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7 Pack Replacement Bubble Lights Bulbs
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Most people like to decorate their homes. Hence, we should remember that safety standards have changed over the last century. However, a few family holiday mementos are harmful. For example, since the invention of electric bulbs, some people have started using candles on Christmas trees. It has become a common practice in prior centuries. But some of us like to go with bubble light, famous in the 1950s through the 1970s. These are available in candle shapes. Their liquid movement under the glass and bright colors make these attractive to young children.

What is Bubble Light?

A bubble light is a lamp used for decoration. It is of a liquid-filled vial heated and illuminated by an incandescent bulb. The liquid filled inside it is 39.6°C (103.3°F), the low boiling point of the liquid. As a result, the modest heat generated by lamps causes the liquid to boil and bubble up from the vial’s base. Thus, it can make a decorative effect.

History of Bubble Lights:

These came to the market in 1946, and NOMA Electric Corporation introduced them. The bulbs get excellent success. The candle-shaped lamp was an ideal cost-effective choice for multiple people willing to include something special in their tree. The lights became revolutionary for the first time and swept the country in fame until 1950.

Raylite decided after that to produce them with a long glass tube. Therefore, the company started making the bubbling solution out of oil and pumice, unlike NOMA. This new combination made the lamps fizz like champagne. After that, they discontinued the lamps and replaced them with traditional bubble lamps consisting of a methylene chloride mixture.

But these have dropped in popularity since the 1940s. However, these remain still a novelty option today. People still make it in a candle shape, available in various colors.

How do Bubble Lights Work?

These come in a candle shape with a broad plastic base and a tubular glass vial in the middle. Generally, we use these as a screw-in bulb with either an E10 or E12 base. As a result, these become multi-functional. For instance, you can use these apps such as empty lamp strands and night lamps.

It uses methylene chloride as a liquid inside the glass tube. You need to heat it to a low boil. Hence, the ray emits from the base to shine up into the glass and illuminate them. You need to keep them upright while being operated on. Besides, there are a few which you must tap to begin them.

In this case, you must know that the liquid is not safe for humans or pets. Therefore, ensure to keep these in safe places while they are not in use. Whether this break, wait a while to let the fumes settle before cleaning up. Remember that these are safe like any ornament as long as you store and handle them accurately. Therefore, ensure that you should take care of these this holiday season.

Can Bubble Lights Be Replaced?

As these are screw-in bulbs, you can replace them easily. These can save you money a lot. Like LED strands, although one lamp goes out, it won’t affect others on the strand. It is possible to replace using the top choices in the article. These are available in different colors and styles to match the missing bulb. It allows Christmas lamps to continue shining on.

How to Decorate with Bubble Lights:

You can use them as colorful models with a Christmas tree. These are simple to decorate. You only need to wrap them around the tree and power on them. It can make a warm glow for the entire room; not available for other lamps. Add tinsel or garland to the tree to offset the lamps.

These appear great as centerpieces on the table or a TV stand. You can use them on window sills. It allows you to put candles in the window safely. Glitter ones are a perfect statement bulb for such tasks. It is because these add sparkle to the animation.

Using them as night lamps is the most exciting way to decorate with them. Our article provides different styles of night lamps, from Christmas trees to cardinals. So you can keep the holiday spirit perfectly.

Top Bubble Light Products:

7 Pack Replacement Bubble Lights Bulbs, Amazon:

7 Pack Replacement Bubble Lights BulbsDescription: You can use it as a vintage Christmas lamp for Christmas tree celebrations, indoor string decorations, etc. Using the old-fashioned lamp can bring back childhood memories of Christmas pasts. First, you need to use them on the fireplace mantel with greenery. Then, you need to wrap these on a Christmas tree. Different colors, including red, orange, & blue color go against a green tree. Vintage Christmas Lights for Xmas Christmas Tree Decorations, C7/E12 Candelabra Base, Red, Orange, and Blue


Size: It comes with 5.4″ replacement bulbs.

Different colors: This one is a traditional replacement model that contains orange, red, and blue liquid.

Socket: It includes an E12 candelabra base where every piece has 120 volts and 5 watts.

Ideal uses: It is UL listed and perfect for indoor safe uses. Besides, it is ideal for decorating Xmas Christmas trees or others.


  • Perfect to use for Christmas tree
  • E12 candelabra base is available


  • Not work properly

HCDMRE LED Air Bubble Light Aquarium Light Underwater Submersible Fish Tank Light Color Changing Making Oxygen Aquarium Tools:

HCDMRE LED Air Bubble WallDescription: Its bar is sealed with disposable glue that is waterproof and safe. Besides, its class is IP68, and it has a high luminance. Moreover, this one has an Acrylic tube which is not simple to break.

