20 Best Sites to Download Free Audiobooks in 2021

Download Free Audiobooks
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In this pandemic time, people are searching for different alternatives to spend their time. Some are busy watching movies, reading books, spending time with their family, and some are busy with Download Free Audiobooks.

Most of you might already know about the audiobooks; if not, I’ll tell you about them in this post. Audiobooks are audio recordings of your favorite books that are narrated adequately by professionals or some of the renowned celebrities.

Through these Audiobooks, you can gain lots of knowledge, and if you are a literature freak? Then you will surely enjoy the popular literature Audiobooks.

Some people who are striving to read more books often can’t spend that much time reading, in that case, these audiobooks will be helpful. All you have to do is play the Audiobooks and listen to the audio to gain knowledge.

There are thousands of audiobooks readily available online that can save you a lot of time. If you are searching for the best sites to download free Audiobooks in 2020? Then you have come to the perfect place, here in this post I’ll let you know about the best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.

Let’s check out the list of best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.

20 Best Sites to Download Free Audiobooks in 2020:

In this list of free audiobooks, you can access thousands of classic books for free. If you are striving to have a great time listening to the best books? Then you will enjoy this list of best sites to download free Audiobooks in 2020.

Download Free Audiobooks from Loyal Books:

When it comes to downloading audiobooks, I feel loyal books are the best site because it’s having thousands of audiobooks in various categories.

This Loyal books is a helpful site to download free audiobooks in 2020. It has covered all the best selling books and novels apart from those you also check out the book synopsis.

On this site, you can check out the date of publication and its synopsis to get an idea about the Audiobook before you download it. With this app, you can download Audiobooks as iTunes Podcasts, Mp3, and even listen to them in RSS Reader.

The Special feature I love the most about the site of this Loyal book is you can specifically download chapters you love. That’s the cool feature and most used feature in the Loyal Books site. This app has an Android App to download Audiobooks from your mobile itself. Because of these features, I have listed this site on the top of the best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020 list.

Perfect Site to Download Free Audiobooks StoryNory:

Storynory is another excellent site to download free audiobooks in 2020. It’s the perfect site to get storytelling audiobooks for kids. On this site, you will get all the best storytelling audiobooks that are written by professionals.

Most of the books available in the Storynory are pretty entertaining and exciting so that you can make use of them. You can download the audiobooks from the site, or you can even read it if you want from this app. This app is available for IOS users.

The impressive audiobook collection and user interface of this IOS app has made me list this app on the ” Best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.”

Learn Out Loud:

Learn Out Loud is another good app to download free audiobooks in 2020. This is a proper hub for both paid and free audio & video learning materials.

In this learn out loud site, you will get most of the books you love as audio files. You can even get the mfun stories on this site as well. This exclusive site also offers personal reviews of books to understand the content better before you even download the audiobooks. You can download this app from the IOS store, or its official site.

Download Free Audiobooks LibriVox:

LibriVox is another good audiobooks site you should be considering in 2020. This site is a community-driven audiobooks site that has free audiobooks to download. Most of the community members narrate the popular books and make them accessible for people to download.

However, few of these narrated books aren’t that great, but you will find most of the essential books on this free audiobooks site. Because of its quality and free options, we have listed this on the best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020 post. This app is available to download for both Android and IOS devices as well.

Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is another excellent resource to find audiobooks. This site helps you find the classic ebooks that are converted into audiobooks. The volunteers of Project Gutenberg narrated all these classic ebooks.

Similar to the Librivox, you will find lots of amazing ebooks that are narrated entirely into the audiobooks. In this site, you can find both the computer narrated and human narrated audiobooks to download. This Project Gutenberg is available both for Android and IOS devices.


Audiobooksom is a premium site that has loads of audiobooks, but it has free audiobooks as well. Usually, this app is a subscription-based service. However, it gives users to download one audio for free and also provides a 30-days free trial.

Maybe, that’s enough for most people to listen to popular ebooks online for free. If you love to go for its premium version, then you have to pay a $14.99 fee.


Lit2Go is a perfect site to download free audiobooks in 2020. This site has a free online collection of the stories and ebooks in Mp3 format. You can find lots of abstracts, citations, and ebooks and different kinds of stories in all niches as audiobooks on this site.

