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Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers in 2023

Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers
Written by twitiq

Are you a publisher who is thinking of monetizing your website? Remember that Google AdSense will be your top pick, then. This one is an excellent platform where people can still find the best possible way to understand ad monetization & ad tech. Additionally, this one is the famous PPC or pay-per-click program on the web which more than 10 million websites use. In this article, we are going to discuss the Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers in 2023. Let’s dig in.

While it is simple to set up, users can access this easily. Besides, it enables you to gain revenue generated from clicks. But this is not the only solution. The reason is that publishers who are willing to optimize their ad monetization strategies will begin watching other available networks in the market. Google AdSense is considered as one of the most popular ways that helps the website owners to sell advertising space on their websites. Google established Google AdSense in 2003. While it comes with the biggest footprint of all ad networks, it is also a famous choice for smaller website owners who will monetize their content. Bigger websites can be beneficial from AdSense alternatives boosting and diversifying revenue.

What is AdSense?

It is a monetization program using which publishers can sell space on a website to advertisers. Besides, it is possible to sell website space on a per-impression or per-click basis. Advertisers purchase the right to display their advertisements via Google Ads.

Why Use an AdSense Alternative?

Small & medium-sized publishers with minimal resources must use AdSense. This reliable program can provide publishers enough revenue created from clicks. There exist several drawbacks to Google’s platform, which make this unsuitable for certain sites.

Reasons, why you should use Google AdSense alternatives are as follows:

Rejected AdSense Application

Banned AdSense Account

Diversifying Ad Networks

Narrow Range of Ad Types

Minimum Payout

Revenue Share

Unsupported Languages

The best Google AdSense alternative for publishers in 2023:

 To know which is the best adsense alternative, check below:


 This one is a Google-certified publishing partner. It can help publishers to analyze & implement the latest ad technology by leveraging its over ten years of experience. This alternative can provide header bidding, reporting, deals, ad layout optimization, ad-block monetization, pricing automation, and Adwizard. This top adsense alternative can be an excellent solution for publishers who are willing to increase their ad revenue. In addition, publishers who want business growth with a sustainable partnership can use it. The alternative comes with a free website for publishers or app reviews. Additionally, it can help you to improve visibility.

You can use its Ad Revenue Calculator to compute your ad revenues as a publisher. The minimum amount you have to pay to use this is $100. Five hundred thousand page views monthly are the minimum traffic requirement. It is perfect for publishers who want a one-stop solution ad network with cutting-edge ad tech.


It can connect advertisers & publishers via its Self-Serve platform. The ad network has become the market leader in popunder ads. Besides, it has transitioned into banner ads, native ads & video ads. It is an ad platform offering layouts on desktop sites, mobile apps and mobile sites. But it doesn’t come with minimum traffic eligibility criteria, due to which it becomes a special Google AdSense alternative for new bloggers. In this case, the minimum payout is $5. It is ideal for new publishers who are willing to add pop-under ads & other non-targeted ads.


Its main focus is contextual advertising. Besides, it can promise a “proprietary real-time contextual technology” detecting intent and engagement on pages belonging to its over 25,000 live website partners. This platform is open to all online publishers and doesn’t need any setup fee. The platform has only “modest minimum requirements” for page views or visitors.

The platform can provide publishers with a 65% cut of ad revenue, and its target is approving applications within 48 hours. Its minimum payout is $50. This one is ideal for publishers who want in-text advertising solutions.


The tool usually pays out on a per-impression basis. Its major focus is providing ad optimization. When visitors see ads on your pages, you will earn money. However, an impression-based model generally pays less than a click-based model. It comes with four programs to monetize client websites revolving around monthly pageviews. These websites prioritize mid-sized blogs with a minimum requirement of 10K monthly page views. However, this amount is lower than several famous ad networks. $10 is the minimum payout. It is ideal for medium & established publishers who want to include targeted and impression-based ads.

It is considered as one of the top ad tech companies worldwide. Users can access Yahoo! Bing ad network with its strongest differentiator. As a result, it has become a very attractive & famous Google AdSense alternative. Advertisers can access high-profile, content-driven publishers with the help of the marketplace. In addition, the marketplace can provide many ad types, including text ads, contextual ads, display, search & mobile ads. This alternative was the first one which developed a server-side header bidding platform. It can boost transparency while maintaining user experience. $100 is its minimum payout, whereas a minimum traffic requirement is 50,000 monthly views. This one is excellent for those publishers who want to include display ads, native ads, and mobile and video ads.


