How to Start a Streaming Service in 2021

How to Start a Streaming Service
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If you’ve stopped at this article or reading this article, chances are you’ve either started your own streaming services, or you might even planning to start one in the future. Either way, this article helps you to learn all the essential aspects of how to start a streaming service in 2020.

Usually, most of the users often have lots of questions in their minds how to build a streaming services such as?

  • How to start a streaming service?
  • Can we monetize the streaming service?
  • How does the streaming service work?
  • Budget, How to create Video streaming services like NetFlix?

If you’re having these questions in mind and striving to get the perfect answer for it? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, I’ll let you know about them.

Modern Day Streaming Services:

In the good old days, people used to entertain themselves with their radios and tv programs. People used to wait eagerly till TV channels telecast the program. Whereas, in this modern day, people can entertain themselves at any time or anywhere. They can quickly stream any of their favorite TV programs, movies, and series with ease just with the help of the Internet & Streaming services. The best part is modern TVs have an internet connection, so people don’t have to browse websites. They can opt for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and more.

What’s the Secret of Streaming Sites Popularity?

Today streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max are drawing TV viewers from all over the world. The main secret of its popularity is that people can access thousands of programs, series, and movies through these services.

Here the main thing in streaming sites popularity is its content and the convenience they are providing. People can watch any movie, any program, any series whenever they want. They dont have to wait for anything and anyone.

At Present, Netflix is a popular video streaming service that has lots of active user base. If anyone can provide the best features than Netflix, then you can soon gain the upper hand in this famous streaming market.

Now, in this post, we will discuss how to video streaming sites work and how to create your streaming service and monetize it.

How to Start a Streaming Service like Netflix?

Usually, Streaming services like Netflix is SVOD Services, which means Subscription Video on Demand services. At Present, there are lots of SVOD Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and more. As the streaming services have lots of viewers, you can make your streaming service and start working on it.

Netflix, like services, is the largest video-on-demand services that have an extensive database of content starting from movies, series, cartoons, and more. People generally pay the monthly or yearly subscription fee to get access to unlimited content on the streaming site.

These streaming services function on almost all the gadgets and all Operating systems like Windows, IOS, Android, MacOS, and more.

So, users can easily download and use these streaming apps for free during their trial period for one month. After the trial period has expired, then automate subscriptions and purchases will appear on the app.

Netflix, like streaming services, is always adding new content to its database to attract new users towards the streaming service.

Some of the features Netflix is presently offering the users are mentioned below:

  • Netflix always adds new content to its database.
  • People can list the content in an “existing library,” or they can use an integrated Search feature as well.
  • Netflix can offer new TV shows with CineMatch System according to the user’s preferences.
  • This streaming site offers 5 separate profiles in just a single account.
  • Lots of profiles allow your family members and friends to have their own personalized Netflix experience on their preferences.
  • People can add search categories to Netflix.
  • You can even rate the viewed shows, and then apps will sort out movies according to your views.

Until now, we have seen how to streaming services works with Netflix as an example. Now, let’s get into the article on how to start a streaming service like Netflix.

How to Start a Streaming Service of Your Own:

To create the best streaming service, like Netflix. You have to follow the below process to move forward.

Steps to Follow

1: Choose the right strategy to start a streaming service like Netflix.

2:  Prepare the Proper business Model.

3: Use a bunch of technologies to create streaming services like Netflix.

4: Add your own style and features to make your service look different from others.

5: Include all requirements to improvise your service.

6: Keep your app up to date to stay ahead of the competition.

Choose the right Strategy to start a streaming service like Netflix:

Every business needs to have a proper plan. Similarly, you need the right Strategy to launch a streaming service like Netflix. In this article on how to start a streaming service like Netflix, you will know all the details about the right Strategy.

  1. Pick your Niche:

At the start, you should focus on a niche to create a streaming site. Firstly, you should determine what niche you will focus on? Along with that, you also have to look at which type of streaming you will choose.

In general, most people prefer video streaming services, and they are on-demand as well. So, to start and attract the audience towards your streaming site, you have to pick a niche such as “Adventure, Sci-fi, and more.”

