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Solar Rope Lights Buying Guide

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights
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Are you in need of an eco-friendly lighting solution that will be cost-effective too? Then, you should know that solar-powered rope lights are the perfect option in this case. Like the electric ones, these can offer an equal amount of brightness. Therefore, you can use these products for the wedding to Christmas decorations. Besides, these are safer. These products generally absorb solar energy during the day to ensure that the lights will light up throughout the evening. However, sometimes these lights can keep illuminating even throughout the whole night.

The lights come with solar panels that collect raw solar energy during the day and store it in eco-friendly batteries. You should know that these products save both electricity bill costs and installation time. You do not need wires or secondary power sources to install these products. Remember that these are excellent choices for the environment and home.

You can get the lights available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. So, choosing any one of them is not a simple task. This article will tell you about the best solar rope light by considering the essential factors.

What is a Solar Rope Light and What is It For?

Solar rope lights differ from deck or garden lights, especially used for the garden. However, compared to other outdoor lights, these are less brighter. Therefore, these can be used for lighting paths and accenting decoration. Although, these lights don’t attract bugs and insects.

These products come with batteries and get powered by solar energy. The battery takes 6-8 hours to get charged. Remember that this timing can vary from one brand to another.

Remember that you need to expose the solar panel to sunlight in the daytime to charge the battery and keep the lights on at nighttime.

When it comes to pergolas, patios, decks, or gardens, you should know that these lights are mainly for those homeowners who prefer fantastic stuff. But are you a creative person who likes to decorate outdoor places not only on Christmas but also on different occasions? Then, these products are the perfect option for you. Besides, people who want a cozy bedroom or living room to execute a romantic date indoors can use these lights.

These lights are mainly used to decorate spaces and create an imposing environment. In addition, if you want to illuminate the path in the garden, you can use these products.

How Do Solar Ropes Lights Work?

It is a photovoltaic module that collects energy from the sun. After that, it stores the energy in the batteries. Solar lights collect sufficient energy during the daytime to work efficiently during the night. These LED bulbs remain strung along a rope and get illuminated using solar power. Remember that these are generally used for decorative purposes, not for lighting.

However, these products work as ordinary Christmas or holiday lights, due to which it does not matter whether you select the colored or plain white solar rope lights. But the best thing is these can run through solar energy and save electricity bills.

Generally, these come with smart features such as auto turning on at night and keep illuminating if they are charged. However, you can see them turned off in the morning. Then, the solar panel will get powered by sunlight.

You should know that these lights are waterproof, which means you can use them for all seasons. In addition, you can find them wrapped in PVC tube covers. Hence, there will be no issue if the lights get exposed to the rain.

You can use these lights for various purposes, such as decorating wedding venues, Christmas trees, and other spaces & things. Before buying any model, you need to ensure that you can install the rope lighting anywhere when necessary.

You should select such a model which is long-term usable. If you want to determine which one can last long, you should know that it is possible by buying quality string lights.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Rope Lights?

Before picking a solar rope light, you may need to compete between the available options. But before doing so, you need to know the types of these lights to make a wise decision. However, you will not find many types of these lights, as most models have the same features.

However, remember that you can differentiate the type based on the brand, model, and the number of LED lights. Different models contain different bulbs, meaning that a few have 100 light bulbs while others come with 200. Therefore, it entirely depends on the number of light bulbs you want to use for decorating your house, garage, garden, and so on. However, you will find several options available in the market. In this article, we have given the top 5 best solar rope lights. Let’s dig in.

How to install and use these solar rope lights?

Do you know how to set up led solar rope lights? Then, you can easily install them. First, you need to connect a panel to a ground stake and set it after that. Next, you should connect the lights to the panel using a connector. Then, you have to check that you have set this panel in such a place that it can collect maximum exposure to sunlight.

How to use solar rope lights indoors?

If you want to use them, hang or shape them like Christmas lights or electric-powered lights. Ensure that you should not place the solar panels under a tree because putting them in that place will not allow them to get exposed to sunlight.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Rope Lights:

Here, we have elaborated on the benefits of solar rope lights outdoors. Let’s check it.


Using these lights can decrease the need for dangerous extensions because they will not get overheated when you use them. Thus, it can reduce the risk of getting fired.

