Bio Methane Transforms from Landfill Waste to Energy Source

Bio Methane Transforms from Landfill Waste to Energy Source

Transforming Bio Methane into an Energy Source

We are often told to segregate our waste into dry and wet, this is said in order to breakdown the waste into materials that can be used to make products that can be used such as fertilizers. One of the most common materials is a byproduct in the manure making process or the breakdown of waste material is Bio Methane gas.

Bio Methane is one of the most toxic gases produced as a byproduct. It is even more toxic than CO2 emissions. Landfills are one of the areas where one would find Bio Methane in a large scale therefore such spots are a very big health and safety concern.  In breaking down organic waste, the process not only traps heat but also produces a lot of Bio Methane gas. Although a lot of these landfills collect and burn the methane collected, thereby reducing Bio Methane in the atmosphere to some degree, this is still a small amount considering the actual amount of Bio Methane in the atmosphere.

Trying to reduce atmospheric methane is now becoming the focus of various university studies. Researchers are using various methods out there to try to bring down the levels of Bio-Methane in the air. One such method is the anaerobic method which composts organic material without the use of air. This can be used to redirect Bio Methane into a good energy source. Studies have found that through this method organic material can be decomposed thereby emitting far less Bio Methane.

Life Cycle Assessment is a technique utilized by researchers in understanding the environmental impact of a product or process or even an individual’s decision in affecting the environment.

Researchers use waste materials coming from restaurants and farms to study their impact on the environment, right from the stage they come into the landfill to the stage they are broken down into compost used as fertilizer. This study was conducted in order to establish the amount of Bio Methane generated and then to decide about ways in which it can be reduced.

In the US Bio-Methane alone accounts for 11% of total greenhouse gases generated. Of this the manure used in farms and food waste are the biggest contributors to Bio Methane in the atmosphere.

Organic waste in farms are normally kept in an open air pit to allow the material to break down over time and generate fertilizer for plants. The problem with this method is that when such material is brought into contact with oxygen it breaks down and releases Bio-Methane as a byproduct.  In order to avoid this, organic material in the anaerobic process is put into tanks where it will not be brought into contact with oxygen. As a result a lot less Bio Methane is released.

Food waste on the other hand is not so efficient in reducing Bio Methane when the anaerobic process is used. A solution to the problem is when this material is mixed with manure. The resultant Bio-Methane can then be used to produce fertilizers or can be used in industrial processes.


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Meet the New Google Calendar for Web

Meet the New Google Calendar for Web

Finally Google shakes up everything with its Google Calendar app

Millions of users make use of Google Calendar to keep a track of their day-to-day activities on the go. Sometimes innovation takes a back seat for the staple apps in any popular operating system. Same has been true for the Google Calendar which simply has the very same design and core set of features for quite a long time. Finally Google has got in touch with its core apps and they had revamped the Calendar app with a fresh look and boost in the features. Now this app is set to help users in managing their time in a more efficient fashion by allowing them to get more things done.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google Calendar is simply the most loved utility apps from the Google core app gallery. This time around Google brings the popular modern colour palette and the sleek design seeks on mobile app to the desktop version or web version. Now this app is responsive which means it can change its layout and adjust itself as per the user device screen size. The perk for this app is that it comes loaded with a number of tweaks aimed the enterprise users.

Get more details about meeting rooms in Google Calendar

In the new Google Calendar apps users will get detailed information about conference rooms or waiting prior to the meeting. This information will reveal how big the room is, which audio/video equipment are available, whether it is accessible by wheelchair and most importantly where it is located. Employees can check the details about the room by simply hovering over the room and a hovercard will be displayed on the screen with all the necessary information.

Make your Google Calendar invites stand out

Google Calendar now allows users to add hyperlinks and rich formation to enhance the look and feel of their Calendar Invite. Now users can link Calendar Invite with spreadsheets, presentations or documentations and these links can be opened right in the ‘Event Detail’ view with ease and simplicity. This feature is aimed at allowing users to create highly detailed agendas and at the same time ensure that all the materials related to it are kept at a single place prior to the commencement of meetings.

Google Calendar: Now look through days in a new view 

New Calendar app now enables users to view as well as manage calendars in separate columns like never before. With this feature it has extremely easy for the users to manage multiple calendars placed side by side in the ‘day’ effortlessly. Apart from the ‘Day’ view users also get the taste of the ‘Week’ and ‘Month’ views with boosted compatibility for almost any kind of screen size.

