Best FM Radio Tuner Online Exclusively for You

Best FM Radio Tuner Online Exclusively for You

When it comes to listening to music there are a number of ways you can do so. There’s YouTube, music videos, streaming, vinyls (Yes they are still in action) and of course the radio. Some people like to control what they listen to with playlists and such while others just want to go with the flow. If you belong to the latter category then FM radios are an excellent place to start. Yeah radios aren’t what they used to be, but it’ still an awesome way to relax and listen to what’s new. Who knows there might just be something you like. In this post we’ll be looking at some of the best fm radio tuner online that are available.

7 Best FM Radio Tuner Online:

Best FM Tuner Online-  AccuRadio:  

AccuRadioThis may not be a name you’ve heard of but it’s still one of the best out there. This fm radio tuner boasts over a 1000 channels. You can even customize the channel to your tastes. You even get the option of unlimited skips, a rating system and also banning certain artists from your radio channel. The end result is you get a channel suitable for your tastes only.

But this fm radio tuner isn’t free from problems. Its servers occasionally have issues and it has no Chromecast support. But all in all it’s good to give a try.

Features to check out:

  • Free
  • Rating system
  • Customizable
  • Servers issues
  • No Chromecast support

FM Radio Tuner Online iHeart Radio:

Here’s all that you ever need in an FM radio tuner in one spot. There are a large selection of channels and songs to listen to. You get other radio stations as well as iHeart’s own stations to boot. There are playlists galore to choose from. You get playlists for your mood, the season and even genre. Another top point with this app is that it is completely free to use with however in app ads playing.

Best FM Radio Tuner Online iHeart Radio

This radio tuner app also comes with Chromecast support as well as Android Wear support. So now you’ll be able to listen to the radio while you jog too.

The app’s free but if you’d like to get a better experience then there’s always the paid versions to choose from. You can get access to more with $5.99 per month or go all the way with $12.99 per month.

Features to check out:

  • Basic version is free
  • Access to other radio stations besides iHeart
  • Chromecast support
  • Android Wear support

myTuner Radio on this list of fm radio tuner online:

This radio station is another great option for the traditionalists out there. It boasts of over 50,000 radio stations across different countries. Among its many features it has podcasts, talk or music radios, a sleep timer and an alarm feature too.

Best FM Radio Tuner Online

Other than all that, you get support for Android auto, Sonos as well as most streaming apps too. But the apps’ users do complain of an occasional streaming drop. But all in all it’s a solid app to use.

Features to check out:

  • Over 50,000 radio stations from different countries
  • Support for Android auto and Sonos
  • Occasional streaming drop

Pandora Radio:

This one is hard to beat. It’s not a known name but has made streaming random music a ‘Thing’. It has enjoyed success for a number of years not only because of its customizable options. You can make your own radio station from scratch, right from choosing your own artists to genre to different songs. Yes you even get the ready made playlist option if you’re keen on not making your own.

To get an ad free experience you get a subscription for $4.99 per month or for the full platinum experience you could even get a subscription worth $9.99 per month.

Features to check out:

  • Customizable option
  • Free but with ads

Radio Online FM radio tuner online:

This is again one of your more traditional radio tuner apps out there. It has hundreds of radio stations to choose from. These stations too have their own content to choose from. This app has the normal online radios to choose form as well as the more traditional ones that have online support.

If you happen to go pro with this app then you get some additional features. Some of them include a live radio recorder and a sleep timer. It’s an excellent option for those who’d like just the basics without any extra frills attached.

Features to check out:

  • A pro version with more features
  • Hundreds of radio stations to choose from
  • Just the basic with no frills attached


This is one of the FM radio tuner online that paved the way from moving away from traditional fm and am radio stations. This radio tuner app has over 150 channels with sports channels, normal music channels and the Howard Stern show among the options.

There are even three types of subscriptions that you can choose from depending on the content you want streamed. The app has undergone various updates and is at a stage where it can be considered relatively stable. But it’s not totally out of the woodwork as yet. There are still little glitches here and there.

