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Five Great Phones for Social Media Addicts

Five Great Phones for Social Media Addicts

Smartphones & Social media has become an integral part of our life. No matter what, people always stick to these two. Now, if you are one of those social media addicts who want to get better social media experience on your phone then this blog post- Five great phones for social media addicts is for you.

Then you are lucky enough because there are a hell lot of phones in the market, but at the same time, it could be overwhelming for you because you can’t measure and try out all the phones in the market. Right?

If you are worried about that means, don’t worry we got you covered. With our five great phones for social media addicts, we have got you covered. In this post, we will discuss about five great phones for social media addicts which gives them better performance and best social media experience.

So, let’s get started with our journey.

Different people have different experiences with their smartphones and social media experience. So, we had done the best job we could by testing most of the phones to bring out this special list.

Coming to the Points of Consideration:

We have considered different social media platforms and experiences for sorting out this list. Usually, we always think about the sharing of photos and videos when it comes to social media. So, the primary factor is sharing photos & videos in our factors. We have taken the phones camera ability, performance, and how the phone reacts to your massive phone sharing and so on.

With all these factors into consideration, we are picking up these five great smartphones for social media addicts in this post.

  • Maximum Ram of the phone
  • Display Size of the phone
  • Rear Camera Resolution
  • The Rear camera aperture
  • Rear camera Optimal image stabilization
  • Rear camera flash type
  • Front camera resolution
  • The Front camera aperture
  • Front camera optimal image stabilization
  • Slow motion video
  • Always on display
  • Notifications LED
  • Max internal storage.
  • Battery capacity
  • 3D photos of Facebook
  • twitter live audio
  • Facebook lite & Snapchat filters
  • DxO Mark Photo score
  • DxO mark video score

With all these factors we have considered the best list of five great phones for social media addicts.

So, let’s dive into the five great phones for social media.

Five great phones for social media addicts:

As this is about the comfortability of users, we have taken a camera & other best things into consideration to create this list. So, let’s dive into those five great phones for social media addicts.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

The first of five great phones in the list of social media addicts is Samsung galaxy note 9. This galaxy note 9 is one of the dominant smartphones which has lots of advanced features. Samsung has actually done a great job in tweaking the phone settings, and it has helped for various users. This smartphone has some helpful features for social media addicts who spend hours a day on multiple social media platforms.

Five Great Phones for Social Media Addicts Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has a fantastic battery life with the ultimate camera. So you won’t find a better phone for your social media needs other than this fantastic device. You can even watch hours of videos on youtube, Dailymotion, and Instagram as well. The photo and video quality of the Samsung galaxy note 9 are at its best. It has a DxO mark photo score of 107 and also has a powerful LED flash with a fast and accurate feature of Autofocus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Best for social media addicts

So, we are convinced by the social media experience of this device. Especially Dial optical image stability is helpful for Autofocus. Along with these features, it’s cool super slow motion capture it’s at its best at 960 frames per second. With that rate, you can easily create super slow motion videos that capture each movement.

These all factors are loved by social media lovers in Samsung galaxy note 9. So, we made this top in this list of five great phones for social media addicts. This device makes it easy for you to check images, videos and status update with ease.

It also has massive internal storage and its expandable too, so you no longer search and delete photos and videos from your phone. The notifications interface is also a cool feature in this device. So, we can say it’s one of the great phones of social media addicts.

2. iPhone XS Max:

The second best phone for social media addicts is iPhone XS Max. If you love to use IOS devices means you should take Apple’s iPhone XS Max. The new version of this device has improved the hardware than its previous model including the camera.

iPhone XS Max is in fact, the reliable phone for social media addicts mainly because of its camera. Its big screen, IOS operating system, and leading camera are making this phone as the best phone for social media addicts.

Five Great Phones for Social Media Addicts iPhone XS Max

In our list of 5 great phones, iPhone XS Max has the best DxO Mark Photo score with 110. Along with that, it has added a wide range of dynamic aspects to improve its detail. The even more impressive element in this phone is its video performance. It has better DxO video score than other phones.

As social media addicts often work out with pictures and videos. We have considered that along with other capabilities to rank this iPhone XS Max as second best phone for social media addicts.

The special Snapchat filters will be helpful for you to create great social media experience quickly. With this phone, you can access facial tracking abilities and true depth effect as well. Apart from that iPhone XS Max has excellent screen resolution which attracts lots of social media addicts towards it.

