Best All-In-One Data Recovery Software in 2020

Best All-In-One Data Recovery Software in 2020

Some of the best options of sd card data recovery software which can be helpful in recovering lost documents, photos, videos from SD card, HDD or SSD and USB drive with ease, comes from EaseUS.  EaseUS data recovery software has been considered to be one of the best in the industry with impeccable brands comprising of SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Transcend, Sony,  to mention a few. The stored data in a SD card tends to get lost when it is inaccessible or formatted.  With the option of the sd card data recovery software, it enables the user with the possibility of data recovery with a solution of deleted recovery, formatted recovery and much more.

SD Recovery Software

Several  recovery software programs are available enabling the user in recovering SD card data. The following are some of the best choices for free SD card recovery software and one can make the choice based on its pros and cons. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, Recuva, Stellar Data Recovery, Disk Drill, R-Studio, Acronis and much more. Free data recovery software from EaseUS is considered to be reliable SD card recovery tool enabling complete recovery of deleted/lost data. It should first be downloaded to provide a guaranteed card recovery procedure.  It features 100+ real life data loss situations such as deletion, RAW, formatting and much more.  Its function is smooth and can be carried out with ease.  It is one of the best solutions in obtaining lost data from memory cards, SDHC or CF cards, Micro SD cards etc.

Pros of the software:

  • It has a modest interface which can be utilised with ease.  The recovery procedure has only three stages.
  • It supports all the file system comprising of FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+, ReFS
  • It supports most of the devices such as USB drive, PC/laptop, internal/external hard drive, Micro card, Camcorder, Video Player, Music Player and much more.
  • It explores files by extension or name once the scanning process is completed.
  • It repairs corrupted JPEG/JPG photos as well as damaged MP4/MOV camera videos

Cons of the software:

  • It recovers 2GB free
  • It ends up scanning the entire disk where the folder is placed where the location is specified.

All-In-One Data Recovery Software


For quick and complete file recovery from Windows, desktops, other Windows-compatible devices and laptops, one can use EaseUS free data recovery software. It is the All-in-One Free Data Recovery Software for various types of data loss set-ups.  Besides data recovery, it also tends to restore photo and videos.  Its Data Recovery Wizard has the capabilities of data recovery ability together with technique of repairing image file and video files which may tend to get damaged.  Moreover it also features in recovering automatically detecting lost JPEG/.JPG images restoring them to its best condition.  Moreover, it also extracts and repairs thumbnails of the opted jpeg/jpg files, sorting them out.  A preview of the repaired images can be seen before the ultimate recovery. The software also features in repairing corrupted, broken or damaged MP4 and MOV videos which are generally used on digital cameras such as GoPro, Canon, and DJI cameras. One can get the camera connected or take the card out and get it connected to the computer for a complete video recovery and repair.

Safe & Light

EaseUS recovery software is safe and light.  It does not utilise the free space on your drive since its setup file is about 40MB.  Besides this it is plugin-free and risk-free and does not overwrite any lost data on the disk.  It is simple with Window Explorer type interface, enabling successful data recovery with three easy procedures. It is being used widely by users all across the globe.  Presently the EaseUS data recovery software has been translated into 20 languages. Several users have provided good feedback with regards to the recovery software.

Solution to Disparaging Tragedies

EaseUS Todo Backup software has been designed with the intention of protecting personal digital life as well as businesses, from getting lost and putting up with dire consequences owing to the same.  It has provided a solution to the disparaging tragedies faced by users on data loss.  It has assisted in recovering all vital information directly from backups whenever these instances of data loss tends to occur on the system. The all-inclusive EaseUS Partition Master which is an appropriate hard disk management solution has the tendency of obtaining complete benefit of hard drive with the potential of high efficiency.  It also has the capability of managing the disk space without the need of endangering the source data which has been stored on the hard drive.

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Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2020

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2020

We all know kids these days start using phones from an early age. No matter how much you try to get those things away from them we can’t seem to get it done. Instead of getting frustrated over this we can use it to our advantage. How you may ask? The answer is simple- you can simply use educational apps to teach kids. There are a lot educational apps that make use of a child’s favorite character to teach them the alphabet for example. Not only that but these apps also get your child in the groove and mood of learning. No more will they detest learning. So without further ado let’s begin this journey into the best educational apps for preschoolers.

