Top 15 Best and Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2018

Free Sports Streaming Sites
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In this modernized world, sports is apparently playing a different role. In fact, sports are the most popular term on the internet, and I think I really don’t have to say anything about the craze of that word.

Usually, Thousands of people love playing games, and billions of people enjoy watching sports. In today’s life you can see lots of people who are keeping their work aside and watching their favorite games on TV or online that’s the real popularity of the game.

These days most of the people are even more curious to watch their favorite sports on TVs. But not all of them can watch their favorite games on TV, so they often prefer watching online either from their offices or on their mobiles, etc.

So, most of the people are always searching for the best Free Sports Streaming sites to watch their favorite sports. Some people are still busy with their work and life schedule. Those types of people don’t get enough time to watch their games as well.

So, those types of people also try to watch sports in their free time or during their travel time and so on.

So for all those people who are curiously searching to watch their favorite team playing in the office and other public Free Sports Streaming sites networks. I have compiled you an exclusive list of best sports streaming websites of 2018.

By accessing these Free Sports Streaming sites, you can watch your favorite player playing on his or her team. With these helpful sites you can watch your favorite sports anywhere you like. Here all you need is a device to access the internet and a net connection. You can use an Android phone, IOS, PC, Laptop and even tablets as well.

We’ve put together this list of streaming sites with thanks to our readers!

So, let’s get into the list of top 15 best free sports streaming sites of 2018.

Top 15 Best Free Sports Streaming sites:


Sports Streaming Sites stream2watchStream2watch is one of the most prominent free sports streaming sites presently available to stream online. In this site, you can watch all your favorite live sporting events. Here all you have to do is visit and just go to the home page. In the homepage, you can see all the live streaming events in a proper list.

This site has good user navigation and conventional site structure. Apart from that, it is a user-friendly site. So quickly choose your favorite sports by clicking on the header and check the schedule.

On this site to watch the live stream, you should click on the watch now button. After clicking on the button, you can start your live stream.

Although this is an excellent Free Sports Streaming site, the sad thing about this stream is it is having a lot of clutter in the form of advertisements. You can see lots of annoying pop-ups on this site which generally frustrate the users. The excellent plus point of this sports site is it will have multiple sites links for every live sports event.

  1. Watch ESPN:

Watch ESPN is one of the crowd’s favorite and highly recognizable free live streaming site. This Free Sports Streaming site is a sponsored site of ESPN channel, and they do their best to maintain this best sports streaming site.

Sports Streaming Sites

If you like to stream your favorite games such as basketball, football, and other games means this is the best option. Here in watch ESPN, you can stream most of your favorite sports in live streaming which are mainly covered by ESPN coverage.

This site has a user-friendly interface and navigation system, so you don’t have to worry about misleading ads and other problems.

As you enter into this site, you can have a glance at three options those are live now, upcoming, replay.

Now you can quickly access running games in live now option. Apart from that, You can see the upcoming matches in the forthcoming section. If you are eager to watch the completed game, then you choose the replay option to replay the game.

Most of the people might be interested in watching a few sports options. If you are the one, who is interested in viewing specific sports. Then you can quickly go to the game shows option, and you can set your favorite sports such as cricket, basketball, etc. So that you can see those specific sports updates in the three sections.

If you want easy navigation option, then you can search easily from ESPN site. You can explore all the games with three possibilities those are dates and sports events.

That’s the reason why I have included this in the best free sports streaming sites list. The only minus point of this site is it only shows all games which are covered by ESPN channels. Apart from that, It won’t include others channels, so this is the frustrating point for few users.

  1. Boss Cast:

Boss cast is another best live streaming site where you can watch your all your favorite sporting events from the various sports channels such as NFL new network, ESPN, ESPN2, NBA TV, NFL Network, NBA Network, Golf Channels and so on.

Boss Cast Sports Streaming Sites

This popular site is having more than 20 sports channels on its back. You can simply watch all these sports channels by visiting site. It is similar to the other sports streaming sites; it displays all the upcoming and live sports events on the homepage.

To browse freely, you should set your time zone on this site so that it can show the schedule accurately. Boss cast focus is on the US-based audience so you can enjoy all the NBA action live on this site.

If you are the fan of NBA sporting events and races, you will never miss this site because it is having all your favorite sports collection. In fact, this is the first choice for the US-based sports & activities.

This site is rapidly increasing its presence day by day, and it is getting even more exposure than other live streaming sites. That’s why I have mentioned these sites.

  1. Ten Sports Live:

Ten Sports is another crowd’s favorite sporting channel. It usually offers the online sports streaming. In this site, you can quickly stream all the live events, which are broadcasted by the ten networks.

Ten Sports Live Sports Streaming Sites

This is another channel where you can see all the broadcast of soccer games and racing events more. If you are the fan of the football game and WWE events means, you should not miss this “ten sports live” site. Apart from these, you can see racing events as well.

If you are not having access to the ten sports channel at your residence or home, then you can watch out that sporting event online. Along with that if you missed any live match means you can go back and check the matches as well.

Apart from that, you can also see the highlights package of most of the matches in ten sports YouTube channel. But this YouTube facility is accessible for a few countries only. If you can’t access YouTube means, use VPNs and connect from the USA.

  1. VIP League:

VIP League is another site you have to be looking at for western sporting events. It is one of the best streaming sports channels, which is presently available.

