Gadget Review: PYYROS Modular Emergency Tool and Flashlight

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PYYROS – Emergency Flashlight

Pyyros is said to be an emergency flashlight which seems to be perfect tool in any unexpected situation. One could find themselves lost in the midst of their adventure and may not be adequately equipped to handle the situation.

If a person needs a totally equipped emergency tool which combines all features that would be helpful both daily and in an emergent situation the Pyyros is the solution for you.  Pyyros can be helpful in moments like these wherein it tends to light up the path and double as a multi-tool.

Besides this, it also tends to have a distress beacon built-in.  One could say that Pyyros is the ultimate survival tool with a flashlight and much more.  It is the conception of Adam Nichols a US Military veteran and avid outdoorsman.  Nichols during his military career and in his experience in life had observed that in all cases of emergency such as military, natural disasters, expedition emergencies in air, sea and land, had three essential elements namely light, fire and power.  Pyyros tends to comprise of these elements with add-ons.

The Personal Beacon Locator – PBL has a tendency to transmit on the 121.5 MHz + 406 MHz frequencies, with the possibilities of making search as well as rescue easy anywhere on the earth.


PYYROS 100% Modular & Expandable

Its powerful LEDejects 1000 lumens to light up the darkness, its personal beacon locator enables search and rescue teams to locate the missing person and the device also tends to take optional modules, inclusive of driver set, fire starter, USB charge etc. Pyyros is said to be 100% modular and expandable.

It is available in three colours in Aluminium anodized, Jet Black anodized and Red Fire anodized and also comes in special version of natural Titanium colour having a polished silver finish. Pyyros PBL is to be utilised only in events of real emergency where one may face imminent danger and is not a toy.

The PBL cannot be activated accidently. It is a flashlight which cannot be compared to any other and it is built to take serious punishment.  It is said to be the base of one’s total survival kit. Based on one’s needs, there are five modules that a person can utilise right from fixing their car to seeking assistance from a remote area and Pyyros can provide the essential support.

Bright Lights of PYYROS

The main purpose of Pyyros is to offer light and due to its array of effective LEDs the device has the potential of 1000 lumens.  With this type of power it can eliminate the darkness into brightness which could be very beneficial to the person while out on an adventure.  Besides this the anodized 6061 TS aluminium casing is said to be imperishable and is totally waterproof and resistant to corrosion.  Pyyros has the capacity of enduring the outdoor activities with comparative ease.

Personal Locator Beacon of PYYROS

There could be instances at times wherein even a much powerful flashlight could let you down and it is here that Pyyros seems to overcome all these issues when faced with an emergency. The device has the tendency of beaming out satellite signals on two frequencies.  This dual-band beacon meets up with international Cospas-Sarsat standards, alerting local search teams where help is obtained within hours. There has never been a flashlight which has appeared to be a life saver with so much ability.

Multi-Tool Marvels

The beacon is one of the five elementary modules one could add to their flashlight.  For routine outings, one could opt for the driver set or the fire starter and could also attach the hammer cap to drive home the pegs of those tents. Another alternative is the USB charges that could be utilised to top up your device or phone.  Lastly, the empty container module is available after the Kickstarter campaign.

Pyyros – Kickstarter Campaign

This gadget is said to be a project that tends to need several specialized companies to join together in creating a remarkable product from the aviation grade 6061-T6 and titanium milling to the great accuracy and miniature electronics for the Pyyros PBL and all that is in between and hence manufacturing partners were designated before beginning the Kickstarter campaign in order to provide their backers with the confidence essential in making this gadget a real deal. Presently, Pyyros is the topic of a Kickstarter campaign and has raised around $15,200 from its target of $50,000.  You will get a base model on pledging $39 while one needs to pledge at least $349 for an aluminium unit together with the beacon.   Titanium models of special edition are also available from $349 and more all the way for one with the lot with the exception of the wind/water turbine, for $689. If the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal, Pyyros intends to start the deliveries of its tool by December this year.

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