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Why Phone Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi- How to Fix It?

Why Phone Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi- How to Fix It?
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Generally, when the phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi, it is not a significant issue as in most cases, the problem can be solved. But the issue may irritate you if it appears while watching any essential live stream or downloading a time-limited file.

Is your WiFi connection unstable? Then, follow our guide to know how you should fix the issue. Before doing this, you need to understand why you face the problem on your mobile. The mobile itself, WiFi router, temporary network glitches, the device used for mobile hotspot, etc., can cause the Phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi issue.

How to Solve Phone keeps Disconnecting from WiFi Issue: 

  1. Restart Your Phone:

It would help if you rebooted your mobile before fixing the Phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi issue with other solutions. The reason may be a temporary software/hardware glitch for the WiFi connection problem. Try to restart your device to handle the issue. Begin the method, and then you are required to tap on the restart button that is available on the device. Whether WiFi gets disconnected continuously and then reconnected, you should check the next solution.

  1. Remove And Reconnect to the Network:

Your smartphone usually stores the internet information while you connect to a WiFi connection first. It helps you connect to the internet, and you don’t have to enter the password again. However, it might not happen also. Hence, your job is to re-establish the connection manually. You are required to “forget” the WiFi network and “reconnect” it to the network from scratch. We have given here can vary on different Android devices and versions.

  • First, your task is to swipe the display down two times from the top of your display to open the Quick Settings.
  • Then, you are required to tap on the WiFi tile for a while as it assists in opening the WiFi network settings.
  • Next, you should tap on the network that you want to connect to. The option is available under the “Saved networks” option.
  • You need to hit the Forget option when you choose the WiFi name. Thus, you are capable of removing the network from the device.
  • Finally, you have to choose the network under “Available Networks,” and now your task is to connect it again using the password.
  1. Forget Old & Other WiFi Networks:

Usually, devices try to connect with the best network if they connect earlier. It indicates that if there are many WiFi networks available, your device can go from one to another (Earlier, the phone had to be connected with at least once).

Sometimes, while offering the best and fastest network connection around, your device can face issues. The error happens in such cases mostly. If you are willing to solve and enjoy the recent WiFi network, ensure that you have forgotten all the networks. As a result, your mobile can focus on a specific network at a time. You need to follow the steps given above to forget the networks. If you’re willing, then navigate to the Settings, System, Reset options, and Reset WiFi, respectively. Then, you have to move to the Mobile & Bluetooth section to remove the networks at a time. 

  1. Restart WiFi Router:

You can reboot your router while WiFi keeps disconnecting on your mobile. Generally, it helps reset your router’s hardware and solve the internet glitch.

It is advised to disconnect the power source when the router is connected to a power source. Then, you should keep this for a minute and connect it again. Thus, you can refresh your system.

Whether you use a battery-powered router or Mi-Fi, you can see a power button available on the hardware. You should use the button to switch off the router. However, if you are willing, check the user manual to see the process of rebooting. Besides, if you connect your device with a Mobile Hotspot, you should reboot your device. Finally, you need to connect your device to the network to check if the error works.

  1. Move Closer to the WiFi Network Source:

Apart from the issues related to your router and device, having a long-distance WiFi network can also cause the problem. If your WiFi keeps disconnected, make sure that your device is within the range of connection.

Check whether your device is too far from your network or not. You need to watch the WiFi signal quality on the status bar to do this. If the signal quality is low, you might have to move closer to the router.

If you are using a home network, move the router to the place where it can serve the network to the entire house. But if the network type is public, go to the network source a little more.

  1. Try Switching The Router’s AP Band:

When you change the range of WiFi to 2.4 GHz rather than hanging around the router always, it can help you. If you have the 5GHz band, it offers you a quicker network speed, but the range is lower than the traditional 2.4GHz band. Hence, switch your router to a lower AP band if you want. In this case, you might need to know the details about your router settings. Whether your device is attached to a Mobile Hotspot of an Android phone, perform the steps to change your AP band.

  • You are required to swipe the display down two times from the top of the display for opening the Quick Settings.
  • Now, you need to tap on the Hotspot tile.
  • Then, tap on the Hotspot settings.
  • After that, your job is to click on the AP Band and then change this to 4GHz.
  • Finally, your task is to save the settings in your hotspot. Then, you have to reconnect the android device to it to see the changes.
  1. Disable Network Auto-Switch:

The network auto-switch feature is one of the great features available on recent Android mobiles. If you turn on the feature, it enables your mobile to switch between WiFi network and mobile data. Whether you get seamless connectivity or not depends on the connection’s speed.

