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How Could Optimising For SEO Help Boost Overall Visibility?

How Could Optimising For SEO Help Boost Overall Visibility?

Optimising content is essential in the online world as Google homes in more and more on the need for fresh and exciting content. But how can this improve your overall visibility? In this article, we will be looking into how you can optimise your online presence with the use of SEO.

Appearing In Local Search

When looking into how SEO can boost visibility, you should first turn your attention to local search. With Google prioritising local search in their map function, ranking for local search in your area is essential to your visibility. With many searching for a service near me, appearing in this search result can help to boost visibility substantially and increase the number of conversions that you are seeing on a daily basis. By ranking for localised keywords, you can then boost your visibility within your area and potentially rank against competitors.

Boost SERP Rankings

SEO is key to ensuring that you appear in SERP’s in position zero above your competitors. By optimising for keywords as well as updating the content frequently, you can begin to climb the rankings in Google. This plan is completely different for every campaign and will need to be specifically tailored. By using a digital marketing agency such as Absolute Digital Media to build the online campaign it can help to boost the company visibility and help to build the business over time.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an element of SEO that has to be built up over time however, it can be helped by increasing SEO efforts and increasing the visibility that your site gets on Google. By implementing PPC as well as Google My Business you can begin to boost the brand and get the logo and name out there. Targeting local search volume to help boost your results in Google maps and get you the increase in footfall that you need. This is great when implemented properly as this will increase the amount of profit you make as well as boost popularity to your brand.

Increase In Organic Traffic

Though spending money on a PPC campaign can help to boost visibility this will only help in the short term. However, SEO will help generate longer-lasting results that will last much longer. Though this can take longer to generate, SEO will help to guide the organic traffic and build up the trust in your site. This is beneficial in terms of longevity as your business will begin to see conversions off the back of these changes. By increasing the organic traffic to a site that is stable and has all the relevant information, you are much more likely to see an increase in conversions as a result.

Google Mobile-First Indexing

The final way that SEO can help to boost the visibility of your site is through the use of mobile-first indexing. By implanting SEO on a mobile version of the site, you are catering to mobile-first indexing. This automatically places you higher in the SERP’s as Google looks for mobile optimised content first. This is essential to the success of your business as this will allow customers to reach you on a number of platforms with ease and help your target audience to find you easily online.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that SEO can help to improve brand visibility, you just have to find the right one that works for you. Which of these will you be implementing first?

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Endless Runner Games: 10 Best Free Infinite Running Games you should try

Endless Runner Games: 10 Best Free Infinite Running Games you should try for Your Smartphone

These days, endless runner games are quite popular mainly because of its forever stint. If you don’t know about these endless runner games, then these are the games which don’t end. These games will continuously “run” through the game until you stop. You will never find an endpoint to these endless runner games so this makes people play these games again and again.

People always strive to beat their best by playing these games. As these games are attractive and have simple controls people easily get addicted to these kinds of games. If you’re a game lover who strives to experience the best free endless runner games for Android means check out this post.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 10 best endless runner games for Android. All the games on this list of best endless runner games have free versions on Android. So, let’s explore the list of 10 best endless runner games.

10 Best Free Endless Runner Games you should try:

Endless Runner Games: Temple Run 2:

Whenever we’re talking about the endless running games we shouldn’t miss out temple run. This is one of the people’s favorite games when it comes to the endless running games. Thanks to its features such as score multiplier, upgraded shop and more have given the proper depth to its game. Temple Run 2 is simply the best and brilliant game which everyone should try out.

The game is all about stealing an ancient artifact and running away from the evil demon monkeys who are running after you. It’s similar to its old version but it has improved User Experience, graphics and so on. Its unique gameplay and the new power-ups will make users fall in love with this game. The advanced running path such as running in the clouds and other aspects will give you special feel.

The more appealing features of this game is that you can collect coins, gems, power-ups throughout your journey. The longer you run the faster your game will move and the thrill you can get from the game is inexpressible for lots of game lovers.

Free Infinite Running Games-Subway Surfers:

If you’re a fan of temple run then you’ll obviously know about the subway surfers. I’m saying this because this is another popular endless runner games. This was co-developed by SYBO Games in 2012 and since then it has been the best and top trending games on Google play store.

