Best Wireless Charging Phones in Android for 2019

Best Wireless Charging Phones in Android for 2019

In this modern world, there is an increasing demand for wireless charging devices. Mostly because people hate carrying wired chargers. If you are one of them who Best wireless charging phones then you are at the right place.

The modern innovation has already reached to the next level as we can some cool innovation in that wireless charging is one of the innovations.

The wireless charging technology obviously saves you the effort of carrying USB cables or it relieves the stress of searching for plugs.

In wireless charging devices, all you have to do is just drop it on the pad and do watch your mobile light up. Even though there are slight backdrops to keep in mind but its usability will get rid of those drawbacks. The main drawback of the wireless charging is you can really use the device while charging and also it takes a little longer than the cable charger.

This wireless charging technology is mainly available for the high-end mobile phones with glass backs mainly because metal and wireless charging don’t even mix in sync. Although not all flagship killers are using this technology, but in recent times manufacturers are striving to include this in their product.

Now, if you are searching for the best phones with the features which support Qi Standards, PMA standards then here are the best and popular choices for you. In this post, you will check out the best phones with wireless charging capabilities in 2019.

Galaxy S10, One of the Best wireless charging phones :

Best Wireless Charging Phones Samsung is very well known for its wireless chargers. Way before the Apple announcement in 2017, Samsung has introduced its wireless charge for Droid Charge way back in 2011 itself. It has upgraded to the next level in the new wireless charging era and has brought the Galaxy S10. All the three galaxy s10 phones are available in the market and all three supports the best wireless charging options.

There more to add, these Samsung S10 feature wireless power share which allows them to be a charger for the other wireless charging devices as well. This is one of the cool features in Galaxy S10, that’s why people love using Samsung because of its extreme innovations.

The Galaxy S10 phones are having the largest ever display and battery life as well. It has two front-facing cameras which are capable of taking eye-catching images. Like all flagship devices, this device is having an in-display fingerprint scanner, IP68 rating and more features.

This device is a perfect device for someone who is searching for the budget Samsung flagship, you can opt for the Galaxy S10e, this has the smallest display and it comes with two rear cameras instead of the three that’s the difference between them. Although they are having other differences but its worth for budget users. If you are looking out for the best wireless charging phones in 2019 means this is one of the best options for you.

Samsung Galaxy  Note 9, Best Wireless Charging Phones:

Best Wireless Charging Phones in Android for 2019When it comes to wireless charging phones in 2019, the Galaxy S10 is followed by Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because these both are the Samsung phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already stamped its authority as the best smartphone in 2018 but when we are talking about the best wireless charging capabilities phone in 2019 this device will top the list. So, we are including this device in the list of best wireless charging phones in 2019.

This device offers a large 6.4-inch display with powerful snapdragon 845 chipsets. It has up to 8GB RAM and has a battery size of 4,000mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the water-resistant phone which has IP68 Rating and it can be expandable up to the 512GB Storage.

The best thing which makes this phone stand out in this competitive market is it’s signature S Pen, this is definitely a talkable feature and l personally loved it. This supports Bluetooth low energy and also allows to remotely control the camera.

Camera wise you will find this device as the best device for the budget but you can get more clear and precise photos in its latest version S10. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the wireless charging ability and so we have listed this device. Galaxy Note 9 has been made up of glass and metal and it also has the fingerprint scanner and its user interface is pretty smooth and useable.

Huawei P30 Pro:

Huawei P30 ProIf you are eager to check out the best wireless charging phones on android then you have to check out Huawei P30 pro. Because it is the latest and the best Huawei phones on the market. It is having impressive features along with that it has incredible camera setup with four sensors on the back of the device. This device does take fabulous photos in low light apart from that its wireless charging capabilities are really ultimate. This special device is having a wide-angle 5x lens which focuses more.

Apart, from that, it also supports the reverse wireless charging as well. This android phone looks stunning when it comes to looks and it is much smaller than other hefty devices. This phone is similar to the mate 20 Pro when it comes to the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Although it is not that much quicker as the latest Oneplus 7 Pro it is faster enough. If you are wondering about the specifications of this mobile means: it is powered by Kirin 980 chipset. P30 Pro has a 6.47-inch display with IP68 water and dust resistance feature. This device is expandable up to 512 GB and it is having the effective wireless charging capability. That’s why it is one of the best wireless charging phones for Android in 2019.