Simple Installation:

These don’t have any power cords or outlets. Therefore, you can install them with ease. Thus, it is possible to decorate your space easily according to the requirement, even without thinking more about the power bill.


Although the purchasing cost of these lights is a bit higher. But the maintenance cost is comparatively lower than the traditional electric lights. Therefore, it indicates that these are cost-effective in the long run.


Due to multiple reasons, these are convenient to use. For example, these can offer outstanding lighting even in a power outage. On the other hand, the high-waterproof rating allows you to use these lights in all seasons, even in snow or heavy rains.


Incandescent lights consist of glass and filament. In this regard, you should know that these could burn and break easily. Manufacturers generally use long-lasting plastic to design solar rope lights. As a result, they become ten times more durable than incandescent lights.


No gases like carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide get emitted from the lights. As solar lights are more durable than electric lights, you do not need to replace them frequently. Also, as these use solar light to get illuminated, it means less energy consumption.


These are available in different colors. So, you can mold or bend them and turn them into different shapes to decorate your place. Despite being brighter enough, these lights will not attract bugs or insects. Therefore, you can decorate your area aesthetically.

Free Energy:

These lights don’t require any power source because they get powered by solar energy. If you go for traditional lighting, you need to invest about $10 every 300 working hours. In this case, if you use solar rope lights, these can save both money and energy.

Different Options:

As these lights are available in several shapes, sizes, and colors, according to the aesthetic purpose, you can select the best rope light to set the ambiance. For example, you can wrap up the lights around furniture and trellis. However, you can wrap the lights around trees, branches, over decks, and shrubbery so that you can execute an incredible outdoor retreat.


Dependency on sunlight:

No one can make a product’s exact benefits and drawbacks list without checking the disadvantages. These lights don’t work without sunlight. Due to the overcast for a few days, the solar lighting will not get enough sunlight, and as a result, these will not work. Ensure sufficient sunlight falls in your area daily before investing in solar tech.


These are inexpensive, which is excellent news for those who are on a tight budget. As the materials used for constructing these lights are affordable, these are available at budget-friendly prices. It indicates that these may not last as long as you want. However, these lights will not need any kind of maintenance.

Best Solar Powered Rope Lights to Buy:

  1. IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope Lights

IMAGE 8 ModesDescription:

In most cases, people like to use long rope lights as they can cover most of the area in their house with illumination. Due to this reason, this product gets the top rank on our list. It is 24 meters long and can carry more than two hundred LEDs over its length. In addition, these lights come with eight illumination modes.

Solar Panels of this product are large and come with a high density. In addition, this product comes with a 2400 mAh battery capacity.

After charging it fully, you can use the lights for more than ten hours, which is sufficient to cover a single night without any issues. It is also possible to charge the panels separately without unwinding the light ropes. Remember that these best outdoor solar rope lights come with one-year warranty periods.


8 Flashing Modes: It is possible to change the modes whenever you want or based on the atmosphere. You will find Switch and Switch mode buttons behind the solar panel.

Higher Density Panel: This model comes with larger and higher-density solar panels. As a result, using these lights, it is possible to cover many areas with illumination.

2400mAh Battery: This battery power indicates that the lighting can last much longer. You can use these lights continuously for over 10 hours.

Detachable Design: Due to the detachable design, you can place the panels outside so that they can get charged separately while keeping the rope light outdoors or indoors.

Waterproof Design: As the product comes with a waterproof design, you will be able to place these lights outdoors, even in cloudy or rainy weather.

  • It comes with a warranty period.
  • Longest solar-powered rope light.
  • Expensive.
  1. Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String LightsDescription:

If you are looking for an affordable option, then picking this product from one of the reputed brands like OAK LEAF will be a wise decision. We kept it in the second position in the list of the best solar rope lights due to its advanced features and affordable cost.

While the product comes with a solar panel, it also has a smart light sensor that helps turn the lights automatically once the sun sets. It has installed a hundred LEDs over its 12.5 meters length. If you want to decorate small and medium areas, go for this model.

These lights come with a robust PVC tube cover which doesn’t cause any damage to the inside LEDs. Moreover, the cover doesn’t get broken easily. Therefore, if you want, you can vend the light and give it any shape as per your wish.


