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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business May Be Heading in the Wrong Direction

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business May Be Heading in the Wrong Direction

Every business will have its objectives which it strives to accomplish. However, without the right plan set in place such objectives can be difficult impossible to achieve. For example, poor customer service kills a business slowly. Customers will realize that your business no longer has their interests at heart and switch to the next best thing. Make sure that you improve on customer service every now and then by engaging them actively to see what you can improve moving forward. Others include:

Inadequate marketing efforts

The complex nature of marketing can be difficult to keep up with. Every day new things are coming up which you will need to implement if you are to get value for your money. With such a huge task on your shoulders, it is only fair to your business that you bring in a SEO company that has the resources and manpower to direct your business in the right path.

Lack of outsourcing some of the key services

You will need help at ne appoint or the other. It is not possible to effectively execute professional roles without hiring an expert. It can be too much to handle which will lead to unnecessary inefficiencies that can hurt your business. For your online marketing needs, ask help from a trusted SEO company which will deal with all the SEO needs of your business plus other online marketing needs.

Lack of engagement with your customers

You have to find a platform that helps you to engage with your customers. If you already have not found it, then your business may be heading in the wrong direction. It may be a blog site or simply a social media account. You will be able to know what your customers or followers are thinking. Listen to their views and implement them for better customer service. This will help you to grow your customer base and thus assure business continuity.

Limited online presence

There are two things; one may be that you do not have a website or you have it but you no longer write fresh content or do limited online marketing. Whichever the case, you need to do more of building your business’s online presence than offline. With a website, you will be able to reach out to many people which will cost you less than when marketing offline. If you have inadequate experience son the same you can hire a SEO company, locally, to help you put your business at a higher level than it already is.

Non-responsive website

When it comes to efficiency, you have to start from the beginning. If your website is not responsive across all the devices, then you are losing out big on valuable customers. Most websites have been designed to be responsive and thus if your competitor’s website is highly responsive then you will lose customers to them. A customer has to be able to access your website using their mobile devices and still get the mobile viewing. This drives traffic to your site for better ranking and thus generation of quality leads as a result.



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Google Advance Protection, for Those Who Need It Most

Google Advance Protection, for Those Who Need It Most

Google has unveiled a protection feature for emails keeping in mind the users in high profile places like journalists, government officials and activists. Any person can avail of this Google Advance Protection, but it is specially catering to those who need special protection from people hacking into their emails. Those who are prone to online attacks and at a higher security risk whereby their information is stolen, can avail of these security features introduced by Google.

The Google Advance Protection that was introduced is mainly focused on providing security against phishing and accounts being fraudulently accessed. The main groups that the new Google Advance Protection targets those who require protection of their sources, specially the journalists, Activists and those running election campaigns. Any of the Google users too can chose to have these security settings to protect their Gmail, Google Drive or YouTube data from being hacked.

Google Advance Protection

The Google Advance Protection program utilizes Security Keys. You need to sign into your account using the Security Keys, which is a USB or a wireless device. With this feature, Google has come out with a greater security for email users in preventing their work from being stolen or hacked into.

For a desktop, the Google Advance Protection requires you to put in a USB device, which is a way of verifying the user’s identity. For a mobile user, a Bluetooth wireless device needs to be used. Those using the Google Advance Protection program will also have the added protection from all non-Google applications like Apple iOS mail client and Outlook.

The Google Advance Protection involves a two-step verification. A public key cryptography and digital signatures are used to confirm the identity of the user. In case a user loses access to his account, the Google Advance Protection will also ensure that he is able to recover his account. The measures taken will be so stringent that the recovery process will consider reviews and requests about the reason why the user has lost access to his account.

Google introduced the Google Advance Protection program  after the high profile elections that took place in the US in 2016. There were hacks into the Gmail accounts of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. It was believed to be hacked by Russia, who tried to help Donald Trump win the 2016 US elections. It was believed that if  Podesta, the campaign chief, had The Google Advance Protection at that time, the results of the elections could have told a different story.

The Google Advance protection feature helps to protect all those in high profile jobs and high-risk users from their mails being hacked and undue advantage being taken. It would also prevent frauds. There may be a bit of compatibility issues for those who have already installed security tools with their Google products.

Google has provided its users with additional information of how to install the Google Advance Protection by creating a web page for that purpose. They have also helped its users of showing them where to buy USB and Bluetooth wireless keys on Amazon.


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Can You Earn Money Online Without a Website?

Can You Earn Money Online Without a Website?

The most frequently asked question from nearly 90% of the aspiring online entrepreneurs and work-from-home enthusiasts is this: “Can I earn money online without a website or a blog”?