You can even choose what type of TV Programs your streaming site will contain and more. Mostly, people pick a specific niche to attract those audiences. For example, if you want to focus on kids, then you can create cartoon specific and kid focus videos in your streaming site.

It is always vital to make your choice at the start. Of course, it’s your decision. You can create multi-niches as well, but you should have a lot of budgets and do a lot of work on the site, but the specific niche can improve your chances of attracting the correct audience.

  1. Create your Content to Start a Streaming Service:

Firstly, when you have completed selecting a particular niche, you have to plan to create your content. Here the content is always crucial because it is the foundation of the streaming services. So, it all depends on the content if it’s attractive, then users will never opt out of your services.

So, make your choice how often you will update your new content ex: weekly, daily, or monthly. You have to think about other aspects as well, is your content free or users have to pay for watching the videos? And so on. These are only a few crucial issues still there are a lot more, which I will be covering in the below points of how to start a streaming service post.

  1. Get a License for your Streaming Service Content:

If you’re striving to start a video streaming service, then you should be cautious with this licensing. For that, you need to follow some rules and regulations as we all are under the law.

Usually, you have to get licenses for all types of streaming content which you plan to stream on your website. If you’re wondering how to get a License? Then follow the below points.

  • Firstly, there are two ways to get the License for streaming content for public usage. You might rent the movies directly from the distributor, who is authorized to grant you access to such licenses.
  • Secondly, you have to contact the copyright holder directly to get their permission.

All these two options depend on your licensing types, as well.

If you are planning to rent a TV series or movie, then you have to get rights from the distributors in your respective country. In the USA, you can go to SWANK Motion Pictures, Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, and more.

If you want to go with another option means directly head over to the studio and negotiate with them and bring the License you need at the best price.

Note: Make sure you are specific with licenses before you purchase them. There are quite a lot of types of permits, so be perfect in choosing them.

  1. Think about appearance and design:

Make a proper decision on how your website design should be and how your app style should be. Usually, people have their own views when they think about streaming services. So, come up with a unique design which you love so that it might be useful for your visitors as well.

Generally, you have two ways to create your style:

  • One way, you can find a similar style to Netflix with some ready-made templates and develop site accordingly
  • Secondly, build your website from scratch to get your own style. For this, you have to take the help of Software Development Company or freelance developers.

Most of the people often go with the second option. Because building an application from scratch can help them make their own presence felt in the streaming industry.

  1. Use all platforms:

It’s always best to use all the platforms while you are creating a streaming service. Target all the platforms such as Android, IOS, windows, and more. Never forget to create a mobile app because there are a hell lot of people access streaming services from their mobiles.

If you are planning something big, then you should work on a native mobile app for IOS / Android. Also, plan to build a responsive and more personalized app to attract users.

  1. Promote your app and focus on your users:

After planning everything, the last step you have to think about is who your target audience is. How you should make them visit your site and so on.

For that, you can use the below methods:

  • Promote your videos on all popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Use the power of YouTube to build your brand.
  • Send newsletters or make use of email marketing to attract users towards your website content.
  • You can advertise your website to get more audience.

By doing this, you can find your audience. Then you can plan the business model and monetize it accordingly.

How to Start a Streaming Service of Business Model:

All businesses should have their business models when they launch their business. As you are new to the streaming industry, you can follow the Netflix business model.

Although it does not get you immediate success but you can make money after you get proper presence. If your primary motive is to create an active streaming service like Netflix, then you have to work harder and smarter to make profits.

Firstly, to monetize any platform, you have to create a streaming service with unique content or licensed content. Nobody really wants to pay for content that is already available for free. So think differently and come up with the best content and begin to develop your new business.

Now, most of you might be worried about how to monetize your streaming service. If yes, then follow the below ways to monetize your site.

Monetization Model Start a Streaming Service:

If you’ve created a streaming service, then you can monetize your video platform with a subscription-based model. If your streaming service got clicked, then you can “propose variable plans according to your viewers.”

Ex: Charge then monthly or yearly subscription charge.

As you are beginning from scratch, you should offer a “free trial version” for a month or some period. This can help users to know about your service, and some might even get addicted to it.

If your popularity increases, meaning you can propose new models such as access to a new video library or allow to the special section. This gives you more options to control monetization.

