.

Recently, google play store has relieved exact copy of pokemon go game. In that app, you can find everything, but there is a loophole in that one.

They had kept app developer name as Niantic. Here pokemon go is made by ninatic. But ninatic is not the author name. So by these small tweaks, you can know about fake apps.

Read App Reviews Carefully:

Usually, some people skip reading app reviews, and they simply download apps. But, this is a wrong method if you want to stay away from the fake apps means you have to read reviews.

Popular apps will have lots of reviews especially from experts and other users alike. So, it is always best to check reviews and ratings on the app store before downloading an app.

The number of downloads:

This is one of the right ways to find out the genuine and fake apps. If that app is having a proper amount of downloads in the download section means you can download that because a large number of people won’t make the same mistake.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which tip do you like most?

Are you going to avoid downloading fake apps?

Or maybe you’re thinking about different ways to avoid downloading them.

Either way, leave a comment below right now.

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12 Must See G Suite Sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18

12 Must See G Suite Sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18

What to Expect from Google Cloud Next

Google is all set to hold its annual Google cloud next conference next week in San Francisco. Looking at top IT professionals and business leaders for attendance as well as of course Google’s own professionals, the conference has a lot lined up. From machine learning to AI tech, to speeches about how top companies use the Google cloud platform in their work and a lot more will be discussed at this Google cloud next conference.

What also will be interesting to watch out for is how Google addresses the resignation of its Google cloud COO Diane Bryant which it announced just three weeks before the Google cloud next conference. The COO left in less than a year working for Google. Google may speak more about this vacancy during the Google cloud next conference.

Companies to speak about how Google Cloud helps them in the workplace at The Google Cloud Next conference:

If you are in the process of migrating to the cloud platform it is always beneficial to learn from those who are already there and have gone through the same process.

At the Google Cloud next conference you will be able to see top companies like Shopify and Twitter who will speak of how they migrated to the Google cloud platform and how they have benefited from migrating to the platform.

Shopify will be speaking on how they migrated form on- premises data platform to Google cloud. Twitter will also speak on how it migrated form on- premises revenue analytics to Google cloud using tech like Bigtable, Dataflow and BigQuery.

Having companies talk on their experience is important for Google as it shows people that it is capable of handling huge amounts of data on a company’s scale.

Google to address security issues at Google cloud next:

Security is something everyone is concerned about especially companies who are to use an IT service like Google cloud. Hence Google will be addressing all the security concerns people and companies might have about using Google cloud at the Google cloud next conference.

Google will be talking about security concerns and challenges faced in a number of sessions at the Google cloud next conference later this week.

Google will be expressly talking about how it addressed Spectre and Meltdown without customers experiencing any down time as a result, they will also be speaking about how customers can configure their systems when it comes to defending against future attacks and also on how to prevent data from being stolen form their Google cloud platform.

Google will also be taking up the issue of security for healthcare services and how it is keeping that data safe. At the Google cloud next conference, Google will also speak about how to secure third party apps.

Machine learning at Google Cloud Next:

Google will be talking about how you can build a machine learning enabled search chatbot on the Google cloud platform. Google will also be taking on how industries and educational services can benefit from machine learning.

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