Quantum Computer Soon to Become a Reality

Quantum Computer
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A new type of computer, the quantum computer is soon to be a reality. Researchers are well on their way to making a billion dollar project a usable computer. This billion dollar quantum computer project based in Sweden will put it on the map. Right now scientists are in the process of recruiting the best in the industry to work on their billion dollar project. Quantum computers are supposed to have far greater computational powers than even your best supercomputers, making it high in demand in various fields.

The billion dollar quantum computer project is a ten year project based in Sweden and to researchers recruiting the right personnel for the project is paramount to its success. If this project goes ahead, it will make Sweden a power to contend with when it comes to quantum computers and it could very well start the second quantum revolution.

The first ever Quantum revolution:

It was somewhere in the 20th century when the first quantum revolution took place. Scientists learnt to use quantum mechanical properties of light and material. Fast forward to today and you have yourself the laser and transistor inventions that underpin today’s technology.

Now scientists have also learnt how to utilize atoms, electrons and photons at a quantum scale. Among the opportunities this opens up are those that have to do with quantum computers, interception proof communication and really sensitive measurements. Apart from all this, quantum computers can greatly enhance artificial intelligence, lead to more secure encryption methods and better designing of drugs and other materials.

Other companies on the way to making a quantum computer:

Many universities and companies including Google and IBM are all on the quantum computer bandwagon.

When it comes to quantum computers the smallest building block or foundation is the quantum bit and the principals surrounding the formation of this quantum bit is completely different from making computers today. What this really means is that in one quantum bit you can store a lot of data, so your average day quantum computer (or maybe not so average computer) will need only 50 -60 quantum bits to function.

But researchers in Sweden are planning to use their 10 year quantum project cycle to create a quantum computer with at least 100 quantum bits. What would one do with such a powerful quantum computer you say? These powerful quantum computers will be used in complex calculations and machine learning.

Improving the life of quantum bits used in quantum computer:

Quantum bits which are the foundation of quantum computer are extremely sensitive.  They collapse if there are any external disturbances. Researchers have therefore painted the inside of an experimental chamber black so that disturbing microwaves that happen to slip through the chamber are immediately absorbed by the black color.

Another significant issue faced by scientists is the process of linking various quantum bits together to perform complex calculation smoothly.

Apart from the above issues, getting many quantum bits to sit inside a quantum computer is easy enough but building a quantum computer within the budget is the main problem.

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