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4 Avenues for Attracting Targeted Visitors

4 Avenues for Attracting Targeted Visitors

Please read the title again; I mentioned ‘ targeted visitors ’.  Most of the bloggers miss this word. The moment a blog is launched, even before some quality content is added, bloggers rush to promote their blogs without having any idea who their target is.

A blogger has to clearly conclude who is going to be their target visitors and readers are, immediately after having decided about their blog’s niche. Even if they put in thousand dollars and 100 hours of work in getting the word out, it won’t yield anything substantial if their money and effort are not targeted.

Let me share my views on the ways to employ targeted internet promotion.

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Blogging Tips

TwitIQ Blogging Tips: What Blog Topics Can Make You Rich and Famous?

TwitIQ Blogging Tips: What Blog Topics Can Make You Rich and Famous?

When blogging came into being, it captured the imagination of millions of people. They saw it as an opportunity to write anything that pleases them and publish it online with a click of the mouse. That’s the start of ‘personal blogs’.

When the search engines saw the amount of human traffic on blogs, they saw it an opportunity to garner advertisers and lure them to place advertisements on blogs, as a newspaper spared space to place ads. Well, the blog monetization began.

This is when; people started blogging to earn totally passive income. The rest is history.

There are many bloggers who just started a blog, wrote about other bloggers who are making good money by blogging. This paved way for that other money making bloggers to become famous.  They started attracting newbie bloggers’ attention and the online blogging tutorials were launched.

  • Do you now see the evolution of blogging methodically?
  • Do you recognize the topics on which if you start blogging that will make your name famous in the blogosphere?

Let us delve into the kinds of blog posts that will make you rich and famous.

The majority of the Internet users have now their own blog (s). However, only 70 of them seriously maintain their blog while the balance 30% blogs are just dormant.

Do not assume that some bloggers became a sensation within a very short period. It will not happen; blogging is hard work and unless you take it seriously, your blog will very quickly fall into that 30% category.

I have been blogging since 2005. I know that one can become famous in the blogosphere in a selected few topics but those topics won’t make you rich.

Similarly, some blog topics will silently make you money but you can still remain unknown to many other bloggers.

However, there are topics on which some are blogging for both money and fame.

Fame only blogging topics.

Personal blogs can get you recognition and fame provided your writing style attracts visitors in truck loads, like a drop of honey, attracts thousands of ants within minutes. If you write compulsively on popular national topics or on the socio-political scenario in your home town, you are likely to get attention.  I am of the opinion that fame by personal blogging is more localized. It won’t make you an internationally well-known blogger.

Money making blogging topics:

When I started earning money by blogging about websites, products, services, and brands from my semi-personal blog, I started another blog on which I introduced all the ways one can earn money with a blog. Naturally, this blog of mine became an instant success by way attracting more readers who also wanted to make money by blogging and this increased my ad revenue. Yes, I started earning more money but I was not a well-known name internationally because only money seeking people knew me.

The other topics that are big money earners on the Internet are:

  • Adult content
  • Authoritative content on health issues
  • knowledgeable blog content on finance matters especially, vehicle insurance, health insurance and how to improve your credit score so that you are eligible for loans and credit card applications
  • Useful ideas on retaining or enhancing your appearance with cosmetics, jewels, and dresses.
  • List blogging where you publish the ‘top 10’ list of anything
  • Review writing is a lucrative idea

Blogging topics for both money and fame;

Tutorials and guides on myriad topics including “how to” type of content is good for money and fame. In this type of blog, the authors can sell their own guides and tutorials for money. Those who are benefitted by buying them will spread the word and you start becoming a popular blogger.

Other topics in this niche:

  •         News and events based topics
  •         Celebrity interviews
  •         Latest electronic gadgets
  •         Inventions and discoveries

So, that’s about it bloggers! I might have forgotten to pinpoint a few more niches. If you think I should include any more, please let me know through comment form.