The main target of it is to blur the lines between reader-purchaser experiences and partners with publishers that have over 50,000 monthly viewers. This alternative is capable of handling over 250 billion content recommendations monthly. When you apply as a publisher, it will involve a manual review process to ensure that your site publishes top-quality content. $50 is the minimum payout, whereas the minimum traffic needs are 50,000-80,000 monthly views. The alternative is best for High-traffic website publishers who are willing to add push ads, native ads, video & mobile ads.

SHE Media:

This Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers in 2023 is mainly female-focused and welcomes those publishers who have sites gearing toward women viewers. Compared to other ad networks, this one has a lower traffic requirement – 20,000 viewers monthly. This alternative can approve sites with lower traffic when they have exciting content, publish consistently and come with powerful potential growth. But in this case, the sites should be brand safe and have to be at least 90 days old. It should have a higher percentage of US-based traffic but not more than 5% IVT. Its minimum payout is $20, whereas the minimum traffic requirement is 20,000 page views monthly. It is good for female content creators.


This one is an advertising network allowing publishers to sell ad inventory directly to the top bidding advertiser. Larger publishers get the benefits from this the most. Hence, advertisers try to bid for space on the most credible websites. However, monetising your website is not as effective as a new publisher. The alternative uses various ad formats such as direct navigation, popunder, push notifications, in-page push, injections, pops and native ads. The direct bidding system of this alternative indicates that it does not come with a publisher approval process. It gives payment for conversions and clicks. $10 is its minimum payout. This one is exceptional for publishers who like the bidding campaign systems & want to add banner ads, pop-unders and smart links.


You can put your site in this cloud market platform as a publisher. Here, advertisers are capable of previewing the site’s stats. They could purchase advertisement spots on the website when the stat looks impressive. It depends on the publisher to accept or reject ads. If you are a publisher, you must accept ads resonating with their content. It uses different ad formats such as native ads, content ads, podcast ads, display ads and email ads.

It charges 1/4th of the service fee for each successful transaction. Its minimum payout is $20. Additionally, its minimum traffic need is ten thousand page views per month. It is suitable for famous site owners willing to add content ads, podcast ads, email ads, etc., from renowned advertisers.


This affiliate marketing platform scans text on the website for links to other sites. Once a link leads to another advertising partner, this alternative will turn this into an affiliate link for creating more traffic. Once a viewer taps on affiliate links, publishers will get a 75% commission and extra money in exchange for a sale made through the same. People willing to limit their site’s layout and avoid excessive use of display ads must use the option. It comes with a huge network partner because of its exceptional way of representing various ad types in a concise form. The minimum payout of this alternative is $10. Affiliate marketers should use it.


This one can provide a self-serve platform letting advertisers establish ad campaigns quickly. In this case, the special thing is that no paperwork can hold the process. If you are a publisher and want to apply to this alternative, it is essential to have a fully designed website which is older than two months with a minimum of 50,000 pageviews every month. It can provide native, video and display ads which get support from a “robust” default tag management system. The minimum payout is $20, whereas the minimum traffic requirement is 50,000 page views monthly. It is perfect for high-traffic website owners who are willing to publish banner ads. It enables publishers to select & place ads according to your preference.


It is a famous self-serve ad platform following the CPA model for different ad formats like text & banner ads to display and video ads. With the help of this platform, you can analyze real-time reports of ad performance. It allows publishers to create a strong trust in site monetization culture. While its minimum payout is $25, it is perfectly suitable for beginners who like the CPA (cost per action) model.


This pop-under ad network can make payments within 24 hours. It can provide flexible customization of pop-under ads once the website’s audience sees them. Additionally, publishers get the chance to select bidding rates while making decisions on sound amplification in video ads. For every thousand unique site visitors, the alternative pays $4. It is suitable for low-traffic website owners who like to use popunder ads.

AdExchange (ADX):

ADX can provide more choices to publishers, like improved control over bidding and a choice to generate private auctions.

Google Ad Manager lets you earn more. ADX can help you in an excellent way with those transactions that are related to ads. In addition, it can propel you so that you can make decisions properly and expand your business scope. Publishers who are working with this Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers in 2023, can access larger inventory and purchasers from Google Ads & other marketplaces using this exchange. Publishers get much more control from this over ad space. Therefore, they can sell their ad inventory directly.