This game starts with a young player, caught spraying paint on the train and the police officer and his dog will try to catch you on the railway tracks where trains will move. Subway Surfers is a never-ending train game where you will run on top of the trains and go across the platforms. Apart from these, you can also get through the air with a jetpack or with other flying boots power up.

This game is regularly updated and so people love to play this game for hours.  While running in this game you can collect the coins, keys, power-ups and more. So, this will give fun to the people as its gameplay is very simple most of people love to play and break their highest scores.

In this game, all you have to do is swipe your fingers right or left and up or down to move the young lad. Whenever you dodge above the items you will get goosebumps. That’s the specialty of this game, so if you haven’t tried this game yet? then try out this best free endless runner game for Android.

Alto’s Odyssey and Adventures:

Do you want to explore the majestic desert and play an adventurous game? then start with Alto’s Odyssey. This game sits at the top and has some great features. Alto’s Odyssey is a 2D side-scrolling game which has endless running feature.

In this Alto’s game, you’ll explore ski down mountains, jump great heights, collect items, and you’ll avoid obstacles and so on. Although the older game has the same things but in its newer version of Alto’s Odyssey you can find out everything. It’s newer game features dynamic looks, zen mode, unlockable adventurous characters, an more.

This game has some of the premium features but it’s free to play. If you’re good at playing games then you need to buy any of the premium aspects. This is one of the best free endless runner games you will find on Android.

The game starts with Alto and his friends who are set off on endless sandboarding to discover secrets.  Alto’s Odyssey will give you a standalone experience and its easy to learn and difficult to master the game.  Along with that, you can explore dunes, canyons, and other dynamic and rich landscapes.

Crossy Roads:

Crossy Road is another popular game in the endless runner games. It was developed and published by Whale Hipster. This special game is less of endless runner and the more of the infinite hopper. This is still a modern game which has lots of features. In this game, you have to move forward by crossing streets without being hit by cars or without falling into the water.

Crossy roads have unlockable characters, and people can play it both online and offline as well. Simple and smooth gameplay features will help you to enjoy the game. its a family-friendly game so you can play freely.

All you have to do is avoid being hit by cars, trains, trucks, rivers, trees and more obstacles and move forward in your journey. While you are moving forward you can find out new animal characters such as Goat, pigeon, sheep, frog, and more. Along with these, you can also find some monsters on this game.

Into the Dead 2:

Want to play a survival game with zombies? then you can play into the dead 2 games. This is one of the popular endless runner games but its new to the industry, unlike other apps. Into the dead 2 has survival elements and in this game you can run through the zombie land and run harder to stay alive in the game.

This game has good graphics and has a variety of weapons and upgrades to experience more thrill while playing the game. The newer version is better than its first version and it is one of the best free endless runner apps for Android.

In this game, you will start your journey through the zombie land in a race to save your family. You will have to catch the powerful weapons to save yourself and do whatever you have to do for survival. In a world where no one is safe to lead a life or survival, you have to live how far you can. that’s all about this endless runner game.

Best Endless Runner Games-Blades of Brim:

Do you want to play an action-packed endless running game? Then you have to play these blades of brim game.

This game was created by SYBO the co-creators of the popular endless running game “Subway Surfers”. Blades of Brim is an infinite runner game where you will revolve around the knight who is carrying the sword, to fight off all the monsters, and collect the coins while running away from the environment.

This game is having endless run through the kingdom. The game revolves around the knight who carries a large sword to kill all the monsters and break vases to move forward. This is an endless running game where you will have a lot of thrill while playing this game.

In this game, you have to swipe up and sides to attack the monsters on your left or right side. The best part of this game is that you won’t die soon when you do one mistake you will have three chances. You can use this best free endless runner games on your Android device to have fun.

Jetpack Joyride:

Do you want to experience bullet powered jetpacks to shoot the giant mechanical dragons? then suit up as the jetpack rider and go on a ride with this app.

Jetpack Joyride is an ultimate endless runner game for Android. This game has all the aspects which you love such as bullet-powered jetpacks, birds that shoot money, Giant dragons, and more.