Google has spent a quality time in understanding very niche needs and requirements of the users based on their activities. Simply hovering over the meeting participant will showcase the contact details and other information as well. All these improvement are designed to make Google Calendar better fit for the users to manage different tasks and schedule meetings in a more productive fashion.


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Is It Useful to Let Other Comments on Your Blog Post?

Is It Useful to Let Other Comments on Your Blog Post?

There is a strong but interesting debate on this subject: “Should you allow comments on your blog post”?

This debate is nothing new; it has been going on ever since the big boss Google started tweaking their algorithms and naming them as ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’.

Nevertheless, after the news of two new blogging platforms called Roon and Medium (from the Twitter itself) have disabled the commenting facility, the above-mentioned debate got hotter.

I support both the supporters of commenting and ‘no comments’. While the very meaning of blog means the ability of the blog author to make the site interactive with the readers through commenting, readers who are foolish enough to think that all their stupid and meaningless comments would get published are forcing the bloggers to disable the commenting section altogether.

The commentators are a real pain in the ass for me. I would say 100% of the comments are pure SPAM. Majority of the commentators are from India. I am forced to disable comments on my personal blogs.

I don’t mind the comments being negative; at least they indicate the blog post was read completely and hence the disagreement through negative comments.

Now, tell me, what is your stand on this hot issue?

The Pros and Cons of commenting system on blogs.

Whether positive or negative comments, they can be looked as constructive feedback. I have genuinely commented on hundreds of occasions by leaving my feedback on a blog’s:

  • Theme
  • Background color that interferes with the color of the fonts making it difficult to read
  • Number of blog posts per page
  • The title of blog posts

I would classify them as constructive feedback. By allowing readers to comment on your blog gives the author a pleasure when he sees a meaningful comment. It will inspire him to write useful content.

Improving reciprocal readership.

When you publish a blog post, obviously you expect people to read. Similarly, your blog readers also expect you to know their reaction by reading their comments.

Increasing the FEED subscribers.

One thing I have noticed in my experience that whenever I make a comment, I would like to see whether it gets published or not and if it is published, are there any further comments on mine. To see these results, I would subscribe to the blog’s FEED.


Waste of time:

When you have enabled comments, naturally, you will see lots of them. When I say ‘lots of them’, I mean LOT. Reading all of them is your job because you have opted to moderate the comments before approving them to appear. Since 90% of the comments are SPAM, you will be wasting quality time in reading them only to ‘trash’ them.

Blog comments do not contribute to blog’s traffic.

This is my humble opinion. While I cannot substantiate my claim with data, there are others who can refute me with solid proof. Such proof cannot exist for all the blog posts published by that particular blogger-right?


Blog comments do not help the blogger in creating a network.

This is the most published reason for supporting the blog commenting system. Again, I beg to differ. It might be true with the old blogosphere when there were not many social media.

Now, since everyone is sharing the blog post on Facebook and Google Plus, readers are commenting then and there without bothering to go the actual blog post and leaving their comments. The blogger gets more social mentions instead.

Blog comments do not increase the ranking in SERPs.

If a blog post with the right placement of keywords encourages readers (only loyal readers) to leave their comments equally giving importance to the keywords of the blog content, would it would increase the blog’s ranking in search engine results pages for those keywords.?

I do not think so. This is again would have been valid about 6 years ago before Google became wide awake and started strangulating all the manipulations of bloggers to improve their SE rankings.

Readers won’t get real value.

Do you think your blog readers would get some value just because you have allowed comments or they read the comments of others? No.

My conclusion:

At the cost of getting several retorts, I would declare that blog commenting are not an indicator of blog traffic.  I urge the refuters to put the bold words into the search box in Google and see the results. There would be proven data in support of my opinion.

There may be several blogs with lots of comments but not real traffic to boast of but there may be blogs with sparse comments but the traffic would be thick.

Oh, I must agree that there would be a slight increase in visitors through comments but that happens only if the content quality is really good.

Moreover, if you are serious in earning more money from your blog, certainly, blog commenting won’t contribute towards that. Don’t you agree?

Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer to this debate.  While seeing meaningful commenting or even SPAM comment under a blog post of a newbie blogger would be exiting, soon, he will start disabling the commenting facility.

Some of the ‘nay’ sayers argue that comments are a distraction. No, I won’t give in to that. Comments do not distract anyone; in fact, it would encourage a reader to put his response but it won’t help the blog to increase the traffic considerably.

A person who is an avid blog commentator is the one who stands to gain the most in the blogosphere because his name appears under hundreds of blog posts and he/she thus become popular and also establishes as an authority in the subject. Naturally, the commentators’ words would be taken seriously.