With such a giant screen everyone can view more content and enjoy them in less time with scrolling. So, it’s one of the prime benefits of using iPhone XS Max.

iPhone also has Facebook’s 3D photos and twitter live with the screen off abilities. So, as a social media addict, you will feel comfortable with everything you get from iPhone XS Max. This is definitely one of the Five great phones for social media addicts.

3. Google Pixel 3 XL:

Google Pixel 3 XL is another cool smartphone for social media addicts. This phone has stunning camera options which are loved by social users.

Google Pixel 3 XLFive Great Phones for Social Media Addicts

Google has accomplished a lot with this single lens device. This device has impressed a lot with its video performance. So, its the best option for YouTubers who are looking to record their videos for Youtube or even for live streaming as well. This Google Pixel device has a 12.2 MP Rear Camera. Although it has a single lens, Google still manages to provide lots of features with its camera setup. That’s the best part of the Google Pixel XL. It provides both quality zoom, night sight features, and Bokeh effect as well.

This special phone is lovely to take a series of shots, and the best thing is it can analyze each photo and find the pics where the subjects are smiling, eyes and lots of more. This is very useful for social media addicts because of pictures and videos. Apart from that its performance is lots smoother than most of the devices.

Most of the social media users love to take a group selfies. So, this device has covered that with a wide angle lens on the front of the phone. This special lens is 184% wider than the front-facing camera of other devices which makes it easy to capture group selfies. The Storage of the phone is similar to other devices and its expandable. Since there is a specific cloud storage option, you will never run out of memory. It’s Android OS, perform task much faster and better. This device always runs on the latest Android versions, and it has better notification settings. So, it’s one of the best smartphones for social media addicts.

4. Samsung Galaxy S9+:

If you are looking to get the best experience of social media for a slightly lesser price then above devices, then you can look at this “Samsung Galaxy S9+“.

Five Great Phones for Social Media Addicts Samsung Galaxy S9+

This is one of the “lite” versions of Galaxy Note 9. So, you will get the same features and components including the front and rear camera but at the lower cost. The Camera of Galaxy S9+ is almost identical to Galaxy Note 9 with slight chances.

Both phones use dual rear cameras of 12-megapixel with an aperture of f/2.4. Similarly, both phones have OIS and performances better in low light as well. Although it has the same features and components on paper, the camera is slightly weaker in S9+ than Note version.

The DxO mark scores have gone up to 3% from its Note device. So, there is indeed different in between these phones. But, these slight modifications won’t cost much for social media addicts.

The Social Experience of this device is excellent; mainly it’s notification column is clear without any clutter. If you are ideally looking for the best social experience at relatively look price than others means you will find this as the best option.

5. iPhone XR:

If you love to use the iPhone, then iPhone XR is another option for you. It’s one of the most affordable iPhones this year. It costs around $750, and you can get the most features out of it. It has few similarities of iPhone XS Max, but it’s different with some tweaks. This device is having the same battery life than XS. So, you can enjoy the long-lasting experience with this iPhone XR.

Five Great Phones for Social Media Addicts iPhone XR

This device also has the same main camera but it has different features. XR has managed to get DxO mark Photo score of 103 which is good to use. But coming to its video performance its somewhat not up to the mark as it has the score of 96 although it is a good score but comparing with the above devices its not enough.

To fulfill the joy of social media “iPhone XR” has a different array of accessories to enhance the users experience automatically. This includes lenses, cameras, power cases, and more.

iPhone XR has been equipped with LED flash & true-tone flash which means it controls the color and temperature of the light. Its ambient RGB light sensor is also useful for social media addicts.

This also supports depth control, Smart HDR, and Portrait Lighting, which often creates unique lighting effects for selfies. So, it’s always great for social media lovers.

These are the Five great phones for social media addicts. We have listed out these devices on various factors. You can see the various factors which we have considered in this post above.

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Why is Data Important for Businesses?

Why is Data Important for Businesses?

Do you realize that a lot of business owners and leaders have made an effort to gather data in order to create their own decisions? There was a time when data collection took a lot of time to do. It would involve talking to the different customers face to face about the products and services that they want to have. There are also some companies who may talk to their customers over the phone. They also gain details based on what people say.

