How to Get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now

How to Get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now

Android Pie Beta has been the talk of the town since its launch. The new Android version was launched in August for Google pixels devices and later it is has been rolled out for the number of other devices.

Although it has been rolled out for the number of devices, it hasn’t yet rolled out officially in Samsung devices. So, people who are using Samsung Galaxy devices are often checking the Oreo updates timeline to upgrade to Android Pie Beta.

But it isn’t happening in Samsung Galaxy devices. When you have a glance at the oreo update timeline, you can see the message that ” Android Pie will officially touch down on November. But still, there is no confirmation of the date and other details.

It was making Samsung users frustrated because the Android Pie Beta finally version is going to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2019, but still, they haven’t got the August Released Android update on their devices.

Step By Step Guide to Android Pie Beta  Update

If you are the one who is striving to get your hands on Android Pie Beta updates for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 +, then don’t worry you can quickly know how to get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ in this article.

This beta version is yet being released in the first quarter, but the leaked version has already hit the internet and opens the floodgates for developers and other users to test the newer version.

Galaxy S9+Android Pie Beta

Although this is a leaked version, it is reasonably stable “ Android Pie Beta update”.  As this isn’t officially released Android Version, you have to be careful. This version of Android P is not a final version of Android 9.0, so it might have some bugs or other issues.

So, you have to make up your mind while trying this on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ devices. Along with that, there is a high risk of data loss during the installation process. So, if you are tester or developer who wants to try this on your latest Samsung Galaxy S9 0r S9+ device, then you can try this with extreme caution.

So, let’s get into the topic ” How to get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now”.

Now to go through with this process “how to get Android pie beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ you have some requirements.


I’m once again reminding you that it’s essential to note that this is a leaked update, so you don’t need to flash it into your device from an External source.

Here are the requirements you need to go through with this process:


  • Unlocked US Galaxy S9 (G960U or G960U1)or S9+ (G960U or G960U1) Versions,
  • Need ADB & Fast boot Installed on the device.
  • Windows Desktop with Samsung drivers installed.
  • One Samsung USB-C Data Cable.

First Step: Download Android Pie Beta Firmware File for your respective device:

The first thing you need to install Android pie on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ devices is the firmware file of Android Pie. This firmware file will be used to flashing with Odin.

Now, Download the leaked Android Pie beta version for your respective model from links below and save them your computer. This file is relatively larger than standard packed versions, so you have to wait for some time till it finishes downloading.

Second Step: Carefully Check Android Pie Beta Firmware:

After the first step, next, you have to check the current version of your S9 or S9+ device. So, to verify that you have to open the settings apps and follow the below process.


  • Go to the settings app.
  • Tap on About phone option.
  • Then select ” Software Information.”
  • After that check out ” Baseband Version” on the page.
  • If you see baseband version ends in “AR16” then directly you can skip this process and go to step 6.

If not just follow the below steps to reach your goal manually.

Download the Latest Oreo Update:

As you do not have the “AR16” version, you have to start from scratch. Just by flashing the latest Android Oreo version by merely using Odin on your computer. If you want to download latest Oreo update, then download the zip file from below links and then extract those files on your computer and then access them it’s that easy.

Third Step:  Enter Download Mode in Galaxy S9 & S9+ and Connect to PC:


After downloading the files extract those files from the zip file and save in your PC. Then pick your galaxy device and boot your device into the Download Mode. Also, don’t forget to install ODIN on your PC.


  • To go for Download Mode firstly power off your phone.
  • Then press and hold both the volume down button and the Bixby.
  • After that press and hold the power button.
  • Now release all the three held buttons once it enters into the download mode. (Screen displays blue screen)
  • Finally, press volume up button to enter into the full download mode.
  • Connect your download mode mobile to your computer by using a USB data cable.

Fourth Step: Prepare your files in ODIN:

Once you have connected your Download mode Android phone to the PC, you will establish a connection between S9 or S9+ and your PC. Now follow below process to prepare files to get ready for installation.

