2017 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo opens in Beijing

2017 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo opens in Beijing

Mesmerising the world with innovation at the Entrepreneurship Exhibition Expo in Beijing

Entrepreneurship Exhibition Expo is always a delight to be a part of but the Chinese entrepreneurs are simply taking the world by storm this time around. For quite some time in the world technology we had bit stagnant phase when it comes to innovation but now it feels like innovation is back in the vogue.

We are now witnessing the emergence of science fiction realities which are too unbelievable to fathom in creation. The most exciting part of the 2017 International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expo in Beijing has been its unique robot which can easily play the age old game of guessing fingers against the human opponents. This Chinese Expo brings some of the best and notably small entrepreneurs together to showcase their amazing creation at the three day event conducted at the famous Beijing International Convention Centre.

Expo Riding on the wave of robust technological advancement

China is basically known for its ability to produce hardware at a breakneck-pace but it has never emerged as a formidable software front for the world. But within the last decade things have drastically as the American tech companies were pushed aside from the Mainland China market it allowed a favourable condition for the home grown tech starts-ups to gain the massive market share.

Currently this nation has more number of successful tech giants than anywhere else on the planet. Secondly the Chinese population has been active in adopting the new and latest technology without any inhibitions.

It is worth noting that more number of people nowadays makes use of Alipay – a mobile payment system – rather than physical money to buy products and services in the offline world. The biggest draw of this Exhibition Expo has been the robot which was leaving everyone surprise with its ability to correctly find the finger in the finger guessing game.

Innovation Expo is at its height

One of the exhibitor at this exhibition showcased how high end drones work s in the air. Secondly the VR technology saw a huge boost in the offering from multiple exhibitors bringing an astounding display of virtual reality.

The IronMan robot was quite charming as this service oriented bionic robot kept attracting the attention of the people. Though a number of people were decisive at it appearance which was more in the like of the Transformer rather than the IronMan.

The developer of this robot goes by the name Beijing Iron Man Technology and it stated that this robot is designed to be utilized in the display industry mainly.

The ‘Good Friend’ was quite memorable for its large blue eyes and quite intelligent talking skills. It was quick to reply back with a warm ‘hello’ upon hearing the same from anyone in the crowd and if no-one talks with while standing just in front of him then it urges the person by saying ‘What to do, talk to me about it.’This Entrepreneurship Expo brought a large number of humanoid robots onto the display along with some of astonishing scientific and technological exhibits which are futuristic in every manner.

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Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture

Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture

Google is Exploring the Neural Network Architecture to Boost Its Services

Since the Apple has debuted its neural engine a number of smartphone OEMs and tech firms has started using the neural network to advance the capabilities and features of their services or products. Google has also started making use of the machine learning to explore the benefits of the neural network architecture and it has helped in backing some of its popular services with neural network architecture.  Google has successfully brought the deep learning backed performance boost on image recognition, speech recognition and machine translation with neural network architecture.

Neural Network Architecture: Manual development of machine learning models

The machine learning models with neural network architecture had been designed by the Google engineers and scientists after years of research and development. The search space utilized on all this models happens to extremely large that is typical 10-layer network. The process involved with designing the network is time consuming and the experiments performed in getting the same requires some high end machine learning expertise. In order to get rid of the manual method of designing machine learning models for the neural network architecture Google has come up with a new solution of simply automating the design. Working on the evolutionary and evolutionary learning algorithms has shown immense promise and it will be great for the future capability enhancement on the Google products and services.

New approach better capability with neural network architecture

Google has crafted a new approach named ‘AutoML’ wherein a controller neural net is used to impose a ‘child’ model architecture. Later on this neural controller can be used to train and work on a particular task and then it is used to evaluate. Then the feedback is utilized to make controller aware of the shortcoming and improvements to be made to get the optimum performance. In this way Google goes on implementing the neural network architecture backing while generating new architectures which are further improved upon through rigorous testing and feedback from the generated from the usage.

Finding the right neural network architecture

Google has used its approach to experiment ion the bench marked data sets right with the deep learning for the image recognition related processes. The neural network architecture chosen and generated by the machine learning helps in bringing a number of specific features. It also helps in bringing a number of new elements like ten presence of the multicative combination which are not common in the recurrent networks. Google has went a simpler form of this very approach which is suggested by the human designers rather the artificial intelligence. The best thing about using the multicative combination is that it helps in alleviating gradient vanishing along with exploding issues. On other the machine chose architecture apt at finding a useful and smart neural net architecture for this job.

Google research on neural network architecture has shown that certain types of neural nets works better than other but the time taken in synchronizing it with machine learning is quite astounding. Google is carefully analyzing and testing the machine-generated architecture which essentially helps in creating neural nets tailored to fulfill specific needs of the users.

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Spend $2100 to Get Double Bionic Arm to Perform Unbelievable Feat

Spend $2100 to Get Double Bionic Arm to Perform Unbelievable Feat

Manual labor is a tough job and if we can get some help whether it is a fully-fledged robot with multiple arms then it would be great. A firm going by the name Youbionic has come up a very unique bionic arm which offers some extraordinary abilities to the wearer. This bionic arm has a very simple and just control wherein users can move fingers can help in opening and closing the fingers to grip anything better. Youbionic has placed small sensors in the fingers area of the contraception which allows users to precisely grip, pinch and left objects by moving their each finger independently.

A new technology for new generation bionic arm

Youbionic has states that it has taken first constructive steps towards building such devices which can allow human beings to obtain extraordinary abilities and capabilities with the right mix of technology.  Youbionic has become successful in coming up with the first device which simply turns the native human into an augmented human which often seems like human race is evolving something new. The creator of this technology is an Italian designer going by the name Federico Ciccaresse.