Best wireless charging phones by Google: Google Pixel 3/3 XL

Best Wireless Charging Phones in AndroidGoogle’s new device is also one of the best competitors for the wireless charging devices. Not only Google Pixel 3 but you can see this wireless charging capability in its pixel 3 XL as well. This smartphone supports the fast wireless charging and we can say it is faster than most of the smartphone wireless chargers. Its 10w fast wireless charging helps the device to charge faster. Although, it’s fast it has the stand while your device is on the stand the pixel 3 can be turned on the Do Not Disturb mode automatically at the night and it can transform the photos and do more while it is on the stand.

Both Google pixel 3 and 3 XL devices are almost similar in the specifications and these both come with the 845 Snapdragon chipset with 4GB RAM and the storage of 64/128 GB. It’s having 12.2 Megapixel camera and it can take some wonderful pictures with ease. If you are wondering the main difference between the devices means the pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch display which the XL model comes with 6.3 inches and it also offers the Quad HD resolution.  This device should definitely on the list of best wireless charging phones of 2019.

Best wireless charging phones  from Sony: Xperia XZ3

Xperia XZ3Sony is often competing with the top mobile brands like Samsung, apple and more but it never crossed the line. Even though it never crossed the rankings but has produced some best smartphones. One of the best smartphone from Sony we are talking about is “Sony Xperia XZ3”. It is a device which has high-end specifications and premium design. Along with that, it also has the few other bells and whistles like the other 3D creators. These special features have made Xperia XZ3 one of the best smartphones.

But its wireless capabilities have made this phone featured in this list of best wireless charging phones in 2019. The Sony Xperia is a flagship device but unfortunately it hasn’t met people’s expectations with its battery life but still, it can be called as a flagship device. This device runs on Android 9.0 pie, coming to the design it has stunning looks because it is curved with an OLED Display dual front-facing speakers and with smooth design. Unlike other smartphone devices, Sony doesn’t have top-notch cameras and it has only a single rear camera.

This device is not for everyone because it costs a lot. Sony has a really high price tag on the device and so users are often searching for lower devices which has the same or better features. But, as we are talking about the wireless capabilities this device should be listed in our list because it is one of the best wireless charging devices in 2019.

Huawei Mate 20 One of the Best wireless charging phones:

Huawei Mate 20Huawei mate 20 is another smartphone which supports 15w wireless charging and it is the first phone in the market to support 15w reverse wireless charging. Which means you can quickly use it as a wireless charger just by placing it on the back of the phone.

This device has an in-display fingerprint scanner and also has a massive battery life. It also comes with a special feature that is 3D facial recognition. Huawei has launched this phone for the highly competitive medium-range mobile market. This device has an in-display fingerprint scanner and it comes with a glass back metal frame.

It is having the best possible premium design with the metal and glass frame., Even all these features it hasn’t impressed US markets and also not available in lots of areas. But this phone is one of the best wireless charging phones in 2019.

This is all about the best wireless charging phones in Android for 2019. If you want more exciting posts like these then follow our blog for more updates.


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Best Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Best Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Smartphones these days have gone to the other level. You can see the latest Smartphones have already put an end to the Cameras and camcorders. Mainly because you can capture your memorable moments in your Smartphone itself.  These days Smartphones are coming with high-quality cameras which take absolutely splendid images. Here is some quick tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Along with that Smartphones are easier to carry rather than the camcorders and cameras. So, people, these days are preferring Smartphone cameras to capture their beautiful moments rather than using the camera.

Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

In recent times, Samsung Galaxy phones are shining and people are likely purchasing these mobiles a lot. So, let’s check out the best tips for recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy devices. Samsung Galaxy device has a capable camera which has better scope to record some awesome videos.

Quick Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

In this post, you check out the best tips for recording best videos on your Galaxy device. I’m going to highlight fewer know features in the latest Samsung camera app and also the other crucial tips from Android Oreo to Android Pie. The tips I am sharing in this post will work for most of the galaxy flagship devices like s8, s9, s10, note8 and note 9. If you want to record better videos then try these Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy. With these tips, you can consistently take great videos while filming with your Samsung galaxy camera.

Set Aspect Ration Quickly (Galaxy One UI):

If you are curious to know about the tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy? Then check out this amazing tip. If your device is running the brand new One user interface means you can quickly set your video’s aspect ratio in a couple of taps. Regardless of whether you are using the main camera or selfie camera you can do it with ease.