VIP League Free Sports Streaming Sites

You can quickly watch sports such as cricket, soccer, hockey, baseball, Motocross racing, boxing, rugby, AFL, Golf, Badminton, Table tennis and so on. This user-friendly site is also available in other languages such as Francis, Dutch, etc.

This site quickly allows you to check out all the upcoming sports events. Apart from that to you can change the theme of the site if needed. So that you can quickly spot all the sporting events & live channels in a single place.

VIP league is having unique features such as changing theme and chat box etc. but the main drawback of this site is it is blocked in lots of regions. That’s why most of the people struggle to access this site. But if you know how to use VPN means you can just do that. It is always best to locate these types of sites with the help of VPNs.

  1. Hotstar Sports:

If you want to experience perfect live streaming experience, then you have to visit hotstar. Hotstar is a video platform, which has everything on thin. As you are searching for sports events, you can make use of the hotstar sports.

Hotstar Sports Free Sports Streaming Sites

This site will give you full access to the start sports network. You can watch every league which is available on the star sports network. Apart from that, you can see some official league broadcasted in its live stream.

The main drawback of this site is it will only show selected leagues. Apart from that, it has a premium membership account. If you want to watch any live stream means you will get five mins delayed telecast?That is why many people try to skip this site for live telecasts. Most of the people visit this for watching highlights and other clippings.

  1. FromHot sports site:

From hot is another cool site where you can enjoy free live streaming. In this site, you can watch all your favorite live games of different sports categories such as Soccer, tennis, hockey, Golf, Basketball, baseball, Racing games, etc.

This is a user-friendly site with the decent user interface and navigation. You can have a glance at the live streaming list from the homepage itself. To browse all the sporting events firstly, you have to set your time zone. Then click on the sports you want to watch to get the accurate timing of the sports event.

This Sports Streaming Site is an excellent site to catch up all the live streaming sports through online. Whenever you go to the home page, you can find out the massive list of live sports streaming sites.

Here all you have to do is pick the best sports you like and enjoy the sports watching it. As this site is a free site, you really don’t have to pay a thing for other premium networks. Apart from that you can even chat with other members and enjoy the sports with a friendly and healthy discussion.


The next best free sports streaming site on this list is If you are real fan cricket who strive to watch every game of cricket, then your best stop is

It is a great place to watch live sports streaming online free. This site is having always deliver the best quality live streaming along with that you will have a wide range of options to select.

Apart from cricket, you will also find other sports such as football, boxing, basketball, baseball, and racing. This Sports Streaming Site is regularly updated, and it offers a chat box right next to the live streaming so that you can happily chat with others.

  1. is another sports streaming site, which is useful to watch all the live sports. The Sports Streaming Sites, great user interface and it is also helpful in finding live sporting leagues. You can watch games like football, basketball, table tennis, beach volleyball, hockey on the

This Sports Streaming Site provides you with HD streaming option free, but the only problem you will face on this site is the excessive ads. Although it gives a good range of live links, but some of the links won’t work.

The distinctive feature of this Sports Streaming Site is its mobile-friendly design. Along with the mobile design if you create an account with the laola1. TV means you can watch movies as well.

  1. Sony Liv:

Sony LivSony Liv is another best free sports streaming network available online. You can watch high-quality sports streaming with this Sonyliv. This is very much similar to the Hotstar sports network. In hotstar sports network you will see all the games, which are, telecasted by star sports but in Sonyliv you can watch all the sporting event which are covered by the Sony network.

This user-friendly site has a dedicated mobile app. Apart from that, it is also having a full range of movies collection & tv serials collection.

Coming to the live streaming, this sony liv is also, five mins slower than the original live stream. If you want to access live without any delayed time means you have to purchase the premium membership where you can access live stream without any delay.


This is another free live sports streaming site, which can help you to watch free live sports streaming. Just first row sports is almost identical to the other sports streaming sites the only difference between this site and other sites is the video quality.


This site is having low-quality video streaming than other sites. Although this site has a high-quality video option, it will not work correctly that’s why I have mentioned this site in the last half of the list.


The is a live sports streaming website, which offers the right amount of live streams such as football, hockey, basketball, tennis, baseball, boxing and motor racing, etc.

The leading minus of this is the excessive ads. For every click, we’ll get one or two popups which always test users patience levels. However, as it produces high-quality live streaming, I am listing that site in this list.

  1. All sport-live-net:

If you are searching for best live free streaming sites options for hockey, football and basketball mean this is the best place. This site is not having live cricket streams. Although it produces few live links in most cases, those live links won’t work.

So, if you want to watch live streaming of football, basketball and hockey games means you can happily browse this site because you will get high-quality live streaming.

Along with that, you don’t need to create an account for this site. Apart from that, it is having lots of language supports as well.

  1. is a typical site, which has good amount links, which helps you to watch live sports streaming. In this site, almost 20% of site links will not work as they always take us to the advertisement sites rather than the primary video streaming option. That’s why I don’t like about this site.

Although it has excessive ads, it has high-quality video streaming options. Apart from that, it is also useful sometimes because when every link is down this Sports Streaming Sites links works. That’s the specialty of this site.


Batmanstream.netThere is nothing left to say about this site. It is similar to the other simple live Sports Streaming Sites. You can check out all the live-streamed matches of the sports such as rugby, tennis, motorsport, handball and so on in high quality streaming.

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That’s the list of top 15 best free Sports Streaming Sites.

You have seen all the 15 best free sports streaming sites. Now it’s your turn to try them.

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