This game was developed by the fruit ninja game developer. It is generally a 2D scrolling infinite runner game where you have to play like a guy with the jetpack.

The main objective of the game is to avoid obstacles. In your journey, you can collect all the coins, power-ups, upgrades and more to help you out. As it has lots of cool features people will love playing this best endless runner games. This special game is free to start and it has over 500 million players playing this game.

Mars Game, Free Infinite Running Game:

Mars is one of the best free endless runner games. In this game your primary goal is to run along a track apart from that you have to jump from platform to platform as well.

Whenever you miss any platform it causes a rapid deconstruction and you will blow up. So, you have to be careful and run through the platform as long as you can. In this game, you can quickly take selfies with your characters and you can share them. You can fly around the mars in jetpacks in this game.

This is a cool endless running game you have lots of fun by playing with jetpacks, taking selfies and more. So, you can use this best free endless runner games on your Android

Free Endless Runner Games- Sonic Dash:

Sonic Dash is another popular endless runner game created by SEGA. This sonic dash has two versions Sonic Dash 1 and sonic dash 2. It is similar to the other endless runner games.

These games have similar mechanics and gameplay. In this game, you can switch out the characters on the fly. the main goal of this game is to get the highest possible score. In this game, you can find out features like boss fights, ring collection and more. All the other aspects will make this Gameplay even more interesting. So, if you are striving to have fun then you shouldn’t miss out on this game.

Endless Runner Games- Yodo1 Game:

Yodo1 Games are developed by the developer of Google Play. This developer has published a handful of decent endless runner games. Currently, Rodeo Stampede and Rooms of Doom are the two names of endless runner games in this list.

These both games have simple gameplay options, colorful graphics, with some key game features. Along with these, you can also find out the styles of shooty skies and Pac Man 256 in this special game.

Although its basic game but it’s loved by lots of people because of its forever run feature. In this game you can see ten gallons of a hat, you can swing from back stampeding buffalo, ostrich, elephant and more. This is one of the wildest rides you shouldn’t miss out. that’s why I have included on this list of best free endless runner games.


This is all about the best free endless runner games you should try on your smartphones. Almost all of these games are free to use with some premium upgrades. Leave those premium upgrades and start enjoying these games.


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Top Android Q Features You Should Know About?

Top Android Q Features You Should Know About?

Most of the people are eagerly waiting for the latest version of Android. If you’re the one then the latest upcoming version of Android is named as the Android “Q”. Let me share some Top android q features you should know about?

It’s the 10th version of Android and it is now available in developer mode to get a preview of it in the Google pixel and non pixel mobiles as well. This New Android update is pretty significant update as it is boosted with untouched tweaks of the older version and pulled out some special features which are long overdue.

As you are curious to find out the best Android Q features? Let’s check out the standout Android Q features which you should know about. In this post, we’ll cover all the features which aren’t yet officially confirmed by Google. As we’re running this Android Q we have found these features so we’re sharing our views with our users.

Remember one thing some of these features will work in developer mode. So, you can check them in developer modes in beta version as well.

Top Android Q Features:

Let’s explore the slew of all the Top Android Q features, improvements and changes.

Exciting Dark Mode is Finally one of the Android Q Features:

Lots of people are searching a lot for Dark mode in Android. So, if you’re one of them, then you will be happy because in Android Q you will have a Dark Mode. In previous versions, Google has just tested with a system-wide dark mode for some time but this has made official that you will get a powerful dark mode in Android Q. This is one of the top Android Q features lots are waiting for in 2019.

The Latest dark mode can be easily activated through a quick setting. You’ll also find this dark mode when you active a battery saver mode. In this dark mode, it will affect Google Podcast, Search and Photos as well.

As people are striving to bring the IOS Dark mode to Android. this is one of the best moves by Android as it has finally launched the crowd-pleasing Dark Mode Feature in its latest Android version. In the coming days, you might even have a look at the updates on the Dark Mode as well. Google is also working on the dark mode functionality for third-party apps may in future we can see that as well.

Android Q Features- Instant Smart Reply Messaging option:

Smart Reply is one of the topmost features in google, as it will predict the response according to the message. Usually, it used to be on the Google Apps only, but now in the new Android Q update, you’ll find the instant Smart Reply messaging option for all the messaging apps.

