How To Control Your iPhone Using Your Eyes

How To Control Your iPhone Using Your Eyes

Do you want to try something new to control your iPhone? Then simply try controlling your iPhone using your eyes.

When I say this you most of you might not believe it. But its fact, you can control your iPhone using your eyes. It was announced during the function at WWDC earlier this year.  However, most of the people still don’t know about this yet. If you are one of them, then don’t worry you can do it by below steps.

In the conference, Apple has introduced the latest iteration of its ioS 12. Although they have just given the demo on stage but now Apple has glossed with the new eye-tracking feature that users ARKit 2. Usually, developers can now try and use the true depth camera on iPhone operating system to determine where your eyes are looking. This is available in iPhone X,  XS, and iPhone XS Max and XR as well.

“Hawkey Access” for IOS is a special feature.  So, take advantage of Apple’s Latest Eye Tracking feature and technology just by allowing both eye and face movements.

To use this feature, you have to use both eye and face movements simply to control your devices without hands.

This is one of the incredible features which helps you to control your iPhone with your eyes. However, this feature is really not yet geared towards people but it is useful for people who often users there hands to control anything. Now as you are new to this feature let me dive into the in-depth discussion of this topic and let you know about how this works.

How to control your iPhone using your eyes:

Here I am going to show you how to control your iPhone using your eyes with ease. So, to control your iphone follow below steps.

Quickly Download Hawkey Access:

Firstly to control your iPhone with eyes all you have to do is install the Hawkeye Access App from the Apple App Store. Thus hawkeye Access app only works on the devices which have true depth Camera including the iPhone X, XR, XS, and Xs Max.

So, just download this app through your App store in iPhone only to control your iPhone with your eyes. You can find a dedicated app for iPad pro as well.

Measure and calibrate your eyes:

After downloading the App from the apple app store. All you need to do is install it and open the Hawkeye Access. When you open the app, you will get a prompt screen that calibrates your eye movement. This process is used to ensure that your eyes and face sync with the phone.

calibrate your eyes

While doing the calibration all you need to do is ensure that your face is visible and also make sure that you have enough light to capture your eyes movements. Without proper lighting, your hawkeye app will not work correctly. So, its always best to test this feature only when you have good light.

In this calibrating process, you will be asked to stare at the various points of iPhone at multiple stages just for few seconds to test. Once you have completed that a simple check mark appears on the screen and asks you to move on to the next step. Then just head over to the other level.

Select a Selection Mode on this app:

After calibrating your app, you should move on to the next step that is nothing but the selection mode. Once you have completed calibrating you will be asked that choose a selection mode.

In that, you can select “Smile,” “Hold Gaze” and “Blink” to make it easier to the app. If you are unsatisfied with your selection module, then have a chance to change it later on just by single click. You can change your app settings and select the best selection mode you want to try out.

Until now, we have seen the process of installing the Hawkeye app. Now let’s see how to control your iPhone using your eye.

Control your iPhone with Hawkeye:

Usually, Hawkeye Access is a vital web browser which allows all iPhone users to easily access bookmarked website just through its homepage of the app. This also provides popular website and apps including twitter, youtube, facebook, Amazon, Google, and Wikipedia as well.

So, this makes even simpler to you just to control your iPhone using your eyes. Now, to manage your iphone using your eyes all you have to do is start by opening the hawkeye App.

control your iPhone using your eyes

  • After opening Hawkeye Access App move your eyes around.
  • Here if you move your eyes around it acts like a cursor.
  • So, each website appears in small sizeable blocks on this page makes it more comfortable to make a selection.
  • Now depending on the what type of module you select, you to have to follow that action.
  • For suppose if you choose blink then you have to blink or if you select a smile, you have to smile and so on to make the selection.
  • Usually out of these three options blink is always best for you to easily access your iPhone using your eyes.

I’ll mostly recommend using blink in the selection module.

Access Web with your eyes:

If you want to access the web with your eyes by using hawkeye access app means just go into the “web” section. Point your cursor to the top where you will write URL and just select it. Now you can use speech to text search feature without typing manually in the google search bar in Safari App.

How To Control Your iPhone Using Your Eyes (3)

If you want to move across the webpage means merely use your eyes to look either all the way down or up until a small circle with an arrow key appears on the screen.

Now, use selection mode and then the page will immediately scroll down or up. Along with these, you can also move forward or even backward by looking either left or right until you find a cursor with an arrow key. Meanwhile, if you want to return to the home means just look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen until you find home button then just select it with blinking your eyes.