Simple click on “Ration Icon” which is located right at the top of the viewfinder then choose the aspect ration in between “16:9”, “1:1” and “full” for both your front facing camera and rear cameras.

While doing it always keep in your mind that changing your aspect ration will also change your resolutions of images. This varies in between the Galaxy Devices. In galaxy S10, you can see different options such as “1920 x 1080” which means “16:9”, “2288 x 1080” this means “Full” and finally “1440 x 1440” means it is “1:1”. By default in S10, you will find 1920 x 1080.

Quickly change your video resolution as well (One & Oreo User Interface):

People usually film videos by using the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, but you can customize your video resolution by using Samsung Camera. To customize you can follow this process, hover over to the app settings page just by clicking on that cog-shaped icon which is located at the top-left corner. Or you can check that in the right-hand side about the shutter button in the Oreo update.

You can change the resolution from there, click on either the “Front Video Size” or on the “Rear Video Size” depending on which camera you want to adjust. After that choose the video resolution with the “16:9” option after that select the video resolution from the menu that appears. You can also keep the maximum quality frame rate to the 60fps as well. This process will cause videos to consume more storage space so just check while doing this. This is one of the best tips for recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Make sure your videos are smooth & steady in both Oreo & One User Interface:

Whenever you’re filming a video on the move from your Galaxy Device, there is always a nifty setting which can quickly enable to ensure that your recording stays steady & stable as possible. This feature is there in S10 Galaxy device. This feature is named as Super Steady and the name itself suits the working of the feature.

You can enable this feature just by tapping on the hand icon. This effective feature will significantly reduce the shakes and wobblings for the video. Although this feature is not available in older galaxy phones but they can still enable “Video Stabilization” option within the Samsung Camera settings for shooting the smoother videos. But, that feature is not that effective as the Super Steady feature but still it does the job quite well. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy Device like a Pro

Quickly Record hands-free Videos (Oreo & One) User interface:

Most of the galaxy devices have relatively hidden settings. These hidden settings within this Samsung Galaxy device can amaze lots of people because there are really cool.

In those Samsung camera lets, you command the app to quickly record videos with verbal commands. It doesn’t need the AI assistants or other Bixby help. You can quickly do it on your own, to enable this feature all you have to do is go to the “Shooting methods” within the app setting. Then quickly enable the “Voice Control” Command for One. Coming to Oreo, go to the common section of the apps setting and toggle on for voice control option. That’s it; with these you can simply enable this command.

Learn to zoom in & out like a Pro:

We often want to use the Zoom function quite often when using our camera to take a better snap. Now, if you love zoom option, then your galaxy video camera is the best to test and take great pictures.

Samsung Galaxy phones are always better in getting close-up shots of the subjects which are far away from the camera. The Samsung devices are having digitally zoom in and out options which are impressive. In S10 & note 9 you can see digitally zoom which is useful to zoom 10x times.

On One user interface, you can quickly zoom in with simply tapping on tree icons which are perfectly right above the shutter button. If you want you can even swipe on the icons to fine-tune and even zoom the image.

Coming to the Oreo, the galaxy devices are having two ways to use zoom functions. Those are swipe on the shutter button to simply zoom in and you can even zoom out right before you start recording. Once you have started recording, you can quickly swipe the stop button and you can even zoom out or in while filming videos. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Make use of volume keys as Shutter buttons (Oreo & One)

Most of the people love shortcuts, so for your convenience, you can quickly use the volume buttons to stop or start recording your videos. If you are using One UI then you have to head over to the camera app and then you have to select “Shooting Methods”. If you are using Oreo, then you can go to the “common” section.

From those settings, you can click on ” press volume key to” and then choose the ” Record video or take picture” option.

If you want alternative then you can also quickly set the volume key and then you can zoom in and quickly zoom out. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Create GIFs (One & Oreo UI):

Gifs are often loved by lots of people and you might see many of them in social media as well. If you want to create Gifs then you can easily make them.

In Samsung Galaxy devices, instead of recording a video you can convert it to a GIF.  You can simply create Gifs on the fly with ease. If you are using Oreo UI you can quickly enable this option from the camera app settings itself just by tapping ” Hold Camera button” and then you can select “Create GIF” option from its main menu.