7 Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Kids Academy Talented and Gifted Learning Games

This is one of the best educational apps for preschoolers. It combines artificial intelligence and games to teach these tiny tots the basics. What’s more is that it has a personalized feature enabling your child to get specific teaching based on their patterns of learning. Their teaching is also adaptive meaning that teaching patterns are tailor made to fit your child and his/her personality.

  • The app has over 5,000 learning activities.
  • These activities include games, videos, work sheets, puzzles, flashcards, puzzles and much more.
  • They use different styles to cater to which form of learning best suits a particular child more.
  • Kids academy also covers key areas of math, language arts, Science, social science and reading.

As parents you can also monitor your child’s progress through their learning journey. This will enable you to identify areas of improvement and also recognize your child’s inner talent. The app is available on both android devices as well as iOS devices.

Speech Blubs in getting your Language Down:

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers in 2020

This app teaches your child speech. These speech therapy sessions put together by speech and language pathologists. This app uses voice controlled and videos to help the young ones in speech patterns and articulation. The app takes your child through these sessions using games and various interactive media. By making things more interesting the child feels motivated to learn and not only that but also to learn faster.

  • The app makes use of videos, stickers, face filters and more to engage your child in developing their speech.
  • Throughout the process a child is also given education on dinosaurs, stars, vehicles, emotions and all that a child could possibly be interested in at this age.
  • The app also teaches your child speech through songs too.

The app is paid with a 7- day free trial period. It is available on both Android devices as well as iOS devices.

Engage your Child’s Curiosity with Curious World:

Curious WorldThis is one of the best educational apps for preschoolers which combines learning with fun. Who says learning can’t be fun. This app combines videos with craft activities to make learning more enjoyable. The app contains a slew of TV channels, activity packs and also has a children’s library too. Kids can choose from reading books to watching a TV show or maybe even take up a fun craft project to do.

This app also comes with parenting guide which is there to help you in bringing up your child and getting them ready for school.

ABCmouse  Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers ABCmouse This app deals in four main subject areas- math, reading, the world around us and arts and colors. These four subject areas bring a child into the basics which they can build upon in the future school years.

The app makes use of games to teach children these fundamentals and also makes learning more engaging. These games teach a child about sounds, shapes and numbers. The app also uses these games to teach reading, to get them to do some arts and craft where they can then teach them about colors.

The app also comes with voice instructions to take your child through a step by step process. This app also meets Common Core State Standards.  The sad thing about this app is that it is available only in the United States. However it is available on both Android and iOS.

Hopster Preschool Learning

Hopster PreschoolLike all the above mentioned apps in this list of best educational apps for preschoolers, this app too makes use of games, videos and various interactive media to help children learn. What’s more is that this app made using the expertise of people in the fields of childhood education and cognitive development.


The app teaches phonics and math through their interactive media. The games aimed at enriching a child’s literacy and numeracy skills by peeking their interest. This app is available on both iOS devices as well as Android devices.

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers Color Quest AR

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers Color Quest ARThis is the one app on this list of best educational apps for preschoolers that uses augmented reality in teaching children. The main focus of this app is on healthy eating and all about good health. The next thing that this app has is coloring and using that artwork in an augmented reality way.

The app takes your child through their learning experience using fruits, vegetables and also a look into the human body. To engage children more, a character is developed every month to make learning more entertaining for your kid. The app also comes with fun health facts which further enriches your child’s mental encyclopedia. Color quest enables a child to come up with their own character that then comes to life in augmented reality.

This is by far the best educational app for preschoolers that takes them through food and health. The app is available on both android devices and iOS devices.

These are some of the best educational apps for preschoolers that takes your child though their educational journey in a fun and enlightening way. Why not begin your child’s foray into education with these entertaining apps?

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Google Smart Lock Android and How It Can Help You!

Google Smart Lock Android and How It Can Help You!

In a nut shell Google Smart Lock Android will simplify security, saving you time when using an Android device or when you’re using Chrome OS or maybe even Mac or Windows. The important point here is that Google Smart Lock Android has a lot to offer, so are you making most use of it? In this post we’ll be taking you through all that the smart lock has in store.