It lets publishers create native, video, and customized ads. Besides, they can arrange each ad source in a platform, monitor progress, & get relevant analytics to make informed decisions. While it is more robust and complex compared to Google AdSense. Therefore, you will need investment to get the most out of its ad network. The alternative’s minimum payout is $100, whereas its minimum traffic requirement is 5 million monthly page views. Premium publishers & advertisers should definitely try this


The alternative has 500,000 unique views of publisher requirements each month. Publishers get 55% of total revenue. The ad formats are available in different forms as long as these are engaging. It mainly focuses on using creativity to attract the attention of users.

This Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers in 2023 mainly targets retail, telecommunication, technology, travel and leisure, education, dating, entertainment, fashion, and automotive. While the minimum payout is $50, the minimum traffic requirement is 500,000 monthly page views. It is perfect for high-traffic premium website owners who need high-impact display, mobile and video ads.


This one is a niche ad company which is specialised in increasing mobile-specific advertising so that it can offer improved results for marketers & premium publishers. The company employs top seventy publishers’ services in the US to reach mobile users. Besides, it uses identity enhancement, sentiment targeting, and dynamic allocation to generate ad experiences driving competitive yield and helping in the growth of eCPMs. There does not exist any information regarding minimum payout. It is perfect for premium publishers who want mobile-centric ads.


This advertising network provider has made a different inventory of ads through their solutions and third-party agreements. The ads enable them to provide all ad formats to publishers who are capable of setting up deals directly with demand partners. As a result, they can avoid 3rd-party fees. These reporting tools are comprehensive due to which publishers can track revenue, fill rate, CPM rates & other KPIs.

This Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers can provide real-time bidding solutions to publishers. Besides, it lets you access their inventory by blocking purchasers or ad types which are unsuitable for their content & audience. $50 is the minimum payout of this AdSense alternative, whereas the minimum monthly traffic requirement is 100,000 views. It is perfect for those publishers who want large ad inventory & cutting-edge technology.

Verizon Media:

It was called AOL One. This one was rebranded after AOL’s acquisition by Verizon in 2015. The SSP or supply-side platform manages 900 billion transactions monthly. These are specialized in video ad formats. However, these are compatible with native ads, mobile display ads and contextual ads.

It can provide different transaction models to publishers, such as header bidding, direct deals, etc. These let publishers connect many ad exchanges & top advertisers. $25 is the minimum payout of the alternative, whereas 3 million page views per month is the minimum traffic requirement. It is ideal for publishers who need the flexibility to customize ad campaigns & multiple ad formats, such as video, mobile and native ads.


Due to the merger with Telaria in 2020, this Best AdSense Alternative for Publisher has been considered a global player in the market of digital advertising that can operate TV, display ads, video, audio and mobile. It is the innovation features of this Seller Cloud platform that helps it to create an independent advertising marketplace avenue for sellers worldwide to connect with the reliable buyers.

The fully automated platform can offer several advantages to both parties. It is a full supply-side platform that comes with a header bidder. This platform allows optimizing ad operations inside Magnite so that you can improve your earnings. However, regarding minimum payout, it didn’t publicly disclose any information. Whereas 5 million monthly sessions are minimum traffic requirements. Those publishers who need real time analytics and want to access multiple ad formats, should try this one.

The bottom line:

In this article, we have covered the best google AdSense alternative for publishers in 2023. We hope that after going through this article, you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best Google AdSense alternatives. Still, if you have any queries or doubts, feel free to ask us via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is Google AdSense the Best Ad Network?

It comes with strict policies which you need to follow to increase its benefits. But Google AdSense doesn’t have any tolerance for mistakes. In addition, the approach to bans may have long-term effects on publishers and their websites.

  • Which Is the Best AdSense Alternative in 2023?

Publift is the best Adsense alternative in 2023. This one uses programmatic advertising technology for ad monetization. In addition, it has partnered with over 250 publishers.

  • Is Publift Better Than Adsense?

Publift is probably the best ad network. It could be a better choice than AdSense for small to medium-sized publishers. There is a team full of optimization experts who help you to achieve your business goals. This all-in-one solution is perfectly suitable for medium to high-level publishers who are willing to increase the ROI & improve the performance of their websites.

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