How to Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone and iPad

How to Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone and iPad

Are you an iPhone 10 user? Or your home button has screwed up on your iPhone/iPad? Or you don’t like always tapping the only physical button on the front side of your phone, because you believe that it will break? Here is the solution you are looking for!

We have come up with a better solution for your question: “How to add virtual home button on iPhone and iPad.”

There is no separate jailbreak required or any other hardware or software changes to be done in order to enable this feature. Whether if you are not familiar with all your Setting yet, there is an option called “Assistive Touch“.

Assistive Touch enables a virtualized home screen button that offers you to use multiple assistive features. In this post, you will learn about the assistive features and how to add virtual home button on both iPhone and iPad. Along with that, you will learn about more features in this post of adding a virtual home button.

How to Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone and iPad

As you are always striving to get the professional look on your iPhone and iPad. You can just make use of this post to create a stunning and professional looking virtual home button both on the iPhone and iPad devices. All you have to do is just follow the below process.

By following the below steps one by one you can simply enable your own Assistive touch feature.

  1. Firstly, Open “Settings” menu in your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Then go to “General” tab.
  3. From General, choose “Accessibility” tab.
  4. You will find an option called “Assistive Touch“. By default, it sets as Off.
  5. Toggle the “Assistive Touch” to ON position.

How to Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone and iPadBelow the Assistive touch toggle, you will find some customization options named as “Custom Actions”.

  1. Single-Tap
  2. Double-Tap
  3. Long Press
  4. 3D Touch

Next, tap on the “Single-Tap” option to proceed further. There you will again find multiple options. Each option performs individual actions. However, to enable Virtual home button, click on “Home”.

There you go, you can now find a small circle popping on your screen all the time. Simply press the button and you will be redirected to your home screen within one tap. It’s all simple right!!

How to Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone and iPad

Okay, but as we said before, there are lot more fun features that Assistive touch can do other than acting as Virtual Home Button. Let’s talk about them in the below article because there are worth watching.

You can use Assistive Touch to locate and adjust various settings on your device like Volume, Rotate Screen, Lock Screen, and many more. Go to the Assistive Touch menu and tap the setting you want to change.

If your iPhone/iPad is running iOS 11 or above, you can use Assistive Touch to turn your device off as well.

#1 Turn Off Device:

Now if you are wondering how to turn off your device then simply follow below steps:

  1. Open the Assistive Touch menu and click on Device.
  2. Touch and hold Lock Screen until “slide to power off” screen appears.

#2 Access Siri:

Also, you can access Siri with your virtual Assistive Touch feature. To use Siri, open the Assistive Touch menu and tap Siri.

Note:You will only see Siri on devices with from iOS 5 or later.

#3 Access Notifications:

To access your Notifications, open your Assistive Touch menu and select Notification Center.

#5 Control Center:

To enable the Control Center as well, the process is one and the same. Go to the AssistiveTouch menu and tap Control Center. From here, you will be able to do things like turn Bluetooth on and off, use Air Drop, snap photos, and more.

3D Touch using Assistive Touch:

If you are an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus or higher model user, you can use 3D Touch with Assistive Touch. By this time, you already would probably know what are things that you can do with your 3D Touch. It is one effective feature that offers you shortcuts to things you do frequently such as sending Messages, emails, and photos. To find 3D Touch, open the Assistive Touch menu and tap Custom.

With 3D Touch, a long tap will give you a sneak peek of the information you were viewing, for example, Message. A second tap pops you into a full view of the content.

To choose a 3D Touch gesture:

Firstly, you have to go to the settings and then you have to follow some steps to choose a 3D touch Gesture. As you are new to this 3D touch gesture. Just have a glance at the process below.

  • Hover over to the Settings tab and click it.
  • Then go to the General Tab
  • After that simply click on the Accessibility tab
  • Then you will find out the Assistive Touch–
  • Click on the Customize Top Level Menu option in that menu.
  • Then simply click on the useful 3D Touch Action.


With the newest generations of iPhones and iPads, Apple had decided to completely remove the Home Button and brought new gesture-based navigation into the play. Also, the world is running behind the new edge-to-edge display design which does not leave any room for Apple to continue the legendary home button with its newest models.

People who are the good old customers of Apple family who upgrades their phones to the latest iPhone X or newer were used to the home button and feels slight discomfort from using the gestures. For people like those and are not familiar with Assistive Touch feature, will probably feel like this is one of the best features that Apple has ever produced.