This is a great update, because this will suggest you with the instant responses depending on the message in the apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and more. You can save quite a lot of time in typing the responses. So, this is definitely a handy tool, as these suggestions are made with the AI based machine learning you will not find more irrelevant answers.

All the suggestions you will get will be on the device so you will not have a privacy problem as well. This is definitely one of the top Android Q features you should have a look at.

Android Q Features: Good Control over Privacy Options:

People always strive to have good control over privacy options. If you do care a lot about your privacy? then Android Q features will come handy for you.  Previously, a lot of privacy issues always used to question the integrity of Android users. Now, it has been a big relief for privacy users as Android Q is now focused on privacy assurance.

Google has taken this new version of Android Q to another level in privacy. As it offers different app permissions, and so the users will have better control over the apps which they share and download.

With all these features and permissions in a single place, Android Q is doing a great job. If you allow permission then only any app can track your location or else it cant. You can individually allow permission to the apps. Here the best thing is you can only allow location access to the app when it’s running. So, you can save and limit the data of apps as well.

Android Q Features: Colors and New themes Settings:

Android is generally known for its customization options. In Android Q it makes even easier to add colors and themes. Even in Dark Mode, you can change the accent colors that are the great option in this Android 10th version.

By simply enabling the developer mode, you can change the colors. This is an easy task, although this might not appear like an elaborated theme still it looks good.

The color setting offers three options such as purple, black, and green with the default blue color accent. As a user, you can change the icons from the system options and keep your desired shape such as teardrop, squircle, or you can even switch the font option to the Not Sarif as well.

If you’re eager to enable the accent color options then follow the below process.

  • Head over to settings – About Phone — Click on hit the Build Number Seven times.
  • Then enter your PIN or password.
  • Then you have to go again for settings — System — Developer Options.
  • Now, scroll below to see all the theming options and where to change the body fonts, icons, colors and more.

Simple and better Sharing Menu of Android Q:

Previously, most of the people criticized the android sharing options because the functionality is slow and will not work effectively. So, Google has worked on it effectively and revamped its old menu options and made it look better in Android Q.

In Android Q the new sharing menu will help lots of users to easily share. Along with that, it will do a better job of recommending contacts and other apps for sharing.  As it’s untested, the time will say how it will really work in the official version. This can be included in the top android Q features so I have included it.

Android Q New Focus Mode:

Focus mode is one of the top Android Q features. As this is an extension of the Digital WellBeing Suite. Previously you all might have checked out Digital well being. Now, in Android Q you will have a Focus Mode. This feature will help you to focus on your work by graying all the other apps which are distracting your attention.

You’ll not see any distracting notifications and other things in this special Focus Mode. Google has previously helped lots of parents with its digital well-been a family link but with this special tool now it has been more useful for them.

Faster Access to Settings is another best Android Q Features :

Android Q has made accessing settings even faster. It’s already super easy to toggle all the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other options in Android. Now, Google is making this process even easier by entering a setting panel in a popup.

There has been a new popup window and it can be summoned by apps in some situations. In the launch program, Google has given an example to launch the browser in airplane mode.

Wi-fi Sharing with the QR Codes:

Previously, we have seen Wi-Fi sharing with QR Codes on the Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones. As these used to allow users to share Wi-Fi via QR codes. Now, in Android Q google has adopted that into its own Android and made it easier for users.

Top Android Q Features

This feature is very easy to use, all you have to do is tap on the users to simply share their WIFI connection. then authentication with your password or PIN or Even Fingerprint.

From there you have to see a QR code and then your friend has to scan the code and gain the access of the net. That’s it, this is really one of the best top Android Q features.

Android Q Features -Native Desktop Mode:

Android Q is having a Native Desktop Mode. The Android Q can able to switch to the desktop mode automatically when your phone  connected to the external device. You really don’t have to see the interface that connects and a scaled version with a pixel.

In Android Q you can explore multi-windows, close or move or open apps around your on-screen. Although this isn’t as good as the Samsung dex offerings but it still looks good has good options. So, you can definitely add this in the Top Android Q features list.