This site does a great job of adequately summarizing the books, and they even offer the recap of all the chapters in the book. Just go to the lit2go site and download the audiobooks you want. is another best option you should consider in 2020. This is generally a subscription-based audiobooks website that offers different audiobooks. However, it gives access for users to download a single audiobook for free whenever you sign up.

On this site, you will find over 50,000 titles and more to choose from. Apart from that, they are even adding fresh content regularly.

Open Culture:

Open Culture is one of the best sites to download audiobooks. This site offers hundreds of free audiobooks for users to download. However, this site isn’t the audiobooks site that offers their own stuff. It’s the site that acts like torrent sites where it gives the download links to most popular audiobooks.

In addition to the existing list, this site always adds fresh content to the site regularly.

Audiobook Treasury:

Audiobook Treasury is another famous site you should consider for downloading free audiobooks in 2020. Although this site focuses on selling paid audiobooks, but it also offers free audiobooks. The free audiobooks which you see on this site are new, and those are made available for free by the respective authors.

In some cases, you will find books with old titles. Search perfectly on this site to find the best audiobooks you need.


Overdrive is a platform that has lots of free audiobooks. This site is just like the online library of free audiobooks. In addition to the audiobooks, it has hard copy books as well.

With an overdrive site, you can find lots of free audiobooks and paid audiobooks as well. This site is not similar to the other websites as it gives free library cards of paid sites so that you can offer that content for free.

Audiobooks by

Most of the people know about as it’s one of the biggest archives of classic books. Now, this site has more than 13,000 free and classic audiobooks on this site.

The site has an excellent user interface, and it’s dead easy to download these audio files. You can play these audiobooks online, or you can download them.

Lightspeed Magazine:

Lightspeed Magazine is one of the best sites that have high-quality sci-fi type content. If you love to listen to sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks, then you should check out Lightspeed Magazine. Lightspeed magazine authors narrate the classic sci-fi and fantasy books.

So you can easily download this free stuff and enjoy listening to sci-fi audiobooks. You can download a lightspeed magazine for your IOS and Kindle as well.


eJunto is another platform that is useful to download audiobooks. This particular eJunto site provides you with a hell lot of valuable books. You can even find audiobooks of autobiographics of American presidents, history, fantasy books, and more.

Because of the exciting audiobooks, I have listed this post on the list of best sites to download free audiobooks in 2020.

Best to Download Free Audiobooks- Scribl:

Scribl is people’s favorite audiobook site that’s perfect for downloading interesting audiobook stuff. In this site, you can find audiobooks that are narrated by the scribl authors.

These audiobooks are simply perfect in narration, and it has all genres covered for you. You can get these audiobooks on iTunes as MP3, or you can even listen to it in RSS Reader as well. If you love this app and are eager to donate some for authors, then you can donate or else you don’t have to pay.

ManyBooks for Free Audiobooks Collection:

Manybooks is another reliable site to get free audiobooks. With the help of many books, you can get popular audiobooks for free. It has more than 1700 free audiobooks. Because of that collection, you can find many exciting books and audiobooks ready to read and download.

Light up your brain:

Want to be romantic and interesting to listen to romantic stories? Then you should be choosing to light up your brain site. This is a site where you get the best love “Audio Stories.”

If you have a desire to read kids’ stories? Then you can make use of this site as it also covers kid’s stories. The narrator’s voice is best when it comes to narration, and even it’s understandable by kids.

Free Classic Audio Books:

If you are striving to check out the best site to download free audiobooks? Then you should check out free classic Audio websites. This site has lots of audiobooks in different categories because of the collection you can download your favorite stuff with ease.

Here you can download audio files in either mp3 or m4b format (iPod). Because of its site’s user interface it allows users to choose their favorite author’s audiobooks. Thus, it makes it easier for users to download hassle-free.

BookRix for Download Free Audiobooks:

BookRix is a friendly site that allows you to download free audiobooks because of its best collection. This site is a minimal known site that specializes in stories of religious, fantasy-base, and adventure stories. You can even get the fictitious audiobooks as well.

Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast:

Miette’s is a podcast site that shares Miette’s own recordings on the site, although its run by a single author, but the narrating style makes me list this site on the list of best websites for downloading free audiobooks in 2020.


These are the 20 best sites to download free Audiobooks in 2020. If you are searching for the best audiobooks to timpass in this lockdown time? Then you should make use of the above sites to get rid of your boredom.

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