MacBook Pro 2018: What We Want to See

MacBook Pro 2018
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The Up and Coming MacBook Pro 2018

This year we are not expecting any major changes to the MacBook Pro (2018) other than the basic upgrades that we normally see. There is an expected spec bump from the previous dual core 7th Gen Processor. In addition to its normal performance boost from the 7th Gen Processor, the MacBook Pro 2018 is expected to come with the latest quad core 8th Gen Processor. It enables more processing power as compared with its predecessor.

The new MacBook Pro 2018 is expected to unveil at the WWDC 2018 which will be held in June. The last update was in June 2017 at the WWDC 2017. At that time Apple came out with the Kaby Lake processors, but most of the users were not happy. Apple took their complaints seriously and will be addressing the issue. There will be new features in the MacBook Pro.

We can expect a few changes in the features, specs, design and more in the upcoming MacBook Pro. There is a possibility of the 6-cores processor in the 15inch model and changes to the keyboard which has faced some flak in the past.

The design of the MacBook Pro 2018

There are not going to be any changes in the design, but there could be a possibility in the colour options. The previous MacBook Pro comes in two colours: Silver and Space Grey. In the MacBook series there was an option of Gold and Rose Gold as well. It is likely that Apple will offer the gold option as well as the silver and space grey for the upcoming MacBook Pro.

The Display of MacBook Pro 2018

The present MacBook Pro models have 2880 X 1800 for the 15inch variant and 2560 X 1600 on the 13inch variant. It is left to be seen if the MacBook Pro will increase the pixel count on the 15inch model to a 4K display which is currently being offered by Dell, HP and Asus.

Most of the competitors have touchscreen capabilities. This could be another feature that Apple could introduce in the MacBook Pro.

The Processor of MacBook Pro

The present 15 inch MacBook Pro comes with a quad-core processor. There are chances that the new MacBook Pro  will run on the Coffee Lake processor, which indicates that the 13inch variant could upgrade from the dual-core to quad-core processor and the 15inch could have the 6-core processor. If Apple uses the i9 Core Processor, then the 6-core processor can be used in the 15inch MacBook Pro  thereby increasing the speed from 2.9GHz to a boost in speed up to 4.8GHz. There will definitely be a boost in performance with the Coffee Lake processor as compared with the Kaby Lake processor.

RAM of the MacBook Pro

There is a possibility that MacBook Pro 2018 could offer a 32GB RAM that would be announced at the WWDC 2018.

The Touch Bar of Macbook Pro

According to previous indicators, it is not likely that Apple will be including the touch bar feature in its MacBook Pro 2018 as it is a pointless feature.

Pricing of the MacBook Pro

Theprice of the MacBook Pro 2018 is likely to be similar to what it is retailing at the moment. The 13inch variant sells between $1299 and $1999. While the 15inch sells between $2399 and $2799.

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