If at all you are using One UI, then you have to hold the “Shutter button” then you can see the option under the “Pictures” Section in the main camera settings page.

with that, you can quickly tap on the settings and you can even choose “Create Gif” from the selection. That’s it with these tips you can create Gifs.

Master the “Super Slow Motion” in Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and note devices:

Most of you might know about the super slow motion options. With the introduction of super slow motion feature in Galaxy S9 and above devices, Samsung has done a great job. Samsung Camera’s feature super slow motion gave the new ability to capture videos super slow video at 960 fps in Samsung Devices. Here fps means the frames per second.

This feature came with lots of special features like recording, editing, sharing, and other aspects. So, mastering this slow-motion captures are always helpful to master your productivity.

Quickly Apply Effective Filters (One & Oreo UI)

Filters are always amazing to get great look and attention towards your videos or pictures.  So, Samsung has included lots of filters in its Galaxy devices. You can make use of these amazing video filters of Samsung to improve your mood. With this feature, you can convey your mood in your video by applying filters. These filters are always handy when you apply these to the various lighting frames and conditions.

Filters in these Samsung devices are incredibly simple to access. If you want to access them then just tap on the magic wand icon which is hovering at the top or you will find it around the shutter button within the finder in One UI. In Oreo devices, you will see similar settings. Here all you have to do is choose the best filter you love and simply apply the filter.

Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy and  Video Preview before Recording (Oreo):

In Samsung camera, you can shoot both videos and still photos on Oreo. So, it has a general tendency to zoom in whenever you want. That’s why it has a tendency to start off shakily, so you have to quickly reorient the video to mainly focus on the subject. In one UI has solved this problem by simply separating the video recording into own camera mode.

If you are a standard user of galaxy and running Oreo then you have the ability to preview your video right before you record it just to ensure you have properly recorded the video. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

Maximizing Compatibility ( One & Oreo UI):

In general, videos are often made for sharing, so you have to ensure that they will be able to play on all the devices you share such as tablets, computers, and phones. To simply do this, you have to go to the Samsung camera settings and then select “Video Size” for the rear camera.

After that make sure that you turn off “High-efficiency video” for better device compatibility. While doing this your videos will take up more space as they are compatible with other devices. This is one of the best Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy.

These are some of the cool Tips for Recording better videos on your Samsung Galaxy. Hope you all have loved this post. If you have any sort of queries then do comment us below.

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How to Add Interactive AR Characters to videos with Google Camera

How to Add Interactive AR Characters to videos with Google Camera

Have you ever seen the beautiful AR characters in social media videos that your friends post? Curious to include those type of AR characters in your videos then you have to check out this cool guide on how to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google Camera.

This is a special feature in Google Camera. Here Google has expanded its AR core support to the numerous Android Flagship killers. Also, you can get this feature in Galaxy S10 as well. If you are eager to check out this feature then you can get access to this impressive feature in cool new apps.

Including AR characters in the video is one of the AR core’s most sought feature it is normally an exclusive feature for Google Pixel devices but with some sideloading techniques, you do this with Google Camera App. You can even try it on almost any ARCORe Device.

Previously it’s not official, but right now it’s officially available in the Google Playground. Google’s Latest AR Stickers can make anybody amaze because of its impress AR Characters. The developer Arnova8G2 has really done a special work and kept his hard work behind developing the XDA so this process has been as simple as installing a few apps. that’s it.

As you are eager to check out how to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google camera do check the process in this special feature. All you have to do is follow below process then you will start recording interactive videos by using some cool AR characters like pets, Marvel Avengers and more.

How to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google Camera:

Firstly if you want to check out how to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google camera? then you have to follow the below process.

Step 1: Firstly Install ARCore:

To simply get started, you have to download ARCore app. In case if you have to the app means you can use it the right way or else download it directly from the Google Play store. Install the app and open them on your mobile.


Step 2: Install Goole Playground:

After installing ARCore all you have to do is install the Google Playground app. This app is useful to run ARcore perfectly. This google playground always serves as the framework for the AR stickers. Google playground app is around 467MB so you have to wait for a couple of minutes or you have to download with your wifi.

Download Link:  Google playground.

Right after downloading the app you have to install it by tapping on the notification alert of your mobile or click on alert which shows download completed. After that, follow the instructions and prompts you to see on the screen and install the app.

Alternatively, you can quickly install the app later time. Open the APK from your downloads and then click on the APK file to install.

