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Facebook F8: Four Things Worth Your Attention

Facebook F8
Written by twitiq

Facebook F8 – Major areas focused at the conference

At a recent conference of Facebook F8, CEO and some other executive members of the company have made some significant declarations. Though the target of these announcements is mainly at the team of developers, the users may also find them to be valuable.

Messenger- Going to have more similarities with WeChat

All the things are not just about the company, Facebook. The second most important system, Messenger is equipped with several features. In fact, the social media is trying to drawing inspiration from one of the Chinese apps for messaging- WeChat. Though Messenger already has attracted lots of users, it is still not as engaging as WeChat, which is popular in China. This Chinese software is useful for paying bills and reserving flight tickets. Thus, Facebook wants to modify the platform in order to increase connections with Messenger.

Facebook F8

Camera becomes an important focus of Facebook-

Facebook now likes to do something more with camera. The basic things that you do with your camera enabled mobile is to capture photos or record videos. You can also share those things. However, the interesting thing is that camera system will start to integrate the experience with augmented reality. For instance, you may insert coffee cup to an image. Your friends will think that you are not alone during your breakfast time. As a social media user, you will also have more filtering options for photos and games. You will have a playful interface, while you have opened the app.

Workplace tool for entrepreneurs

At Facebook F8, the social media company has expressed its plan to get access in workplace of its users. For commercial purpose, there is already a product, named as, Workplace. However, its price is much high, and only the large corporations may afford to buy it. The starting price is about $3 on every month. Though there’s trial version for 3 months, most of the companies may not want to rely on it. Now, Facebook is approaching towards Slack for present business app.

An agreement with Spotify and Apple-

Facebook team wants to reach their goal by collaborating with Spotify and Apple. The company has strived to persuade Apple for developing Apple Music extension in order that you may browse your music collection, while staying at the app, and deliver the music to your companions. It has been seen that both Facebook and Apple are much serious of the issue and better support to the fresh product. At the same time, Spotify also has same kind of extension.

Program for developer-

Most of the app developers, who are associated with Facebook, are not from the USA. The base of these international developers is extensive. But, all the coders do not have same level of accessibility to infrastructure and resources. Facebook has already started program, known as Developer Circles, and it is intended to spread knowledge to developers. Now, it is gradually increasing so that there will be better social media apps on the platform of Facebook.

Thus, these declarations at Facebook F8 make us realize that there will be more improvement in the social network in future.


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