That’s it. With these, you can simply control your iPhone using your eyes.

Easy Access Techiques:

If you want you can take advantage of the bookmarked sites. So, in that case, you don’t have to use speech to text. With this feature, you can access some apps quickly, but some apps might be very tricky to use.

This is how you can control your iPhone using your eyes. Although to use this feature it requires practice, but it is definitely worth to try and important for cell phone freaks. At the start, I always find this Hawkeye app as a tricky app, but as the time goes on, I got used to it. Now, I am freely accessing it with ease.

I hope I got your covered all the aspects of Hawkeye in this topic of how to control your iPhone using your eyes.

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7 Cool Ways to Bypass Secured Android Lock Screen

7 Cool Ways to Bypass Secured Android Lock Screen

Forgetting your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password is the biggest nightmare that one will ever face. Some might think that there is no way to retrieve your password back, and it’s time to send your Android phone to the service center.

If you’re the one, probably this article will help you like the DIY task of retrieving your password back as easy as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get into the  cool ways to bypass secured android lock screen.

Android Pattern Lock

Here is the 7 Great Tips to Bypass Secured Android Lock Screen

#1 Use Google’s ‘Find My Device’

The best way to bypass secured Android Lock Screen is through Google’s Find My Device. Most of you might not believe that you can bypass Android Lock Screen through Find my device. But the fact is you can do that but only if you have Android 7 or lower versions.

Find my device

If your phone currently runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat or lower, this trick will be the best bet to unlock your Android lock screen.

As long as you are logged into your Google account, you can use any device or computer to access the service, just visit this link to start the process of Unlocking your phone.

Step1:Just start the process by clicking the “Lock” button once Find My Device gets a fix on your Android phone.

If you find issue with finding your phone, click the refresh button next to phone’s name. If your phone is compatible, it will make a successful connection within 5 attempts.

Step2:After clicking, you will be asked to enter a new password that is the replacement for the pattern, PIN, or password that you forgot. Next, type the new password twice to confirm your choice, and then click the “Lock” button. That’s all done you are all set to unlock your Android lock screen using the new password that you have set here. Easy right!!

#2 Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

The other way to bypass secured Android Lock Screen is through the Find my mobile service in Samsung mobiles. As there are hell lot of people throughout the world using Samsung mobiles you can bypass secured Android Lock screen through Samsung find my mobile service.

Samsung find my mobile

If you are the Samsung mobile user, you are so lucky that you have the right service on the go to unlock your phone.

Unfortunately, without having a Samsung account you cannot use this service.

Step1: Once you have logged into your Samsung account, click the “Lock my screen” button in the bottom left-hand pane. Later, enter a new PIN in that and then click the “Lock” button at the bottom of the screen. Within a minute, your phone lock screen password should be changed to the PIN you entered, which you can use to unlock your device.

#3 Bypass Your Phone Using “Forgot Pattern” feature

You are having other awesome way to bypass your phone by using “Forgot Pattern” Option. I think most of you might think about this feature. Isn’t it?

This feature is by far one of the simplest among all the other steps that are mentioned in this article. In addition, this feature is available by default on almost all Android devices.

Generally, after a few failed attempts, a message will pop up saying, “Try again in 30 seconds”. Below the message, click on the option which says “Forgot Pattern”.

Then you need to give your Google account details. After choosing the same, enter the primary Gmail account and password you used to set up your Android device. Google will send an email with a new unlock pattern to the given Gmail account.

#4 Safe Mode to Bypass Third-Party Lock Screen

In this cool ways to bypass Secured Android Lock Screen Safe mode bypass is another option. If you are using a third-party lock screen application for your phone, you are on the safe side. Booting into safe mode is by far the easiest way to get the job done.

You can boot into safe mode by bringing up the power menu into the action from the lock screen itself, and then long pressing the “Power off” option. From here, choose “OK” whenever you asked if you’d like to boot into safe mode. This completes the process and your third party application will be temporarily disabled.  Reboot your phone to get out from the safe mode and you can successfully access your phone right away.

#5 Crash the lock screen User Interface

The other best way to bypass secured Android Lock screen is through the Crash the lock screen option. But, before getting in detail with this process, let’s talk about the 2 drawbacks with this process.

  1. This process involves crashing the lock screen UI to gain access to the rest of the phone’s interface that is not a proper method to bypass the lock screen.
  2. This method works only on devices running Android 5.0-5.11.

If you are okay and met the above two points, check the below process of bypassing the phone lock screen.