 Odin Android Pie Beta


  • Firstly, go to the “.Exe file” of the ODIN.
  • Right click on the ODIN and choose ” Run as Administrator”.
  • If you have set a password for your windows means you have to enter the login credentials only when it prompted to do.
  • After that, you’ll see “Added” with the ” LOG” box.
  • Along with that, you can see the light blue bar on the top left promoting that ODIN is connected to the Device.
  • Now, if you don’t see that then close ODIN and unplug the Galaxy device from the computer.
  • Then restart from re-entering download mode and reconnect to your Computer.
  • If the connection is successfully established between Odin and your Device means you are good to go.
  • Be careful and make sure that the program is perfectly connected or else you can potentially lose your information.
  • To make sure click on the “Option” tab on the Odin box at the lower left-hand side of the program.
  • Now, make sure that “Re-Partition” option is not checked on.
  • If you checked it, please uncheck that option this will help you.

Fifth Step: Flash the downloaded Oreo update on your S9 0r S9+ Device:

Once you set Odin correctly, you have to flash the Orea update on your S9 or S9+ device. You have to flash Orea then only you can update the Android Beta version. So, you have to flash the Orea update on S9 or S9+ device carefully.

 Android Pie Beta Odin

Follow the process:

  • Firstly, Click on the “BL,” “AP,” “CP” and “CPC” boxes one by one and then you have to select the corresponding files which are having matching letters on the beginning of their file names.
  • Make sure you leave the ” USER DATA” field, Blank.
  • Now it may take some time when you load the file starting in ” AP” as the file is more prominent.
  • Sometimes you can also see the unresponsive page for a couple of minutes, but don’t close it.
  • It is normal when the big files are processing in ODIN.
  • So, just sit back and let the process complete.

Android Pie Beta odin

In the process you can see CSC file it is the same file you have downloaded for this process. Although most of the people say that misconfiguration of using CSC file will wipe out data, but it doesn’t do any harm. Even though it is best to be careful so cross check twice while selecting CSC file. After the process is completed, you are ready to flash your S9 or S9+.

  • Just hit ” start” button to run the process.

Note: If you got stuck in between the “process” or flashing is unsuccessful means you have to again start from the Step 3. If you again see this problem arises means I recommend to change the data cable and try again with the best possible data cable to fix the issue.

In general, the flashing process will take at least 5 minutes to complete so sit back and relax, but don’t tweak any settings or do anything crazy while the process is going on. Once the process is completed, you can see “Pass” in Green color on the left of the program screen.

Sixth Step: Enter into the Recovery Mode:

As you have successfully installed the Orea update now, you have to update that to the Android Pie. Now to do this, you have to first enter into the Recovery mode in your Galaxy device.


  • Firstly, switch off your Android device.
  • Once it is Switched off then press and hold the “Bixby” and “Volume up,” buttons then press and hold the “power button.”
  • Leave the power button when phone boots up.
  • After that leave the remaining buttons once you see the blue screen.
  • Now the blue screen will automatically transfer to the recovery screen after the phone fails to detect any command.

When the phone entered into the recovery mode then advance to the next step. “ Opening the ADB”.

Seventh Step: Open ADB ( Android Debug Bridge):

After completing the above process, you have to finally run the ADB command on the Android Pie Update on your S9 or S9+  device. You should be opening a command prompt in the tool folder inside the ADB installation Directory. Apart from that, you’ll also have to select ” Apply update from ADB” in your recovery screen on your S9 or S9+ device.

If in case you have done a default installation on SDK tools from Google means you have to head to the

C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder.

Or else go to the folder where you have installed ADB and open the tools folder within the page.

Once you are inside the folder press and hold on the shift button on your PC keyboard then right click on the window and choose “Open Command Widow,” or you can input the “CMD” within the folder’s address bar.

There is another option for this that is if you have enabled ADB to run on any folders in your PC then you can open command on the update file’s folder easily.

Now enter the below command in the terminal and just hit enter. Click on the Next Step once you are done.

adb start-server.

Eight Step: Finally, Update to Android Pie Beta:

Now, you have done all the hard work to come here. Finally with ADB and running the command input “Adb sideload” followed by a space.

Then the location of the update ZIP file.