  • If your WiFi connection is weaker, it can be a reason for the error. You should disable the WiFi Auto-switch feature if it is turned on. If you are willing, then allow this to inform you before you switch.
  • Tap on the WiFi tile for a while from the Quick Settings.
  • Then, you need to tap on the WiFi preferences from there.
  • To turn off the feature, your job is to disable the “Auto switch to mobile data” to turn off the feature. If necessary, then turn on the “Ask before switching” option. Thus, you can prevent WiFi from disconnecting without your permission.
  1. Reset WI-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth Settings:

Try to reset the network settings to solve the network-related issues on Android mobiles. However, no information will be lost in this process.If you reset the network preferences on your device, then details about the WiFi settings, saved networks, paired Bluetooth devices, mobile network settings, etc., will get eliminated.

Perform these steps to reset the network preferences on your android device.

  • You are required to fire the Settings up first.
  • Then, you need to scroll the page down and tap.
  • Hit the Reset options after that.
  • Choose the Reset WiFi, Mobile & Bluetooth option carefully.
  • You are required to hit the option RESET SETTINGS available under the display for confirmation.
  • Finally, your job is to connect to the network again. But to do this, you need to input the details to see if it is not more disconnected.
  1. Update Mobile and the Router’s Firmware:

If the above fixes don’t help you solve the wifi disconnects frequently android issue, try to update your devices. The reason may be simple software due to which the error occurs, and it can be solved sometimes through updates.

You can easily install updates for the router as the process is straightforward. In this case, you must check the users’ manual first. Then, your job is to move to the manufacturer’s site.

Perform the steps to update your android mobile.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Settings app and launch it.
  • Then, choose the option System.
  • Next, you are required to tap on the System Update or Software Update.
  • Now, your task is to tap on the option Check for update.
  • If it is available, download the version and install it afterward.
  1. Disable Apps Conflicting with the WiFi:

A few applications can disconnect your device from a WiFi network. VPNs, Antivirus apps, and WiFi Prioritizing apps are a few instances. If you have apps like these, then disable them for a while to check if the android wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting error is fixed.

  1. Interference from Other Devices:

Other devices in your home might interfere with the router. However, you might not realize the signal. Devices like Cordless phones, smart TVs, microwaves, Bluetooth, and other nearby routers may have signals which interfere with WiFi.

If any of these devices are close to your device, it can be the culprit. Hence, one thing you can do is change the channel used by your router. When you use WiFi Analyzer apps (iPhone, Android), it displays the most channels. Now, you can use a less-frequented band in your router.

Then, ensure that your device is connected with the router’s 5 GHz band. You can see multiple routers with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to select. 

  1. Too Many Devices on the Network:

Your network may be connected with multiple devices. Therefore, it is common to keep many devices connected to WiFi. You have to think about the maximum number of devices your router allows to connect at once.

Whether you have included a few new Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your house or more people than usual are using your WiFi, then you can assure that the router has reached its limit. However, you can change the number of devices connected to the limits.

The process relies on the manufacturer of your router. Plenty of methods is there to know the number of devices available on the network.

The limit for connected devices in most routers is very high when there is a limit. If you think it is a problem, you need to know how to adjust your specific router model settings.

  1. Router is Misbehaving:

Your router can also behave abnormally. In this case, performing a normal reboot can help you fix the phone keeps connecting and disconnecting from wifi issue.

In case it doesn’t help you, then check the router. Sometimes, the router becomes too warm to touch, or the wires may not be connected to your router and modem.

  1. Check Recently Installed Apps:

When you install apps, it can interfere with the connection. Hence, you should check whether you have installed any firewall, VPN, or connection booster app. If you have any of these, you should remove these first.

  1. Boot into Safe Mode:

Booting your device into Safe mode helps you verify if a third-party app is causing the issue. The Safe Mode on Android can temporarily turn off all your third-party apps and allow the device to start using the default system apps.

If you are willing to boot your device into safe mode, then you need to tap on the power button for a while. As soon as the power-off icon appears, tap on the icon and then hold this for one or two seconds. You should confirm while it is prompted to boot into safe mode.

  1. Turn Off WiFi+ Feature:

In most cases, recent Android devices have a WiFi+ feature. As soon as you turn this on, the device can switch between WiFi and phone data ( signal strength depending factor).

