Twit IQ Gadget Review: 1More iBfree in Ear-Headphones

1More iBfree
Written by twitiq

There are many in ear- headphones out there right now. So it is tough competition for any ear phones coming out into the market. Can the 1More iBfree earphones live up to expectations is the real question.

Chinese based 1More is taking the headphone world by storm. They are already getting stellar reviews for their wired headphones and now they have recently come into the wireless world of audio with their 1More iBfree in ear-headphones.

Packaging of the 1More iBfree Earphones:

1More iBfree earphones comes in a sleek and sophisticated packaging, these earphones give you that high end luxury feel. If your one of those that has been using wired earphones all their lives, you might find opening a wireless earphone box somewhat disappointing, wait don’t get me wrong. Basically what I’m saying is that you might find not having a wire with the earphones a little bit incomplete. That said it is all the same for all wireless earphones.

1More iBfree in Ear

Connectivity in the 1More iBfree earphones:

The 1More iBfree earphones come with 4.1 bluetooth connectivity. The iBfree earphones are compatible with both IOS and Android OS.

While using the iBfree earphones, I found that the connectivity was good without any major blips and that it worked seamlessly with any device. So connectivity is not an issue with these in ear-headphones.

1More iBfree earphones Design:

The 1More iBfree earphones come with the barrel coated in aluminium with the wire being made of rubber. If I have any complaints about these earphones at all, is that they do not seem too flexible when it comes to the wires, since it has that rubber like finish.

You can get these earphones in 4 different colors which are aqua blue, vibrant red, space grey and apple green.

The in- ear silicon ends might be a little on the irritating side when you wear them. I found using them not that easy in the sense that it just kept slipping out of my ears. It has something to do with the material of the buds. With other silicon ear buds, I have not experienced any such problems.

There is a remote located on the right side of the earphones. The earphones come with a MEMS microphone which basically means it eliminates cross-talking and background noise.

The 1More iBfree earphones also come with IPX4 water resistance which means that it can handle splashes of water and not more. So you may not want to dunk those things in the water anytime soon.

These earphones also come with a “C” shaped sports grip.

Sound Quality:

The 1More iBfree earphones pack a punch when it comes to music. The sound quality is not only decent but is also pretty good.

Oh and did I mention theses bad boys were also tuned by Grammy award winner, sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. It does not get any better than that does it?

Battery of the 1More iBfree earphones:

These earphones come with 240 hrs of standby and 8 hours of music time. There is also a voice which informs you when your battery is running low. You can charge these earphones with a micro-USB cable.

Price of the 1More iBfree earphones:

For high end quality music and a sleek design, the 1More iBfree earphones are available at just $59.99. This, if you ask me is just the icing on the cake.

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