Step 1: To crash the lock screen UI, tap the “Emergency Call” option, and enter 10 asterisks through the dialer. Copy the same asterisks and paste them on the same dialer pad as long as you notice the paste option popping up is stopped.

Step 2: Return to the lock screen and tap on the camera shortcut icon. Drop down the notification bar and click the settings icon. This will prompt you to enter the password, you need to long press and select paste and keep on repeating which eventually will crash the lock screen.

#6 Use ADB To Delete Password File

ADB is another process to bypass secured Android Lock screen. Similar to the above method, this feature also has a drawback. But you feel that was not a drawback to your phone, this method definitely blows your mind because it’s as simple as just connecting your phone to your PC with one simple step required to set all the things right.


It only works only if the USB debugging is enabled on the phone from the past.


Connect your phone to your PC and the command prompt is then opened in the ADB installation directory. Simply, type the below command and click enter.

C:\Program files (x86) \Minimal ABD and Fastboot>abd shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Once you click enter just reboot your phone and you can access your device without any lock screen which is temporary. It is recommended to set a new password for your phone before any further reboot is done.

#7 Factory Reset

Finally, we have reached to the last way to bypass secured Android Lock Screen. Although it is the last option but its not the least option. It is as valuable as the other bypassing options.


So carefully have a glance at the bypassing Secured Android phone lock screen. Factory reset will do the trick for you, but you must be aware that this method will erase everything in your phone like apps, settings and other personal data on your device. Sad right? However, it all comes next when compared to unlocking your phone!

Follow the below steps to complete the process successfully and unlock your Android phone.

Step 1: Press the power button and volume down at the same time so that the Bootloader menu will open.

Factory Reset

Step 2: Go to the “Recovery Mode” and choose it by pressing the “Power” button.

Factory Reset

Steps 3: Hold down the power button and tap “Volume Up” once to enter “recovery” mode.

Factory Reset

Step 4: Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” by pressing the Power button.

Step 5: Select “Reboot System Now” once the process is done.

Surprise!! The data that was synced to your Google account previously will not be affected even after the Factory Reset process. You can re-sync the data to your phone again.

These are the best and cool ways to bypass secured Android Lock Screen. I hope you all got enough methods to bypass secured Android lock screen. Now, just try these and quickly resolve your issues with forgotten password with ease. So, what are you still waiting for head over to the top of the article and check which process you like most and try those on your respective mobiles to unlock your secured android lock screen else bypass secured Android Lock Screen.



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How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location in 2019

How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location in 2019

In this modern world, we all love to have our privacy. If we don’t have privacy means we will get frustrated? Isn’t it.

Privacy is a primary aspect these days and if you think somebody is watching you? Then you can stop those from tracking your location.

In general, whenever you try to install an app, you will see a list of permissions. People generally don’t bother reading and do accept all permissions. With these permissions, apps can request access to your contacts, send messages to them or even track your location as well. So you have to be careful while permitting those apps.

As you are concerned about your privacy, you should always be aware of this. Or else apps can keep track of where you are. Now, if you are wondering how to stop apps from tracking your location then follow this guide.

This will help you to stay away from all those fishy apps and protects your own privacy. Usually, apps collect these data and sell it to the advertisers just for the sake of money. If you want to stay away from them in both Android and iOS. Then don’t worry, I’m going cover about them in this post on “How to Stop apps from tracking your location.”

If you strive you know about how to stop apps from tracking your location means you should find out which apps have location access.

Find and List out all apps which have location Data Access:

Firstly, it’s always best to take not of apps which are having location data access. So, it’s still a good idea to review the app on your phone and find out those apps which presently have location data. In most of the cases, there are legitimate reasons for lots of apps to track your location any time. So, always be aware of it and try to deny access for most of the apps.

But for some apps like banking sector and other private apps, you need to use location, in that case, activate the location at the time of your need and remove that again.

How to stop apps from tracking your location in Android Devices in 2019:

As you are striving to protect your privacy, you can use the below steps to protect your privacy. In this post, you will learn about how to stop apps from tracking your location in Android Devices.

If you are using the android device and strive to turn off location tracking entirely on your phone means it is easy to do that. Although this process is easy but it will differ from phone to phone.

How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location Here I am going to explain as much process as I can in this post on how to stop apps from tracking your location in Android Devices.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus:

  • Head over to the settings
  • Click on Connections.
  • Then click on the location and click on “use location off.”

Google Pixel:

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Click on Security and location.
  • Then go to location and toggle ” Use Location Off.”