Here are some of the plans for Monetization Model:

  • Create spate plans for users.
  • Free trial version.
  • Automated Payments on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Update discounts.
  • Video Advertising.

Along with these, you can consider multi-currency support to receive an amount from different places in their local currency.

When it comes to the monetization process, always make sure you plan correctly. If you’re looking for long term business, then you shouldn’t be afraid of losing money in the short term investments.

You can optimize your earnings later on by measuring your clients. If you generally notice a more active user base, then they are more likely to pay for your streaming services. So, you can get a good income from them for a longer period. Carefully track the statistics and act accordingly.

Spend for your future:

It’s always best to spend the amount on your future. The marketing campaign is the best way to develop your business. But always remember you shouldn’t overspend on marketing expenses without getting the outputs.

Netflix has been a popular streaming network and profitable company, mainly because of its planning. They follow a good marketing strategy with critical factors; that’s why they succeed and earn profits.

Step 3: Use a bunch of technologies to create streaming services:

In general, to create a streaming service like Netflix, you have to go through a lot of coding and development processes. Although if you hire a freelancer to do your job, then you don’t have to go through this point. If not, then you should use a bunch of technologies and tools to create an SVOD platform.

Let’s check out what technologies are used to create this streaming service:

  • Programming language: Java, Python, Swift, JavaScript, Kotlin.
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, Cassandra.
  • Frameworks: js
  • Cloud Storage: Amazon S3
  • Cloud Hosting: Amazon EC2 or another similar service.
  • JS Libraries: WinJS, react.
  • Big Data as a service: Amazon EMR.
  • Operating System: FreeBSD, Server Nginx.

Tools Developers has to use:

  • Github for code collaboration and version control.
  • Jenkins for Continuous Integrations.
  • Apache Mesos for server management
  • Sumo Logic for Log Management.

Usually, there is a broad set of tools that can be used to create a streaming service. If you can’t do all the tasks, then you can give away this task to organizations or freelancers.

Estimation for Netflix-like streaming service:

In general, video streaming services will have heavy back end work mainly for processing the streaming data transfer. Most of you might be interested to know about the cost of the development for video streaming websites like Netflix then the simple answer for you is it depends. As Netflix is a huge company, they spend a lot of development and continuous updates.

As you are new to the field, video streaming cost heavier than other works. If you are a beginner, you have to use only the main features to reduce its cost. You can add additional features when your business is up and running. If you have enough funds in your hand, then you can easily add other elements.

The average estimation to develop and run Netflix like the app is around $30,000. If we can cut off some features and reduce some features means you can get It around $25,000.

Main Features and Development Cost Estimation:

  • User Registration & Login Development: $500 – $600 Freelancers can do it at – You can get them in up work or other portals.
  • Payment Gateway: $2000 – $2200
  • If you want to cut down this cost, then you have to use a customized gateway platform that is provided by PayPal, CC Avenue, and so on. You have to pay around per setup, and it takes a commission.
  • User Profile & Content Search: $2500 Most of the cases, some start-ups Quotes less amount you can check that with start-ups.
  • Chat, comments & Push Notifications: $3500 – $5000 (this purely depends on the design and other aspects)

As you are just starting a streaming service, you can avoid most of the development options. This is estimation of how to start a streaming service like Netflix.

Include all requirements to improvise your service:

As you are building a video streaming service, you should include all the requirements to improvise your service. To make your site more functional, you should have enough storage. Cloud hosting will be the perfect choice for you to safeguard your video content.

So, make sure you always trim your videos perfectly to provide the best and faster experience for users. Also, as a streaming service website, you should use the Content Delivery Network to create stable connectivity at the servers properly. So, your content will not be overloaded and will be accessed by users at a shorter request.

High Bandwidth and Security: If you want to serve your user effectively means you should have a high bandwidth connection. So, make sure you use high and stable bandwidth. Along with that, you should protect your streaming service from all the unwanted intrusions from third parties. Apart from these, you should make sure about SSL encryption, domain restrictions, Geo-restrictions, and more.

Always be upto date with updates to make your site work perfectly. By following the above process you can start a streaming service. Apart from these, you have to spend for IOS and Android apps.

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