First let’s get this straight how many times do we actually use our phones in a day? The answer may range from anywhere between a lot to I – walk – with – the – phone –  in – my – face scenario. In all these cases we’re literally unlocking our phone hundreds of times in a day. Either by entering a password, solving a puzzle kinda a thing or maybe even using face scans or finger scans. Besides all this we even go through our accounts multiple times in a day, requiring us to enter yet again more credentials. Yes, yes we know security is important and all that but really it sometimes can be a bother.

Well not anymore. The not anymore is applicable for Google related stuff. But at least it is something. In our daily habit of using the internet and all that it has in store, we often overlook Google Smart Lock Android. This is a really useful feature that can save us a lot of time and trouble in a day, leaving us more time to look at those very useful dog videos on YouTube.

So what really is Google Smart Lock Android?

It is a feature that basically covers three areas- Chrome OS where you can use your Android smart phone to unlock your computer, Android by itself- it keeps your phone unlocked in secure scenarios and finally the third area is within the Chrome browser– where it manages passwords and other essentials across all platforms.

What’s the best part you say? It’s simplicity. Once you’re all set up it, it’s really simple to use.

Now on to SetUp Google Smart Lock Android:

When it comes to Android, you get the best of both worlds. On one side you can avoid unnecessary situations that require your credentials. In these trusted cases, you can by- pass the whole password entering thing and go on straight to business. On the other side you get effective security for those really confidential forays into the world wide web. In these cases you get the whole shebang- passwords, PINs, puzzles, biometric authentication and you name it.

But of course all this can be done only on a relatively recent Android phone.

How to activating it. All you have to do is to look for “Smart Lock” in Security and Location in the main settings. Once you tap on it you’ll be prompted to enter all your credentials. From there you’ll be able to see a list of options.

On Body Detection:

This option allows the phone to remain unlocked as long as you’re holding it. It will initially ask for your credentials and after that no more. This comes in handy any time you need to put your phone down for just a bit. In these cases you won’t have to enter in all your passwords, PINs etc. again. But the moment you set down your phone for a longer time, and then the next time you have to use it you will have to enter everything all over again.

Trusted Places:

This feature allows you to set up certain locations where your phone won’t put up any authentication requirements. So as soon as you go to a chosen business, street or any other designated place and use your phone, you won’t be asked for your credentials. In theory this sounds great but in actuality it may need a little fine tuning.

But all in all this option becomes great when using your phone at home, for example.

Trusted Devices:

This feature is applicable any time you need to connect to certain devices via Bluetooth. Any time your phone connects to a certain Bluetooth device, this feature allows it to skip authentication requirements. So the next time you connect your phone to the car audio system via Bluetooth you won’t have to go through permissions and the like.

Trusted Face:

This is a feature you won’t find yourself using all that much, maybe even never. This feature allows your phone to unlock by just looking at it. This feature isn’t always the best and sometimes may take just a tad too long for comfort. There’s also a doubt as to how effective it is if you hold a picture of yourself in front of it or what happens if someone who looks similar tries to unlock your phone? This is something that is warned about in the setup page too.

Voice Match:

This feature in Google Smart Lock Android, allows your phone to recognize your voice. So you have to simply say “Hey Google” to bypass security. But at present this feature allows you only limited access to certain notifications and that’s it. At least on the Pixel 3 you can’t unlock your device entirely with this feature in tow.

Google Smart Lock Android to fill in passwords:

This feature not only works on Android but also on Chrome OS and any computer where you use Chrome as your browser. This feature has a universal password system which you can use in the browser itself and also in some apps.

Whenever you find yourself needing to enter in a new password and other credentials, Google Smart Lock Android will automatically enter the one you’ve saved previously. In other cases it may even create complex new passwords and such when you sign up for a new service.

This same feature is even available on certain apps as well, albeit only a limited number of them actually support Google Smart Lock Android.

These are some of the features that you get on Google Smart Lock Android. We hope you find this post useful!


