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How to Get More Instagram Followers- A Detailed Guide

Instagram Followers
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Instagram launched in the year 2010, from the day one every one search for finding ways to get more Instagram followers. Initially, it is a photo, video-sharing social media platform owned by Facebook. Instagram allows users to upload their media with filters and tags, including the location tag. The user has the liberty to share their content publicly else with their friends. The tags help the user to narrow down their search and trending topics of the day.

Instagram brings you closer to your friends and stuff you love. It helps you to connect with friends worldwide. Naturally, it helps you to express yourself and connect with your friends.

You can

  • Add photos and videos-Make them live using the fun creative tools of Instagram
  • Message directly to your friends
  • Share your thoughts and stories on your feed
  • Get in touch with your preferred ones
  • Discover the most popular brands and products preferred by your self

How to Get More Instagram Followers?

How to Get More Instagram Followers-

Instagram impacted everyone’s life, not only personally but also professionally. Personally, a lot of Instagram followers allow interacting with more friends and people socially. Everyone knows social media like Instagram, is a powerful marketing tool. Hence followers of someone extend the sphere of influence significantly. This leverage helps them very much to alter their impact.

Not only that there are some other reasons also there:

More followers on Instagram make a person or a brand trustworthy

Those who wish to build their brand needs some special appearance. To achieve that, they need more followers on Instagram.

Those who have more Instagram followers can get more engagement commercially. Hence, more Instagram followers will result in more sales and more benefits.

More the Instagram follower implies more social interaction and feed backs. This creates more opportunities to learn the potentials commercially and personally.

Higher Instagram followers, more fabulous, will be fun.

Therefore, everyone who wishes to expand their sphere of influence in social media needs to find more ways to grow their Instagram followers.

Now the following questions may arise in your mind:

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For all the above questions, let us find the answer in this blog post.

Optimize your Instagram profile 

If you wish to gain more followers to your Instagram account, you need to customize and optimize your Instagram profile. Your profile must have a bio, eye-catching image with caption, genuine and attractive user name, and profile image. If you are a business, then you have to insert your business landing page without fail.

And, If you are an individual, your bio must detail about yourself. If you are a brand, then your Instagram bio must contain your business and how the customer can find yourself.

Use a good photo of yourself. If you are business, then use an attractive image of your product or logo in your industry. If you are a celebrity or a popular brand account, they request a verified badge.

Since your name and user name are searchable on Instagram, select them wisely. While tagging, your user name will show up, so get the best one as your user name. In the Bio section, you have to narrate yourself within 150 characters, use it to the best. For better results and driving traffic, change your bio periodically and insert clickable links in it. If you have multiple profiles, you can insert them effectively to drive traffic. Do you know? You can use hashtags in your bio now. Be creative while creating your Instagram profile page.

Share Engaging content:

Usually, sharing great content with your Instagram gets more likes, comments, and public re-sharing of your post. If your content is more engaging, then the Instagram algorithm will post the content that helps you grow your audience. Remember, without a built in profanity filter, any slip ups you accidentally say could mean a loss of audience. Whatever you post must be attractive to your audience. Yes, your ultimate aim is to inform, entertain, and engage them with your content. So use compelling captions and hashtags. More importantly, ask questions in a call to action manner.

How to use Instagram stories templates


Instagram stories templates

The Instagram story templates are nothing but a pre-designed layout with graphics, text, or animation. You can easily edit them and to fit your story. Using a similar template for all your stories can make unified stories for you or your brand. The advantage of using the Instagram story templates is its uniqueness. The fonts, design, and enriched graphics are unique and the same in your stories, to boost your singularity.

Be Generous and Creative with Hashtags

Use hashtags wisely and interestingly in your Instagram posts. Instagram posts with hashtags have more engagements than posts without hashtags. Hashtags have a lot of benefits. It helps you to identify similar content. They help you to raise awareness about your brand among the followers. From an SEO point of view, they boost the trends and topics in your favor.

Do some research before inserting hashtags in your post. Don’t add more hashtags in your posts (optimal use of hashtags are 10 to 12). Be creative and build your campaign with your hashtag. This will raise your brand awareness tremendously. Remember; do not use overly popular hashtags. If you do so, your post will lose in the crowd.

Keep your Content Engaging

Keep your post content engaging and consistent. Consistently publishing more excellent content will gain more Instagram followers. Keep a regular posting schedule. Post five to seven times a day to boost Instagram followers. Posting a picture may be equal to thousands of words; you cannot neglect mesmerizing content with that. To get more Instagram followers, try to sponsor user-generated content. User-generated content is nothing but sharing the content of users by famous brands. This will help you to get more Instagram followers. Better to know the tips and tricks in Regram. The photo editing apps help you beautify your photos with uniqueness. Try to use them lavishly.

Note: Instagram Stories deliver more engagement than regular posts.

Avoid Following Fake Accounts

You can easily find out the difference between fake and genuine Instagram accounts. You can find fake accounts easily with the help of Instagram feed them. If the Instagram feed is inactive, then you can judge them as a fake account. The real follower will like, comment, and engage with your feed. But the fake followers will not help you to promote your Instagram account. Avoid buying Instagram followers.

Tag More People-to Get More Instagram Followers

Whenever possible, tag more people in your photos for more interaction. Suppose five people in an image tag all of them, so that that will show up in their tagged feed. This is a simple way that your Instagram account will be discoverable by other people who do not follow you. This additional exposure offers you more followers and leads. If you prefer to get a local audience, then use Geotags to reach your local audience.

If your follower tags you, better Repost them to get more traction out of it. Showcasing positive vibration is very much useful.

Cross-Post Your Instagram Content in Other Social Media Accounts

Sharing your Instagram content on other social media platforms can fetch more people to your Instagram account. Those who don’t know that you are on Instagram will start to follow your Instagram profile. So don’t forget to cross-post your Instagram posts in other social media to grow your Instagram followers.

Run Giveaways and Contest to Grow More Instagram Followers:

If you have a budget, start giveaways and contests to get more followers to your Instagram page. You can ask the user to like, comment, use a particular hashtag, or tag their friends to enter into the Instagram contest. If they tag their friends, your Instagram page will get more followers and exposure.

Showcase Your Instagram With Ads and Influencers: 

To get Instagram, followers easily enter into Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is nothing but a paid relationship with other Instagrammers who have more number of followers. The Influencer account must match with yours so that you could tap more out of it. Finding the right Influencer is a very much cost-effective way to grow your audience. Try to attract top Influencers in your list and become one of their favorite sponsors.

Use Instagram insights to target the right audience, and use your Instagram ads for maximum reach. Targeting the right audience with ads will fetch you more followers.

Make Your Instagram Followers and Audience Happy:

Manage your Instagram account with an open heart. Interact with them as a good wisher. Manage your account with good intentions. Provide the right content according to their need and taste.

Build your audience and get more people attracted to your content.


Do not forget to join the conversation with the audience. Interact with them

Write a catchy caption to attract the audience attention

Find the best time to post

Avoid potentially embarrassing tagged photos show in your account- Restrict them

Remove unwanted tagged photos from your profile

Find the right hashtag that gives conversion

Do not use more text in your post

Try to create branded hashtags exclusively for yourself

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