Bluetooth 5 Set To Enhance the Connectivity Options for Millions

Bluetooth 5 Set To Enhance the Connectivity Options for Millions

Bluetooth technology has evolved gradually but most of the people have simply failed to notice it. Just a few years ago Bluetooth 5 was the most sought out option for the mobile users for file transfer but the rise of the Android platform and presence of the variety of Wi-Fi-based file transfer apps has simply cornered the Bluetooth usage. However Bluetooth is making a massive comeback by being the only option to support the popular IoT devices, wearable and audio devices.

Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible and fast

The best thing about the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology is that it is backward compatible with all the earlier versions. It also tends to offer a relaxing and better coexistence with other wireless technologies present around us. With Bluetooth 5.0 users will get increase in range and faster data rates which will be value addition in using the modern day equipment. Hardware manufactures has already filled the market with the devices supporting the Bluetooth 5.

Speed is the need of the hour for the users and devices likewise in today’ world. Bluetooth 5 gets support for the higher transmission speeds up to 2 Mbps which helps in increasing the output power. In other words the now Bluetooth devices will be using less energy to send similar amount of data which will help in boosting the power efficiency of the devices.

World’s first true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5

Jabees is a Chinese OEM which stems out from the age old hardware city of Hong Kong which has lost its sheen to Shenzhen in the recent times. The subsequent rise in the Bluetooth technology has allowed a number of new players to penetrate the audio market but most of them have failed to make their mark. Jabees latest offering happens to be the world’s very first Bluetooth 5 powered true wireless ear buds. It has price tag of just $59 which is simply the cheapest offering anywhere on the planet.

Jabees has went with the transparent casing which showcases all the intricate internal part of the ear buds just like that. It has 500 mAh battery inside which can be charged to its fullest in only 30 minutes. It also has a unique mode named transparency mode which specifically allows the noise to filter in thereby making it a safer choice for the runner and cyclists.

Mesh networking support comes to Bluetooth 5

When Bluetooth was first conceived then was seen as a star network where all the nodes get connected to a central hub. But it has seen the reality so far however the coming of the Bluetooth 5 brings the support for the mesh network which allows different nodes to communicate directly with one another. Mesh network is already being adopted by a number of modern day wireless systems like Zigbee and Google Wi-Fi but it has never been used in the Bluetooth devices so far. Support for the mesh networking will pave way for better adoption and enhanced usage of the Bluetooth connectivity in the Internet of Things devices on a greater scale.

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Android P Beta 2 and final APIs

Android P Beta 2 and final APIs

Android P Beta 2, released with most useful APIs and several new emojis

Just after one month of launching Android P’s original beta version, Google has made an announcement of Beta 2 for the much-awaited mobile OS. Android P Beta 2, as one of the recently released updates, comprises official SDK and final APIs. You will be capable of dealing with developmental work with all the features of Android P.

Getting Android P Beta 2 is easy-

The users, with an enrollment in developer program and with accessibility to Pixel device, can enjoy this update. However, the best fact is that while you have downloaded the first version, you will automatically get the second one.

The new system includes tools and images that are helpful to developers for app development for the future Operating System. There is integrated Adaptive Battery, and the users will be able to make out the apps, which consumer most of the resources. The developers will surely get help from App Actions as it enables the apps to become more viewable in Google Launcher or Assistant.

To include the feature, like Adaptive Battery, we have found a joint effort with DeepMind. In this feature, Machine Learning technology is applied to focus on the system resources to make apps. However, the users have to know the detailed information in power documentation, and it helps them in finding the way how they do their work.

Everything is simple and refined in Android P Beta 2-

Android P enables you to work on those screens that have the display cutouts. The latest APIs present you with a very rich experience. Cutout system performs its role in the best way for most of the apps. The status bar for the system management differentiates the cutout from content. While the content is immersive, the developer may also the APIs with display cutout. This helps in testing the cutout shape and position.

Messaging Style has also undergone a number of modifications, and the developers will get values from them. While there is message notification system in an app, these notifications can turn out to be more functional. It is easy to attach images or stickers and reveal the conversations.

Android P Beta 2 API for better security-

For the purpose of authentication, you know that the biometric sensors play a good role. Android P Beta 2 has offered dialog that is system manageable and that helps user for all biometric verification types. The apps will apply BiometricPrompt API, and there is no need of developing the dialog. This API is also useful for face authentication.

