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Is WhatsApp Safe?

Is WhatsApp Safe?
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Is WhatsApp safe to send pictures? WhatsApp is safe on all chats. All credits should go to end-to-end encryption, making the messaging app protected. Remember that the app’s data is only secure if you encrypt your backup. However, it is possible with only some taps.

Along with being a famous messaging app, it is also a Meta-owned messaging platform. More than one billion people use the app. People send more than 65 billion messages daily. Therefore, we can experience security concerns, malware threats, and spam. This article has let you know all the standard security issues and scams.

It is the most active reputed mobile app. Unfortunately, this fame can make software vulnerable. Therefore, you may need to consider whether the app is secure or risky to use. Remember that all messaging systems have some vulnerabilities. Still, we think that the app is a secure messaging platform. The default end-to-end encryption feature makes it possible.

What is WhatsApp?

It is called WhatsApp Messenger also. This one is a free voice-over-IP service. In 2009, the app was launched and used as a free messaging service for international communication. Later, Facebook acquired it in 2014 and became famous amongst businesses.

Is WhatsApp safe?

Kristen Bolig, CEO at SecurityNerd, says that all social media platforms provide risks. Besides, hackers can attack any platform. However, the app is strongly encrypted end-to-end, unlike other messaging platforms.

Bolig says that messages from one person to another are encrypted. Therefore, the sender and recipient can decide on them only. So, hackers can’t decode it though they interpret a message.

It is impossible to decrypt the data. This one has more security than apps, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Keep Your WhatsApp Data Secure:

Is WhatsApp safe from hackers? In the app’s chat ecosystem, voice calls and chats are protected. Besides, it is possible to back up both Android and iPhone devices. So it is helpful if you want to restore your data to a new device.

However, the backup isn’t encrypted by default. Suppose someone has hacked your backup on iCloud or Google Drive. As a result, the data becomes vulnerable.

But you can encrypt it by applying a solution.

  • Your first task is to begin using the app.
  • Do you use an iPhone? If yes, click on Settings at the bottom right. But you should hit the three-dot menu at the top right if you use Android. Next, you should select Settings in the dropdown menu.
  • After that, you need to click on Chats.
  • Now, click on Chat Backup.
  • Finally, you should click on End-to-end Encrypted Backup and Turn On, respectively.

Five Scams, Threats, and Security Risks each user should know About:

Is WhatsApp safe to use in 2022? You can experience malware threats, security concerns, etc. All you should learn about the most fundamental scams and security problems.

  1. WhatsApp Web Malware:

Multiple cybercriminals are focusing on WhatsApp Web and making this target. You can open a website, scan a code, download a desktop app, and use the app on your PC.

Besides, you can get the app available in the App Store on iOS and Google Play Store on Android. While finding the app on these locations, users can identify which one is original.

Criminals, hackers, and scammers get benefits from it. Attackers use malicious software many times as WhatsApp desktop applications. Unfortunately, malware will be distributed to the PC if you download any of these. Sometimes, hackers can install spyware due to a vulnerability.

Sometimes, hackers attempt other approaches like making phishing websites used to handle personal information. A few sites ask you to enter your phone number to connect to the service.

If you want yourself secure, you should use apps and services only from official sources. Besides, the company provides a web client which you can use on any pc. However, you can access it only via the WhatsApp website. In addition, you can get other official apps for Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows devices. These help you to avoid scams.

  1. Unencrypted Backups:

Messages are end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, you and the recipient can decode them. The feature does not allow messages to be intercepted during transmission. But it never secures the messages after being decrypted on your device.

The company enables you to keep your media and chats backed up on Android and iOS. Remember that this feature lets you recover accidentally deleted messages. You should know that there exists a local backup also, along with a cloud-based backup. Keeping the backed-up files encrypted on iCloud or Google Drive is not mandatory.

If it has messages of the decrypted versions, it is vulnerable. Whether you don’t have any choice in a backup location, you should request the cloud providers to keep your data secure. No big hacks have affected iCloud or Google Drive to date. But it never means that it couldn’t happen. Attackers can use it to access your cloud storage accounts.

It can prevent government and law enforcement from accessing your data. However, the unencrypted backup is stored on a US-based cloud storage provider. So, it needs a warranty.

Although the company updated the service and added the feature, the setting is disabled by default. In this case, you should navigate to Settings, Chats, Chat Backup, and End-to-end Encrypted Backup, respectively. After that, you should choose Turn On to keep backups protected.

  1. Facebook Data Sharing:

Meta has been a significant topic of criticism in current years. Regulators try to decrease anti-competitive behavior by evaluating any takeover attempts. Is WhatsApp safe for sending private photos?

In 2014, Meta wished to add the company to its family. Unfortunately, during that time, the EU or European Union approved the deal only. However, later Meta gave assurance that the two companies keep their data separate.

  1. Hoaxes and Fake News:

People criticize social media platforms currently. It is because these allow fake news to spread on their platforms.

Two remarkable incidents occurred in India and Brazil. The company was implicated in the widespread violence in India in 2017 and 2018. Is WhatsApp safe for kids? Different messages with details of child abductions are spread across it. Therefore, these get shared across people’s networks. As a result, we can experience fake crimes.

This app was Brazil’s only source of fake news throughout the 2018 elections. Remember that this misinformation is very simple to spread. People in business in Brazil establish companies. These made illegal misinformation campaigns against people. They could do so because people used their phone numbers as their user names. That’s why they can easily target people by buying lists of phone numbers.

Both problems have been running since 2018. That year was terrible for Facebook, recently Meta. In addition, digital misinformation is another issue. But the company implemented some changes and put limits on forwarding. Therefore, users can forward to five groups only at a time.

Despite such things, people used the app to share misinformation during COVID-19 about the virus. When lockdowns started in April 2020 across the globe, people depended on the network for news.

Meta also implemented the limits to forward something to stop the spread of false details. A similar thing happened with authorities and health organizations worldwide.

  1. WhatsApp Status:

The status feature was something through which you could broadcast your past activity during that time. It can morph into the app’s Status. You can call it a clone of the Instagram Stories feature.

Instagram is a social media platform used by the public. However, if you want, it is possible to keep the profile private. Regarding WhatsApp, you will find this a more intimate service. We use it to communicate with friends and family. People in your contacts can see your Status.

Is WhatsApp private?

The end-to-end encryption feature indicates that our chats and file exchanges are private. Only the sender and the receiver can see it. Remember that our chats aren’t stored on the server except for one exception.

The company sends messages using WiFi. Therefore, sending messages depend on a network connection, not cellular service. But suppose a message wasn’t sent for any reason. So, it will be stored on the server.

The company enables us to customize privacy settings. For example, you can customize the visibility of your profile. As a result, other people can see whether you are active or not. Remember that Facebook owns the company. It can monitor your activities while using the app. After that, it shares the information with Facebook.

So, finally, you should say that it is not private.


Is WhatsApp safe and secure? Although there is simplicity, the company never says if the blocked contacts can see your Status. But now, they can’t see the Status regardless of the privacy settings.

Like Instagram stories, images and videos you added to the Status can disappear after twenty-four hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is WhatsApp safe for a phone?

The ‘end-to-end encryption feature secures calls and messages. It indicates that you and the other person can read it only.

Is WhatsApp private?

The end-to-end encryption feature keeps messages secured and is perfect for privacy.

Can WhatsApp see your photos?

View Once media can keep the messages secured only. Therefore, the company cannot see your personal chats.

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