No power Outlet Required: This product features a rechargeable battery and a smart light sensor powering on the light automatically at night if it gets charged it in sunlight during the day. Therefore, you don’t need to spend on any electricity bill in this case.

100 LED light: The length of the product is 41 feet. So if you want to decorate lining extensive areas such as walkways, swimming pools, windows, and trees, these are a great pick.

Malleable PVC Tube Cover: Due to the presence of bendable PVC tubes, you can shape the rope light as you per your needs.

Water And Weather Resistant: You will get to see that the panels and the lights are wrapped with plastic. These products come with IP44 and IP65 waterproof ratings, respectively. Therefore, these lights can be used in outdoor areas even in the rainy weather.

Two lighting modes: This outdoor solar rope light comes with a button that enables the user to adjust the two lighting modes, flashlight and steady-on light. You only have to choose any of these options so that you can create your desired atmosphere.

  • Reasonable price range.
  • Smart light sensor.
  • Perfect for any shape of mounting.
  • PVC tube cover.
  • Safe against environmental damage.
  • Long enough.
  • No warranty period.
  1. LiyuanQ Solar Outdoor Rope Lights


This package includes two packs of lights which are covered by PVC tubes. As the tubing is flexible and durable enough, you will be able to wrap it around different objects. In addition, these lights come with 360 degrees viewing angles allowing people to see them almost from any direction.

These products come with a high battery capacity. Due to the presence of less number of LEDs, these can offer approximately 12 hours of battery backup after charging once. The length of the rope light is ten meters, whereas the number of LEDs is a hundred. In addition, you should know that the product comes with a very low heat emission rate. Therefore, you can remain worry-free regarding the fact that the LEDs won’t get overheated despite illuminating for many hours.


Malleable PVC Tube Cover: It comes with 33 feet of copper wire, and the clear PVC tubes cover the wire completely. You should know that the tubing of the products is durable and flexible enough. In addition, the product can easily illuminate all directions with a 360° viewing angle and hundred LEDs.

Battery Capacity & IP65 Waterproof Benefit: The model comes with a rechargeable battery and adjustable panel. Therefore, it can illuminate continuously for over twelve hours at night, whereas the panels absorb solar energy during the day. Besides, the tube can withstand light rain or water spills. As a result, these are an excellent choice if you want to decorate your space for parties, weddings, homes, or windows. Moreover, for those who wish to decorate restaurants, hotels, yards, gardens, patios, commercial buildings, and shopping centers using illuminating lights, these are budget-friendly options.

Quality: These products come with low heat emitted hundred LED bulbs, the energy conversion rate of which is up to 19% higher than others. These durable lights are energy inexhaustible. In addition, the bulbs won’t get overheated even if you use them for several hours. Due to its flexible design, you can bend the lights and wrap them around plants, signs, and furniture.

Eight lighting modes: This product comes with eight lighting modes which are— combination, fireflies flashing, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, fading slowly, twinkle/flashing, and steady on. Using these modes, you can create various atmospheres as per your needs.

  • 10 meters long.
  • Clear PVC tubes.
  • 360-degree viewing angle.
  • 12 hours backup.
  • Low heat emission rate.
  • Suitable for long-term and daily use.
  • Versatile usages.
  • No warranty period.
  1. ANJAYLIA Solar Outdoor Rope Lights

ANJAYLIA Solar Outdoor Rope LightsDescription:

It is another multi-purpose usable rope light with a dedicated remote controller, using which you can turn on or off the lights remotely whenever you need. Users can change the level of brightness as well as the illumination mode according to their needs. It comes with four brightness levels and a robust 1200 mAh battery.

If you are willing to automate the LED functions, it is necessary to customize the timer so that you can turn off the lights after illuminating them for 3, 5, or 8 hours.

You will get all installation accessories with this product.

You can mount the lights on the wall or ground using a wall mounting bracket. It comes with a 1 ½ year warranty period.


Multi-purpose: This remote controller comes with eight modes, including combination, in a wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady-on. In addition, there are four timer options and four levels of brightness that you can set as per your requirements.