Ex: IF download file is named as in your PC  then you have to input the command same as follows.

adb sideload C:\Users\juanm\Downloads\

At this time if you opened a command prompt within the update file’s folder means you have to type in command along with the name of the .zip file.

adb sideload

Always be careful and make sure you type all commands accurately and then hit Enter. That’s it.

It will now be updated Orea to the Android pie Beta Version Via ADB, although it takes a couple of minutes this process will be completed.

Its status will be displayed in percentage with the command prompt. It will work correctly until you do anything wrong. After the process is completed your device will automatically reboot, and then you can enjoy the Android Pie Beta Update.

By this process, you can successfully update galaxy S9 or S9+ to Android pie beta. I hope you all like this topic “How to get Android Pie Beta on Galaxy S9 or S9+ Right Now”. Although this Android Pie Beta is not official but it’s worth a try. Try and have fun with Android Pie Beta.

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10 Vital SEO Browser Extensions Every SEO should be using?

10 Vital SEO Browser Extensions Every SEO should be using?

It’s always hard to manage SEO tasks when you aren’t using any useful tools to measure your SEO efforts. As a blogger and digital marketer, I know how hard it is to perform SEO task on a daily basis. Without a proper help from SEO Browser Extensions & tools, you really can’t manage to do to that hefty tasks of SEO.

If you are the one, “who is struggling to do your SEO daily routine” without proper SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins?

Then don’t worry, here in this post about I got your covered. I have listed out some best SEO Browser Extensions every SEO & digital marketer should use to make their work easier. Most seo professionals to improve their sites they always use the extensions that are covered in this list.

So, let’s get into the post of 10 vital SEO Browser Extensions.

  1. 1. Chrome Developer Tools, a Must SEO browser Extensions:

Chrome Developer Tools, SEO browser Extensions

Chrome developer tools can literally do anything you need to do on a web page. No matter what change you need everything can be done through the chrome developer tools. Although I really can’t share all the features about the chrome developer tools but I will give some brief on the chrome developer tools.

More about this Tool

The Chrome team develops this tool, and it is accessed via the Chrome menu.

Google Chrome Menu — More tools — then developer tools. With this developer tool, you can find the page code, and you can determine all its features and size, functionalities as well. The best feature of this browser extension is you can find the code, and you can simply determine the size, color, and shape of the element. You can even troubleshoot them from this excellent tool.

The chrome developer tool allows you to just hover over the elements you like on a web page and it will display its code. So, it will be helpful for all the coders to know about the code of any element on the web page.

Apart from that, you can adjust the color padding, size of the element and more in developer tools. If you like to make changes to the site means you can even change the code and check live changes on the browser as well. This can be, comfortably done in all the desktop sites and even in popular mobile devices, you can find these extensions. What I have explained isn’t only the functionality in this tool it is also having more features such as various security, speed, troubleshooting options, etc.

So with all these benefits and features it provides, it has become the go-to SEO browser extension for all the expert coders, SEOs and Digital marketers. With this particular tool, SEO’s and digital marketers are quickly knowing about the competitors and also finding out all the solutions for their questions to solve the ranking mystery.

If you are an enthusiastic SEO expert who wants to improve, then you should be using this tool. Even popular bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian dean & others use this Extensions.

  1. 2. Page speed Insights Extensions:

Page speed Insights Extensions

As an SEO expert, I often check our client’s sites page speed almost every day when I start their work because page speed is a crucial element in SEO. I think most of you might know about this because a second delay in the site speed will cost some severe damage to the sites profit.

In fact, Strange loop network has stated that a second delay costs conversions by 7 %, Page views by 16% and customer stratification by 23%. Brain dean has also mentioned about the site speed factor in his popular post 200 ranking signals in search ranking algorithm.

So, I often monitor the sites speed and server response time of my clients business. It is even more useful in getting mobile traffic, so I usually check speed with my favorite & official Google tool “page speed insights.”

This is a great tool to get the website’s usability stats and speed insights of the website. With these stats, we can quickly start the optimization from of the site. If you are striving to be SEO analyst or digital marketer, then you should use this Page speed Insights SEO browser Extensions.