This is how to add virtual home button on iPhone and iPad. With these tips, you can quickly access and add any virtual home button on iPhone and iPad. I hope you all liked this post, if you have any doubts then do let us know in comments section below.

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7 Cool Ways to Bypass Secured Android Lock Screen

7 Cool Ways to Bypass Secured Android Lock Screen

Forgetting your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password is the biggest nightmare that one will ever face. Some might think that there is no way to retrieve your password back, and it’s time to send your Android phone to the service center.

If you’re the one, probably this article will help you like the DIY task of retrieving your password back as easy as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get into the  cool ways to bypass secured android lock screen.

Android Pattern Lock

Here is the 7 Great Tips to Bypass Secured Android Lock Screen

#1 Use Google’s ‘Find My Device’

The best way to bypass secured Android Lock Screen is through Google’s Find My Device. Most of you might not believe that you can bypass Android Lock Screen through Find my device. But the fact is you can do that but only if you have Android 7 or lower versions.

Find my device

If your phone currently runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat or lower, this trick will be the best bet to unlock your Android lock screen.

As long as you are logged into your Google account, you can use any device or computer to access the service, just visit this link to start the process of Unlocking your phone.

Step1:Just start the process by clicking the “Lock” button once Find My Device gets a fix on your Android phone.

If you find issue with finding your phone, click the refresh button next to phone’s name. If your phone is compatible, it will make a successful connection within 5 attempts.

Step2:After clicking, you will be asked to enter a new password that is the replacement for the pattern, PIN, or password that you forgot. Next, type the new password twice to confirm your choice, and then click the “Lock” button. That’s all done you are all set to unlock your Android lock screen using the new password that you have set here. Easy right!!

#2 Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

The other way to bypass secured Android Lock Screen is through the Find my mobile service in Samsung mobiles. As there are hell lot of people throughout the world using Samsung mobiles you can bypass secured Android Lock screen through Samsung find my mobile service.

Samsung find my mobile

If you are the Samsung mobile user, you are so lucky that you have the right service on the go to unlock your phone.

Unfortunately, without having a Samsung account you cannot use this service.

Step1: Once you have logged into your Samsung account, click the “Lock my screen” button in the bottom left-hand pane. Later, enter a new PIN in that and then click the “Lock” button at the bottom of the screen. Within a minute, your phone lock screen password should be changed to the PIN you entered, which you can use to unlock your device.

#3 Bypass Your Phone Using “Forgot Pattern” feature

You are having other awesome way to bypass your phone by using “Forgot Pattern” Option. I think most of you might think about this feature. Isn’t it?

This feature is by far one of the simplest among all the other steps that are mentioned in this article. In addition, this feature is available by default on almost all Android devices.

Generally, after a few failed attempts, a message will pop up saying, “Try again in 30 seconds”. Below the message, click on the option which says “Forgot Pattern”.

Then you need to give your Google account details. After choosing the same, enter the primary Gmail account and password you used to set up your Android device. Google will send an email with a new unlock pattern to the given Gmail account.

#4 Safe Mode to Bypass Third-Party Lock Screen

In this cool ways to bypass Secured Android Lock Screen Safe mode bypass is another option. If you are using a third-party lock screen application for your phone, you are on the safe side. Booting into safe mode is by far the easiest way to get the job done.

You can boot into safe mode by bringing up the power menu into the action from the lock screen itself, and then long pressing the “Power off” option. From here, choose “OK” whenever you asked if you’d like to boot into safe mode. This completes the process and your third party application will be temporarily disabled.  Reboot your phone to get out from the safe mode and you can successfully access your phone right away.

#5 Crash the lock screen User Interface

The other best way to bypass secured Android Lock screen is through the Crash the lock screen option. But, before getting in detail with this process, let’s talk about the 2 drawbacks with this process.

  1. This process involves crashing the lock screen UI to gain access to the rest of the phone’s interface that is not a proper method to bypass the lock screen.
  2. This method works only on devices running Android 5.0-5.11.

If you are okay and met the above two points, check the below process of bypassing the phone lock screen.

Step 1: To crash the lock screen UI, tap the “Emergency Call” option, and enter 10 asterisks through the dialer. Copy the same asterisks and paste them on the same dialer pad as long as you notice the paste option popping up is stopped.

Step 2: Return to the lock screen and tap on the camera shortcut icon. Drop down the notification bar and click the settings icon. This will prompt you to enter the password, you need to long press and select paste and keep on repeating which eventually will crash the lock screen.