Step 3:  Install Google Camera:

After installing the above apps you have to install Google Camera. As you have already had ARCore platform and Google Playground on your device now you have to install the portable google camera app. You have to install this app to use the playful and best interactive playground stickers.

In case if you are familiar with sideloading, then you can simply head to the XDA’s Google Camera Port and its hub. You can even install the APK file which corresponds and connects with your device. If you want more help then you have to check out the guides on Google Camera.

Once you complete the process don’t open your app right away because google playground might be failed to register. In some cases, it will not show up as well. So, its always best to follow the perfect process.

First, ensure everything works as it should. Then you can open your App and Enjoy using Attractive AR characters.

Open Google Camera:

Soon when you have installed all the required updates on you have to free out and you have to try out some new AR stickers. Open Google camera scroll to the bottom of the screen and then select ” Google Playground” from the list of the different options which appears in the Google Camera.

How to Add Interactive AR Characters to videos with Google Camera

Select the best-animated stickers you love and paste them onto your photo or video. In this app, you will find different characters and you will find different stickers. You can even open “Recent” “Playmoji” “stickers” and more. Most of the stickers come in with all shapes & sizes. Along with them, you will find popular stickers from Star Wars,  Avengers, pets, and other cute AR Characters.

If you are eager to find more stickers on your screen then you can install extra sticker packs like New “Avengers ENDGame Characters” along with that you can install more stickers packs as there are a hell lot of stickers packs around you.

How to Add Interactive AR Characters to Videos More:

You can quickly add as many AR Characters you want on your screen. All the AR characters will interact with each other in turn and even also pinch them to zoom or you can resize those characters as well. All you have to do is select and drag them to the perfect location you love to see them.

If you are satisfied with your stickers placement and its animation means simply start recording video just by tapping and holding on the camera shutter key as long as you want to record the video. You can simply stop it at any time. If you follow this process you can simply integrate those AR stickers in your video.

In case if you want to remove your stickers means just slap them to remove with easily. Generally, there are two ways to remove them one erases them and the other one is removing them by clicking on trash button or you can dragging them to the trash button at the upper right-hand corner. This is all about How to add interactive AR characters to videos with Google Camera.

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Android Q Scoped Storage: Best Practices and Updates

Android Q Scoped Storage: Best Practices and Updates

An important part in Android, is Application Sandboxing. This basically helps in isolating apps from one and another. Working on that same principle and adding a little more, Android has come up with Scoped Storage. This new part of Android will feature in Android Q.  Based on user’s feedback during the first beta of Android Q, Android has taken cue and developed Android Q Scoped Storage. Here’s a breakdown of all that Android has done when it comes to Android Q Scoped Storage.

Impact of Android Q Scoped Storage on Apps and Their Usage:

While many apps remain unaffected as they are already following best practice, there will be some that may be impacted. Android Q beta testers noted that there will be some apps that will need some changes and to fully assess the impact they would need more time. So taking note of the additional time that beta testers require, Android decided to make some changes.

Android 9 Pie users and lower will see no difference to how storage functions in Android. When you update your existing apps you will be able to use a new manifest attribute that will enable new behavior on your apps. Details of these changes will be available with the third beta update.Scoped Storage will be a major part of Android Q and developers are urged to make changes to their apps well in advance.

What Happened Before Android Q Scoped Storage:

At present any apps read and write files to external storage. Because of this many apps store numerous files onto a phone’s external storage which leads to privacy and security concerns. To fix all this Android Q Scoped storage was released.

With Android Q Scoped Storage, Google planned on having it such that apps now, will only have access to their own data folder in external storage. In cases when the app needed to access other files such as those in gallery or music they would have to request new permissions which will be specific to those individual cases. For those apps that require to have large access to files such as file mangers, they have to shift over from Java APIs to Storage Access Framework.

Best Practices and Updates

As mentioned earlier developers wanted more time to fully assess the impact. Android Q scoped storage affects all apps on the newest Android. This means that all apps have to be compatible with the new change otherwise they won’t make it onto the new Android platform.

A relief to developers came when Google announced a slight change in their plans. Now developers who target Android Pie with their apps don’t need to focus on scoped storage. To make things simpler all apps that come to the app store after 1st August 2020 have to target Android Q and this means that they have to keep in mind the new Scoped storage requirement. If developers want to see their existing apps on Android Q they have a deadline of November 1st 2020 to update them with scoped storage.

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