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5 Actionable SEO trends that are working great in 2018

SEO trends in 2018
Written by twitiq

Are you wondering how to get more traffic from Google?


Are you keen to improve your site rankings in 2018?

Then you’re in right place.

Because today I’m going to show you the burning SEO trends that are working great in 2018. In fact, by using these SEO trends lots of bloggers has generated massive traffic to their websites.

The best part?

All of these SEO trends are working great in 2018.

Usually, when you are trying to rank higher in search engines you should consider your keyword usage, inbound links, quality content and user data analysis. At the same time, you have to upgrade your SEO strategies according to the new SEO trends. Then only you can get a massive boost in your SERP results.

Upgrade and improve your SEO strategies in 2018 to rank higher:

Generally, Search engines play a vital role in visitors and customers search patterns. In most of the cases, they even look at the customers buying pattern to understand the buyer’s perspective.

According to your customer’s perspective, you can expect google algorithm to show more importance to the end users experience.

It is just because Google doesn’t want to lose their potential searchers. That’s why they give a lot of value to overall browsing experience of your customer.

So, Google and other search engines give more weight to the end users experience and rank their sites higher who are able to match their set of rules.

In common, Video Marketing, Link building, infographics were among the burning aspects of SEO trends for quite a long time. If you are following those rules means you are doing great but if you limit yourself to those means you cannot be benefited.

In this SEO trends post, I am covering 5 Actionable SEO trends that are working great in 2018 to get more traffic and to improve your SERPs results in 2018.

Let’s do this!

  1. Implement Accelerated Mobile pages on your site (AMP):


Accelerated Mobile pages can offer some serious benefits for websites in 2018. Considering the enormous growth of online user’s Google has quickly launched Accelerated Mobile Page project back in 2016 to improve the search experience for users.

In less than no time, Google has started sending users to AMP pages. You can see, tons of guides online on How AMP pages help their sites rank better.

How Does AMP influence SEO?

Whenever you search for a keyword on google by using your mobile. Google will rank all the sites which are using AMP in the first page of google search results.

Not only that, Google will show their posts in the top stories section. That’s why using AMP pages can improve your search engine results. It will reduce your bounce rate and it will improve your conversion rates.

  1. Optimize your site for Google Rank Brain:

Google Rank Brain is another important SEO trend in 2018. Back in 2015, Google announced their Rank Brain Algorithm and this is a huge game-changing update.

I stated that as game-changing because “Google Rank Brain is Google’s first machine learning algorithm which measures how you interact with the results.

SEO trends

How Rank Brain influence SEO?

Rankbrain mainly uses UX signals to rank higher in google. In general when user type keywords into google then Rankbrain will turn those keywords into concepts and it will show a set of results for those concepts.

If users are satisfied by visiting that page means Google will up rank that page or else it will try another page which suits visitors.

Although, backlinks, keywords and other SEO signals are still important in the modern age. But, still, the rank brain is rapidly taking over.

In fact, Google has stated that Rankbrain was one of their top 3 SEO ranking signals. That’s means it’s great to focus this burning SEO trends in 2018.

  1. Use the Power of Content Marketing to drive massive results:

Content Marketing is always the best and most important SEO trend for a long time. So, you shouldn’t overlook this important strategy in 2018.

From selecting perfect keywords to sharing quality information that adds value to your customers. All come into the content marketing so you have to be focused on content marketing to rank higher.

How Does Content marketing influence SEO?

Google’s advanced algorithms will read your content and they will index them and I’ll provide a specific ranking in their search engines. So, the quality and freshness of the content are always important in google rankings.

You have to be consistent in providing valuable content to rank higher in google search results. To do so, you have to give proper time for writing a quality content. If you don’t have time then you can hire a professional blogger who can do that for you.

  1. Optimize and Redesign your User Experience to get most from search engines:

Nowadays, search algorithm has become more sophisticated when comes to UX. The search engine is mainly concentrating on “User Experience” while ranking a specific page. Google also tracks the pages which satisfy users in their database.

If you want to improve your search ranking means you have to concentrate on your user experience.

How does User experience influence SEO?

User experience is crucial in search results. As a result, most of the big brands like Amazon, eBay, Walmart often redesign their website at regular interval to make sure they can catch their user’s needs.

Basically, Google algorithm revolves around the usability of the site which includes speed, design, and easy navigation.

To improve User experience:

  • Create User-specific content.
  • Include social share buttons on your posts.
  • Offer best user navigation.
  • Include specific landing pages for your site.
  • Calls to Action.
  • Testing and monitoring.
  • Avoid overwhelming Users with Data Entry.
  1. Make use of Google Quick Answer Box:

Using Google’s Quick Answer box can help you to get lots of traffic to your site. Now, you might be thinking what quick answer box is. Right?

When you search for a keyword on google, you might get search results along with an information box which shows an immediate answer to your search term. That information box area is called Google Quick answer box.

How Does Google quick answer box influence SEO?

Google has become smarter in predicting user specific questions rather than using a specific keyword. So, always be smart in answering a specific question.

  • Firstly create quality content with phrases “why”, “how” and “where”.
  • Then eliminate all the questions that are already showing up in Google Quick Answer.
  • Identify relevant queries by using “Google Keyword Planner”.
  • Then have a glance at “Google related searches that match your keyword”.
  • You can even refer queries from “Google People also ask box”.

These are the burning SEO trends in 2018. As you all know SEO trends evolve every year and so you should keep up with the Google’s algorithm to stay up in rankings.


Coming to the summary, I have stated all the burning SEO trends of 2018. Along with these, you can see lots of SEO trends such as link building, long tail keywords, mobile optimization, and keyword optimization and so on. Here I only mentioned a top-notch point which is crucial to rank higher in google in 2018.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which of the 5 SEO trends you like most and when did you try these 5 trends?

Did you see any positive results by applying these strategies?

Either way, let me know by leaving a simple comment in comment section right below

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