#6 Use ADB To Delete Password File

ADB is another process to bypass secured Android Lock screen. Similar to the above method, this feature also has a drawback. But you feel that was not a drawback to your phone, this method definitely blows your mind because it’s as simple as just connecting your phone to your PC with one simple step required to set all the things right.


It only works only if the USB debugging is enabled on the phone from the past.


Connect your phone to your PC and the command prompt is then opened in the ADB installation directory. Simply, type the below command and click enter.

C:\Program files (x86) \Minimal ABD and Fastboot>abd shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Once you click enter just reboot your phone and you can access your device without any lock screen which is temporary. It is recommended to set a new password for your phone before any further reboot is done.

#7 Factory Reset

Finally, we have reached to the last way to bypass secured Android Lock Screen. Although it is the last option but its not the least option. It is as valuable as the other bypassing options.


So carefully have a glance at the bypassing Secured Android phone lock screen. Factory reset will do the trick for you, but you must be aware that this method will erase everything in your phone like apps, settings and other personal data on your device. Sad right? However, it all comes next when compared to unlocking your phone!

Follow the below steps to complete the process successfully and unlock your Android phone.

Step 1: Press the power button and volume down at the same time so that the Bootloader menu will open.

Factory Reset

Step 2: Go to the “Recovery Mode” and choose it by pressing the “Power” button.

Factory Reset

Steps 3: Hold down the power button and tap “Volume Up” once to enter “recovery” mode.

Factory Reset

Step 4: Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” by pressing the Power button.

Step 5: Select “Reboot System Now” once the process is done.

Surprise!! The data that was synced to your Google account previously will not be affected even after the Factory Reset process. You can re-sync the data to your phone again.

These are the best and cool ways to bypass secured Android Lock Screen. I hope you all got enough methods to bypass secured Android lock screen. Now, just try these and quickly resolve your issues with forgotten password with ease. So, what are you still waiting for head over to the top of the article and check which process you like most and try those on your respective mobiles to unlock your secured android lock screen else bypass secured Android Lock Screen.



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Google Releases Chrome 71 with Features to Block Abusive Ads

Google Releases Chrome 71 with Features to Block Abusive Ads

Google Chrome 71 Coming to your Desktop Shortly!

Google’s Chrome 71 is finally out of beta and is well on its way to Windows, Linux, Android and Mac desktops. This time around Google plans on removing abusive ad experiences from Chrome with Google Chrome 71. Now using Chrome will be easier as it will be free from malicious ads and one can escape from an overall bad experience.  The ads that appear on the current version of browser can sometimes be fake system dialog boxes popping up showing some warning or the other or deceptive controls with the option of closing the annoying ad and getting on with your work but which actually doesn’t work.

With this new version of Chrome, Google plans on getting ad agents (websites) to clear up their act or get blocked. With Google Chrome 71 this new feature promises to make our lives a lot more easier.

What the Google Blog told us last Month about Google Chrome 71:

Last month Google announced that it would start blocking malicious ads from Chrome with the advent of Google Chrome 71. They made the announcement after realizing that their current practice of removing and blocking malicious ads was not removing all the malicious ads and that some were falling under the radar.

Abusive ad experiences are those that are sometimes used by scams and phishing schemes and that were not blocked by Google’s current standards.  Site owners and such can see whether they are infringing on Google’s new standards and then get their act cleaned up or their website. They can do this by going to Google Search Console’s Abusive Reports experiences report to check whether they are safe or they need to make changes to their websites to remove the malicious ads.

After seeing that they in fact do have an infringement, they will be given 30 days to remove the malicious advert or risk getting blocked.

New payment Method with Google Chrome 71:

Google Chrome 71 also adds support for a new payment method whereby websites will now have to disclose whether information supplied by users will be for a subscription or for payments. Users will then have the option of going back or to proceed with supplying their details.

On the mobile, google chrome 71 will be splitting the Autofill and payments option into a separate payments section and Addresses and more section for easier understanding.

User Permission for Auto play audio on websites now required by Google Chrome 71:

Google Chrome 71 also comes with a new feature whereby user permission will be required for speech synthesis. This will be required so as to prevent ads, in the form of videos, on websites to start playing as soon as you open a website. Google Chrome will now require the permission of users to start playing the video before it actually starts playing.

This was something that was there before but since websites started using speech synthesis API, this had become an issue for Google to resolve which thankfully they have done with Google Chrome 71.

