Lag Switch: What You Have to Know about It?

Lag Switch
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Lag switch is one of the crucial tricks to know if you are into serious gaming. If you are new to this word, here is everything you need to know about the lag switch.
A lag switch is a common term among gamers. Many of them use it as a trick to defeat in a group match. How many of you exactly know how it works? Not many I am sure. Even though it is quite popular, its mechanism is still not a clear concept for many gamers.

Here is everything you need to know about one of the most common tricks used in the gaming world.

Understanding Lag Switch

It is a switch to restrict the flow of traffic to the internet. Though temporarily, it eventually delays the data transmission. Lag Switch is small equipment attached to the home network to control the data flow.

When it comes to gaming, Lag Switch has a huge role to play. You can toggle physically to switch it on, to delay the pace of the game. This helps the one using the mechanism to control the game with an upper hand. The players on the other side will face a delay in the progress of the game, resulting in an easy win for the switcher.

How do you use a lag switch in gaming?

Lag switch in gaming is a popular cheat code. You may wonder how it would help a gamer. There is a very simple way of how it influences a game result. Once you activate the switch, the console or your device will stop sending information to the internet for quite some time. Meanwhile, even though the user is not connected, the game will not throw the user out. This is mainly because the game expects the user to return soon. It keeps some time as a buffer and lag switch uses that opportunity to play with the game result.

Even though the game thinks that the user’s internet connection is low, it allows the user to play locally. Here lies the twist. With an activated switch to lag data transmission, on crucial points, you can play locally. This will make your opponent remain oblivious about your moves.

How does the hardware lag switch look like?

The basic hardware lag switch is very simple. It is an Ethernet device. Either the green or the orange wire of Cat5e Cable has been intertwined to a button. The Ethernet device then connects to the console from the router of your home network.

Is it legal to use a lag switch?

Well, deceiving your opponent for winning a game does not sound like a legal way to play. However, using such switches is not outright illegal. Games like ‘Call of Duty’ will ban if a user is found to be using a lag switch. They sometimes ban a user even if he or she uses a such switch for inter speed issues. But for most of the games, using such delaying techniques will not get you into trouble.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you lag switch on your console?

    You do not lag switch your device. Using such techniques essentially means adding gibberish in your network to create a lag for users who are connected on the same network.

  • Where does the name lag switch come from?

    As the name says, it comes from lagging the connection. That is where the name came from.

  • How do you know if the opponent is lag switching?

    The game will look lagging from the very beginning. But that can be just a poor connection as well. You can take a teleporting test to check if someone has lag switched. If you teleport and are still in the game, then there is a high possibility that someone has lag switch activated.

  • What are the devices where lag switch works?

    It will work on most of the devices – PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox One, Xbox, Xbox 360. Besides, It works in all of these gaming consoles. It also works for some desktop-based games.


Gamers have been using a lag switch for quite some time now. Not all the gamers tend to use it even though it has gained a great share of popularity. Most of the ethical gamers think it to be a cheat code. Gaming society has its own set of rules and ethics. If you are a part of society, it is better to abide by those rules and ethics. However, this switch can be very useful in gaming. However, remember, forging someone to win is not the trait of true sportsmanship.

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