Google Titan Security Key: This May Finally Put an End to Phishing, Online Frauds

Google Titan Security Key
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Google steps into the Security Foray with Titan Security Key

Google first announced the titan security key at Cloud Next Conference. The Conference was all about software till Google announced the titan security key. The titan security key adds a layer of authentication to website accounts.  Google will be rolling out the titan security key first to Google cloud customers and then on the Google store.

This  key is pegged to be better than any other digital security key out there. Google plans on launching the titan security in two models one as a USB and the other as a Bluetooth. Basically the titan security key has the same standard protocols but with an additional security layer of firmware that will increase the security of using such a key. Even Phishing attacks won’t be able to get to it, supposedly.

More about the Titan Security Key:

The titan security key was Google’s first step into the security world. It adds a layer of authentication to standard protocols to give the user additional security from using it. It can even supposedly withstand phishing attacks.

The titan  key also comes with FIDO or Fast Identity Online to enable it to work with websites beyond what Google offers. Basically you can use this key with any account on any website that you may have.

The titan key comes in addition to other security protocols lending more tangibility to security. In cases when you get texted an OTP or One Time Password, or you get an email with a password and you forget your phone then in those cases you will still be able to access your account by using the titan security key, that is if you’ve not forgotten to take it along with you.

Employees using the Titan Security Key at office:

The titan security key would be extremely useful in an office setting when it comes to protecting confidential information and if you’re worried about the level of security it offers then you will be pleased to know that Google required its employees to test it out for a year before they released it to the general public.

Yes that’s right! Google required their employees to test out the security key for a year before it was publicly announced at the Google Cloud Next conference.

If its ok for Google then maybe it will be ok for you too.

Let’s Talk Pricing of the Titan Security Key:

While nothing is mentioned at present about the titan security  price, it is likely that Google will keep prices low.  Google will be able to sell it at a price that is cheaper than competitors because of its size and its ability to do so.

Security keys are not really mainstream and at present besides a select few using them, the majority just carry on with the same protocols that is already there. Therefore if Google wants to the mainstream to use their titan  key then coming up with a suitable price is key, no pun intended.

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