Upgraded Solar Panel: 4.2*3.3 in. is the size of a solar panel. This product has a massive 1200mAh capacity and a higher power conversion rate than others. If you charge it for six to eight hours, it can work up to 8-12 hours. If the environment is bright, lights will shut off automatically and get turned on automatically once the sensor realizes the environment is dark. In addition, it comes with two installation accessories, which you can install at the ground or other locations using a wall mounting bracket connector.

Waterproof IP67 rating: These best solar rope lights for gardens and solar panels come with a waterproof IP67 rating. Remember that you must not soak the solar panel in water. However, the product can withstand any kind of bad weather, such as heavy rain and snow. Keep in mind that it is possible to adjust the light modes to decorate the garden, patio, bedroom, living room, deck, pool, yard, and pathway, as per your needs.

  • It comes with a dedicated remote controller.
  • Adjustable brightness mode with 4-level settings.
  • 12 mAh battery.
  • It comes with a Timer settings feature.
  • 1½ year warranty.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • Long warranty period available.
  • Battery capacity is low.
  1. SOCO Solar Rope String Lights


If you are looking for a model which can be used for regular usage, then go for this product. What makes these lights exceptional is that they are available at an affordable price range. In addition, the lights get turned on in a dark environment automatically and can keep illuminating for a minimum of eight hours.

These come with the IP65 water resistance rating. Moreover, it has durable hard plastic covering. Furthermore, it comes with eight different working modes. However, this product is ten-meter-long, and it comes with 100 LEDs. As a result, it can light up enough area in a single installation. In addition, this model comes with a one-year warranty period.


Upgraded Version: The package comes with two 120 LED Rope lights, two Solar Panels, two Stakes, a 12-month after-sale service, and friendly customer support. The length of the product is 39.5 ft. It is an excellent option if you are willing to create a romantic ambiance for a pool, tree, trampoline, path, deck, backyard bbq, wreath, patio, bush, car camping, RV, or fire pit. Otherwise, using these lights, you can decorate the tent, swing, pergola, canopy, porch, wall, terrace, ceiling, holiday, and so on.

Rechargeable Battery: It comes with a high-capacity battery and adjustable solar panel. Once the panels absorb sufficient sunshine during the day, these lights can illuminate automatically and work up to 8 to 12 hours. Therefore, you can save your electricity bill. Moreover, this one is also safe for kids to touch.

8 Lighting Modes: It is possible to adjust the mode key on the panel’s back. The eight light modes are combination, fireflies flashing, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, fading slowly, twinkle/flashing, and steady on. Using these modes, you will be able to create different atmospheres for the night as per your needs. These are the best outdoor decorating lights which you can use during backyard gatherings.

Waterproof and durable PVC tube cover: This model has a clear tube that is durable enough and offers protection to the lights from birds. If you want to decorate the garden path, then go for this model.

  • 100 LEDs
  • Affordable
  • Automatic illumination
  • IP65 water resistance
  • 8 LED modes
  • One year warranty
  • One-year warranty period
  • IP65 protection
  • Short rope length

Solar Rope Lights Buying Guide:

If you are planning to purchase solar rope lights, you must have depth knowledge about them before making the correct decision. Here we will mention a few factors you need to keep in mind while picking the best model.

  1. Purpose:

Before purchasing, you need to determine why you need them. Thus, you will be able to decide which would be a perfect choice that can suit your needs. Using these lights, you need to determine whether you want to illuminate the whole location or a particular area. But if you are willing to decorate the space simply, you have to go with those models which are designed for decorative purposes. If you want those products that can offer excellent brightness, you go for those solar rope lights that can provide amazing lighting at night.

  1. Outdoor Vs. Indoor Use:

You must first decide to illuminate which place you need to use the lights — indoor or outdoor. Remember that it is a dependable factor to be considered when you buy them. It is an easier task to choose rope lights for indoor usage but when it comes to picking a light for outdoor usage, choosing the correct one is a bit difficult.

When it comes to rugged outdoor use, ensure that you are choosing strong lights. Besides, these models should be durable and come with an excellent weatherproof & waterproof rating. Therefore, you can use these for different weather conditions, such as heavy rain, wind, or snow.

You should buy such a product that comes with a charger so that you can recharge the batteries. Otherwise, these lights will not be illuminated properly if the solar panels don’t get enough energy.

