HP Sprocket Plus Pocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Plus
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All that there is to know about HP Sprocket Plus! HP launched its first portable printer- The Sprocket predecessor back in 2017. Now HP has recently launched the HP sprocket plus. With a few tweaks and a few improvements, HP brings to you the Plus version of the Sprocket. As usual, the Sprocket Plus comes with its own battery so you don’t have to lug around a cable for use. It also uses the samezink tech for printing, which basically means no more ink needed for taking all your fav pics.

The latest in Updates with the new HP Sprocket Plus:

The biggest change that has come with the new HP Sprocket Plus has come in the form of size of pics that it can take. The Sprocket Plus prints images which are 2.3 by 3.4 inches in size. This is 30% more than what is predecessor prints.

To get that full and colorful image it takes less than a minute to print.

Print Quality with the HP Sprocket Plus:

The HP Sprocket Plus does print some good pictures but not of the quality you would expect from a larger sized photo printer. At $150, you’re still getting a good enough deal when it comes to printing your memories.

The HP Sprocket Plus is accompanied with an App:

Like all modern tech these days, the HP Sprocket Plus is accompanied with an app. This app is downloadable from both iOS and Android for free and allows you to pick your favorite pictures from your phone’s gallery or Instagram.

What’s more is that the app contains filters, frames that you can choose from before printing and also photo editing software that you can use to edit your picture with, before printing.

Weight of the Sprocket Plus:

The Sprocket Plus is light enough for you to tote around in your bag. It weighs in just around 204g. The internal battery of the HP Sprocket Plus charges using a micro USB.

On a single charge you can get anywhere up to 25 photos printed. You even get 10 photo sheets free with the Sprocket Plus. You can buy further sheets later, in packs of 20 after you run out of the original bunch.

Where the Sprocket originated:

Going hand in hand with the selfie trend, which is all the rage these days, many companies started making printers which could print photos wirelessly. But none of them were pocket friendly in that I mean that none of them fit in the pocket.

Then came along the HP Sprocket, which was pocket friendly, if you know what I mean. Measuring less than a 5 inch smartphone, it fits easily into one’s pocket. HP came up with the printer for the “millennials” with their new HP Sprocket.

Cool Thing about Zink Tech:

The HP Sprocket Plus as well as its predecessor prints images using zink tech which means zero ink tech. The HP Sprocket plus comes with zink photo sheets that already has crystals embedded in the sheets which the printer heats up to lay color.

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