Empowering a New Era of Personal Productivity with New Surface Device

New Surface Device
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Unlock Your Productivity with Microsoft’s New Surface Devices

In today’s world there’s a constant need to be “always on” or “always productive”. This means that our work and family lives are blurred. We are told to do work when we are with family and have family issues when we are at work. So according to Microsoft to get the most out of us and balance work and family life better they are introducing new surface device.

These new surface devices are being introduced to not only bring out the best in an individual but to also bridge the gap between phone and PC and Android and iOS.

The First new Surface Device- Surface Pro 6:

Surface Pro has just gotten a lot faster with the Surface Pro 2. This Surface device has Intel 8th generation Quad processor and comes in a swanky black option.

What’s more is that this surface device offers the best in mobility, power and performance making it a must have in today’s hectic lifestyle. You get 13.5 hours of productivity or entertainment or both with a full charge on this new surface device.

To enable better productivity you can easily switch from laptop mode to tablet mode or studio mode too. This surface device will be available at $899.

Surface Laptop 2:

This Microsoft surface device fits easily into your bag offering an elegant and chic look to your laptop experience. It’s lightweight and fast, making for a good office travel buddy.

This cool new surface device is powered by an Intel 8th Gen Quad Core processor and has 14.5 hours of juice in it before it needs a full charge. The edge to edge touchscreen display guarantees a more immersive experience than ever before. This laptop starts at $999.

Surface Studio 2:

Be more creative with this new surface device. It has 50% more graphics performance and is poised to be the fastest Surface device ever made, with never- before- seen performance and power. This new surface device has 28” Brilliant Pixel Display which is great for displaying your creative side.

It has a built in USB- C slot and Xbox Wireless built in for world class gaming performance. This new surface device comes with a touch pen with 4096 touch sensitivities. This surface device starts at $3,499.

Surface Headphones:

Enhance your listening experience with these surface headphones. Offering excellent craftsmanship, a rich listening experience and call functionality, these headphones will be on your must- buy list before you finish reading the review.

This new surface device comes with noise cancellation and a hand’s- free mode to pause and play songs. In the US there is also Cortana that reads you your mail and such, ensuring the very best for you. This new surface device will cost you around $349.

Surface Access:

To make your purchase of a new Surface devices easier, Microsoft brings you Surface Access. With easy monthly instalments which starts at just $24.99 a month. This Surface Access tool grants you access to Office 365 too.

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