Are you one of them?

I address all of you. Yes, you can earn money online without:

So, what else do you actually need to work from home with just a computer to earn money online?

  • At the outset, you must be hungry for earn money online
  • Learn the basics of Internet Marketing Avenues
  • A fair amount of self-learning attitude
  • Ability to stay organized

How exactly one can earn money online without a website or a blog?

You can earn money online by becoming an affiliate marketer. There is big money left on the table in the affiliate marketing industry and anyone can grab his share.

Affiliate marketing or the CPA method is free for all and it can provide you a full-time online business to earn money online.

What is meant by CPA?

CPA stands for Cash Per Action. Your next question should be “what is an action; can you elaborate”? By action, I mean it can be:

  • Sales  (CPS): Cost Per Sale type, pay affiliates per sale.
  • Clicks (CPC): Cost per Click: These programs pay affiliates for each click on the affiliate link.
  • Views or Impressions  (CPM): Cost Per Million: When advertisers pay affiliates for the number of impressions that their affiliate link can generate. It is paid for every thousand impressions/views.
  • Getting an online form filled by a visitor (CPL): Cost per Lead:  Advertisers pay a fixed amount for every form that gets filled up by a visitor from to your promotional efforts. These might be sales leads or simply subscribers to an email list.

Advertisers engage affiliates to promote their products online and pay a percentage of the sale price or a pre-fixed amount as commission to the affiliates when their promotional efforts generate a:

  • Sale
  • Click
  • View
  • Lead


Out of the four types mentioned above, which pays the highest amount?

Naturally, the first type which is the cost per sale pays the highest amount to the affiliate. It can be as high as 70% of the sale price and this usually is the percentage when promoting the digital information products such as:

  • Guides
  • Ebooks
  • Tutorials

Most of the advertisers who want you to promote digital information products won’t insist on a website or a blog while selling physical products, advertisers like Amazon will insist on you to have a website at the time of affiliate signup.

The Cost per Clicks pays very little; it can be as low as $0.01 per click. Example: Google AdSense

The Cost per Million (thousand) payment might varies; it can start from $2 per thousand impressions and can go up to $8 per thousand

The Cost per lead is also attractive for earn money online. For every lead, you may receive $1 to $5 or maybe more. By lead, I mean an email address or a name and telephone number and or even the mailing address of the person filling out an online form.

Which CPA Offers Should You Choose?

Though you won’t find it difficult to locate CPA offers, the difficult task is the actual part of selecting them.

Since, you don’t have a website or a blog to promote your affiliate offers, you need to select mostly products that need not require a full review because reviews need a platform to publish. You can select CPS or CPL or CPC offers or, all of them to earn money online.

Where do you promote your affiliate links/banners to earn money online?

As you don’t have an online presence, you need to post your affiliate links in:

  • Free classifieds
  • Forums
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linked In
  • Google plus

And any other social media you have joined to earn money online.

Who will give you the affiliate links and banners?

Every advertiser will provide all the promotional materials to their affiliates in the form of:

  • Text links
  • Image advertisements or banners of various sizes
  • Pre-written email messages
  • Pre-written messages for auto-responders

As per the current trend, advertisers also provide pre-written twitter posts called tweets and Facebook posts, etc. All an affiliate needs to do is to copy and paste the promotional material in the appropriate medium mentioned above to earn money online.

Where do you post banner ads to earn money online?

There are free banner exchange websites that you can join free and post your affiliate banner and view others’ banners and they in turn view yours.

Paid adverting;

If you have earned some money initially through free advertising efforts, you can think of paid advertising out of the earnings. I would advise you to do that since if you put something on the Internet from which you got something, it will help you financially in the long run. However, paid advertising like Google AdSense requires you to study it fully before putting your money in.

Can you promote your CPA ads through Mobile Apps to earn money online?

Sure, why not? Promote your CPA offers though mobile app you build or get it built is an innovative idea. It involves less money but can reach a large audience instantly.

Well, that’s an overview of how the CPA works and how you can earn money online by promoting the CPA links without having an online presence of your own.

There is more to CPA such as the list of worthwhile companies you can join and how to track your online promotion to generate more sales.

There is a second tier marketing where you hire your own affiliates and earn a small percentage of the sales they generate. In this method, your affiliates earn more than you.

I will get into them plus where to find your second tier sales agents in my next post.


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Amazon Launches Echo Spot Alexa-Powered Alarm Clock

Amazon Launches Echo Spot, An Alexa-Powered Alarm Clock

Echo Spot is the new smart desktop clock from Amazon

A smart desktop clock capable of making video calls reaches the virtual shelves of Amazon.