Two strong suction cups solve the cable firmly in the tank. It fits aquariums, fish tanks, pools, etc. Besides, you can remove the two suckers on the tank lamp and move them anytime. Therefore, you should install it anywhere on any smooth glass surface.


Control mode: It comes with two control modes. Besides, there is a 24-button smart remote control, color-changing, with memory. In addition, it can control sixteen lamp colors and four color-changing modes. It can turn a fish tank into a colorful landscape. Thus, you can make the appearance of the aquarium like part of the ocean.

Perfect for use: It is perfect for outdoors and indoors. In addition, it is suitable for aquariums, fish tanks, turtle tanks, reptiles, home or party decor, pools, ponds, etc. The product can offer stunning effects day or night for fish tanks.

Super Bright: The product comes with a top-quality super bright LED5050 four-core, offering long service life. In addition, it can provide high transmission. Besides, there are no dead Angle lamps and deformation. It dissipates heat quickly, saving super energy.

IP68 Waterproof: The power can line up to 2.2 meters to fulfill the requirements. Its IP68 waterproof feature makes the lamp submersible. In addition, you can put it at the bottom of the aquarium or aquarium wall. Hence, you should know that its power adapter is not waterproof.

Accessories: It includes suction cups which are simple to fix. Besides, the Oxygen tube is ideal for all single outlet or double outlet/hole air pumps.

However, it doesn’t contain an air pump. Therefore, if necessary, you can purchase an air pump to connect the lamp and produce bubbles. After that, these will come out from the small hole in the lamp. Bulk ones rely on the air pump instead of a lamp.


  • Suction cups
  • Oxygen tube for all single outlet or double outlets


  • An air pump is unavailable

Playlearn Acrylic Sensory Bubble Wall:

Playlearn Acrylic Sensory Bubble WallDescription: The wall can offer a perfect calming atmosphere for your home or office. It is specially designed for sensory stimulation for kids, the adult office, or the workplace. In addition, the product helps you to relax and calm adults during a hard-working day. Its soft “buzz” adds to this effect. You can use it in sensory rooms, schools, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms, and nursing homes. Besides, it is perfect for kids with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, adults with dementia, etc.


Calming: The mix of the streaming bubbles, color-changing LEDs, and gentle hum of the pump can create a relaxing atmosphere.

Unique Décor: Its wall with LED lamps improves the décor of a sensory room, dining room, bedroom, living room, nursing home, or office waiting area.

Preassembled: You only need to fill it with water and connect it afterward. The wall ships in one piece, and you don’t need any additional set-up.

Simple to use: The remote control can change color and feature settings.

Top quality: The base and top part consist of top-quality acrylic material. In addition, you can find a mirror background that reflects the gorgeous display.


  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Top-quality acrylic material


  • Not long-lasting

LITFAD Modern Stylish Bubble Ball Chandelier:

LITFAD Modern Stylish ChandelierDescription: The product is perfect for indoors, in bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining rooms, hotels, Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Its style is modern. If you are willing to install it safely, ensure that you should connect the fixture to a structural member of the building. Modern Stylish Bubble Ball Chandelier Ivory Glass 37 Lights LED Pendant Light Dining Room Restaurant Hanging Lamp in Black


Size: While the width is 31.5″ (80 cm), its height is 29.5″ (75 cm). Hence, all chains are of similar length. Just hang a ball on every end of the chain. Multiple holes are in the chain. So, it is possible to manage the length by hanging the ball in various holes. It uses metal and glass as materials. Moreover, it is ideal for a 6-20m² area.

Durable: It can last for longer periods. Besides, it can save your electricity bill substantially. It is a LED/Incandescent/Fluorescent bulb type. In addition, E26/E27 is the bulb base.


  • Long-lasting
  • Save electricity bill
  • Perfect for a 6-20m² area.


  • No Instructions

Retro Bubble Light Centerpiece:

Retro CenterpieceDescription: The model has fascinated people for more than fifty years. It is possible to turn back time with these animated models. Besides, it comes with an art deco-style base with realistic greenery. You only need to connect it to an AC outlet. In addition, there exists an On/off switch on the cord.


Included things: Plastic art deco base and realistic greenery are available.

Perfect to use: It is suitable for tables, mantels, windows, etc.


  • Ideal to use for tables, windows, etc.
  • On/Off switch on the cord.


  • Not safe

The Bottom Line:

Our article has given elaborated details on bubble light. In addition, we have let you know what it is, how it works, etc. So, choose any of these top five products to decorate your room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are these safe?

Methylene chloride is the fluid inside old or new devices usually. But it can cause serious poisoning. If you want to avoid that, ensure you should not inhale, swallow or spill on your skin.

  • How long do these last?

You should not leave them up for more than 90 days.

  • Can these explode?

No, these do not explode. It is because the vapor condenses back to liquid in the tube length.

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