It may offer you seamless connectivity, but due to this feature, you can face the issue also. Therefore, you should disable the WiFi+ feature if it is turned on. Perform the steps to do so.

  • You should head towards the Settings first on the mobile and then open it.
  • Then, your task is to navigate to the Wireless and Networks section.
  • Next, your job is to tap on the WiFi and More Settings option.
  • You should now disable the WiFi+ Feature.

However, the feature may not exist on your mobile. Besides, the steps can vary depending on the model and make of your mobile.

  1. Stay Connected While Asleep:

Most Android devices have a battery-saving feature that turns off all data connections to save the battery power in sleep mode. As soon as you turn it on, the phone can disconnect from WiFi and mobile networks automatically after you enter Sleep mode for a while.

Your device may have features like this. If there is any, then you should enable them by default. In this case, you can see the options such as “Stay Connected While Asleep” or “Keep WiFi on during sleep” in the Settings. After that, you are required to navigate to the Wireless & Networks, WiFi and Settings, and Battery option, respectively. You need to turn it off.

  1. Need Necessary Equipment:

Rebooting and repositioning are not going to help you always. Therefore, you can use new technology. Whether you rent from the WiFi provider, check two times to confirm using an up-to-date version. 

  1. Check Router Settings:

Make sure that your phone is capable of connecting to the WiFi network. If not, then your mobile cannot maintain a connection with the network. Therefore, you should move to the router’s admin dashboard or app. Thus, you can confirm if your device is blocked. Remove from the blocked list if it is there.

  1. DFU Restore Your iPhone:

Whether you use iPhone, then put it in DFU mode to fix the issue, and then you should restore. The process removes all codes from the iPhone and then reloads them to solve any serious software problem.

  1. The Network Might Be Down:

Sometimes, the network server may be slow or down. Hence, wait for a while till the network is stable. You should try using the WiFi on your laptop, friend’s phone or other electronic devices to check if it works. If this is not the case, then the internet will remain slow at any place. If necessary, then take the help of the internet service provider. They will let you know what the problem is. Before doing something, you should ensure that the network is working.

  1. Something Blocking the Connection:

Keep the router in another place so that it can provide the signal. Usually, a decent WiFi signal is capable of penetrating thinner walls. When any thicker material comes, it can interrupt a connection. Radio signals, microwave signals, etc., may interfere with WiFi. If you can, then keep it in a place where you can keep your eyes.

You should adjust the router on a stand or table and ensure it is not on the floor. You can’t sit near the router whenever you use the WiFi. Therefore, you need to upgrade the network or use a signal extender if necessary. You won’t know the router’s location or use a public signal.

  1. Connect To Outdated Networks:

If your device has plenty of options for one network, it is better to drop the additionals. If there are multiple signals, your device may be connected to an older WiFi version without your permission. In this case, move to the WiFi menu and then tap the option “Forget” on each network you don’t need.

  1. Need An Update:

Move to the Settings menu first for both iOS and Android users. Then, check if any update is pending. You should install the update and then reboot the device. Sometimes, developers provide patches and updates. Therefore, whether your mobile has an older firmware version can create issues with the WiFi connection.

  1. A Permission Issue:

Hence, you are required to move to the “System” folder of your device, and then you should reset your WiFi. When you reset permissions, it will ask, “Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth.” Hence, tapping on this can solve the problem on the router’s side of things. Each router comes with different methods, due to which you should read the router’s manual to check the process of changing permissions.

Generally, you should move to a PC and then input a specific web address for accessing the router’s configuration page. Then, head towards the “Access Control” menu and then ensure that “MAC Address Filter” is off.

In this case, you will require the IP address of the router. Hence, you should write “cmd” in the search bar. After that, you should input “ipconfig” in the command prompt to pull up your router’s IP. In most cases, the IP will be

  1. Factory Reset Your Phone:

If you have any doubt, then you should reset the device to do this as previously. If you are sure that the WiFi is working correctly, then reset your device to the original factory state. Ensure that you have backed up all details. Then, you are required to navigate to the settings of your mobile. Afterward, hit the “Restore Phone” or “Reset to Factory Settings” options. Allow your device to revert to the actual settings. If the android phone keeps disconnecting from wifi problem is still there, then there may be an issue with the hardware of your mobile.


There can be many reasons for Phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi and reconnection problem. In this article, we have given a lot of fixes to resolve the wifi keeps disconnecting android issue. Try the other methods one by one, and then check if the WiFi connection is stable.


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