There were so many issues that old companies had to face in order to gather data such as the following:

  • The financial cost can be very expensive.
  • Not all customers are willing to share information to companies especially if they do not trust the company yet.
  • The execution of gathering data was trickier before.

Needless to say, companies had to make do with the limited data that they have gathered from their limited sources.

Data Gathering Today

Why is Data Important for Businesses?Data gathering now is easier to do. There are different platforms and tools that companies can use in order to acquire the data easily. One of the mistakes that companies make is assuming that they do not need to gather data yet because their company is still small. Learning how to gather data and actually getting the required data will be very helpful no matter what the size of your company is.

How to Do Data Analysis

Why is Data Important for Businesses?Take note that data analysis is not something that will happen overnight. Data analysis usually follows a process. The main things to be remembered are the following:

  • The business objectives should be clearly defined so that you will know what data should be gathered. Otherwise, you will only come across data that you do not need.
  • There should be questions that will be made regarding what is being inquired. The more attempts at questioning, the better it would be.
  • It is important that you will also know where to get the data. There are different programs that you can use in order to get the right data. There are details about where you can get the right data when you are able to acquire Python Certification.
  • It is not enough that you have already gotten data. You still need to check the data and see if you can use it for your business. There are times when you need to convert the data so that it will be useful for you. The moment that you convert the data into a more suitable form, you will know how to include it into your business better.
  • Analysis of data is now the step that you have to do once you have gathered enough useful data. Take note that not everyone will be able to analyze the data that you have gathered. The people who will do the analysis should have enough knowledge and should also be familiar with the right tools and programs that will make the analyzation easier to do.
  • Once the data is analyzed, conclusions can be made. These conclusions can also pave the way for potential predictions regarding the next projects that the company may choose to do in the future. The conclusion of the report may also be shared with the rest of the team who are doing the data analysis.

Why is Python Programming Useful?

Python has started to become recognized as one of the tools that can be used for data analytics. It will be an advantage for people who analyze data to know how this works. It will make the collection of data easier. Analysis of data can also be finished in a faster amount of time. Those who are certified to use this program will be able to provide more accurate results that companies can definitely use.

Other Reasons to Do Data Analysis

You should remember that even with all the data in the world, the information you will gather will not be enough to tell you exactly what you should do. It will only give you some possibilities that you can explore with the use of your knowledge, your tools, and your ideas. These are some other benefits that you can get when you do data analysis.

Make Better Decisions When You Know Proper Data

The different things that people do can already provide you with data. For example, when you have a website, you can gain information about your customers. For example, you may learn from your customers that they prefer a certain payment method over another payment method. This will help you decide if you should start offering this payment method to gain more customers in the future.

Find New Customers

You want to know more about your target market so that you can attract more customers to check your company and what you can offer. Aside from finding new customers, you can also retain your customers. This is more important because retained customers will purchase more items from you. At the same time, they may even promote your business to other people they know.

You Can Solve Problems with the Help of Data

All companies will go through some issues and problems that may be very hard in the beginning. Did your sales plummet suddenly because of a newer company? You may have done a marketing campaign that was not well-received by your intended audience. No matter what the reason is, you have to think of a solution to this issue. The issue can be resolved with the help of the data that you will gather from your customers.

It is Through Data that You Will See the Performance of Your Company

How will you know if your company is doing well? You just need to look at the data that your team has gathered so far to know the answer. You can collect and review the data from every department of your company. This will also let you know if there are some departments that need more help as compared to others.

Data analytics is important for so many different reasons. Knowing the right data will help you learn more about your consumers and understand what your consumers want. If you are not able to use the data that you have acquired properly, your company might be left behind by newer companies that offer similar products and services.

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Top 10 Android Apps for Business People

Top 10 Android Apps for Business People

You’re a productive person and need the things around you to be as productive as you are or more specifically you need your mobile to match your productivity. Then this post is for you. While your mobile may or may not be productive here are top 10 android apps for business people. These apps will help you in your work and improve your effectiveness at the workplace. Even if you are a social media influencer these apps are sure to help you in whatever you’re doing. So without further ado let’s begin this list of top 10 android apps for business people.

Business Card Reader:

The first app on the list of top 10 android apps for business people has to do with cards. Are you someone who receives a lot of business cards from people and don’t know what to do with them.

