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How to Create a WordPress Site without a Domain

How to Create a WordPress Site without a Domain
Written by twitiq

Do you want to know how to create a WordPress site without a domain? If so, then you have come to the correct place. Before you start doing anything, you need to know that it is possible to create a WordPress site without buying hosting. Users are capable of using a free WordPress hosting platform. Otherwise, you can host your site on your PC locally.

There are several reasons because of which developers & beginners prefer to use these methods. Go through this article properly if you want to know how to create a WordPress site without a domain.

Why should you want to create WordPress without a domain?

Undoubtedly, we can say that creating a non-hosted wordpress site lets you customize this for free according to your needs. Let’s know why a few users want to create WordPress without a domain.

  • Beginners who visit websites or WordPress for the first time want to create their sites without a domain. As the hosting or domain concept is new to beginners, they feel overwhelmed while finding the correct domain for their website.
  • All users or businesses can’t afford to purchase a domain at the initial stage. In this kind of situation, they prefer creating a WordPress website without a domain.
  • Several developers want to use WordPress without hosting online. It allows users to try various things as per their requirements.
  • Besides, it lets you use it as your go-to staging environment, and using it, you are capable of testing your tools and fixing problems that may arise when you create a new site.

Procedures to Create a WordPress Website without Domain:

Once you decide that you want to create a WordPress website without a domain, you can follow these procedures.

  1. Using is a site you can use to create a website on WordPress. Matt Mullenweg created which is owned by Automattic. This free hosting service allows you to sign up for a free account and create your WordPress website.

If you are looking for a way to create a website on WordPress without paying money for the domain, this platform is probably the best one. While it allows you to create a WordPress site for free, it can offer a free subdomain.

Additionally, it handles technical problems and the requirements of managing hosting for the site. However, many users dislike using as it restricts people to several places. For instance, there are limited themes, no monetization option, no customization options, etc. Many people prefer using because this self-hosted platform offers multiple chances and freedom to create a site.

  1. Install and Run WordPress on Local Computer (Use XAMPP):

You can try to install WordPress and run it for free on your local devices. If you are willing to run this site on your PC without any domain, your task is to install a local host. Hence, you need to know this local host software application lets you develop a site offline without the requirement of the internet. Remember that it is famous among beginners, students, & developers who want to learn the way of development for the site.

When you use a local host, it will produce a server-like environment on the PC. Then, it is possible to install the official WordPress CMS and run it on the server on the PC. Next, you need to start to create your first site without a domain. Names of a few famous localhost servers which are available in the market are XAMPP, MAMP, WampServer, DesktopServer, etc.

  1. Try Free Hosting Provider:

You might want to use WordPress without hosting for multiple reasons, like you may not have enough budget to invest in hosting or you don’t want to get into the technical stuff. You may need to use a free hosting provider for your website in these cases. However, free hosting services are useful for those with budget problems or beginners who are new in website development. is a great free WordPress hosting provider. Besides, there are a few famous free WordPress hosting services, including— 000WebHost by Hostinger, AccWeb Hosting, InfinityFree, FreeHosting, etc. These are the three famous procedures to build sites without domain. Using any of these processes is possible to build a WordPress site without a domain.

We have given here a detailed process that will let you know how to create a WordPress site without a domain.

How can you create a WordPress site without a domain?

Step 1) Sign Up:

First, you need to create a WordPress account. Hence, you need to head towards, and then you need to click on the “Start Your Website” icon. After clicking on this, the icon will take you to a sign-up page. Then, you need to fill out a sign-up form. Now, you have to give some information like the username you want, password, email address, and blog address (Domain name).

You will get to see that your blog address is suffixed with as you use WordPress. For instance, “lizzybakes” as a blog name converts into “”

Step 2) Activate website:

You need to confirm the email address to activate the site. Then, you will get a notification in your email. Hence, you have to open your mail, read the instructions, and tap on “Confirm Blog.”

Step 3) Setup website:

Now, your job is to provide the site shape and form. In this case, you need to select the site title, icon, and tagline. Next, you should select a free theme for the website. While several choices are available to select from, you are able to link your WordPress site to your social media accounts.

Step 4) Customize website:

You need to choose a font style with other features to customize your website. These are a few features to select from, such as custom domains, SEO tools, plugins, image storage, ad-free, store, and video storage.

Step 5) Toast to finishing:

At last, you need to choose a free subscription plan. Head towards your browser, and then you have to type the address of your WordPress site. Now, you should view your site and check how it looks. Next, you have to edit the website as per your requirements. Now, your task is to click on “Launch”! Then, a notification will come in your email, welcoming you to the WordPress family. Thus, creating a WordPress site successfully without a domain is possible.

We have mentioned the use of some icons on your dashboard’s left black sidebar.

Dashboard: For WordPress, Plugins, and Themes updates.

Stats: to see site insights and analytics.

Upgrades: to upgrade to the paid subscription plans with extensive features.

Posts: to write, edit and delete posts on your website.

Media: to upload, delete and manage media files like images & videos.

Pages: to create new pages on your website.

Comments: This icon moderates these on your site and lets you approve, delete & respond to the comments from site readers & visitors.

Appearance: Customizes the site. This option allows you to try out new themes & change how your site looks.

Settings: It can be used to configure and manage your website.

Cons to create a WordPress Website Without Hosting:

These are the drawbacks of creating a site without a domain.

  • It has only a limited set of features that will restrict you from customizing and extending the website’s functionality. There are only a few useful options available to select, unlike a website with paid hosting.
  • Website monetization can be limited if you don’t use the domain to create your WordPress website. Google Adsense & other advertising programs generally work with a hosted website. As a result, it does not allow you to run commercial activities on your website.
  • WordPress is a protective platform, but there always exists threats and malware. Basically, WordPress without domain or hosting doesn’t ensure that your website is secured from invasion by potential hackers.
  • Beginners can start building their WordPress website without a domain. However, WordPress websites with no hosting offer no space to redesign your website into something better.
  • Unlike with self-hosted and paid hosting, you are unable to have or make a branded email address. Besides, you can’t create a domain name for your website.

The Bottom Line:

This article has informed you how to create a WordPress website without a domain. If you have any queries, you can ask via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Is hosting essential for building a WordPress website?

Honestly, it is a vital factor to create a WordPress website. While hosting is beneficial to get your website live on the internet, it takes care of security, backups, etc.

  • What are the ways by which a WordPress website without hosting can be created?

The best methods to create a WordPress site are as follows:-


Run & Install WordPress on LocalHost, and

Try WordPress Hosting For free.

  • Q. Why shouldn’t you create your WordPress website without using hosting and domain?

You may get benefits while starting a website without a domain, but it has limited features and will restrict you from customizing and extending the website’s functionality.

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