Bionic Arm a great device for a new tomorrow

This bionic arm is 3-D printed from the nylon dust. The best thing about 3D printing is that users will be able to print it online by simply downloading its design from online repository and use their 3D printer to create one for their own use. It is worth noting that interested users wouldn’t have to download and print different components of this device separately rather it is designed in a single piece with all the moving components intact thereby allowing users to get it done with a single print. In order to reflect the brain signals in the actual movements of the hands a unique type of microcontroller is being used called Arduino.

Keeping the price reasonable for bionic arm

YouBionic has stressed that their prosthetics will be made available to the wider audience at a highly reasonable price. The creator of this bionic arm has clarified that there is enough electricity in the muscles which can be utilized while using this device. This device works effectively by reading the impulse sent to the muscle by the brain and translating it into a number to the contraption and in the final stage this message is sent to micro controller.

YouBionic is hopeful that the amputees will be able to benefit from this device by simply updating the software as well as hardware of their limbs which is just like updating any smartphone. The best thing about this bionic arm is that it can even be used a healthy human being as a third limb. A prime example showcasing the benefit of having a third limb will be the astronauts going out on the repair missions on the International Space Station. The future application of this device is simply limitless and very soon we will be seeing human being having the capability of the popular superhero ‘Iron Man’.

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Google Paper Signals: Cute Voice Experiment Lets You Track The World With Paper

Google Paper Signals: Cute Voice Experiment Lets You Track The World With Paper

Google’s new Paper Craft: Paper Signals

With this new Google project you can talk to your paper crafts! Yes you read right. Google’s new open source project allows you to use your most trusted google assistant in talking to your paper crafts. From indicating whether it will rain or when a rocket launches, these paper signals can do all.

What is Paper Signals?

Paper signals is Google’s new project which allows you to make paper crafts that you can control with Google assistant.

Paper signal can do a range of things. You can make a paper craft in the shape of an umbrella or a rocket and find out if it is raining or when a rocket launches.

There are a number of craft projects that you can try out with Google’s paper signal. Google has made an open source code for paper signals, that allows developers to configure these paper signals as and how they want it to be.

What you need to create your very own paper signals;

To make Google’s fun paper signals, you need, besides all the things required for a paper craft, such as a pencil, cutter and glue, a few electrical components as well. Google is offering these components at $24.95. But at the same time you could get these parts off the shelf.

All you need to do to get your very own paper signal is to print out a template, of your desired pattern and assemble it together with the electrical components. Finally give your paper signal commands with the google assistant which is available on both IOS and Android.

For the electronic stuff, you’ll need a male/female jumper wires, micro USB, a micro server and Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 Wi Fi with headers.

Besides the electronic stuff you’ll also be using paper craft supplies that you can find laying around your house and of course your phone with google assistant.

You can even check out all the company’s paper signal experiments on their voice experiment site. Google uses two of their main projects to create these paper signals- DialogFlow and Google assistants.

Rasberry Pi and Paper signals:

Google plans on making a computer vision kit for Rasberry Pi computers. Users can connect their circuit board to the computer vision software which has Pi and a camera. What’s great about this is that it is cheap and does not require remote cloud processing.

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The Magic of Quantum Technology

The Magic of Quantum Technology

We all know that there are things out there that no one can explain, not even scientists. The world and the universe around us, is so immense that not everything can be explained and most of it is not even discovered yet. Some of the discoveries made still don’t make sense in that they do not follow the laws of physics, quantum technology helps measuring frequency.


What is the study of Quantum technology?

Quantum technology, refers to an emerging branch of science. We’ve all heard of Quantum Physics, if not really understood what the term means. Basically, quantum technology use quantum physics in their field of study.

Quantum technology, utilizes something known as “tricks” of quantum physics to explain larger physical phenomenon. Quantum physics can be applied to quantum sensing, quantum computing and quantum simulation.

The advantages of quantum technology is that huge numbers can be factored into systems, complex models involving a lot of factors can be stimulated and it can speed up searches also very fast and it can do one more thing too: it can be used to measure frequency more precisely and quickly.

Measuring Frequency in Quantum technology:

Researchers at Washington University have found a new way of measuring frequency more accurately and in a lesser time frame with the help of quantum technology. This study of quantum technology could lead to a host of advantages in various fields especially those of GPS navigation, medicine and also more precise clocks. Quantum technology can also be used to more accurately predict the light transmissions from stars.

Frequency basically means the measurement of repetitive events. The more time you get to measure a certain repetitive event, the more accurate your measurements are going to be. So time is a very important factor in accuracy of measurements. The longer you have to study something, the better your measurements will be.

But with measuring frequency in the case of quantum technology, one can study a frequency without needing a very long time. Besides this measurement factor, one can also increase the accuracy of such measurements.

This is exactly what researchers at Washington University are trying to say with quantum technology. These researchers have used quantum technology or what they like to call “tricks” to measure frequencies in a lesser time frame. They have measured frequencies in electromagnetic radiation, sound waves and even clocks all in a lesser time frame and all more accurately than before.

How was the frequency measured under quantum technology?

Researchers used a quantum bit which means a smallest unit in quantum information and put it in a superposition of two different states at the exact same time. To explain it a lot more clearly, this experiment is like taking a ball and putting it under one of two cups. The cups are then moved around, at any given time the ball could be under, one cup or even both cups at the same time. But then you might ask how this is even possible when there is only one ball in the picture.

The answer is simple, according to classic physics a particle has a definite state while in the study of quantum physics, particles can be one thing or another and do not necessarily follow all the rules of classic physics. This means that a single ball at any one point in time can be at two places at once.

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