Top 10 Android Apps for Business People Business Card Reader

You can’t throw them out because you don’t know when they might come in handy and at the same time when you actually need the information, you can’t find the right card.

To help sought out the confusion this app scans all your business cards, finds the name, phone number, email address and other data contained on the card and automatically stores all that info onto your contacts.

Thus saving a lot of time and the need to roam around with a card book just for all the business cards you receive form people.

Google Keep:

Top 10 Android Apps for Business People Google KeepKeep your thoughts, ideas and appointments all in one place with this productive app. Google Keep is available as a free download on android and is guaranteed to be one of the 10 android apps for business people that you may actually want to use.

You can get Google Keep either form the play store or download it from to get it on other devices as well as your PC.

Xing- one of the top 10 android apps for business people:

top 10 android apps for business people Zing AppsYou might have already heard of this app or you might already be on it. Now besides having it on your PC you can even be part of the social media community by installing it on your mobile device. If you haven’t used it already, then what are you waiting for? Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.

Google PDF Viewer:

Google PDF ViewerThis is one of the best 10 android apps for business people you don’t want to miss out on. You need to open a PDF file on your mobile.

Either you received a PDF document on your email or you need to open one from you Cloud but you don’t have the related PDF file app to do so. So what do you do?

Simple just get the PDF viewer form Google and done. Open all your PDF files without a worry. It’s easy to use and install and more important of all, it improves your productivity at the workplace.

17Track, Best top 10 android apps for business people:

You placed an order a week ago and got the tracking number with you but now it has been a week and you need to check where that package has gotten off to.


Here’s where this app can help you do just that. Instead of going to the company’s website and typing in that long tracking number again and again every time you need to locate it, here’s what you can do. Simply download the 17Track app.

All you have to do once the app is installed, is to copy paste the tracking number onto the app and then choose to get notifications as your package moves closer to you. You can even make a small widget on the home screen of your mobile to track exactly where your package is.


TruecallerBy downloading this app will know who the call is from whether it is a genuine business call or from a number that is known for spamming.

You can then choose to save time by ignoring those awful spam calls. Moreover this app also allows you to search from over 2 billion phone numbers.

With this app on this list of top 10 android apps for business people, you can easily scan through your calls to see who is calling and if you need to pick up the call. Thus enabling you tosave a lot of time in the process.

Office Remote as one of the top 10 Android apps for business people:

Office Remote

With this app, courtesy of Microsoft, you can control your power presentation files, play videos or pause it and much more.

You can even read the Excel file open on your PC’s screen, zoom in and out of a word document while showing it to someone else and more.

Get your Notifications onto your PC with this app- AirDroid:

With this app on the list of 10 android apps for business people you can get all your mobile notifications onto your PC. You can get push notifications for email messages and SMS messages right onto your desktop.


Besides all this you can even transfer files from your mobile onto your desktop. The app also comes with root access so you can display your phone’s screen onto your PC screen while also controlling it from your PC itself.

MSN Money:

MSN MoneyIf you need to see the progress of a particular stock and need to get updates pertaining to it on a real time basis, then this app is the one for you. It’s easy to use and allows you to list all your preferred stocks to get all the updates pertaining to them in one place.

PayPal Mobile:

Conduct business transactions using PayPal. You can send and receive money via the app and also check your earning son the app as well. You can even hold a private account form where you can send and receive money from.

These 10 android apps for business people are sure to make your life easier and less stressful than it already is. If you’re not sure of some of them you can always give it a try and if you don’t like them, delete them.  What’s more is that most of these apps are free.

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Lost your AirPods? Know about How to use Find My AirPods

Lost your AirPods? Know about How to use Find My AirPods

Apple has made the biggest hit in the market by introducing the wireless earbuds-AirPods. The jaw-dropping technology integrated with them and the customized W1 Chip have amazed the Apple enthusiasts.  The outer case for AirPods not only holds the devices but also has a battery pack to recharge them. You think that these AirPods are very easy to use for the small, lightweight design. However, there is also a chance of losing these mini wireless gadgets. Apple has already realized this problem. The good news is that it has solved the problem by releasing an innovative feature- Find My AirPods. Now, the question is- How to use Find My Air-pods. Although the Apple users are pleased to this innovation, they have queries on its usage.

We have helped you to know how to use Find My AirPods.