Features to check out:

  • 150 channels to choose form
  • There are also sports channels to choose form too

Spotify- how could we forget you:

This is one of the FM radio tuner online hands down. It has playlists for every mood, genre ad artist out there. Also you get country specific content too. Over the last couple of years, Spotify has placed the focus on more radio content. Plus it’s for free with a paid version taking care of all the ads in it.

Features to check out:

  • It literally has everything

These are some of the FM radio tuner online that you could try out. While others are just coming into the whole online radio game. There are others that are quite stable and relatively enjoyable to use.

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How to Add Canned Responses in Gmail – (Updated Guide)

How to Add Canned Responses in Gmail – (Updated Guide)

Do you know what is the use and how to add canned responses in Gmail?

In this digital age, sending emails and replying to them has been a tricky job. Most of you might think this isn’t a tricky job, but it is a tricky job if you are dealing with thousands of emails a day.

If you’re working as a customer care executive or a sales executive, you’ll know the real pain of drafting the same and routine types of emails thousands of times.  These days, not only customer care executives, even digital marketers, Community people, and even regular users are drafting more emails.

So, spending lots of time developing those emails has been a tedious job. Now, to make that task easier and cut back the amount of time we spent on writing sales emails, we can use canned responses.

If you already know about the canned responses, then you’ll know how useful these are for productivity. In case, if you dont know about the canned responses then don’t worry, in this article I’ll let you know about the canned responses and How to add canned responses in Gmail as well.

How to Add Canned Responses in Gmail

Let’s find out below aspects in this guide:

  • What are Canned Responses?
  • When and how Canned Responses should be used.
  • How to create a canned response in Gmail?
  • How to add canned responses in Gmail?

What are Canned Responses?

Canned Responses are an excellent resource for those people who continually get the same comments or questions via email. Generally, these canned responses are pre-established responses to common queries.

This canned response is a unique Gmail feature that quickly allows users to create and save email templates in their inbox to answer the routine questions. Although these canned responses are not pre-enabled in your Gmail, you should enable them in your Gmail Settings. Apart from that, you have to create your templates or “Canned Response” to make this feature work.

The ” Canned Responses Lab” is the feature where you can create and save multiple templates in your Gmail inbox. These emails can be sent with just a single click, or even you can send them automatically as well.

These Canned Responses relieves you from copying pasting jobs and can save lots of time in sending the same response over and over. This will increase productivity, as well.

When and how to use Canned Responses?

Until now, we have learned about Canned Responses. Let’s check out when to use canned Responses and how in this section.

When and how use Canned Responses:

  • Canned Responses can help you respond to the recurring comments instantly. These are lots of situations where these canned responses can come handy to you.
  • Accepting Applications – If you’re accepting application for jobs or contests, you can set up a canned response to let all the applicants know you’ve received their application and, at the same time, thank applicants for applying.
  • Canned Responses help you to set up different email signatures for different recipients – So, this gives more freedom to switch signatures.
  • If your scheduling meetings are taking up a lot of time, you can create a template with a link to calendar scheduling software and can notify your contacts to choose a time.
  • Whenever someone sends an email for help regarding your product or service, then you can have an email ready to send them so that they will know you have received their messages, and you are working on it.
  • In case you get the same questions about specific products or resources or something? Then you can create a canned response of tips or solutions to the problem as a template instead of writing a new mail everything.
  • These canned responses used to send routine documents and other paperwork as well.

How to create a canned response in Gmail?

To create a canned response in Gmail, you have to activate canned responses as it’ll not be active at the start.

Activating Canned Responses:

  • In your Gmail, Click on the Gear Icon, which will be on the right side of your Gmail.
  • Then choose the settings option.
  • After choosing settings, click the tab which says “Advanced.”
  • Then simply “Enable” the “Canned Responses” Prompt.
  • Ensure you have saved your changes by clicking on the save tab at the bottom.

That’s it; you have activated the Canned Responses. Now, let’s go to the other step.

How to Create your first canned response template:

After activating your canned responses, you have to start composing your email template to serve you like your first template of a canned response.