Amazon is presenting a good handful of news this afternoon in Seattle at an event that was unknown until today. After renewing the range Echo, now presents a smart clock for the night table – or any other table that is provided – through which to make video calls, check the time and perform various functions of home automation through Alexa, the virtual assistant of the company.

The Echo Spot comes with a 2.5-inch screen and an included camera, plus speakers and the possibility of being paired with Bluetooth to other playback devices if you want to get better audio quality. It will be available, for the moment, in the United States for a price of 130 dollars, although we hope that it will spread soon to more countries.

Amazon Echo Spot

This is perhaps not the most attractive product than it has presented today, since the struggle to take a portion of the market is in the field of intelligent speakers, but certainly is interesting from the point of view of user.

Amazon presents a new Echo to toughen the competition against Google and Apple.

The company of Jeff Bezos celebrates today a surprise event for the press in its offices, in which they hoped to see announced new products, as it has been. Amazon announces a new Echo, its most popular speaker, which will now be improved with the aim of being better competition for the counterparts of the great technology that are already or will soon be in the market, namely: Google Home or HomePod Apple, which will arrive in December.

This new Echo is smaller and includes a dedicated speaker for the bass, making it much better to listen to music, one of the aspects that focuses more on the Apple speaker. It will be commanded, as it could not be otherwise, by the virtual assistant of the company Alexa and will hit the market today with a price of 99 euros, which is a hard thrust for Apple, whose price is more than triple.

Besides this, Amazon offers for the first time a service of multiple speakers, so that they can be connected to each other in different rooms, which will also compete with Sonos. This system, consisting of three loudspeakers, has a reduction of 50 euros on the total price of the three individual devices.

Amazon has now endowed the Echo with a cloth lining that makes it look less like a technological product, allowing it to draw less attention and make it more stylish to the eye.

In addition to the Amazon Echo renovation, they also feature a Plus model that is not only bigger but also smarter. This model includes a smart hub in its interior, so that it can make use of more characteristics typical of home automation. A good example of this is that it comes with a Philips Hue bulb included and already has more than 100 employees. Its price, 150 euros.

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Ask more of your phone: Google Pixel 2

Ask more of your phone: Google Pixel 2

Drum roll please… Google is unveiling its new smartphone on Wednesday with a number of latest features.Google Pixel 2 is an advanced version of Google’s last model that is Google pixel, coming at the same price. Google pixel 2 is not the only phone that the tech giant plans to release. Google pixel 2 XL is also going to be released tomorrow along with talk of other google tech.

The Google Pixel 2 is said to come with the new operating system “Oreo”. We can expect to see some HTC smartphone-like features on this new model as Google bought a large part of HTC’s smartphone division. While the pixel 2 is made with HTC like features, the pixel 2 XL is said to be made by LG. This is in contrast with Google’s first smartphone that was made in-house.

Google Pixel 2 is rumored to have a Google Home start speaker, a new premium chromebook and a daydream VR headset.

Google Pixel 2 _1

While the launch date of the Google Pixel 2 phone is on October 4th, there is no news as to the date of the actual sale of the phone. In all probability it may come as no surprise if the phone was available for sale at the same time as its predecessor last year.

The rumor police say that the phone will have a screen size of 5 inches while the 2 XL will have a slightly larger 6 inch screen. Pixel 2 is said to have many of the features of its predecessor in that it has a rear end finger scanner and single lens camera. Pixel 2 will have slightly thinner edges than that of the previous pixel and a slightly rounded screen.

Google Pixel 2‘s camera sits at the center of the rear of the phone, Google Pixel 2 XL has its camera slightly off center.

The phones are said to come in basic colors of black and white, while Google Pixel 2 comes in an added shade of blue.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel 2 has done away with the headphone jack, which leaves the user with the option of using wireless headphones or to connect their headphones to the USB-C port.

Pixel 2 will be sold at $649, the same price as that of the current version with the added advantage of it having a 64GB internal storage as compared to the 32 GB internal storage of the previous model.

Google Pixel 2 is going to be unveiled with the latest Oreo operating system. What this means is that it will have a longer battery life, by limiting the running of power hungry background apps, and it will also start up alot faster.

The latest version of the phone will run on a 835 snapdragon chip with increased storage at 64GB. Pixel 2 will also come in a 128GB model. It is rumored that the voice control will be updated in this new model. The phone is also expected to come with squeezable sides which translates to the ability of the user to take a selfie by squeezing the sides of the phone.

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