Requirements to use the feature-:

  • iOS version 10.3 or later(The wireless earbuds work with any type of device. However, you must use Apple mobile to deal with Find My AirPods service)
  • iCloud account.
  • Keep the new feature activated before losing AirPods.

As one of the iPad or iPhone users, you have already created your iCloud account. You have also activated Find My iPhone option. In that case, you will find an automatic synchronization of Find My AirPods and your AirPods.

Lost your AirPods? Know about How to use Find My AirPods

How to use Find My AirPods

Now, we are going to talk about the major steps on how to use Find My AirPods. Your first step is to make sure that you have installed this app on your iOS Smartphone.

  • Click on the app for launching it on your device.
  • Get into your iCloud account, created for AirPods setup.
  • After that, Find My AirPods will start finding your AirPods.
  • Go to the menu- All Devices and then click on AirPods.
  • After locating your device, the app interface will show you a map with a blue colored dot.

You may also find green dot, representing the connection of your Smartphone to AirPods. There is an option of playing sound to locate the device easily. The gray dot indicates that the app is not able to locate the earbuds.

  • When you have found green dot, you can click on it to find the icon- i
  • At the top section, there is an option- Play Sound. Click on it for turning on the sound from AirPods. When you have played the sound, the screen will display various options

Mute Right- It deactivates sound of AirPods of your right ear

Mute Left- It deactivates sound of AirPods of your left ear

Stop Playing- It pauses sound

Thus, these are the steps on how to use Find My AirPods. You will get back the lost wireless AirPods. Our guide on how to use Find My AirPods makes everything clear to you. However, the app cannot trace out the AirPods, while your AirPods are not within range or have no battery charge. You may also not find the devices when they are inside a case. Now, you are confident on how to use Find My AirPods and get back the lost device.


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Tips to Improve Your Privacy and Security on WhatsApp Messenger

Tips to Improve Your Privacy and Security on WhatsApp Messenger

At this moment, almost all of us are cherishing the benefits of WhatsApp. With the help of that you can share songs, images, videos and what not. Also, WhatsAppwill let you to converse with your friends and relatives, who are residing far away from you. But sometimes, security issues may arise and can push you towards unwanted situations. Thus, it is your responsibility to improve your privacy and security on WhatsApp so that you don’t have to face unwanted consequences. Here, we are going to provide you with some tips, which will help you to improve your privacy and security on WhatsApp. Hence, carry on with your reading.

You can use two-step verification on WhatsApp

It is a very significant security feature of WhatsApp, which you can look for. It will help you to provide your WhatsApp an added layer of security by giving you a six-digit pin number, which you have to set up. This specific setting will provide you with a 2FA code that will be sent to your registered phone number whenever you log from a different device and will prevent someone from logging into your account without your prior knowledge.

Turn off the notification preview

Notification preview is an amazing option to view your messages and to reply them, whenever you are travelling to somewhere. But when it comes to privacy, this option has some really adverse effects. It will allow other people to view your messages, which you don’t want them to see and will increase the level of your irritation. So, it will be considered to be a really wise option if you want to improve your privacy and security on WhatsApp.

Block unwanted and abusive people to Improve Your Privacy and Security on WhatsApp

There are several times, when you get harassing and threatening messages from numerous people, which destroy the peace of your mind. Also, it makes you to waste a huge amount of time. Well, you can block all those people by enabling the block option that WhatsApp will provide you and get rid of those harassing and threatening messages. Whenever you observe that you got a suspicious text from someone who is not in your contact list, it will be considered to be the best option to block them to improve your privacy and security on WhatsApp.

Limit your visibility

One of the perks of WhatsAppis that it will allow you to take control over your online presence, which is confined within the app. You can set your visibility according to your choice so that you can stay in a comfortable zone when it comes to security and privacy. So, limit your visibility to improve your privacy and security on WhatsApp.

Hide your conversations

If you want to protect your chat from the traps of snooping eyes, we will recommend you to hide your conversations. Well, WhatsApp allows you to archive the conversations so that you can keep it hidden from the view. It is a very simple process. All you have to do is to long press the conversation you want to hide and tap on the archive option. Thus, it will be good if you hide your conversations to improve your privacy and security on WhatsApp.

So, these are the tips, which you can follow to improve your privacy and security on Whatsapp.

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