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15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018

15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018

No one wants to stay with the same home screen for quite a long time. If you don’t like the way your home screen looks like, then you can quickly change your home screen with the help of Android Launcher Apps.

In fact, most of the people are doing the same thing these days. They download the best android launcher app, and they will change their home screen as they like.

Now, It’s all happening because of the diverse set of features in Android launcher applications. If you strive to change your home screen with the best and beautiful android launcher apps, Then don’t worry you are at the perfect place.

Usually finding a perfect android launcher in the massive list of Android launcher apps is always a daunting task. But, you don’t have to go through all those when you have a glance at this article. Because I’ve got you covered with some useful and best Android launcher apps.

In this list, you will find out 15 Awesome Android Launcher apps of 2018. You can make use of this list and create the best home screen you like.

15 Awesome Android Launcher Apps of 2018:

1. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher Android Launcher AppsAction Launcher is the present trending Android Launcher app in Google Play Store. Most of the people use this stunning app just because of its extra features than the other Android Launcher apps. This Awesome app helps you add a wealth of colors to your device, and you can even customize the app with lots of customization options.

It is faster then lots of Android Launcher apps and lets you to quickly check out the app’s widgets without even creating the widget. That’s what best about this app, i have even included this app in Android Launcher apps of 2018 just because of that feature. Apart from that, you can also add lots of elements to your home screen to make your home screen look awesome.

Best features of Action Launcher:

  • Customizable dock search box.
  • Widgets on fingertips.
  • App shortcuts
  • Adaptive icon supports which help.
  • Weather Widget.
  • Google Now special integration.
  • Notification Dot’s support.
  • The quick theme: Helps to create a home screen with colors from your wallpaper.
  • Shutters
  • Smart-size icons and more.

This app has both free and premium versions. Its premium version costs around $4- $5. Action Android launcher has a 4.2 overall rating in the Google play store.

2. Evie Launcher one of the Best Android Launcher apps of 2018:

Android Launcher Apps -Evie LauncherThese days Evie launcher is improving its popularity with the help of its excellent performance. Most of the users are switching from other Android launchers to the Evie launcher be of its smoothness. It has some best universal search features which let your search help you with one place to the another. Evie is also having lots of features which can serve such as screen shortcuts, customizations and so on. In this launcher, you can even customize your app drawer and useful “folder grid” Feature.

Best features of Evie Launcher:

  • Evie has the universal search which can search inside all of your apps.
  • Fast and lightweight android launcher.
  • Quick navigation support.
  • Custom Shortcut feature.
  • Improved Customization features.
  • Lock your home screen icons.
  • App drawer and more.

Evie launcher is a free Android launcher you can use quickly without any trouble. It has a 4.7 overall rating in the Google play store as well.

3. Nova Launcher is evergreen & Best Android Launcher apps of 2018:

Nova LauncherDo I have to say anything about this popular Android Launcher? I bet you all might know about the Nova launcher because it is the best and most popular Android launcher which is used by thousands of users. Nova is the fast, lightweight and very efficient tool which supports notification badges, dock customizations and more. You can quickly enjoy dozens of features in Nova Launcher. This special launcher is available both in free and premium versions. Its premium versions unlock more exciting and useful features, and it is worth a try for any user.

Best features of Nova Launcher:

  • This tool has ICon themes.
  • Subgrid positioning changer.
  • Color controller.
  • Customize App drawer
  • Backup/ Restore option
  • Widgets in Dock
  • Import layout and so on.

Nova launcher is having 4.6 ratings in google play store. Its premium version cost around $5. It’s always worth a try so i have included that in this list of Android Launcher apps of 2018.

4. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another famous name in the Android Launcher apps. This app offers a great stock android look to the home screen with lots of advanced features. Apex launcher has been around the launchers for a very long time, and it has even topped the Android launchers list for few years as well. Similar to the Action launcher this app also has some extra features which help you to customize your device perfectly.

You can find some excellent scrolling habits, transition animations, a vast number of icons and scrolling docks as well. So, with all these fantastic features you can make use of this awesome Android Launcher App.

Best features of Apex Launcher:

  • Personalized themes and customization options.
  • Fast and secure Android Launcher.
  • Fancy transition effects are available.
  • Can optimize and hide elements as you like.
  • Choose the best background you like.
  • Hide apps from the drawer.
  • Advanced theme engine.

Apex has both free and premium apps. Its pro version cost $3.99, and it gives some extra features like security and all. This launcher has a 4.3 overall rating in the Google play store.