  1. 3. SEO Quake, Must SEO browser Extensions to Check Metric:

SEO Quake, Must SEO browser Extensions

Being a blogger & SEO expert, I just love to use this useful SEO browser extension. SEO Quake is a powerful tool which is helpful to provide SEO metrics of the Specific page, along with lots of other options.

It is a best and useful SEO plugin among the other SEO plugins and SEO browser Extensions. Quake always gives you an array of data that you need to analyze the page. This tool will pull out all the backlinks data, index information, cache data and more effectively.

SEO quake also analyzes keyword density and other factors just with a couple of clicks. You can simply get tons of data such as keywords, heading tags, Schema data and more. It shows better results than the normal tools, and it does give you accurate information that is needed to outrank the competition.

  1. 4. Keywords Everywhere:

SEO Browser Extensions Keywords EverywhereKeywords Everywhere is another special SEO browser extension one should use to minimize their keyword stress. This an incredible tool which shows you the google search volume of the keyword along with that cost per click.

This tool also shows you the keyword suggestions and its search volumes besides the competition metrics as well. Keywords everywhere saves you a lot of time on keyword research and get you best keywords which act better in search engines.

With this awesome tool you can quickly check out the cost per click of any given keyword, and you need not spend a lot of searching the best keywords of other websites. Here in this useful plugin, you can copy data from different sites, and you can save your report in PDF or Excel report.

  1. 5. SEO Peek:

SEO Peek SEO Browser Extensions

For every SEO professional On page, SEO is an essential factor, and you all might know that. Right? Now, if you want to check the on-page seo factors of multiple websites on a regular basis means you I’ll have to pour a lot of sweat and time measuring the metrics. If you don’t want to do that means use SEO peek.

This is an On page seo checker which checks all the DOM of pages. So, after installing SEO peek you really don’t have to waste time worrying about the HTML source codes and all. This particular tool will fetch and display all the data of the page such as page title, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, heading tags and more.

So, if you are having an issue with on-page optimization then take advantage of SEO peek. Along with this SEO browser extensions, you can also use other plugins like The similar web extension or moz bar.

  1. 6. Similar Web Analyzer:

Similar Web Analyzer SEO Browser Extensions E

In SEO fetching all the traffic data and user engagement data of the websites is always a painful & daunting process. Now, if you want to avoid that process means you can make use of similar web analyzer.

It is an excellent tool which gives you all the necessary SEO information on the page. You can even deep crawl the website and have a look at the insights of traffic, bounce rate, site time, etc.

This awesome tool helps you to analyze different sites through its analyzer. It provides lots of information about sites such as client data, user engagement data, analytics data, etc.

In just a matter of seconds, you can find your competitor information and find out the target audience stats and locations as well. As you are striving to be part of smart SEO & digital marketers, then you should be using these types of tools to do your work faster with your intelligence.

  1. 7. Tag Assistant SEO browser Extensions for Tag Managment:

In SEO bloggers & SEO experts always use tag manager to identify issues with analytics and the other tracking codes like Ad-words, Google Search Console, Ad-sense, etc.

The Google tag assistant extension tool is handy for all the SEOs who use tag manager. It often helps bloggers to with analytics and re-marketing issues. This tool is beneficial in recording the session times and use to check the tags.

This useful tool will notify you to make proper corrections for your tags and so on. That’s why this is a valuable  SEO browser Extension for digital marketers to fix all the errors.

  1. 8. Best SEO browser Extensions, Redirect path:

Redirect path SEO Browser Extensions

Redirect path is another best SEO browser extensions you should be using to reduce your work pressure. This isn’t just a broken link checker it is more than that. This will uncover 500 and 301 HTTP status codes, java script redirects and more.

If you are looking for the best option to detect technical issues for SEO, then Redirect path is the best plugin which can help you to fix all the redirect issues.

  1. 9. Hunter tool:

Hunter tool SEO Browser Extensions

If you are looking to spread your brand name and strengthen the brand’s presence, then you can take advantage of Hunter.

This tool helps you to find out all the website email ids. Generally, email id’s are vital for every SEO to reach out other bloggers to write a guest post, make an offer or something or the other you need their email address.

