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4 Effective Methods for Steady Blog Traffic

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Written by twitiq

Blog Traffic – This is a topic that might have been written about a hundred times by 100 different bloggers but still, you keep reading them again and again as and when new and attractive titles make you click on them. It is because; you expect something new that you might not have known about hitherto.

You are not alone, blogger; just about every serious blogger who wants his blog to be read by thousands of people irrespective of the quality of the content on his blog, doesn’t want to miss out reading about new ways to bring visitors to his blog.

As a blogger with 12 years of experience, let me tell you one thing frankly. There have been no new ways to increase Blog Traffic since the last 6 years. In fact, I would say some of the very effective ways of blog marketing have died/abandoned due to the increased popularity of social media, especially Facebook.

For example, there were some very good loggers communities that were closed. One such community called, “My Blog Log” owned by the big fish Yahoo! was closed in spite of high usage by millions of bloggers.

Well, still bloggers with long-standing repute continue to stay afloat in the blogosphere because they still practice the old method of blogging that doesn’t require much marketing effort. Shall we peruse them?

Raising Blog Traffic Tips 1: The frequency of blog posting.

Let me ask you one thing. You are a person who is not well organized. You run your home shabbily. You keep going to shops to buy groceries and essential almost daily. Suppose there are two outlets nearby your home to fulfill your needs. One is a big shop and the other one is run by a petty peasant who is very punctual in the opening and closing of his shop and never declare holidays and the bigger shop is just the opposite. Which will be your favorite of the two shops?

Your answer is obvious-right?

Similarly, in order to keep your old and new readers coming to your blog, you must update your blog very regularly. You need not have to update it on a daily basis but maintain your schedule and stick to your commitment. If you have decided to blog three times a week on such and such days, don’t fail. Do it for the first 12 months and see the result. Your blog traffic increase for sure.

See the result when you deliberately break your schedule.

You will then be more regular than the SUN and your blog traffic will ease.

Raising Blog Traffic Tips 2: Participate in web communities:

New aspiring bloggers, as well as veterans, should know your name in the blogosphere. This is possible only by participating in web communities such as Quora or discussion forums such as Digital Point Forum.

Quora is a high-end question and answer platform where people ask their doubts on myriad subjects and experts answer them sincerely which will bring more blog traffic. When you start answering the question on niches of your expertise, new questioners will post questions and prod you to answer. As you keep answering sincerely, Quora will indicate how many questions you have answered on your niche and how many of them have been ‘upvoted’ against your profile name. Over a period of time, when you have gained the number of views, whatever you say on your expert topic will be taken seriously.

When your name appears on other web communities and blog comments, readers will read your input because they respect your knowledge on your chosen topic. And they will try to peep in to your blog there by your blog traffic will increase tremendously.

As of composing this blog post, there are about 20 busy “communities for bloggers” to participate; use them as a platform to promote your blog posts to bring more blog traffic.

Similar to web/blog communities, there are respected discussion forums on the Internet that every blogger, online entrepreneur, and webmaster should signup and contribute. Forums are in hundreds, some are general and many are on a specific subject such as blogging, money making, makeup and fashion, health, politics, and literature. Every one of those communities are the treasure troove for blog traffic to your site.

The main idea of participating in a forum is to introduce yourself first and read all the threads in the forum for a week or so and then start posting your questions and answer others’ questions very sincerely. Do not just answer something irrelevant or meaningless just to get your name in.

Slowly, you will gain new readers and they will become loyal to your inputs. You can also be loyal to the others’ answers and start befriending them, This is the first goal for you ie. get known and know others.

Leave nice comments about others’ blogs and that action of yours would be reciprocated. This helps everyone.

When this happens, your blog URL which is your signature that appears at the foot of all your posts in the forum will get clicks which is the best way to bring blog traffic. Persist this method and in a year, your blog traffic would have skyrocketed.

Raising Blog Traffic Tips 3: Keywords inclusion:

First, understand how readers land on your blog. You cannot send a personal invitation to each and everyone-right?

  • You let the search engine do this work for you.
  • And how will you tell the search engine what is on your blog?
  • It is done by way of inserting the right keywords in your blog content that gets picked up by the search engines as and when the same keywords are used by the users to key in the search box of Google or Yahoo!

Raising Blog Traffic Tips 4: Are you beginning to understand how the Internet works basically?

There are certain rules to the insertion of keywords such as:

  • The number of times you place the keywords in the content
  • The places where they are effective
  • Usage of the synonyms of the keywords
  • The style and color of the used keywords

This is a big topic for all internet marketers not only just focusing blog traffic and you will become a professional only by experience.

Raising Blog Traffic Tips 4: Using the Blog Traffic Analytic metrics.

All the above steps would fetch results provided you keep monitoring your blog traffic using the correct web tools as such as Google Analytics, the most trustworthy software. The learning curve is a bit steep at the beginning but once you are used to it, you will start tweaking your blog content, usage of keywords so as to bring more readers to your blog.

Blogging is no longer a mere online diary. It is a business for individuals and also a business tool for brands for which blog traffic is the soul. If you want to make your blog stand out against millions of blogs, you must keep bringing new readers and keep the existing loyal readers happy by providing content that will solve their problems.


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