Emojis and other APIs-

Android P Beta 2 also includes 157 different emojis. Gender-neutral emojis are also available with it. There are Superhero and Red Hair of different skin tones and genders.

You can find several other things with the new release. In case of camera integrated apps, the developers can try out multiple-camera APIs. You will be able to design unique that may not be easy with one camera, like stereo vision and bokeh. In addition to it, there is Dynamics Processing API, another facility for the modification of audio.

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CERN Announce Discovery of Higgs Boson Interactions

CERN Announce Discovery of Higgs Boson Interactions

Higgs boson and top quark- Researchers finding out the result of their interaction

At CERN, ATLAS Collaboration has recently declared the results of their experiments, done at Large Hadron Collider. As an output, the researchers have found a relation between Higgs boson and top quark. The production of Higgs boson with the top-quark is really a unique process in the modern High-Energy Physics field. This helps the researchers in assessing the major parameters, associated with Higgs procedure in a particle’s Standard Model.

The final output deals with the comprehensive dataset, sent to ATLAS, and it also creates a signal that has the value of 6.3 for deviation with a dataset.


Dedicated teamwork to find out the new data on Higgs boson

The CMS members, who are physicists in the University of Wisconsin, made the joint effort for the discovery of Higgs boson few years ago. The experiments have now consistent formation of top quark and Higgs boson. This new measurement on the interaction of Higgs boson with quarks has presented various signs and hints on the universal matter.

The scientists’ reaction on their Higgs boson research result

The physics professor, Wesley Smith has commented that the CMS members are glad to publish their new observation, related to the pair of top quark with Higgs boson. The ATLAS Spokesperson, Jakobs has also stated their research has given a proof on the interaction of top quark with Higgsboson with high potential.

Just one percent of Higgs boson can be formed with top quark. The researchers have found challenging observation. ATLAS researchers have worked on the collision details throughout the past 5 years. Fabio Cerutti has stated that since the process is rare that they should have a view at the decay path of Higgsboson. The experimental concerns had caused several limitations. However, data quantity is another issue, related to it. The scientists have got the success after blending various analyzes.

Publication of the Higgs boson result

Physical Review Letters has published all the results of CMS on 4th June. On that day, ATLAS also submitted the work to be published. While commenting on the analysis process, the Physics professor San Lan Wu has stated that the researchers have applied advanced standard Machine Learning.

Before the announcement of discovery, the physicists had presented a clear detail on the potential behavior of Higgs boson. At present, as these physicists are able to form Higgsbosons, they like to inspect those predictions in future.

The scientists already had a suspect on the strong action of Higgs boson with top quark. However, still, they have waited until finding the proof for claiming the discovery. Their recent outcome reveals the communication of Higgsboson with quark, as per their prediction. It has really showed a path for finding out more interactions in future.

The researchers have confirmed the supposed interaction while they have seen that two major particles are emitted from the collision of 2 protons. As there is just 1 percent of collision, the researchers have found difficulties in tracking them.

Thus, the experiments have showed a new path in science. ATLAS includes 3,000 scientists, while CMS collaboration has engaged 4,000 researchers.

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Smart Gadgets That Help You Drink More Water

Smart Gadgets That Help You Drink More Water

Smart Gadgets that will help you beat the Heat!

We all know that we should drink water and some reports even suggest that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and some smart gadgets helps you to meet out the same. But c’mon how many of us are actually following this routine? The answer is not many.

Then again maybe 8 glasses of water is overkill for some, reports also suggest drinking water according to the person, like males need more water than females and so forth. But reports aside, the basic point is that we need to drink plenty to keep fit, healthy and active.

If you can’t be bothered to keep up your water intake then no worries we have just the smart gadgets for you.These smart gadgets bottles help you keep your water intake up even when you are likely to forget, which is a big possibility given our hectic work schedules.

Water is one of the most essential resources that our bodies require, up to 60% of our body is made up of water. So missing out on the proper water intake for us is a big no no. So here’s to forming good habits and drinking more water and to help you along the way we have a list of smart gadgets that will help you drink more water.

Starting of the list of Smart Gadgets with Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder:

Ulla Smart gadgets

This smart gadget is small enough to fit on your bottle or glass. All you need to do is attach this device around your glass or bottle and the smart gadget tallies how many glasses of water you’ve had and nudges you to have more when too much time has elapsed since you’re last sip of water.

No charging is necessary too. This smart gadget comes with a coin sized battery and can live up to 6 months. The high precision accelerometer keeps tabs on every time you take a drink and a slight blinking reminds you when you have to take another sip.

