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GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr Alternatives
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GeoGuessr, a famous online game, tests your Geography knowledge.  Launched in May 2013, it transports you to various places around the World using Google Street View, and you need to guess the location. Thus, you can learn about new places & test your world geography knowledge. Although this one is a fun game, it is also challenging because you have to try to guess your location. If you are planning to spend some time and learn new things, GeoGuessr is an excellent option. Further there are so many GeoGuessr Alternatives are available for free.

Signing up for its free account lets you play a few of its different modes. But if you are willing to enjoy unlimited gameplay with advanced options, pay $1.99 monthly. These provide a 7-day free trial also. This article has covered the best GeoGuessr alternatives. Let’s check it.

Popular GeoGuessr Alternatives:

These are the famous GeoGuessr alternatives.

  1. City Guesser:

This one is the best free alternative of GeoGuessr, using which you can test your knowledge of towns around the World. You only need to type in the town name, and this alternative will let you know if the city is in its database. If the city is in the database, then you will get to view a picture of the town as well as a few basic information about it. And, if the name is not there, it will give you a hint using which you can guess the correct answer.

If you love to travel, the City Guesser game is perfect for you because it lets you test your geography knowledge and learn about new cities & cultures. This  GeoGuessr alternative is ideal for families because people of all ages can enjoy this. It is one of the most famous party games because of its rules that are simple to learn and quick playing time. If you are planning to play a free game with your friends or family, give this one a try.

  1. World Geography Games:

This one of the best free GeoGuessr alternatives lets you test your knowledge of geography. Players can play games like “What’s the Capital?” “Which Country Are You From?” etc., and guessing answers to these questions lets you know about 193 various countries around the World. While kids can play this game, adults can also try this one to boost their geographical skills through stimulating challenges in mountains, deserts and other regions.

This game is easy as it displays a picture of a location. After that, you need to guess the country. You will get five chances to guess. You need to start over if you gave the wrong answer five times. It does not have apps, so you can play the game on web browsers. Players are able to translate its website into Deutsch, Français, English, Español, Bosanski, Nederlands, and Polski languages.

The game has four difficulty levels, each with ten different locations. Do you have enough confidence to try hard mode? If yes, try the mode where you get three chances to guess. This game allows you to learn about various nations & their capitals.

  1. Seterra:

It is a famous GeoGuessr alternative that you can use to learn about various countries & their geography. Players need to identify nations on a map. This game has players identify countries on a map. Once a player correctly guesses the country, this game provides information about that country. Players can play this game to brush up on their knowledge of geography including country capitals, cities, lakes, rivers, etc. Seterra has more than 3 million unique visitors, which is a clear sign of its growth.

While you can translate GeoGuessr only in 10 languages, this GeoGuessr alternative lets you access it in over forty languages. Its free app is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices. People can use their mobile apps in 15 languages for free. The app comes with 400 map quiz games. It provides a variety of other features like printable maps and custom quizzes. If you are a geography enthusiast who wants to learn about different world locations in a fun way, then it is something you must try.

  1. GeoGuess:

It is an open-source fun game that uses Google Maps to create images. The main objective of this game is guessing the location of a photo generated by it randomly. It shows latitude and longitude to make your job easier. The game comes under the MIT license. Players need to connect it to a GitHub account to self-host it easily. You can find the changes on GeoGuess’s global CDN automatically. It is possible to translate this into English, Deutsch, Russian, French, Czech, Portuguese, Swedish, etc.

While your score is tracked, the game gives you points as awards for each successful guess. The game is one of the best alternatives to learn about various locations around the World. Whether you want to play a challenging game, it is worth checking out.

  1. Geotastic:

You get the chance to explore the entire World from your home using the free quiz game. This web-based game allows you to travel to any place on the earth, and you can view how the place looks like. The game offers more control over where you want to travel and what you are willing to see, so it is a great free alternative to GeoGuessr. Geotastic comes with a more user-friendly interface which makes this simple to navigate.

It can cover the server maintenance cost from donations and revenue, which are made through advertising and are visible on the website. It is possible to donate by PayPal or SEPA bank transfer. Remember that the donation amount varies, a few people donate just €0.50. The game’s objective is very easy. Hence, you get a random location on a map and need to guess it. What is interesting is that the place can be anywhere all over the World. Therefore, you have to use your geography knowledge to make an educated guess.