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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business May Be Heading in the Wrong Direction

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business May Be Heading in the Wrong Direction

Every business will have its objectives which it strives to accomplish. However, without the right plan set in place such objectives can be difficult impossible to achieve. For example, poor customer service kills a business slowly. Customers will realize that your business no longer has their interests at heart and switch to the next best thing. Make sure that you improve on customer service every now and then by engaging them actively to see what you can improve moving forward. Others include:

Inadequate marketing efforts

The complex nature of marketing can be difficult to keep up with. Every day new things are coming up which you will need to implement if you are to get value for your money. With such a huge task on your shoulders, it is only fair to your business that you bring in a SEO company that has the resources and manpower to direct your business in the right path.

Lack of outsourcing some of the key services

You will need help at ne appoint or the other. It is not possible to effectively execute professional roles without hiring an expert. It can be too much to handle which will lead to unnecessary inefficiencies that can hurt your business. For your online marketing needs, ask help from a trusted SEO company which will deal with all the SEO needs of your business plus other online marketing needs.

Lack of engagement with your customers

You have to find a platform that helps you to engage with your customers. If you already have not found it, then your business may be heading in the wrong direction. It may be a blog site or simply a social media account. You will be able to know what your customers or followers are thinking. Listen to their views and implement them for better customer service. This will help you to grow your customer base and thus assure business continuity.

Limited online presence

There are two things; one may be that you do not have a website or you have it but you no longer write fresh content or do limited online marketing. Whichever the case, you need to do more of building your business’s online presence than offline. With a website, you will be able to reach out to many people which will cost you less than when marketing offline. If you have inadequate experience son the same you can hire a SEO company, locally, to help you put your business at a higher level than it already is.

Non-responsive website

When it comes to efficiency, you have to start from the beginning. If your website is not responsive across all the devices, then you are losing out big on valuable customers. Most websites have been designed to be responsive and thus if your competitor’s website is highly responsive then you will lose customers to them. A customer has to be able to access your website using their mobile devices and still get the mobile viewing. This drives traffic to your site for better ranking and thus generation of quality leads as a result.



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Google Advance Protection, for Those Who Need It Most

Google Advance Protection, for Those Who Need It Most

Google has unveiled a protection feature for emails keeping in mind the users in high profile places like journalists, government officials and activists. Any person can avail of this Google Advance Protection, but it is specially catering to those who need special protection from people hacking into their emails. Those who are prone to online attacks and at a higher security risk whereby their information is stolen, can avail of these security features introduced by Google.

The Google Advance Protection that was introduced is mainly focused on providing security against phishing and accounts being fraudulently accessed. The main groups that the new Google Advance Protection targets those who require protection of their sources, specially the journalists, Activists and those running election campaigns. Any of the Google users too can chose to have these security settings to protect their Gmail, Google Drive or YouTube data from being hacked.

Google Advance Protection

The Google Advance Protection program utilizes Security Keys. You need to sign into your account using the Security Keys, which is a USB or a wireless device. With this feature, Google has come out with a greater security for email users in preventing their work from being stolen or hacked into.

For a desktop, the Google Advance Protection requires you to put in a USB device, which is a way of verifying the user’s identity. For a mobile user, a Bluetooth wireless device needs to be used. Those using the Google Advance Protection program will also have the added protection from all non-Google applications like Apple iOS mail client and Outlook.

The Google Advance Protection involves a two-step verification. A public key cryptography and digital signatures are used to confirm the identity of the user. In case a user loses access to his account, the Google Advance Protection will also ensure that he is able to recover his account. The measures taken will be so stringent that the recovery process will consider reviews and requests about the reason why the user has lost access to his account.

Google introduced the Google Advance Protection program  after the high profile elections that took place in the US in 2016. There were hacks into the Gmail accounts of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. It was believed to be hacked by Russia, who tried to help Donald Trump win the 2016 US elections. It was believed that if  Podesta, the campaign chief, had The Google Advance Protection at that time, the results of the elections could have told a different story.

The Google Advance protection feature helps to protect all those in high profile jobs and high-risk users from their mails being hacked and undue advantage being taken. It would also prevent frauds. There may be a bit of compatibility issues for those who have already installed security tools with their Google products.

Google has provided its users with additional information of how to install the Google Advance Protection by creating a web page for that purpose. They have also helped its users of showing them where to buy USB and Bluetooth wireless keys on Amazon.


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