Here you can choose to write something you want, or if you already have any previous thread, you can even copy-paste the content.


  • Just compose a new email by hitting the “Compose” button.
  • After writing your first canned response template, you have to click the three vertical dots which are on the right side bottom corner.
  • Then select the “Canned Responses” option.
  • Click on “New Canned Response.”
  • You’ll see a box pop up asking you the name of your Canned response.
  • Give a name that you easily remember. (Write Subject name so that you can know what it’s for).
  • That’s it; you have now created your canned response to save your time and send useful emails.

Let’s check out How to add canned responses in Gmail & How to send a canned response in Gmail.

How to add canned Responses in Gmail:

Until now, we have seen what canned responses are and how to use it. Now, let’s find out how to add a canned response in Gmail and how to create them.

  • Click on Canned Responses on the Right-hand corner.
  • You can find that in the right-hand corner of the screen, near the compose window, you can find out three vertical dots.
  • Select them and click on “Canned Responses.”
  • Then select the canned response you want to use under “Insert.”
  • Now, select your recipient and click send.
  • Then your canned responses will be automatically copied into the compose window and will be delivered to the recipient you have added.
  • These canned responses added when replying to an email.


How to Send Canned Response as Auto-Replies:

We have learned about how to add canned responses in Gmail. Now, let’s check out how to send canned responses as the Auto-Replies.

This is another way to take advantage of canned responses quickly. Here you can set up auto-replies, and the best part is there is no manual work involved in it.

Create a brand new filter:

  • You will find a tab called “Filters and Blocked Addresses” under the settings option.
  • Click on “Create a new filter” in the middle of the screen.
  • After selecting the new filter, a new window will pop-up.
  • There you can select the criteria you want for your Canned Response to quickly auto-reply.
  • Fill the subject line with the keywords, body of the content by copy-pasting.
  • Soon after you finish filling out the content, then select “Create Filter.”
  • In the next pop-up, you can click on “Send Canned Response,” then click on the checkbox and choose the template you want to use.
  • Then, click on “Create Filter,” once you have created the filter, then you’re done with creating the filter.

If anyone sends an email with the keyword you have selected, or it came from the email address you choose, these auto-reply emails will go to them instantly.

So, always make sure while selecting the keywords properly. If it’s the too broad keyword, then you’ll end up sending up auto-replies that are incorrect, so always make sure you have adjusted canned responses correctly.


This is how to add canned responses in Gmail. Always make sure you use these canned responses correctly because sometimes you may misuse them. Make sure you re-check them perfectly before creating templates.

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Why is Cloud Crucial to the Future of Our Societies?

Why is Cloud Crucial to the Future of Our Societies?

Although cloud has been a part of the digital and technological landscape for quite some time, very few people have truly understood how it can affect the society in the future. One reason why its applications and capabilities are little understood is the arcane nature of this technology. Here are some of the ways by which cloud will impact the human society in the future.

1. Building infrastructure for tomorrow

It is estimated that by 2045, more than 6 billion people will live in cities. Cloud computing will solve many of the questions of tomorrow’s cities. This technology will help provide better services in the areas of transportation, power plants, etc.

Experts also predict that cloud will also be offered in the form of services to industry verticals. For example, there would be specific service that will be provided to the energy sector, and this service will come in the form of cloud. Similarly, companies working in the aviation sector will get services from the aviation cloud. This service will provide better services in the fields of baggage handling, ticketing, passenger reservations etc.

Similarly, a utilities cloud will provide more efficient services in the field of power distribution, storage, and generation. Suffice it to say, that cloud will acquire a much more personalized character in the years to come.

2. Data Management

By 2025, 80% of all the data traffic will be comprised by high definition data, and cloud will play a pivotal role in the management and storage of this information. It is estimated that network and bandwidth requirements will be determined less by user-generated content and more by non-entertainment image and video content. This content includes videos on public awareness and information, IoT data produced my machine to machine communications, and data produced by personal computers and servers. This tremendous explosion of data will be managed by superior cloud computing. So, all your data on the major business assets like websites and applications can be stored on cloud. Cloud hosting has become extremely popular form of web hosting in the past few years and it is one of the most reliable form of hosting.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud

In the coming years, cloud will support new technologies like Artificial Intelligence. This will lead to mobile phones becoming more ‘intelligent’.

