The Best Ultrabooks 2019 That You Could Get Your Hands On

The Best Ultrabooks 2019 That You Could Get Your Hands On
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When it comes to working on the move and getting the best out of the work done, you need to have yourself one of the best ultrabooks 2019. Ultrabooks are light and thinenough to work on the move and they have some of the best SSDs and processors on the market. The whole point of getting an ultrabook is that they are portable and great when it comes to the power department. But which one is the best for you? From power to portability there are many ultrabooks out there, so instead of getting confused let us do the legal work for you. Here are some of the best ultrabooks 2019 that we’ve got so far.

Starting of this List of best ultrabooks 2019 with Huawei Matebook 13:

Huawei Matebook 13 Huawei is a brand that’s making a name for itself in all tech departments. The ultrabook department is not left out too. This ultrabook packs a punch when it comes to power, packing in great hardware in a solid shell. Doing all this while keeping the price low enough for all to afford.

It might be a small laptop but not so small to pack a MX150GPU card. Do not be confused with the price of this ultrabook either, it pulls more than its weight.

Dell XPS 13- A Force to Reckon with:

The Best Ultrabooks 2019 That You Could Get Your Hands OnDell XPS13 has been the best ultrabooks for years only to be beaten by the one mentioned above. But even so it is force to reckon with in 2019. Dell has made a change to this ultrabook, fixing a sore point for years, by placing the web cam located at the bottom of the display (who puts a webcam at the bottom of the display, even?) to the top. As for the internals, it’s simply won’t disappoint.

Getting Back to the Underdog in the Game- Huawei MateBook X Pro 2018:

Huawei MateBook X ProThis is one of the best ultrabooks 2019 that marries an ultra sleek design to high end components. Seemingly this ultrabook puts even the MacBook Pro to shame. While there is an even later 2019 version of this ultrabook, that has Intel whiskey Lake by the way, the 2018 model still grabs our attention.

HP Spectre x360 as one of the best ultrabooks 2019 to get your hands on:

HP Spectre x360 Best Ultrabooks 2019Design- check, 2 in 1 functionality- check, latest Intel Whiskey Lake processor- check, more than your share of RAM (if there is even such a thing)- Check, this ultrabook checks all the right boxes when it comes to the best ultrabooks 2019. It is not only a thing of beauty but also get’s the job done while looking good.

Surface Laptop 2:

Surface Laptop 2The Surface Laptop was first launched nearly two years ago. It was however held back from reaching great heights because of Microsoft’s Windows 10 S and poor hardware. The late 2018 version, has got all it takes to be one of the best ultrabooks 2019. It comes with quad core processors and the full and fat version of Windows 10. All this combined with a price tag you won’t have to do a double take for and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Lenovo Yoga C930 as one of the best ultrabooks 2019 that’s got 2 in 1 Functionality:

Best Ultrabooks 2019 This is one ultrabook that’s got all the trappings of an excellent ultrabook, from 14.5 hours battery life to dual Thunderbolt USB-C ports to internal components that will make your laptop fly. That’s not all either, you even get 2 in 1 functionality that’s the icing on the cake. Gaming not of the serious variety however and Netflix Binge watching is great to do on this thing. Plus, it has an integrated self- charging stylus as well.

Razer Blade Stealth- Go Stealth Mode on this Ultrabook:

Razer is a company that is for gamers and by gamers. But this time around they’re trying to prove that they’re much more than just a gaming company. They succeed at that too with this ultrabook laptop in tow. This 13.3 inch QHD+ ultrabook may not be able to go 4K but is still going to blow your mind away with its performance. Making it one of the best ultrabooks 2019 to lay your hands on.

Lenovo Yoga 730- Durable yet great in the Performance Department:

This ultrabook is where you get durability with portability with performance. What more can you ask for right? This may not be what premium end buyers look for. It has sub optimal speakers, is a little on the heavier side and has an average battery life. In spite of all this, this ultrabook can pull through a hard day’s works without a protest. If your looking for something for the long haul then this is your best bet. It comes with a sturdy keyboard a great trackpad and smooth hinges to transform the laptop to tablet mode and vice versa. It even has a thin bezeled display, more than evening out the negatives it brings.

Asus ZenBook 3 as one of the best ultrabooks 2019 to Own:

Asus ZenBook 3If you had to compare an Apple laptop to anything, this would be it. It’s surprising to know how much the 12inch MacBook is to the ZenBook 3. But with all these comparisons there are still the few features here and there that make both laptops different.

With this ultrabook you get a choice between U- series Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and with this ultrabook you can put many great powerful higher ended ultrabooks to shame. That’s in spite of it’s small size, which is less than half an inch thick and weighs not more than two pounds to be exact.

Asus ZenBook UX310:

The Best Ultrabooks 2019 That You Could Get Your Hands OnMany ultrabooks can’t equal an Apple MacBook Air but then ever so often there comes along an ultrabook that can really stand up to the likes of the MacBook Air. This is one of them.

With the still- good Intel i7 processor and Kaby lake processors to boot this laptop can take all of your everyday tasks with ease. Not to mention it’s 128 viewing angle with QHD+ display in a solid Aluminium shell and you’re good to go with this ultrabook as one of the best ultrabooks 2019.

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