5. ADW Launcher 2:

ADW Launcher 2Most of you might not know about this Android Launcher, and some even think that it might be a boring launcher. But, frankly speaking, this app has many creative features which can test your customization abilities. Previous ADW Launcher always used to be on the top Android launchers list but after the developer stopped updating it has lost its place in top launchers. However, in recent times the ADW 2 Launcher has been launched with a massive amount of customization options and modern features. You can find all types of extensions and make your own widget features in ADW 2 Launcher.

Best features of ADW Launcher 2:

  • Dynamic User interface coloring option.
  • A new way to manage screens.
  • Add widgets and shortcuts with ease.
  • Fast scroll app with drawer style.
  • Best Desktop transitions.
  • New customizable Icon Badges.
  • Configure icon appearance, app drawer and folder appearance.
  • New Visual mode to configure.
  • Wrap folder mode option.
  • Simple App Drawer & Custom widget object.
  • ADWExtension pack for more customized widgets.

The Brand new ADW Launcher 2 is having two versions one is a free version, and another one is paid. Its premium version costs around $3.50 and has lots of creative features included in it. This app has overall 4.3 ratings on Google play store.

6. AIO Launcher:

AIO LauncherAIO Launcher is always different from other Android Launchers. It will not have colorful icons and animation effects and dramatic themes, but instead of those, it has a screen space option which shows you the most critical information. AIO can showcase things like missed calls, SMS, media player, notifications and so on. You can include almost every notification alert in this launcher.

Best features of AIO:

  • System monitor feature.
  • Control panel of AIO
  • Special Notification settings.
  • Player settings.
  • Frequent apps button.
  • Different customized themes.
  • ICon Back support.
  • Can change font size.
  • Quickly rename Apps.

The AIO launcher is available in the free version but if you want to have full control over the customization means you have to use its paid feature. Its paid feature costs around $1.99. AIO has dominated most of launcher apps rating; it has 4.5 overall ratings in Google Play store.

7. Hyperion Launcher:

Hyperion LauncherHyperion Launcher is a newbie in this android launcher world. The best part that impressed me about this launcher is its special features and its beautiful User interface which makes easy for anybody to access and customize their home screen.

You don’t have to be a techie to customize this easy to use the android launcher. You can find some useful features in this app such as icon shape changer, third-party icon support, theming elements and so on. This new launcher is consistent in delivering updates without any bloat. I found this launcher as a useful launcher, so I have kept this android launcher on this list.

Features of Hyperion Launcher:

You can customize its colors.

  • Can Change Folder background color
  • Search widget color.
  • Can change iconography
  • Full access to the typography.
  • Can change covers.
  • New Icon packs.
  • Hidden apps.
  • Scrolling wallpapers and so on.

This newbie is available both in free and premium versions. Its premium version cost is around $2.99, and it has a 4.2 overall rating in the Google play store.

8. Lawnchair Launcher:

Lawnchair LauncherLawnchair is another best Android Launcher to try in this list. It is a free and open source project from the mimics, and this launcher has the same look and feel of the Pixel Launcher. Most of the features are almost identical to the pixel launcher, but you can also find some additional features such as pack support, Notification dots, Adaptive icons and more. If you are searching for free android launcher app, then you should give a try. That’s why I have included this in Android Launcher apps of 2018 Post.

Best Features of Lawnchair Launcher:

  • Android Oreo Shortcuts.
  • Notification dots.
  • New icon pack support
  • Google Now integration.
  • Variable icon size changer.
  • Blurr User Interface.
  • Adaptive icons.

9. Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft LauncherIf you are searching for free and, official Android Launcher then checks out the Microsoft Android Launcher. It is a free Android launcher from Microsoft services and has a vast range of features and gesture controls on it. What’s the best thing about this app is its user interface? It is the most accessible app to customize than other clumsy apps. You can even integrate it with their windows PC as well. This Microsoft Android Launcher is free of cost, so you don’t have to pay anything for it. It has 4.6 overall rating in Google Play Store. That rating and reviews have made me include Microsoft launcher in this list of Android Launcher apps of 2018.

Best features Microsoft Launcher:

  • Access significant customizations at your fingertips.
  • Protect your contacts on the home screen,
  • Customize your look.
  • Personalized feed.
  • Even continue on PC.
  • Gesture customization and so on.