For instance, you can play in Standard or Expert mode. If you are willing to relax and take your time, you should choose Standard mode, whereas Expert mode is to test your geographical knowledge. Several maps are available to select and explore various regions of the World, staying at the comfort of your home. If you want only to spend your time while having fun or want to test your geography knowledge, try this.

  1. Ducksters:

It offers several geography games like GeoGuessr. These games are ideal for kids willing to learn more about the World around them. The design of these games allows you to teach kids about various countries and their cultures. In addition, it helps them to learn important geographical concepts.

In this game, players need to score as much as they can by giving the correct answer when they have to guess a picture’s location. It provides a leaderboard to see your performance compared to other users. This game can offer several free printable worksheets which you can use to supplement the games. Above all, it can be said that teachers & parents who want to make geography learning fun can choose this game. This game provides a web-based experience without any mobile responsiveness. This GeoGuessr alternative provides more benefits than GeoGuessr’s free version.

  1. Zoomtastic:

This excellent game allows you to test your world knowledge. In this game, you will get a zoomed-in image of a place and then you need to guess where it is in the World. However, this game is ideal for those who love geography or someone willing to know about the World. This one is excellent for testing your skills of problem-solving. You must play the game if you love geography or like to take challenges.

  1. PlayGeography:

This web-based game helps to learn about geography. Two main sections are on this site: a map section and a quiz section. In the map section, you can see interactive maps of various countries. Besides, you can learn about the physical features of any nation, population, climate, history, and culture. Whereas your knowledge regarding geographic facts and figures will be tested in the quiz section. It is an excellent resource for those who want to learn more about the World around them.

Kids are able to explore various nations, learn about different cultures, and test their knowledge with quizzes & challenges. Rather than giving 3D maps or videos, it offers 2D images based on which you need to predict the name of the city or country.

  1. Get Lost:

This geographic discovery game lets you explore the World and view different locations in North America and India. It is played on a map where you need to select any location to start. After that, you have to find your way to a series of destinations by following clues. The maximum score is set to 5,000 points per round, and the total number of rounds is 5.

Players will face different challenges, like finding a route via a maze or answering trivia questions about the local area. When you play, you will be able to earn points based on your performance. Whoever reaches the final destination will win the game. Playing this game allows you to learn about culture & geography in an enjoyable way while spending time with family & friends. This game asks you to sign up with your email, Google and Twitter. Initially, you don’t see any pricing details as users will be able to access the basic version at free of cost. However, when you play games, you need to see ads. Whether you are willing to have unlimited games without ads, upgrading your Get Lost account is necessary. Hence, you need to pay $3 monthly whereas $24 yearly.

  1. GuessWhere Challenge:

It is a famous GeoGuessr alternative for Android devices. This game is ideal for those who want to test their world geography knowledge. Players need to answer questions about different locations in this game on a world map. You will be able to earn points for every correct answer. The player with the most points wins at the game’s end.

If you want to play the game, you need to download the app from Google Play Store. As soon as you install the application, you get many nations to select. Once you choose a nation, you get to see a map of that particular country. In this case, you need to zoom in on the map. Then, you have to identify the location of the capital city.

After finding the capital city, your job is to select this from a list of options. Correct answering lets you earn points & move on to the next. But if you give wrong answers, you will lose points, and get another chance to answer. It is an educational game that is enjoyable for people of all ages.

  1. MapCrunch:

It is an excellent option for those who find the guessing process too competitive. Unlike Geoguessr, the one does not have any guessing element to it. Rather than that, the alternative lets you create street views at the press of a single button. Sometimes, it may seem counter-intuitive. If you want to view the entire World without traveling anywhere, it is going to be an excellent tool for you.

This game lets you practice your geography skills and allows you to study how the different regions of the World look like. You can see several options like individual countries, continents, and more, which you can enable and disable.

  1. The City Map Quiz:

Have you played Geoguessr a lot and want a similar challenge from a different perspective? Then, it could be your best option. This one is an online game in which you need to guess the city where you are, based only on its map.

Details like landmarks, park names, and street names have been cleared on the map. Therefore, the only clues to go off of are rivers, streets, and the city layout. It has fewer choices than you might have with GeoGuessr. However, you can select to categorize your game into countries to make the task easier. Four choices are available with each question. So, you will not guess all blindly.

