Everything You Need to Know About the New Internet Privacy Rules

Internet Privacy
Written by twitiq

We the netizens always like to spend time on the internet for more than half of the day. However, we would like to prefer some privacy when we are working on the internet. Some people prefer ultimate privacy and doesn’t want to be disturbed at all. Our privacy often gest hampered when we browse some unauthenticated sites on the internet. Well internet security is a big concern now a days. As for the people who prefer the supreme privacy, it is compulsory to have internet security. The ISP or the internet service holds a major role in maintaining the security or the privacy of the users like us.


The ISP has the right to use any of our private data when required. There are few companies like the Google, Facebook who can easily use the data wen they have the chance or find it fitting with a few exceptions which fall under the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission parameters.


Recently, the new president of US signed a joint resolution that nullifies the Federal Communications Commission. However, the rule never came into existence. On one hand, it may be a huge burden for the ISP as they have to get in touch with each user to use their data. On the other side, it would look mandatory as the ISP has the full authority to use or get access to the online activity. However, FANG can only keep a watch on what you do in each site. We do pay to our ISPs the required amount but in return we do expect some privacy. If we consider about the other companies like Amazon or Netflix, the amount of data that they use is negligible.


Well, each thing in this universe have an impact. It may be short term or long term impact. So, if we consider the impact in the short term it may be meaningless. As the ISP don’t generate money by selling our credentials. They only charge us as per our plan of usage the Internet. FANG would have been disabled if there were no ISP. But we have already sold our rights to the ISP by taking connection from them. In the long term impact we can think of a change in the future. However, there are many futures which one can think of. The main change which can be thought at the present is the change of privacy rules. The legislation privacy policy can be changed in the upcoming days which would be better to maintain the privacy policy. This may sound insignificant at the present time. In times to come, this will be a major debate for all the people who use Internet.


The internet security is a major concern for now. This will prevent the privacy as well as the safeguard using the Internet in the most efficient manner.

There may come a time when ISP would come up with a new rule. There will be some sort of intelligence layers between the netizens and the networks.

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