10. Smart Launcher 5:

Smart Launcher 5Smart Launcher is another interesting android launcher which has been around for years. But its new version of Smart Launcher 5 is impressive than all its older version smart launchers. You can find some interesting features in this smart launcher 5 such as intelligent search, app drawer, automatically detect and more. With all these, you can even find more in the smart launcher 5 prime version. Making your own custom categories is more comfortable with this user-friendly app.

Best features of Smart Launcher 5:

  • Impressive and Adaptive Icons.
  • The automatic app which has the sorting ability.
  • Ultra immersive mode helps you to maximize screen space.
  • Smart search can help you run the search quickly.
  • On-screen notification/
  • Inbuilt widgets.
  • Gestures and hotkeys.

This app has a 4.4 overall rating, and it is helpful in designing a perfect home screen. Its premium version costs up to $6-$7 and has more exciting features in prime version.

11. Lean Launcher:

Lean Launcher Android Launcher Apps Lean is another free android launcher which has earned lots of user base just with its impressive features. This App has healthy stock Android minimalism and also support best features as well. You can quickly activate features such as notification Dots, App shortcuts, icon Shapes, and show on. As this app is known for its customization features, you can use them as well. Although there are some bugs at the start of the creating but they have successfully resolved those bugs and made this app as a brand new app.

Best features of Lean Launcher:

  • Lean has notification dots features.
  • Can quickly change look and feel of the home screen.
  • You can edit apps in no time.
  • Gestures and Actions feature is available.
  • Shortcuts are available
  • Home screen rotation and so on.

The lean launcher is absolutely free, so you don’t have to pay anything for it. Apart from that, it has 4.5 overall rating in Google Play store.

12. Lightning launcher:

Android Launcher Apps of 2018If you want to try minimal android launcher with better performance, then you can use the lightning launcher. This is relatively new in this android launcher, but it has made its presence felt for everyone with its best features. It’s a lightweight software which has the ability to simply change anything on the home screen. So, you can make use of this easy to use the android tool.

Best features of Lightning launcher:

  • Has the ability to customize high changes.
  • Unique and limitless desktop
  • Edit as many as you can on Desktop.
  • Combine grid and positioning.
  • Quickly pin the items.
  • App drawer
  • tasker integration and more.

Lightning launcher only has a premium version which costs around $3, and it has a 4.4 overall rating in Google play store.

13. Next Launcher 3D Shell:

Next Launcher 3D ShellInterested in trying Go Dev 3D tools then try out the Next Launcher 3D shell. It is developed by the same team who has designed the GO Launcher. This launcher has 3D animation features which can help you to optimize your home screen quickly. Most of the people love the transition effects in this impressive app. You can spin your home screen around and also find the same you want with scroll option. Apart from these, you do have lots of other best features to get impressed with this app.

Best features of Next Launcher 3D Shell:

  • Special customization options.
  • 20 Special icons packs.
  • Different wallpaper of the topic.
  • New user interface.
  • Folder interface experience.
  • App drawer and more.

This app has both free and premium version. Its premium version cost around $6, and it has a 4.4 overall rating in the google play store.

14. TSF Launcher:

TSF LauncherTSF Launcher is yet another unique launcher app which is free of cost. It has some exciting features which are helpful in customizing the home screen. You can find some standard features like app drawer, unlimited dock bar, icon packs, widgets and more in this TSF launcher.

Best features of TSF Launcher:

  • TSF has fantastic animation effects.
  • Useful 3D home screen Switching mode.
  • Unlimited Dock.
  • Special batch icons.
  • Exclusive Widgets.
  • Pioneering icon editing tools.

TFS Android Launcher is a free app so you won’t find any app purchases. This app has an overall rating of 4.5 in google play store so its worth a try.

15. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz LauncherAnother launcher you should try Buzz Launcher. It helps to do some stuff automatically that’s why this tool is having some craze in Android Launchers. The best feature of this app is “Home pack Buzz.” It is nothing but a home screen customization service which has more than seven lakhs home screens uploaded and has been shared by thousands of users. You can take these as inspiration and create a brand new home screen, or even you can create the exact one with the help of Buzz Launcher.

Best Features of Buzz Launcher:

  • Home pack buzz feature.
  • New home screen touch buttons.
  • Customize multiple transitions.
  • Personalize your home screen with icon packs and so on.

This buzz launcher has an overall rating of 4.4 in google play store so its always worth a try.

These are the best and Awesome Android Launcher apps of 2018 you should try to create a unique home screen.

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