  1. Length:

Generally, these models are available in different lengths. So, before choosing any model, you must know the size of the area where you are willing to set up the lights, and based on that, you should select the model you prefer. In this case, your task is to measure the area where you are willing to set the string lighting and illuminate them. After that, you need to buy the model as per this measured length range. Usually, the length of rope lights starts from 10 meters.

  1. Number of LEDs:

The bulbs depend on the length of the rope light, determine the illumination levels and the area that will be illuminated by the bulbs properly. So, checking the LED numbers on the product before you buy these products is a crucial factor.

Try to buy such a rope light which comes with more LED numbers so that you can get improved illumination for large areas. But you should know that these products require comparatively more power for running and backing up the battery. Thus, it can prevent the lesser hours of runtime.

  1. Lighting Modes:

You should know that it is also one of the crucial factors to consider. This factor can determine their decorative attributes. The major reason for designing the lights is to use them for decoration. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you can customize them according to your needs. For example, if you want a light for a casual evening, use a static bright light. Whereas you can choose a fancy lighting mode for parties & social occasions.

  1. Sustainability:

Suppose you are living in a location where doesn’t exist enough sunlight to charge the panels. In this case, you should select those models which have additional batteries. In addition, you need to check the waterproof rating on the model before purchasing, mainly if you want to install it in a remote location.

  1. Flexibility:

This factor lets you know whether you can install rope lights around the window and door frame. Remember that you must check the build quality of specific lights. You should know that a few products consist of cheap plastic over better PVC builds that might get easily damaged upon its bending.

It is possible to wind up these rope lights. Therefore, you should check whether the lights can sustain upon such bending before making your decision.

  1. Automation:

We know that technology is getting more advanced day by day. So, in recent times, each rope light model comes with an automatic sensor feature. As soon as the sensor realizes the absence of light, it will power on the lights automatically. In this way, it becomes easier to use. In addition, some advanced models come with a memory chip function.

  1. Weather Conditions:

Products that are specially designed for outdoor usage comes with water-resistant feature. Most models come with a rating between IP55 – IP68. In this case, your task is to check the product’s rating, depending on the area where you live.

Suppose you live in a place where heavy rains are expected. Therefore, ensure that you choose a durable model with a high water-resistance rating. You can use such types of products for outdoor decorations.

  1. Solar Panel:

These products use a solar panel to collect and store solar power through the battery. Then, these models use the power to illuminate the lights properly at night. Therefore, you must check the panel before buying. Ensure that you are purchasing a rope light that has a high-quality solar panel.

  1. Purchasing Policy:

As a buyer, it is essential to check the brand details, customer support system, and other details before purchasing your preferred model. It is because customers find the installation process of these lights difficult.

  1. Price:

The model’s cost depends on the number of LEDs, specifications, length, and construction quality. Usually, the average cost of these lights is $10 – $50.

  1. Battery Specifications:

You can save a lot of electricity by using a rope light model. But you must confirm that it can run without external charging and support. The solar panels help to charge the battery so that it can power up the LEDs to get turned on and illuminated. So if you wish to get the best performance, you must choose a rope-light model with a big solar panel and a high-capacity battery.

  1. Warranty:

In most cases, these products come with one year warranty on the manufacturing defects. Besides, there are a few manufacturers who don’t offer any warranty. Therefore, we advise you to check the warranty period and after-sales service the brand offers before buying anything.

The Bottom Line:

Generally, electric lights need a huge amount of power, resulting in a high electricity bill. You can solve the problem by using solar rope lights. In this article, we have given the top 5 products that are reigning in the market and elaborated on the buying guide. Checking this entire article and buying guide, we hope you can pick the correct model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long do solar rope lights last?

Batteries of these lights lead the products to get illuminated continuously for eight to twelve hours if you charge them completely. As a result, there is no need for power interfaces. Moreover, by using these lights, you can save on electricity bills.

  • What is the maximum lifespan of these solar rope lights?

These lights can last for around 25 – 30 years, but it relies on quality & durability. Nevertheless, it indicates that the lights can be used for many years without problems.

  • Do LED solar rope lights generate heat?

Any kind of light will produce some heat while illuminating. But what is interesting is that these solar rope lights do not get hot, even illuminating, for an extended period.

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