In 2011, mobile phone sales overtook those of PCs. This lead to a huge amount of information being stored on mobile phones but all this data (emails, photos, videos) is really unstructured. Arranging this data requires time because the AI in mobile phones is slow. Structuring this data requires the cooperation of cloud servers. However, as cloud computing technologies become more advanced, the AI of our phones will start arranging this data more quickly. Therefore, every time you point a camera at a subject, the lens will adjust itself to the subject because of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Cloud and autonomous vehicles

The thought of seeing driverless cars gliding on our streets seems like a real possibility. The background technology of these cars largely works on cloud and will continue using the various cloud computing applications.

Driverless cars work with massive volumes of data the processing of which can only happen on cloud. However, some applications might run on or inside the car. Car owners will mount several security cameras to thwart robbery and all the relevant footage will be cloud hosted. As more and more driverless cars hit our roads, there would be a greater democratization of the cloud industry.

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What to do next when you forgot your Apple ID and Email?

What to do next when you forgot your Apple ID and Email?

We all are living in a tech world where everything can be done with mobile devices. As you all know, when we say about mobile devices most you might love to hear about the APPLE iPhones. Because thousands of people around the globe use Apple. and some times very few of you may forgot your Apple ID.

Now, if you have trouble access your Apple phone by forgetting your Apple ID or Email. Then don’t worry you can quickly resolve them with ease. I know how frustrating it could be when we lost or forgot your Apple ID and its recover Email.

Whether you want to quickly access your iCloud account on your new device or even download something you like from the iTunes. You will have to know your Apple ID and Password. So, if you lost or forgot your Apple ID password, you can reset it by going to a web browser and clicking on resetting link option. But if you lost your Email address means then also you can recover that. In this post, I’ll clearly explain everything.

I have gone through this process; that’s why I want to club all the information into the article. So, you will get all the information you wish to in this post about what to do next when you forgot your Apple ID.

So, let’s jump into the post which helps you to find out Apple ID.

Follow these steps if you forgot your Apple ID:

Apple ID is one of the vital ID because it helps you to sign in to all your Apple Services. In case, if you forgot your Apple ID means you can follow below steps to regain the access.

Check if you are already Signed in with Apple ID:

  • The first thing you have to do is make sure that you have signed in on one of your Apple Devices.
  • Then click on that device and check your Apple ID which you are using Apple Services.
  • For that, you have to go to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • Check your Apple ID in your ICloud and Itune store settings.

ICloud Process:

  • In the old version go to the settings — Your Name.
  • In new versions tap on settings — iCloud.

Itune Process:

  • Click on settings — Your Name — iTunes & App Store.
  • New versions, you have to tap settings — Itunes & App Stores.

Apart from these, you can also try other options as well when you forgot your Apple ID.

  • In older version Click on Settings —- Accounts & Passwords. Whereas in newer version go to settings — Mail, contacts, calendars everywhere you can find the Apple ID.
  • Click on settings — Messages — Send & Receive
  • Go to the Settings — Facetime
  • Tap on Settings-Mail, Contacts.

Now with these options, you can find out your “forgotten Apple ID.” But, if you missed your password means you have to follow the below process to reset your Apple Password.

Let’s get into that process.

when you forgot your Apple ID

How to reset Apple Password with your Email Address When You Forgot Your Apple ID :

If you forgot your Apple ID password means you can quickly reset the password with the help of Email Address.

To do that follow the below process:

  • Firstly you have to visit in your web browser.
  • Then quickly enter your Apple ID’s email address.
  • Then click on continue.
  • Then you will find two options ” I need to Reset my password” and “I need to reset my security question.”
  • In those two options quickly select “I need to Reset My Password.”
  • Then click on continue.
  • After that select “Get an Email” option and Click continue.
  • You will get an email as “How to reset your Apple ID password”.
  • Click on the reset now” option in the mail and enter your new password a couple of times.
  • Click on Reset Password. That’s it, and your process is done.