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The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

Amazon Alexa has gone way beyond the path traversed by the modern popular digital assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant but it hasn’t found much popularity or adoption like them. Reason is simple as it is only available on selected smart home devices offered by Amazon but everything is going to change with the launch of the Alexa phone or we could Alexa being present on the phone. It is worth noting that Amazon developers has trained Alexa to perform over 10,000 skills which literally allows it do almost anything from its app.

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Mobdro, the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro,  the New Kodi Streaming App Offers Free Access to Movies

Mobdro – The Streaming App – `New Kodi ‘

Mobdro, the streaming app has been addressed as the `new Kodi’ while legal problems tend to continue having uncertainly regarding the future of illicit third party add-ons. In fact the software is not at all new. Mobdro was around for many years but could have been well-known since the authorities aimed on closing down sites and repositories which seemed to promote the use of Kodi for illegally streaming copyrighted content.
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When and How to Take Screenshots on Your Phone

When and How to Take Screenshots on Your Phone

Screenshots once may have been a novelty feature on your phone, but the screenshot is now a vital operation that most people use daily. It is convenient, instant, and simple. It allows smartphone users to record, archive, and remember the most important things that come across their screen on a daily basis.

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is an image taken of your phone screen in real time. When you take a screenshot, an image file is created of whatever is on your screen at that moment and put into the photo folder. It is an easy way to instantly record what you’re seeing on your screen.

But why are screenshots so important and why do we need them? First of all, screenshots are very easy to take and share. Taking a screenshot is kind of like jotting down a quick note. Maybe you want to remember to research something later. Maybe you want to screenshot something that you saw on social media. There are many ways that smartphone users can take advantage of screenshots.

Share Viral Content With Friends

Often, we see things on social media and the internet that we want to immediately share with our closest friends. Whether it is a funny meme, an important piece of news, or an upcoming event, taking a screenshot is the easiest way to take note of and share content. Unfortunately, sending the link or tagging a friend on social media requires a few steps.

Taking and sending a screenshot is basically two steps. When it comes to sharing with your closest friends, especially those already in your Favorites list, sending the screenshot via text is the quickest way to do this. Most smartphones have basic, easy-to-use screenshot capabilities.

This is something that you should definitely research when shopping for a new phone. Check with your service provider and look for a phone like T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, which has several intuitive ways to take and share screenshots.

Save a Funny or Important Text Conversation

We’ve all been in memorable text conversations. Whether they are hysterical or heartbreaking, they often need to be shared. There are famous Instagram accounts based entirely on screenshots of text conversations. It is much easier to take a screenshot and have the image in your photo folder than it is to scroll through an old text conversation to find the important or funny part.

Many people also take screenshots of social media posts. But, you have to be careful! Snapchat will notify the creator whenever somebody takes a screenshot of a post. This also is something that you might want to consider when posting controversial stuff on any social media platform. Anybody can screenshot your posts and create a permanent record of it. So, even if you post something, regret it, and immediately take it down, it might already be too late.

How to Take Screenshots


Image via Flickr by Andri Koolme

There are many easy ways to take a screenshot with a smartphone. The most common method is to click the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time. This can be done on Apple and Android phones. You do not need to hold them down, just a quick click will do. This is the best method if both hands are on the phone.

You can also take a quick screenshot with the palm swipe method on your Android device. For this, you only need one hand, but you do need to turn on the feature in your settings. To do a palm swipe shot you just hold your hand (fingers extended and palm flat) next to the side of your phone and swipe up or down the entire side of the screen. This works best when your phone is laying on a flat surface.

The scroll grab screenshot is the best way to create images that are bigger than the screen. For instance, you could capture all the important info in a news article that cannot be seen at once on the screen. This is also a feature that you need to enable in your phone settings.

Once you know when and how to take screenshots on your phone it is easy to see why users are increasingly attracted to phones that have intuitive screenshot capabilities.

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