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How to Block Robocalls on Android- Tips and Tricks

How to Block Robocalls on Android

Spam calls/ robocalls and their ilk have one purpose and one purpose only to be annoying and drive us mad. But the problem doesn’t stop there as well. As days pass it seems to be getting worse and worse with more of these calls coming through. It’s understandable if these robocalls/spam calls were kept to a minimum, then bearing up with them would be easier. But as it is we can’t really escape from them. Or can we? In this post we’ll be showing you how to block robocalls on Android.  If not altogether blocking then at least to reduce them to a bearable level.

Let’s First take a Look at the three types of Robocalls:

The first are telemarketing calls. These are calls from real companies hoping to sell you stuff. So they are at least from legit people, even if they are of the robocall variety. You catch my drift right? Carriers and especially internet service providers especially, hope to use these to lure you away from the competition.

Then there are your garden variety robocalls. These are your pre- recorded messages. They can be from political parties, charitable causes and much more.

Lastly there are your spam callers. These are basically calls from sketchy people posing to be one person or from one entity or the other. They say they’re from so and so bank or the FBI or police. Such calls are made with the purpose of trying to get more information than you actually have to give. And the next thing you know your bank account is being drained like water in a sieve.

So all in all, how do you block robocalls on Android?

By the way these calls come on iOS too but we’ll be looking at Android for now.

There are always Apps to block robocalls on Android:

As with anything these days there are always your apps to do different things for you. There are even apps for blocking robocalls on Android. These dedicated apps are actually huge databases of numbers giving you details of the person or in our case spam/robocall calling.

So as soon as you get a number from such an entity, immediately you’ll see that it is a designated robocall. These apps work by the users giving details of such calls. When you receive a call and you see that it is a spam number, you can designate it as such by checking a box or in some other way. This ensures that someone else is protected against taking such calls in the future. In some apps you are also given the option of sending the call directly to voicemail.

To give you some names, there are a number of these apps available on the Play Store. Some of them are for free while others require a nominal subscription. Some of the best ones are- Google Phone, Truecaller, Hiya, Mr.Number and Should I answer?

Apps and Service that Block Robocalls

If you’re in the US then the big four carriers also offer apps and services to combat such robocalls. The features and services offered will differ from carrier to carrier but all in all you avoid those irritating calls.

Most of the services or apps offered by carriers do much the same thing. They notify you if it’s a spam call or robocall or alternatively block it for you. Here are some of the services offered by US carriers- AT&T Call Protect, T-Mobile scam protection solutions, Sprint Premium caller ID, Verizon Call Filter.

Point to note: all though these apps are great on their own, they still won’t be able to fully eliminate those annoying calls. But what it will be able to do is to reduce them greatly.

Block robocalls on Android One by One:

This step is good if you happen to be harassed by just a few calls on a regular basis. So the easy way to deal with such numbers is to block them individually. All you have to do to get this done is to go to your phone app on your Android device and long press a number. Once you do this you will get a list of options to choose from. From there select ‘Block’. After this the number is blocked form your phone and you’ll no longer receive calls from the number again.

The process may differ from device to device, but basically it’s all the same. This method is great if you’re getting calls from just a few numbers. However if you keep getting tons of spam calls/robocalls a day then you might want to get an app or avail of carrier service instead. Blocking each number individually in such a case would be difficult and more irritating than getting those calls.

All Calls Only From Your Contact as a Way to block robocalls on Android:

Another thing that will get the job done is to block all numbers except the ones on your contact list. This method is effective albeit a little extreme. Not only that, but what happens if you get a call from a genuine person who needs to contact you and who’s not on your contact list?

To take such an extreme measure you can download apps such as Calls Blacklist or Call Blocker. These apps are extremely popular with over 10 million downloads. More importantly they are free of charge. If these apps aren’t really for you there are still a host of other options to choose from.

Once you download the app, all you have to do is go to Settings and then Blocking. Once you click on the option you’ll get a choice to Block all numbers except contacts. If you get a call from a number that is not on your contact list then your phone won’t ring but the number will flash in the app itself.


These are some of the ways in which you can block robocalls on Android. These methods not only stop robocalls but any designated spam calls as well.

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How to See Your Android Notifications on Windows 10

How to See Your Android Notifications on Windows 10

Most of the people strive to use Android phones because of their unique features and functionalities. One of the topmost reasons why lots of people prefer Android devices rather than the iPhone is due to its third party features. Once you could not See Your Android Notifications on Windows 10.