Now, if you want to choose “Answer security questions” option for resetting your password, then you should go to the same site.

How to Quickly Reset Password Using Answer Security Questions:

  • Go to — Enter your Apple ID
  • Click on continue and select “I need to reset my password.”
  • Then click continue and Answer security questions.
  • Firstly verify your Date of birth and click continue.
  • Now quickly answer the security questions you have selected at the start.
  • Click on continue button and enter your new password a couple of times and reset the password.

That’s it.

What to do next when you forgot your Apple ID and Email?

Now, if you have two-factor authentication enable means the process will be slightly different.

How to reset the password when you have two-factor authentication enabled:


  • Visit and enter your Apple ID Email Address.
  • Now click continue and enter your phone number which is integrated with your Apple ID.
  • Click on continue, and then you will be asked to pick the devices connected to your account.
  • Just pick one of them associated with your iCloud
  • Click on Allow and enter the Passcode which you got in your chosen device.
  • Now, enter your new Apple ID Password and confirm it and you are good to go.

This is how you can get your Apple ID and Email when you forgot your Apple ID, password and Recovery Email as well. If you still have any concerns over the Apple ID, Resetting password and more. You can quickly drop your comment below and ask us.

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Wi-Fi 6 comes out next year

Wi-Fi 6 comes out next year

Ever seen those complicated numerals cum alphabets on your router and wondered what it meant? Like for example numbers like 802. 11ac or with other alphabets like a/ b/ g/n?  Well they’re not just gibberish but the Wi-Fi that the router supports. Now instead of getting confused, The Wi-Fi alliance, that is the people in charge of such Wi- Fi related stuff, have now come up with an easier way out from all that complicated numbers. To do away with such complication, the Wi-Fi alliance has come up with Wi-Fi 5, that is the current version by the way, instead of 802. 11ac. See isn’t that simpler?

Wi-Fi Just got Simpler and the coming of the New Wi-Fi 6

The later the version the bigger the number. It’s a no brainer. So the 5th version will be better than the 4th and so on. But besides this, a new Wi-Fi is all set to release- Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is all set to come out by December not of this year but the next, thatis 2019. Wi-Fi 6 is all set to bring in some new and much needed changes when it comes to speed and handling number of devices per router.

But First a Little Background on Wi-Fi:

At first the Wi-Fi alliance had names for the type of Wi-Fi beginning with numbers and ending with alphabets.  For example, as mentioned earlier the current version was known as 802. 11ac. But all that is now a thing of the past as the Wi-Fi alliance has now come up with a better way of handling things. So now you have versions of Wi-Fi instead of complicated numbering. Making things a lot more simpler if you ask me.

This means that instead of wondering which complicated numbering means better Wi-Fi, you just have to look at the version of Wi-Fi that you want to connect to. If you choose Wi-Fi 5, you won’t have to worry that your earlier devices won’t be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 5 supports older devices as well, which goes for any other version of Wi-Fi as well.

Besides the name change, the Wi-Fi alliance also hopes to see the new naming being used with all products. So if you go to connect with a Wi-Fi you will be able to see what version it belongs to.

Wi-Fi 6 on the Way:

With Wi-Fi 6 there will be newer and much more improved performance when it comes to network speeds and dealing with the diverse needs of devices. Wi-Fi 6 will apparently be more accommodating of the diverse needs of various gadgets like tablets, laptops, mobiles and other IoT devices.

Although you will get the most from Wi-Fi 6 supporting routers and devices, Wi-Fi 6 will work with other older devices as well.

Wi-Fi 6 also comes with all new equipment and what I mean by that is that the new Wi-Fi 6 uses Multi User and Multiple Input, Multiple Output  transmissions or better known as MU- MIMO transmissions. Besides this Wi-Fi 6 also doubles the bandwith from 4 to 8 streams.

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