Google Assistant Handles:

Previously the switch to gesture navigation can activate the google assistant through the home button. But in Android Q you no longer needed that you can activate the assistant via the inward swipe just from the lower corner of the screen in your device that is running Android Q.

This is a simple process to activate the Google Assistant handles. As this is useful I have included it on the list of Top Android Q features list.


Google has done a lot of groundwork and hard work on the new version of Android Q as it has included long-overdue features and so on. So, you have to know about these top Android Q Features and should be ready to face it soon.


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Best Free SERP Checker Tools-2019 (Latest)

Best Free SERP Checker Tools-2019(Latest)

Looking for SERP checker to find your keywords? But can’t find out Best Free SERP Checker tools? Then don’t worry these free SERP checker tools will help you get what you need at lightning speed.

Usually, starters often have trouble with SERP Rankings because most of them don’t know which tool to use to check out their rankings. As everyone has to start somewhere, they simply try out different tools. In some cases, they will leave this a said.

As they gain prior knowledge on SERP rankings then they will soon realize just how important measuring SERP Rankings. And quickly search for best premium tools to check their SERP Rankings.

Here the sad news is that all beginners will not have funds to buy premium products. In those cases, they often try to check out Best free SERP checkers. If you are one of those who are searching for free SERP Checkers?

Then you’ll love this guide. In this special guide, I will discuss about the best and free SERP checker tools. But before that, let’s find out what is SERP and why SERP checking is important.

What is SERP and How to utilize SERP Checker ?

SERP is nothing but the Search Engine Results page. Which means the page which displays right after you enter any keyword on Google.

Every SEO Analyst strives to get on top of search results and it will be the goal for every SEO. Now, after all the efforts one must check their SERP rankings to find out where they stand for their target keywords. So, that it will give a proper idea about how to rank their website for that keyword.

Until Now, we have learnt about what is SERP and its introduction. Now, let’s find out the importance of SERP Checking and the best tools to find out SERP rankings. Firstly let’s concentrate on the Importance of SERPS Results.

Importance of Checking SERP Results with SERP Checker:

SERP checking is always important for any blogger or digital marketer. In general, the SERP analysis is a process of having a look at the top ranking websites in the SERP Results and at the same time finding out our position in SERP. Here SERP is nothing but search engine results page.

After doing all the hard work SEO simply measures the rankings and work by having a look at the SERP results. If you’re not getting proper results for your efforts means you have to change your strategy. As you are striving to have a look at the importance of SERP results. Let’s check them out in key points.

  • Checking SERP ranks will help you learn about what’s working and what’s not working.
  • With the research, you can simply evaluate your content according to the top-ranking sites.
  • You can change your plans and optimize your page with new strategies to get ranking.
  • By having a glance at the SERP results you can find out what other sites are doing to rank well in google.
  • You can learn about new strategies and stay up to date.
  • This process can help you pick the right keywords for your niche.
  • You can even find out whether you are able to outrank your competition with present strategies or not.

Now you know the importance of SERP checkers. Let’s get into the best free SERP checker tools list.

Best Free SERP Checker tools of 2019:

When you want to have a look at the best SERP checker tools you can find out a hell of a lot of tools. But do you know what’s the best SERP checker tool in those hundreds of free tools? If you don’t know then just check out this article. In this article, I have mentioned some best free SERP checker tools in 2019. Make use these free tools to enhance your blog.

Popular SERP Checker: What’s My SERP

What’s My SERP is one of the best free SERP Checker tools in 2019. This tool helps you to check your SERP results hassle-free. With this tool, you can check your Google search results for different keywords.  If your website is ranking in between 0-100 results then it will showcase your results. Or else it shows you are not ranking for the keyword.

What's My SERP

This tool has some limitations, those are it only checks 10 keywords per day for users who aren’t registered with the whats my SERP. If you create a free account and sign in to your account then you can run this tool for unlimited times. So, all you have to do is sign up for this free tool without paying a penny.

At present, you can only trace out your google keyword rankings in this SERP results. But you really can’t track Yahoo or other search engines yet. You might soon track those shortly.