For android devices, the third party features and options are always great. But Apple devices aren’t that great when it comes to the apps, features and more.

In general, the iPhones, ipads, and other Apple devices are all connected in a way that allows a smooth transition between devices. But, when it comes to Android, by default, you don’t find the feature.

The open nature of Android allows all the third-party apps and developers to add lots of functionalities to it. So, Google doesn’t include that type of feature. Now, as we’re striving to show your android notifications on windows 10, let’s check out how to do in this post.

Microsoft, one of the third-party developers of Android, has started using Android to attract people into their ecosystem by giving features.

Usually, you can see your Android notification on your Windows 10 PC with the phone companion. For creating that you need some requirements. Checkout those requirements in the Android Notifications on Windows 10 post.

How to see your Android Notifications on Windows 10:

Most of the people are striving to check out how to see your Android Notifications on Windows 10. If you’re one of them, then you can check out our post on how to see your Android notifications in windows 10.

To complete the companion between the Android Device and Windows 10 PC you should have two main requirements. Checkout the requirements below.


  • You require a PC Running windows that have windows 10 April 2018 or later version.
  • Along with PC, you should use an Android phone, which is running Android 7.0 Nougat or newer version than it.

Firstly Install “Your Phone Companion” on your Android Device:

The first thing you have to do is install Microsoft’s “Your Phone Companion” app on your Android device. You can download this app on the official Google Play store, or even you can download it at Microsoft site.

Install “Your phone” on the PC:

After installing the “Your companion” app on your Android phone. You have installed “your phone” app on the windows 10.

If you’re running Windows 10 October version or newer, then all will be pre installing, so you don’t have to follow this step.

In case, if you are using an older version then head over to the Microsoft Store app on your PC. Select ” your Phone” from the list and click on the install option to install the software on your computer.

In case if you hadn’t signed in to your Microsoft account means you have created a Microsoft account to download the software.

After installing the app, you should open the app. Whenever you open the app, it will ask you for a mobile number. Although it isn’t necessary, but if you want Microsoft updates, then you should give that number.

Connect your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC:

  • After connecting your Android phone, you have to open the app on your phone.
  • Then select “Get Started” and click on “Continue” and quickly follow the prompts which are displayed on the screen.
  • Make sure you give proper permissions to all the required prompts.
  • If you have any trouble with your prompts, then go to the “Home Screen.”
  • Open your App drawer and long press on the ” Phone Companion icon,” then select “App information” or the “i” icon.
  • After clicking that — Next page, you have to select “Permissions” — Then you can enable one by one option such as “Storage,” “SMS,” and “Contacts,” etc.

Now, all you have to do is open the app once again after giving access.

  • Click on the “OK” button. Then when the next prompt shows, you have to switch to your PC.
  • Open your system, and then you’ll see a notification.
  • “Allow the phone to connect to your phone” – Click on the Allow button.
  • Now, you have completed connecting Android devices to your PC.

Enable Android Notifications on Windows 10:

At present, your phone is connected with your system. So, let’s enable Android notifications on your Windows 10.

  • To do that, you have to select “Notifications” on your phone.
  • Click on “Get Started” — Select ” Open Settings on the phone.”
  • After that, you will receive a notification.
  • Open that notification; then, your phone will be redirected to the “Main Notification access” Menu.
  • Now, find the “Your Phone Companion” app in the list and enable the option.
  • Then choose “Allow” and select the back button to return to the app.
  • Click on “Open Settings on the phone” option on your Windows PC again.
  • The Notification page will allow you to refresh and display all the notifications you receive.

Finally, Configure Alerts and Android Notifications on Windows 10:

As you have set up the Android phone and windows pc carefully. Now, you have to configure the alerts to optimize the experience.

  • In the “Your Phone” app on your Windows PC, open the “Settings.”
  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the available options.
  • Then the main option you have to use is “Choose which apps notify you.”
  • Then select the down arrow button and reveal the list of apps on the device.
  • If you want to disable the notifications, you can toggle off the notifications from the “Your phone” app on a computer.

By following the above process you can find out how to see your Android notifications on Windows 10 PC.


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