In most of the cases, you can get email ids of some bloggers and site owners by their contact page of about page. But, it is always a daunting task to find out influential bloggers email ids. In that case, you can make use of the Hunter tool to find out all the email address just with two clicks. You can even integrate this Seo browser extensions with the Linked In so that you can get perfect details of the person whom you are searching for on Hunter.

  1. 10. User Agent Switcher:

User Agent Switcher SEO Browser Extensions

User Agent Switcher is another helpful tool, which helps you when you are developing new sites. This plugin is an easy plugin that switches the user agent info and allows you to view a site as a different bot.

You can even troubleshoot the crawl issues of the site or uncover how Googlebot is viewing your site. Along with that, you can also determine how a site will load on different browsers and the Operating systems as well.

These are the ten vital SEO browser extensions every SEO should have to make their work far more easier. If you are a smart SEO professional, who wants to do his job quickly means you have to look at these above 10 SEO browser Extensions or the plugins for google chrome.


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Tiny Palm Smartphone Baffles Gadget Fans

Tiny Palm Smartphone Baffles Gadget Fans

Palm: A Minimalist Phone

Palm is a minimalist phone which is tiny and comes with the word Palm printed on the back. This new phone is introduced by a start up in San Francisco and they have obtained the rights of the name, ‘Palm’ from TCL last year.

The tiny phone will come out in November and is supposed to be an add-on to a current line. If you have a Verizon plan, then the Palm can be an add-on, whereby your phone number can be shared. It runs the Android 8.1 version and all the apps from the Google Play Store.

About Palm

The tiny phone is basically a tiny phone at just 50 X 97 mm. You can say it is as big as a credit card but thicker at 7.4mm. It weighs 62.5 grams.

With the Palm you can do all the things your big phone can do. The main reason for introducing the Palm is to get you away from being totally obsessed with your phone. The cases for it have been designed by Steph Curry and it comes with a strap for your forearm so that you can use it even when you are working out.

It was designed mainly to make the phone feel comfortable in your hand.

It comes with Gorilla Glass 3 in the front and back and is water and dust resistant.

The only button on it which is the power button offers multiple functions. By long-pressing the power button, you can launch Google Assistant.

The 800mAh battery provides sufficient power for it.

Since the Palm is so small, it comes only with a single USB-C port. There is no scope for a headphone jack or wireless charging.

It has a 3.3-inch, 445-ppi LCD display. The display is not big enough to do much work on it but suitable to check information and type on it.

The Palm comes with an 8-megapixel selfie camera and a rear 12-megapixel camera. The photos you get are not really great but passable.

It comes with the Snapdragon 435 processor paired to 3GB RAM and 32GB storage.

There is a virtual button below. If you tap it once, you go back, twice you go home and on long-press, to the multi-tasking screen.For volume control, swipe down the quick settings panel.

It has a hexagonal grid of apps that can be vertically scrolled. By long-pressing any of the icons, a pop-up of the shortcuts for that app appears.

The  phone will go on sale next month for $350.

Is the Palm really worth it?

The Palm phone is not really worth it if it was not for its branding.

The new tiny Smartphone shares your number so that you spend less time on your primary smartphone and you need to pay $10 extra per month to use Verizon’s Number Share service for it to work.

There are better ways to get rid of your smartphone addictions.

You can even use a smartwatch for your workouts instead of taking your smartphone.

Instead of using a 3.3-inch screen with an unfamiliar user interface, it is better to use a real smartphone.

There does not seem to be any special feature the Palm has to offer.

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Project Strobe to Protect Your Data, improve Third-Party API

Project Strobe to Protect Your Data, improve Third-Party API

Project Strobe: Google’s Attempt at keeping your Data Private

Developer’s and various APIs are used on top of or in addition to Google’s own Google+ platform to make a user’s life easier and to make the overall Google platform more effective. But, what happens when those very apps or APIs make life hell or in other words use your personal data that you explicitly told them not to use? That’s when problems start not only for you but mainly for Google. Project Strobe is Google’s initiative at reviewing its Google+ platform to see if there are apps or APIs that have access to a user’s details which are not marked as “public”.