H2OPal Smart Bottle Hydration Tracker:

h20 smart gadgets

This smart gadget sits snuggly at the base of your bottle and helps maintain track of your water intake. More water intake means more energy and less calories, so remember, to drink more water with this smart gadget.

This dandy gadget even syncs up with the Fitbit on the iPhone app. Its smart notification keeps you on the right path to consuming more water. This smart gadget has an accelerometer, weight measuring sensor and built in flash memory that helps you drink more water. This smart gadget also measures your water intake for the day based on a set of metrics like activity for the day, weather, weight and age.

Beat the Heat with this smart gadgets- BellaBeat Spring:

Smart Gadgets BellaBeat Spring

This smart gadget is one for you, ladies. This smart gadget helps measure your water intake set according to your lifestyle like how much sleep you get, activity and so on. Based on your drinking goal you also get reminders of when to take more water. The bottle is dishwasher safe and retails for $89. Plus with this smart gadget there is no charging hassles too.

Keep Hydrated with this smart Gadgets Hidrate Spark 2.0:

Hidrate Spark smart gadgets

This is one of the best- selling smart bottles on Amazon and what makes it so special you say? This smart gadget also comes with flashing lights to help you remember to take in more water and also to celebrate when you’ve met your water intake goals for the day.

This smart gadget also comes with an app and a sensor that helps measure your water intake throughout the day. On the app you can view your daily goals. No charging is required with this smart gadget and it works with fitness bands too such as Fitbit.


Another Smart Gadgets – The Ozmo water bottle:

Smart Gadgets Ozmo water bottle

The smart gadget bot helps maintain track of your water intake through the day but also checks your coffee consumption as well. As you guessed right, this smart gadget too comes with an app that helps you keep track of your water and coffee intake in a day as well as helps you to set water intake goals too.

This smart gadget syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit and Garmin ecosystems too. It can work without the app too. It comes with flashing lights to show you when you’ve met your goals as well as vibrations to show you when you need to drink more water.

Last Smart Gadgets on the List- The GeniwayCloudCUP:

Like all the smart gadgets seen before, this one helps you set water intake goals and reminds you when you’re falling behind meeting those goals. Also like the previous smart gadgets it also has an accompanying app that helps you set water intake goals according to your lifestyle and also to view your trends.

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Android P: More Power for Enterprises

Android P: More Power for Enterprises

Android P becomes more Business friendly

Google recently launched the beta version of Android P. This new OS brings a lot of intelligence and simplicity to the way things are done on phones. The newest launch on Android P also brings in more features that business users will find really useful.

The new version of Android P adds in more security to apps, an easy move mode between work related and personal accounts in apps, the ability to add in certain apps in kiosk mode and apart from these many more. All in all, these features are aimed at making a mobile phone more- friendly for everyday work related scenarios.

New work related look on Android P:

The new user interface on Android P has a space dedicated completely to work related apps. The work related apps now come in a dedicated tab in the app launcher which makes them not only more visible but also helps in avoiding duplication of apps and overall clutter on the phone.

These work related apps also come with a designated briefcase icon which goes with the overall look and feel of the interface on Android P. Besides this, Android  also offers users the ability to switch between work related apps and personal apps. At the end of the day it is simply a question of switching off the work mode and for the rest of the day you won’t have to be bothered with notifications or the like from those apps.

Switching between personal and work related accounts on the same apps in Android P:

Many people now have multiple accounts associated with one app- a work related one and a personal one. So to cater to users with such accounts, Android P allows users to seamlessly switch from their work related account to their personal one without the need of going to the app launcher.

Google tasks has already installed the feature on their platform and Google will get more of their apps to support this feature soon.

Shifting between users in Android P:

For phones that will be shared between multiple users, Android P users will now simply be able to log out and hand the phone to the next user without any trouble of their data being seen by the other person.

More apps on Kiosk Mode with Android P:

Businesses use phones for a lot of things some of which are as payment modes, digital signs, information kiosks and otherwise. Previously when using a phone on kiosk mode only one app could be locked onto the screen but now all that has changed with Android .

In Android P , IT admins will now be able to add more apps onto the Kiosk mode and with their own designated launcher. That being said, business customers will not be able to access any other features on the phone such as notifications from other apps.

Developers will not have to build their own launchers anymore too, admins can now make their own customized launcher with the ability to hide features such as the status bar icons, power menus, notifications and navigation buttons.

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