  1. GeoClash:

At its core, the GeoGuessr alternative follows the same principles that Geoguessr does. Hence, players randomly get a location in the World and need to guess it based on its street view. The main difference is that the alternative works for multiplayer. If you are willing to learn how to play Geoguessr with your friends, this one is an excellent option.

However, you don’t need to create an account and sharing a room with friends is as easy as sharing code. You and your friends can adjust the number of rounds, time limit, and number of continents according to your preference. That’s why it is a great option for those who need a multiplayer solution.

  1. Worldle:

Hence, players get a silhouette of a country the name of which you need to guess. A player will get six chances to guess the correct answer. Every wrong answer will give you some information to help you refine your guesses. Hence, the information will let you know how close you are to detecting the location. Although the distance is set to kilometers by default, you can set this to miles in the settings. Besides, you can share your performance by copying the results to your clipboard.

  1. GtaGuessr:

Are you tired of playing GeoGuessr? Then, you can give this GeoGuessr alternative a try. This one takes place completely on the map of GTA 5’s San Andreas, and you can guess it from its name. The map is a bit different from real-world locations. In addition, the map of San Andreas is smaller than the entirety of the real World. If you find yourself exhausted with Geoguessr’s features, GtaGuessr is an excellent option that you should try.

  1. Hide & Seek World:

If you are looking for a fun geography trivia game with a strong emphasis on the multiplayer experience, try this one. The game has some turns where every turn has a hider whose task is to choose any location from the World. You need to guess the place depending on the Google Street View images. If you are a hider, your task should be to choose a difficult location so that not many people guess it. Hiders will get fewer points when players guess the location correctly. Whereas, seekers should try to guess the location to earn points.

This game is actually based on the famous children’s game. In this case, you, as a player, can see having a virtual playground instead of the real World. It indicates that the entire World is not your backyard, the closets, and the attic. Instead, it is your playground. Once a round ends, the players will be able to see the performance of others and how far others are from the hiding place. Street View and Satellite are the two game modes in this game. Choose a street view location in the Street View mode to hide, whereas the hiding spot in Satellite mode is a random zoomed-in area.

It includes both free and paid versions. While you can play one game maximum in the free version daily, the paid version allows you to play countless rounds. Besides, the highest tier lets you invite your friends to play.

  1. Where Am I?:

In this minimalist game, you will be dropped in a random place that you need to identify. Hence, you only have a Google Streetview photo to guess your location. You can see a world map in the inset that you need to hover to enlarge. Now, you need to tap on the region from where you think the place belongs. The app lets you know how far your guess is from the picture’s actual location.

However, you will be able to play the game on mobile browsers, but remember that you can pinpoint the location more precisely in the larger screen real estate. So, just give a try to this best free geography trivia game which is also ad-free.

  1. Lizardpoint:

It is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives that you should try at least once. This site hosts multiple geography-related quizzes which you can play to test your geography knowledge regarding countries, continents, and geographical features of Earth. You can see a few popular quizzes on the home page. You can enjoy a useful study mode that brings extra information about countries and US states.

  1. Geoguess Master:

Although the names Geoguessr and Geoguess Master sound similar, these two applications don’t have any connection. However, it may happen that the creators of Geoguess Master were inspired by Geoguessr.

You can play the game with your friends. When you select the multiplayer mode, you can create a room where your friends are able to join. Players are able to choose from two modes: World and Japan. You can then see a random street view. Every game has five rounds, and your aim is to discover the place according to the street views.

Google Street View arrows help to collect more clues about the location by navigating down the road. It uses the Google Streetview API. However, the app includes a daily quota. As soon as you reach the quota, you will not be able to play the game any more on that day.


This article covers the best open-source, free and paid GeoGuessr alternatives. Choose the alternative which meets your needs and allows you to have fun while spending hours by solving map-based puzzles. Remember that geography games are an excellent way through which you can improve your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there a free alternative to GeoGuessr?

Geotastic is a free alternative to GeoGuessr.

  • Does GeoGuessr cost money?

It comes with both free & paid (subscription) memberships. The free mode will restrict you to five minute’s game play per fifteen minutes. For Paid memberships, you need to pay US$1.99 monthly.

  • Is GeoGuessr an educational game?

It is an engaging game that teaches players about geography and cultures.

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