Project strobe looks at various controls implemented by Google on its Google+ platform, areas where customers were reluctant to interact with because of concerns over data privacy issues and areas where developers seem to have almost too much access to personal data.

Results of Project Strobe:

Google+ to be Shut down for consumers:

Users on any platform want their data to be secure. Period.

Their interaction with a particular website or app is all dependant on that one premise. Through project strobe, Google has found out that consumers do not interact much with Google+ and any of its associated apps.

While Google has put in a lot of effort with Google+ the interaction or consumer usage has been less than worth it and for this reason the tech giant has decided to call it a day with its Google+ for consumers.

Project Strobe Discovered a Bug:

Talking about personal data, Project strobe found a bug in Google+ which meant that data fields concerning age, occupation and gender, besides others, were made public even when this information was marked as- not- to- share- with- public.

While Google has kept this issue under wraps, until now, they did patch the bug up back in March of this year. While project strobe did not find evidence of personal details being misused, nearly 500,000 user’s accounts were affected and Google will have to also give an account to congress over this.

Project Strobe has resulted in more access permissions:

After the review with project strobe, Google has decided that apps will have to ask for express permissions to access various fields. It will now not be a blanket permission, but you can decide how many fields or data you would like to give access to. You can give access for one thing and not the other now, if you want to.

Access will be granted for only a limited number of functions after Project Strobe:

Through the review process of  Strobe, Google has identified only those functions that enhance productivity will be given access to data and that to with the user’s explicit permission. Google feels that by limiting functions that requires personal data, users will feel more secure when it comes to their data and using Google+.

Google plans on rolling out all these changes in the coming months after making a thorough review from their project strobe initiative.

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Empowering a New Era of Personal Productivity with New Surface Device

Empowering a New Era of Personal Productivity with New Surface Device

Unlock Your Productivity with Microsoft’s New Surface Devices

In today’s world there’s a constant need to be “always on” or “always productive”. This means that our work and family lives are blurred. We are told to do work when we are with family and have family issues when we are at work. So according to Microsoft to get the most out of us and balance work and family life better they are introducing new surface device.

These new surface devices are being introduced to not only bring out the best in an individual but to also bridge the gap between phone and PC and Android and iOS.

The First new Surface Device- Surface Pro 6:

Surface Pro has just gotten a lot faster with the Surface Pro 2. This  Surface device has Intel 8th generation Quad processor and comes in a swanky black option.

What’s more is that this  surface device offers the best in mobility, power and performance making it a must have in today’s hectic lifestyle. You get 13.5 hours of productivity or entertainment or both with a full charge on this new surface device.

To enable better productivity you can easily switch from laptop mode to tablet mode or studio mode too. This  surface device will be available at $899.

Surface Laptop 2:

This  Microsoft surface device fits easily into your bag offering an elegant and chic look to your laptop experience. It’s lightweight and fast, making for a good office travel buddy.

This cool new surface device is powered by an Intel 8th Gen Quad Core processor and has 14.5 hours of juice in it before it needs a full charge. The edge to edge touchscreen display guarantees a more immersive experience than ever before. This laptop starts at $999.

Surface Studio 2:

Be more creative with this  new surface device. It has 50% more graphics performance and is poised to be the fastest Surface device ever made, with never- before- seen performance and power. This  new surface device has 28” Brilliant Pixel Display which is great for displaying your creative side.

It has a built in USB- C slot and Xbox Wireless built in for world class gaming performance. This new surface device comes with a touch pen with 4096 touch sensitivities. This  surface device starts at $3,499.

Surface Headphones:

Enhance your listening experience with these surface headphones. Offering excellent craftsmanship, a rich listening experience and call functionality, these headphones will be on your must- buy list before you finish reading the review.

This  new surface device comes with noise cancellation and a hand’s- free mode to pause and play songs. In the US there is also Cortana that reads you your mail and such, ensuring the very best for you. This new surface device will cost you around $349.

Surface Access:

To make your purchase of a new Surface devices easier, Microsoft brings you Surface Access. With easy monthly instalments which starts at just $24.99 a month. This Surface Access tool grants you access to Office 365 too.

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