Key Features:

  • Quickly track your SERP Results for free.
  • Create an account to get unlimited SERP results.
  • This tool tracks your rankings pretty quickly when compared to other tools.
  • You can only check Google SERP Rankings with this tool.


SERP checking is one of the important things you should do to check your rankings and find out what your competitors are doing. So, SERP Robots has brought you a free tool to find out search engine ranking positions quickly.


This tool gives accurate results than other free tools. All the results on this site are loaded real-time so there are genuine.

As an SEO Analyst or blogger, you can quickly check your ranking of your competitors for free. You can search thousands of keywords rankings for free. You can find the results of your keyword only when you’re ranking in between 0-100. Above 100 it will just display as “Your Ranking is Above 100”.

Measure your efforts by quickly having a glance at your rankings and plan new strategies accordingly to rank higher than your competition.


  • Check your SERP Results unlimited times for free.
  • Get accurate information from real-time search engines.
  • Measure your competition with this effective SERP Checker tool.

SERP Surf:

Serp Surf is one of the best free SERP checker tools in 2019. If you are trying to check your SERP ranking with ease? Then check out SERP Surf free tool. With this tool, you can check your search rankings easily.

Along with that, you can also check your competitor rankings and their tactics for free. In this SERP Surf to check your rankings, you have to enter your domain name and enter your keyword and hit enter. Then your results will be displayed in 2mins. So, you can measure your competition rankings as well.


  • With the help of this tool, you can insert up to 5 keywords at a time.
  • You can check your keyword rankings and top 10 results of the websites.
  • Serp Surf is a free SERP checker tool which shows accurate results.

Small SEO Tools:

If you’re curious to find out your SERP results effortlessly? Then you should check out Small SEO Tools. This site is having a package of SEO tools which are useful for bloggers and digital marketers.

SERP Checker Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools helps you out with lots of SEO stuff such as plagiarism checker, SERP Checker, and more. With the help of small SEO tools SERP checker, you can find out all the keyword ranking at one place. This is free to use and it shows accurate results as well. In this tool, you can quickly check 10 keyword rankings at a time. So, its quite a handy tool for bloggers and SEO Analysts.


  • Accurately check your SERP results.
  • You can check up to 10 keywords per search.
  • This small SEO tool is also having other tools like plagiarism checker, grammar checker and more.

Daily Serp:

SERP CheckerDaily Serp is yet another premium tool which has its own free version. Its free versions have some limitations those are you can only check 10 keywords per day.  For checking that also you have to register for a free account.

if you want to check out more results per day then you have to opt for the premium account. Usually, if you are a starter you don’t need more than 10 searches per day. So, you can take this free SERP tool and make use of it.


  • You can track 10 keywords per day on its free account.
  • Register for a free account and then start checking 10 keywords per day.
  • Select the platform which you want to check SERP results of such as the mobile, desktop.

Best SERP checker,  SEO Review Tools:

SEO Review ToolsSEO Review tools is a quick and reliable SERP Checker which checks the search ranking positions of any website for free. This tool is almost similar to the other group package tools like Small SEO tools.

In this tool, you can check bulk keywords with ease. All you have to do is enter your keyword and website to check your ranking. This tool allows you to check a maximum of 10 keywords at a time. So, you will definitely save lots of time. Along with that, these results are quite accurate. With all these features you can definitely list this feature in Best Free SERP Checker tools.


  • This tool helps you to find out accurate rankings for all your keywords.
  • You can search for 10 keywords at a time.
  • SEO Reviews tool supports more than 14 countries.

Search Engine Reports:

Search Engine ReportsSearch Engine Reports is yet another tool which you can use for finding keyword rankings. This special tool can help you check 10 keywords at a time similar to the SEO Review tool. With this tool, you can check SERP results of different regions such as USA, NewZealand, UK, China, USA and more.

In this tool, you can quickly check the keyword rankings by your keywords or you can check it by your URL as well. So, this is a useful tool. You can select the mobile or desktop search results with this tool as well. So, make use of this tool and measure your competition rankings.


  • You can check 10 keyword rankings at a time.
  • Check keyword rankings either with URL or with the keyword.
  • You can keep track of your website easily.
  • Measure your competition keyword positions hassle-free.