P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro:

  • Hover over to the setting.
  • Then click on security and privacy.
  • Go to the location services.
  • Then click on ” Off Access to my location.”

This option will help you to turn off the location tracking for all apps. No apps can even access location by switching off to these settings. Unfortunately, switching to this setting cant track your phone when you lost your phone. So, you have to be careful while choosing for this option.

If you strive to allow permission for few apps and restrict some apps means there is a process for that as well.

How to Restrict Specific Apps in Android:

To Restrict a specific app in android, you have to follow below steps. With these steps, you can only restrict apps in Android.

Samsung Galaxy Devices:

Go to settings — then head over to Apps —– Menu —- App permissions and then —- locations.

Google Pixel:

Head over to the settings — App and Notifications —- Advanced —- App permission — then head over to the location.

Mate 20 Pro:

Simply go to settings — App & Notification — Permissions —- Your location.

With these settings, you can simply restrict apps from accessing your location. This is how to stop apps from tracking your location in 2019.

Until now we’ve seen android device now you will see ” How to stop location tracking on an iPhone”.

How to stop location tracking on An iPhone:

When you strive to stop location tracking in an iPhone means its really easy. All you have to do is turn off location tracking in your iPhone. For that all you have to do is ” Head over to settings —- Privacy —- Location Services — then choose location service off completely option.”

How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location in iPhone

Before you are opting to change this setting, you should keep in mind about apps such as google maps and find my iPhone don’t work. So, just make sure you are confident enough to stop these apps from tracking your phone location or not.

This how to stop apps from tracking your location in 2019. Always make sure you do choose everything perfectly or else you might not able to find your phone when you lost the device. So, think twice and take the decision. It’s always best to give access to apps like Find my phone and Google Maps. But if you dont need them then you can off your location.

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Touring Silicon Valley’s Hottest Tech Industry Hangouts

Touring Silicon Valley’s Hottest Tech Industry Hangouts

Touring Silicon Valley’s Hangouts is something that every corporate office should do once in awhile. This offers you a great chance to network with the bigwigs and meet with the best in business. For college students it’d be a great chance to get inspired from the future leaders too.

True, one of the ways to meet the bigwigs is visiting the leading tech campuses, but, they can be very difficult to follow, and since, it’s their workplace they’re often not open to lengthier conversations.

All this adds up to make the campuses great places to visit, but, not great places to hangout with the techs at. How do we meet with the who’s who of the industry? We go where they are the most comfortable.

However, bay area traffic isn’t exactly your best friend and it can often get stressful managing large groups on tours around the town. When you’re working with large groups in industrial areas, the key is planning, and we’re here to help you with that.

Book your transport

Unless you’re traveling with a very small group, it’s very hard to get around with multiple cars in the onslaught of cars. You might want to go about chartering a private coach or tour bus if you’re going out with a large group. This way you can ensure maximum time with the people you’re traveling with and you don’t have to figure out every single place by yourself. Overall, travel becomes much more smoother and you can enjoy yourself that much more.

Also, it’s necessary to find out about the people traveling before you set off. Make sure to get a proper list about what they want to eat and what kind of problems they have. This way you can avoid injuries.

Check out the best tech places

The tour will be a success if you can figure out where to go to before you book your tour. This way you can be sure about the places and add more destinations to your list.

The Creamery – This cafe makes the most noise in Silicon Valley and with good reason. It’s one of the main places where techies hang out and also one of the places where people close deal. Winging for a new job of networking for new clients? This is where you want to be.

Coupa Cafe – The young place has been a preferred meeting place for many rising stars of the tech world. While, you’re there, try their excellent selection of appetisers too.

21st Amendment – You haven’t really met someone until you’ve seen how they party. This is the coolest place is town and the place to go to let your hair down after the tour.

Rickhouse – This is one of the mainstays of Google employees

Remember to reserve

This tech hangouts are busy places. So, if you’re looking to hang around for lunch or drinks, remember to book your tables ahead of time so that you don’t have to wait for hours to find a seat. You can’t network on an empty stomach.

Plan out the journey

Journeys that involve all day tours like these can be stressful. If you’re moving around with a bus filled with adults or teenagers, the tensions can easily rise high and cause problems.

Its necessary to keep people busy so that arguments don’t spill out and jeopardise the trip. Plan out a few games to play. Choose something simple and interesting that the traveling people would like to invest in.

Another trick is to invest in some simple props that can keep people engaged for long hours. A pack of cards goes a long way, and a small movie screen can engage people for longer hours.

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