SERPs Rank Checker tool:

SERP Rank Checker Serps rank checker tool is one of the popular free SERP checkers. This tool is having both the premium version and a free version as well. Coming to the free version, you can check your keyword rankings with some limitations. Where else in the premium plan you can search rankings for unlimited times.

In this tool, you can quickly select the device such as desktop or mobile. You can even select the search engine such as google, bing, yahoo and so on. The main part is that it can show you the search results based on the exact location just by entering the pin code. That’s the main speciality of this special SERP checker tool.

This SERP checker Features:

  • You can check your SERP rankings with limitations in free account.
  • Select the device you want to check search results for.
  • You can even select the search engine you want to find the results from.

Smart Serp:

Smart SERPs is one of the most popular tools in free SERP Checkers. This is one of the fastest and most accurate tools where you can check free keyword rankings.

Free SERP Checker Smart Serp

You can make use of this fastest and easiest tool to check your rankings for free with ease. SERPs is the only tool which shows you the top 250 search results along with the different stats such as keyword volume, phrases and more.

Although it has some limitations but still it’s a great tool to use. If you are an analyst who is striving to find out all the details about the keywords and ranking position. Then you can make use of this special tool.

Features of this SERP checker :

  • Find keyword rankings of nearly 250 positions.
  • Quickly check the rankings and traffic of the domain.

These are the best free SERP checker tools you have to know about in 2019. If you are interested to find out more interesting tools on blogging then stay tuned to our blog.

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Sony Launches WF-1000MX3 earbuds with Dual Noise Sensor Technology

Sony Launches WF-1000MX3 earbuds with Dual Noise Sensor Technology

The WF-1000MX3 earbuds is a truly wireless headset launched by Sony. It is a premium high end headset that comes with an extended battery life. The WF-1000MX3 earbuds features noise cancellation.

Sony had launched the WF-1000X wireless earbuds in 2017. Though it was the first generation truly wireless earbuds, they faced a lot of problems. They were plagued with complaints like audio delay when watching video, connection problems and a not-so-good battery life. The noise cancellation too that was promised did not live up to the expectations.

Sony’s answer to the AirPods is the WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds which addresses most of the previous complaints. The WF-1000MX3 earbuds have a snug fit, look nicer and features a longer battery life and much lesser signal loss.

Sony will begin selling the WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds in mid-August. The WF-1000XM3 earbuds are already available for pre-orders in the US and it will be released on August 5, 2019. It is selling at US $229.99.

The WF-1000MX3 earbuds have a sleeker and more professional look as compared with its predecessor.

Along with the WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds, Sony gives seven options of ear tips for the user to find the ideal fit. Each earbud comes with a circular area for touch controls. The noise cancellation can be adjusted with the left earbud and the audio playback with the right earbud.

By tapping the left earbud between the noise cancellation and surrounding sound, the outside sound gets eliminated. If you keep your finger on the left earbud, the surrounding sound is activated as long as you hold it there. Once you let go off your finger, the noise cancellation mode sets in.

Features of the WF-1000MX3 Earbuds

The right earbud features the music controls. You can tap once for pause or play and twice to skip to the next song and three times to go back. The WF-1000MX3 earbuds does not provide any options for volume control. The volume can be controlled either through your smartphone or voice assistant which is accessed by tapping and holding the right earbud.

Sony’s WF-1000MX3 earbuds are truly wireless and it comes with an extended battery life. Another feature that the wireless device boasts is the noise cancelling processor.

The WF-1000MX3 earbuds feature Sony’s QN1e noise cancelling processor. The device comes with the Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control which easily switches to ambient sound mode depending on the activity of the user. The WF-1000MX3 earbuds also connects with the voice assistant of the smartphone like Google Assistant, Siri and others.

With regards to the battery life, the WF-1000MX3 earbuds will give up to eight hours battery life per single charge. With just 10 minutes of charging the earbuds along with the carrying case, it will give 90 minutes of playback time.

The carrying case itself can give three more charges to the WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds giving 24 hours of playback time. The total battery life will shoot up to 32 hours. In case the noise cancellation is switched on, then the WF-1000MX3 earbuds will give 6 hours of battery life per single charge.

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